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Sunday, July 25, 2010

How Mantra can be used!!!

How Mantra can be used!!!

You might have seen several web sites on “Tantra and Atharva veda” which gives you different mantras or description of tantra, and so on, but you rarely get information on how mantra can be used.

Hopefully this gives you a brief idea of “How mantra can be used.” and if they are used for bad purposes, then can be neutralized using certain “Reverse back” techniques.
Tantra Principle:

It is a very prevalent idea that Tantra means witchcraft and is also associated with sex. If you put “Tantra” key word in search engines like google, rediff, yahoo, then surprisingly lot of web sites with “Tantric sex” will popup. It is a wrong notion propagated by so called cultured and educated. Tantra means the union of the lower principle that is “prikrithi” with the higher principle that is “purusha”. When this union happens, it becomes “poorna”, that fullness is realization.

Vedanta also speaks about this through upanishads, but they have not given the practice to attain this perfection. Tantra is a direct path like chemistry. In chemistry, if you mix two chemicals you get certain products that happens physically. In tantra also when you follow a particular path you get immediate effect internally.

Tantra is not the goal of a sadhaka, is a path which leads to perfection. It teaches the way and effect of “Mantra” on human mind and system.

“Mananaath traayathe ithi mantraha”. By repeating by which a person crosses all the bondages and barriers is called “mantra”.

It expresses various moods of the internal self. The person who repeats this will get the concrete form of the mantra that is “moorthi”. The person becomes one with the devata (diety).
How mantra is used…

The mantras are used in six techniques called “shatkarma”.

1. Shanthi - to subside.
If a person becomes the victim of “shanthi karma”, he will be completely mentally and physically weak.

2. Vashya - to attract.
If a person becomes the victim of “vashya karma”, he will be attracted to a particular object even if he does not desire it.

3. Sthambhana - to stop.
A person who is a victim of “sthambhana karma” will stop all his activities internal like digestion, etc and external like movement, etc.

4. Vidhveshana - to separate.
A person who is a victim of “vidhveshana karma” will have complete misunderstanding with his desired object.

5. Ucchatana - to send away.
A person who is a victim of “Ucchatana karma” will not be able to think about a particular thing constantly or to stay in one place constantly.

6. Maarana - to destroy.
A person who is a victim of “Maarana karma” will be fully destroyed mentally or physically.

What happens when one person uses these “karmaas” on some other people…..

1. He will be able to separate “wife and husband” or “friends” or “business partners”.

2. He can kill or make mentally disabled anybody he wants but no one can identify how it happened.

3. He can stop one’s business or completely ruin health. Those diseases even cannot be identified by specialists.

If you identify any of these things without any reason, then following are the remedies:

The same science which has invented all these destroying “karmaas” has the protecting remedies also that is called “Pratyangira vidya“. There are two words in sanskrit, “prathyang” and “paraang”.

1. Paraang - means outward or negative.

2. Prathyang - means inward or positive.

Pratyangira vidya means use the “mantra devata or diety” to destroy all evil activities and the spirit.
Whatever I explained on top are uses of mantra for bad purposes, but it can also be used constructively to get several benefits.

Mantra should be taken from a Guru who already got siddhi. After getting initiation, it should be recited everyday at least 108. Daily recitation of mantra can cure several types of disorders such as some systemic disorders, emotional and mental distress such as anxiety, depression, general melancholy, or negativity and it gives good inner strength.