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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bhagawathi Stotram

Prayer to Goddess Parvathi]
By Sage Vyasa

Sri Bhagawathi Devi namo varade,
Jaya papa vinasini bahu phalade,
Jaya shumbha nishumbha kapaladhare,
Pranamami Devi thu nararthi hare
. 1
Salutations to Bhagawathi who gives boons,
Victory to her who destroys sins and blesses in several ways,
Victory to her who wears the skull of Shumbha and Nishumba,
Salutations to her who puts an end to the sufferings of men.
Jaya Chandra divakara nethra dhare,
Jaya pavaka bhooshitha vakthra vare,
Jaya bhairava dehanileenapare,
Jaya Andhaka daithya viseshakare.
Victory to her who has Sun and moon as eyes,
Victory to her whose face shines like fire,
Victory to her who merges in the body of bhairavas,
Victory to her who enfeebled Andhakasura.
Jaya Mahisha vimardhani soola kare,
Jaya loka samasthaka papa hare,
Jaya devi pitha Maha Vishnunuthe,
Jaya Bhaskara Sakra siroavanathe.
Victory to her who holds the spear which killed Mahisha,
Victory to her who destroys sins of the entire world,
Victory to that Goddess saluted by Vishnu and Brahma,
Victory to her who is saluted by Sun God and Indra.
Jaya Shanmuga sayudha ishanuthe,
Jaya Sagara gamini shambhunuthe,
Jaya Dukha daridra vinasa kare,
Jaya puthra kalathra vivrudhi kare.
Victory to her who is worshipped by Shanmuga and armed Easwara,
Victory to her who goes to the sea and worshipped by Shiva,
Victory to her who destroys sorrow and poverty,
Victory to her who blesses us with wife and sons.
Jaya Devi samastha sareera dhare,
Jaya naka vidharshani dukha hare,
Jaya Vyadhi vinasini moksha kare,
Jaya vanchitha dayini sidha vare.
Victory to her who takes all forms,
Victory to her who shows heaven and removes sorrows,
Victory to her who cures diseases and also grants salvation,
Victory to her who blesses all with their desires.
Yethad Vyasa Krutham stotram yah paden niyatha suchi,
Gruhe va shudha bhavena preetha bhagawathi sada.
He who reads this prayer composed by Sage Vyasa,
With devotion and observing the rules in any clean house,
Or with a clean mind in their house itself,
Would become dear to Goddess always.