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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exchane of planets(Parivartan)

Parivartamsha Yoga
·         "Parivartan" = Planet-A occupies the sign of Planet-B while simultaneously Planet-B occupies the sign of Planet-A.
A parivartamsha yoga will always increase the power of the two houses involved. It will also increase the power of the two graha involved.
Increasing the power of these two bhava and these two graha may be helpful for the success of the nativity. If the bhava or the graha are inauspicious, the parivartamsha yoga may increase the negativity of results.
If the graha involved are natural or temporal benefics; expect increase of ease and comfort in matters for which these graha are "karaka" or action-agents. For temporal benefics, effects of the exchanged two bhava are also smooth and relaxed.
If the exchanged graha are are natural or temporal malefics; results may be emphatically more difficult than the graha might separately produce.
When Malefic graha = Benefic bhava-pati
If one or both of the graha are natural malefics that rule benefic houses (e.g., yogakaraka Shani for Vrishabha or Thula lagna) then results will be much increased in the style of that lagna.
E.g., Shani is yogakaraka for Thula lagna, but this fact does not make Shani an "easy results" graha! Thula natives have such a favorable prognosis for both cultural education (4) and individual intelligence (5) because Shani provides the lifetime discipline to shape, polish, and perfect the process.
When Shani enters into a parivartamsha with another graha, Shani will add the empowerments of the exchange rashi to His birth-rashi empowerments. This means that He will become a "double-Shani" - doubly slow, doubly delay-causing, doubly persistent, and doubly-hard-working. Results of His efforts may be excellent, but the results are likely to take even longer, and require even more discipline, than if Shani did not enjoy the parivartan!
Results depend entirely on the characteristics of the grahas which are exchanging their rashis.

Three varieties of parivartamsha yoga: good, bad, and great.
Dainya Parivartamsha Yoga
·         If one of the grahas in the parivartamsha yoga rules a dusthamsha (domains 6, 8, or 12),
·         then the other graha will be damaged.
According to K.S. Charak (p 637)
"This combination leads to a wicked nature, persistent trouble from opponents, and ill health."
However, the dusthamsha lord will be strengthened by its interaction with the other non-dusthamsha partner.

Kahala Parivartamsha Yoga
·         If one of the exchange partners = lord of domain-3, kahala yoga applies.
Note: The non-L-3 partner cannot be also a dusthamsha lord. (If the non-L-3 partner would be a dusthamsha lord, the yoga would be Dainya, above.)
The non-L-3 partner = lord of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, or 11.
The L-3 partner infuses the parivartamsha with courage, competitiveness, communications enthusiasm, and all of the powers of L-3. This yoga is considered beneficial with some limits. The limits on benefits is that L-3 gives mentalization, which can be superficial and repetitive as well as distracting from wisdom. Kahala yoga will energize the talking, scheming, competing mind to go out and get stuff done.

Maha Parivartamsha Yoga
When the lords of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, or 11 get exchange of signs, Maha Yoga results.
K.S. Charak (p 630) says,
"This combination promises wealth, status, and physical enjoyments, plus beneficial influences from the houses involved."

An important difference: Parivartamsha vs. Mutual-Aspect.
The Yoga of Pari-vart-amsha ("re-versal of amounts") strengthens both planets even if they are both malefics - possibly increasing their evil capacity, but always dignifying both.
Mutual Aspect by contrast does not normally dignify the two planets. Any two planets in opposition, 180 degrees apart, will provide mutual aspect to each other. If those two planets are friendly, the mutual aspect is a good thing, but then they will need to both rule favorable houses and occupy good signs in order to really help each other.
The mutual aspect of Saturn and Mars which can occur when those two grahas occupy at 180 deg or 90/270 deg (4/10) angle to each other, is nearly always a disaster, causing intensely repressed anger which consumes most of the person's life force, eventually blocking the very accomplishments this person works so hard for.
A Parivartamsha yoga of Shani and Kuja, no matter how repressed it makes the personality, will give full discipline from Shani and full productivity from Mangala.
The native will definitely accomplish something in life despite one's habit of taking the longer, harder road toward nearly every goal.

L-6 exchange L-11
·         Loss of wealth will come to pass during the 31st year, if Labha and 6th Lords exchange their Rashis.
~~ BPHS, Ch.17, sl. 26
L-2 exchange L-9, when L-1 occupies kendra or kona
·         Khadga Yoga. Should there be an exchange of Rashis between the Lords of Dhana and Dharma Bhava, as Lagna's Lord is in a Kendra, or in a Kona, Khadga Yoga is obtained. One with Khadga Yoga will be endowed with wealth, fortunes and happiness, be learned in Shastras, be intelligent, mighty, grateful and skilful.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 36, Sl. 25-26
L-1 exchange L-5
·         Maha Raja Yoga.
Should Lagna's Lord and Putra's Lord exchange their Rashis, or,
if Atma Karaka and Putra Karaka (Char) are in Lagna,
or in Putra Bhava,
or in the exaltation Rashi,
or in own Rashi,
or in own Navamsha receiving a Drishti from a benefic,
Maha Raja Yoga is produced.
The native so born will be famous and happy.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 39, Sl. 6-7
L-1 exchange L-10
·         An exchange of Rashis between Karma's Lord and Lagna's Lord will make the native associated with the king in a great manner.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 40, Sl. 13
·         If the lord of the Lagna and the 10th exchange houses with each other then they form a Raja Yoga. They will confer high position, reputation and power.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 5, Sl. 41
L-9 exchange L-10
·         Likewise if the lord of the 9th and the 10th exchange houses, they give rise to a Raja Yoga and such an individual is blessed with reputation, fame and power.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 5, Sl. 42
Navamsha Kuja with Navamsha Shukra
·         Should there be exchange of Navamshas between Mars and Venus, the female will be secretly addicted to other men.
·         If she has Moon in 7th House simultaneously, her husband also will be so.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 25, Sl. 33
Shani-Kuja exchange, in radix or navamsha, in kendras from lagna "in fateful degrees"
·         Should Mars and Saturn exchange their Rashis or Navamshas, be in fateful degrees (of those Rashis occupied by them),
·         and are placed in Kendras (from Lagna),
o        the native's death will be through sovereign wrath or by being impaled by a spear or some such killing weapons.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 246, Shloka 1
Exchange between Benefic Lords of trines from lagna
·         When the Ascendant and Trinal houses are occupied by benefics in strength and their lords mutually exchange places,
·         or are in Angular houses or be associated with or aspected by Jupiter,
o        they bestow the native with sons and grandsons.
~~ BPHS, Ch. 15, Sl. 9

Surya-Chandra exchange navamshas
·         Should there be an exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the Navamsha,
o        the native will suffer from phlegmatic disorders.
·         Should the Sun and the Moon be in one Rashi having identical longitudes,
o        the native will be emaciated at all times.
-- Saravali, b75
Shukra-Kuja exchange
·         If Venus and Mars exchange their divisions, the female will go after other males.
·         If the Moon be simultaneously in the 7th house, she will join others with consent of her husband.
~~ Saravali, Ch. 46, 18