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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Astrology is derived from two words ‘aster’ meaning ‘stars’ and ‘logos’ meaning language. Indian astrology also known as ‘jyotish’ having its origin from word ‘jyoti’ meaning light. Its roots lie in Sanskrit word jyotia from jyótis meaning heavenly body. Indian astrology comes from vedas( coming from ‘ved’=knowledge).vedas are furthur divied into 6 ancillary units called vedangas ( veda ; angas ) , out of which one is astrology or jyotish .
Traditional joytish is said to be existing since 3000 b.c or some 5000 years ago, developed on by many seers and sages like Parashara , Mantreshwar and others of India by their foresight, knowledge and acumen. This legacy has been carried forward from thousand of years in form of ‘shruti’(listening) and ‘smirti’(memory).
Astrology follows a heliocentric system where earth is taken as a centre and rests of the planets are believed to revolve around it. The stream of knowledge believes that every man is the centre of universe for himself and what ever happens in environment is outside your existence. But we survive in mutually conducive environment where one thing affects the other and nothing can happen independently. So forming this mutuality as basis astrology says that when biosphere can effect human life and then why cant planets revolving around.
Astrology is based on principle of cause and effect inspires us toward improvement of our actions, thoughts and deeds every moment. Operating on law of karma (actions) it says ‘as you sow as you reap’. The theory of karma is even validated by Newton’s third law of gravitation stating that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Destiny is ‘accumulation of our past karma’ and horoscope helps you read the fruits of your past actions predict your future and advices you to improve your plan of action, make best use of gains and minimize losses. (Yagyas, meditation, puja) etc
Fundamentals of astrology
Horoscope also known as kundali based on many facets. There are 12 houses each caring some significance like 1st house shows the health, complexion, life of native in general, 2nd depicts his education, wealth, family etc.
There are 9 planets and each planet has significance namely mercury signifies speech, maternal uncle; Venus signifying beauty, pleasure, vehicles; Mars show aggression, accidents, and miscarriages.
These planets keep on moving from one house to another known as Transit affecting the occurrences of major or minor event in ones life.
There is one major planet which predominates the life of individual for a particular period of time like mercury for 17 years , ketu for 7 years known as Dasha and like wise.
You can know about your Love life, Matchmaking( and manglik dosha ,nadi dosha,)Longevity and death, Muhuratas for auspicious events, Horary/Prashana((it does not require your date of birth and time)you can ask query relating to any topic),Career and education, Yoga’s, Marriage, Children , Travel ,Vaarshal phal (annual prediction of the year),Karma and past life
Example Om ganeshaya namah
The native is born under dwitya(second) of shukla paksha(brighter half of moon) with ascendant (lagan) Taurus and lagana lord being Venus, giving native all sorts of comforts, bed pleasures ,happiness in home ad good conjugal relation with spouse. Venus being significator of vehicles in 4th house also provides you with vehicular pleasure through out.
Having a Taurus lagan you are bound too be attractive and good looking, with beautiful and lustrous eyes. Taurians are calm and composed and very patient creatures but ones provoked they can prove to be very dangerous. They have a stable mind set and like to work according to own mind set. They always prefer to be in self control and very creative and artistic in all pursuits. Your moon sign is Leo makes you a leader in what ever field you pursue. You are very active, ambitious, and dynamic personality. You are a mature, responsible and reliable person. Though sensitive but courageous, fond of reading.
Your sun sign being cancer makes you intuitive and emotional, a hard worker and honest. You are a kind and caring person but very gullible and hyper sensitive.
Your ascent being a fixed and earthy sign makes the native grounded, stable bend of mind though sometimes excelling in rigidity, conventional, disciplined and likes to walk on same known path.
At present you are running the dasha of rahu (started from 2004 till 2022) posited in 6th house bringing huge inflow of income and wealth, providing you a kingly status. It also signifies detachment from worldly affairs and more inclination towards spirituality. Though in coming period you should be more cautious about health. You can Marjory have ailments in teeth, lower abdomen and kidney.
Jupiter being the lord of 8th and 11th sitting in 5th house makes you very prosperous, intelligent, sudden gains and bestows you with a male child .but the lord of 8th in 5th also leads to abortions. Native must have undergone miscarriages before experiencing progeny.
Your ascendant lord Venus also being the lord of 6th posted in 4th gives you ill health and poor stamina, along with break in educational career instead of being a remarkable student. Your lagnesh in 4th house give you mental satisfaction in what ever work you do along with peace of mind. Mars in 4th house also blesses you with land and property. Mars conjunct with Venus and moon in 4th house with aspect of Saturn gives the native beautiful house.
Your 9th lord Saturn posited in 7th gives you a loyal and caring husband with good reputation of in laws. But Saturn being retrograde and in mutual aspect of afflicted mars must have affected the conjugal relationship tremendously.
Jupiter aspecting own sign in 11th makes the native prosperous and virtuous. Jupiter in 5th and aspecting the 5th in D-9 makes the native religious minded. There is an exchange of 5th and 9th lord in navamsha showing tremendous spiritual progress, with moksha karka ketu in 12th in D-1, aspect by Saturn giving aloofness and very less materialistic desires to native.
You should make use of number 4 in all your pursuits, use green color to enhance your inner skills and talents. You should give water to sun god (arka) to maintain your valor and vitality. Your ascendant lord being Venus you should wear diamond of half rattie on Friday in gold, and chant the mantra “om dhraam dhreem dhraum se shukrraye namah.