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Saturday, July 17, 2010



For those who do not know, Kundalini is the 'serpent' that lies coiled in the base of the spine. With Mantras and various techniques, the Kundalini or the 'serpent' awakens and moves upwards cleansing and piercing the Chakras, (Concentration of nerves, in a circular form, symbolized as 'petals') until it reaches the center of the eyebrows and goes beyond into the Shasraar (The top of the Head) as a mighty bright 'fountain'.
Now why would one like, to awaken the 'serpent' Kundalini?
The reason lies in the fact that it is believed that the 'rise' endows one with access to the occult and unimaginable powers.
BUT, to gain psychic powers, other attributes are required.
Bhakti (Devotion) Gyaan (Knowledge) Karma (Rightful Action) Dhyaan (Meditation) detachment…
The Kundalini may be awakened by a Siddha Purusha (An enlightened saint) According to me, that would be, like giving unlimited powers to a child, who could misuse it.
So for a true Spiritual Aspirant, I would say: "Take it easy! What is the hurry?" Practice your Yams and Niyams and the Mother Serpent will rise! And when the powers come, you will be a mature spiritual adult, who will know what is of real worth, and what ought to be put aside.
Now you will ask me what are the Yams and what are the Niyams?  Here goes…
The 5 Yams:
  1. Ahimsa or Non-Violence Not only should one practice non-violence towards animals and/or human beings, but also one must abstain from violence of words.
  2. Satya or Truth Live by Truth. I have read that those, who live and speak truthfully, whatever they utter comes to pass.
  3. Asteya or 'Do not covet others properties'
  4. Brahmacharya Most people believe that to practice Brahmacharya is to be celibate…Brahmacharya actually means 'To behave in a godly manner' and I have read that if one is faithful in thought word and deed to one person in ones life, then one is as good as celibate!!! But more of that, another time…
  5. Aparigraha or non-hoarding. I have heard that hoarding has nothing to do with, how much one possesses. One can be a pauper or a millionaire…if ones nature is 'not to share' one continues to do so…and I have heard that for the universe to give, one has to learn to give as well…
The 5 Niyams are:
  1. Saucha or Cleanliness
  2. Santosha or Peace and Contentment.
  3. Tapasya or Penance
  4. Swadhyaaya or a regular study of the Scriptures.
  5. Pranidhaana Devotion and Love for God.
You think that all the above is difficult? Well, 'No pain No gain'…and so are the various practices to awaken the kundalini… slow and steady wins the race…