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Sunday, July 25, 2010



durgā durgatirśaminī durgāpadvinivāriṇī|
durgamacchedinī durganāśinī durgasādhinī ||1
durgatoddhāriṇī durgenihantrī durgamāpahā|
durgamajñānadā durgadaityalokadavānalā||2
durgamā durgamālokā durgamātmasvarūpiṇī|
durgamārgapradā durgamavidyā durgamāśritā||3
durgamajñānasaḿsthānā durgamadhyānabhāsinī|
durgamohā durgamagā durgamārthasvarūpiṇī||4
durgamāsurasaḿhantrī durgamāyudhadhāriṇī|
durgamāńgī durgamatā durgamyā durgameśvarī||5
durgabhīmā durgabhāmā durgabhā durgadāriṇī|
nāmāvalimimāḿ yastu durgāyā mama mānavaḥ||6
paṭhetsarvabhayānmukto bhaviṣyati na saḿśayaḥ|


32 names: 1) Durgā; 2) Durgatirśaminī, Who destroys bad times; 3) Durgāpadvinivāriṇī, Who removes obstacles; 4) Durgamacchedinī, Who pierces hardest destinations; 5) Durgasādhinī, Who tames the hardest situations; 6) Durganāśinī, Who destroyed Durga¹; 7) Durgatoddhāriṇī, Who uplifts from bad fate; 8) Durgenihantrī, impossible to be slayed; 9) Durgamāpahā, Who destroys difficulties; 10) Durgamajñānadā, Who bestows of difficult knowledge; 11) Durgadaityalokadavānalā, Who is fire for mighty-tree-like demon civilization; 12) Durgamā, Who is hard to approach or parallel; 13) Durgamālokā, Who is the abode of irrepressible glow; 14) Durgamātmasvarūpiṇī, Who is the hard to reach Ātman-form; 15) Durgamārgapradā, Who bestows of difficult to achieve path, 16) Durgamavidyā, Who is the hard to achieve knowledge; 17) Durgamāśritā, Who is supported by divinity; 18) Durgamajñānasaḿsthānā, Who is the abode of hard to achieve knowledge; 19) Durgamadhyānabhāsinī, Who appears as light during intent meditation; 20) Durgamohā, Who is immense bondage; 21) Durgamagā, Who is difficult to attain or reach; 22) Durgamārthasvarūpiṇī, Who is the difficult knowledge; 23) Durgamāsurasanhantrī, Who destroys the imsurpassable demons; 24) Durgamāyudhadhāriṇī, Who possesses irrepressible weapons; 25) Durgamāńgī, Who has strong limbs; 27) Durgamatā, Who is difficult; 27) Durgamyā, Who is hard to visit; 28) Durgameśvarī, Who is the Goddess of everything difficult to achieve, 29) Durgabhīmā, Who is gallant; 30) Durgabhāmā, Who is very wrathful; 31) Durgabhā, Who has impeccable shine; and 32) Durgadāriṇī, Who bestows induplicable happiness.||1—5||
I am a human and am singing this chain of names of Durga; those who chant this eulogy become fearless, without doubts, in the future.||6||
¹ Durga is a demon and is different from Durgā.
Poet: Mārkaṇḍeya
Source: Durgāsaptaśatī