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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Muscular dystrophy (MD)- Astrological pointers

X-linked recessive genetic defects

Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a group of muscle diseases that weaken the musculo skeletal system and hamper locomotion.[1][2] Muscular dystrophies are characterized by progressive skeletal muscle weakness, defects in muscleproteins, and the death of muscle cells and tissue.[3]
In the 1860s, descriptions of boys who grew progressively weaker, lost the ability to walk, and died at an early age became more prominent in medical journals. In the following decade, French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne gave a comprehensive account of thirteen boys with the most common and severe form of the disease, which now carries his name—Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


The prognosis for people with muscular dystrophy varies according to the type and progression of the disorder. Some cases may be mild and progress very slowly over a normal lifespan, while others produce severe muscle weakness, functional disability, and loss of the ability to walk. Some children with muscular dystrophy die in infancy while others live into adulthood with only moderate disability. The muscles affected vary, but can be around the pelvis, shoulder, face or elsewhere. Muscular dystrophy can affect adults, but the more severe forms tend to occur in early childhood.

Working model points taken into consideration
1 Mars- for muscular system -- Saturn - Skeletal system and muscular as per Western astrology.
Saturn - As karak for chronic diseases.
Venus aspected by saturn or mars.
Sixth house of diseases.
Lord of sixth in Ascendant ,6th ,8th,10th or twelfth house aspected by malefic.
Rahu ketu axis. Gulika/Mandi
Badly placed mercury or aspected by malefics. (Mercury-Governs the nervous system)
Badly placed or functional malefic jupiter.( planet of expansion)
Saturn aspecting either Aries or scorpio.
Weak sun and moon. Sun represents soul and general body.
Mars in 12th house .
MUSCLE,Mamsa Mars is a planet of work and action, & Saturn, which is responsible for the structure of the body.
Rahu for genitical diseases. 
Virgo- The natural disease karak for the kaal pursh
WEak jupiter as jeeva.

Asthi (Bones)
Rakta (Blood)
Majja (Bone Marrow)
Twacha (Skin)
Vasa (Adipuse tissue)
Shukra (Semen/Sperm)
Snayu (Muscle)
Body Systems – Western Model
In western medicine, the body is studied in terms of systems or groups of organs that work together. The organs in a system are grouped together because they are interconnected and also because they have made up of the same type of tissues.
SystemPlanetMajor Organs and Structures
SkeletalSunBones, cartilage, joints and ligaments that hold them together.
MuscularSaturnMuscles: (i) skeletal or voluntary (with bones and tendons is responsible for all forms of conscious movement ), (ii) smooth muscles –responsible for involuntary movement of internal organs, (iii) cardiac muscles, the bulk of the heart.
NervousMarsBrain and sense organs (eyes, ears, taste buds, smell and touch receptors), nerves andspinal cord.
EndocrineVenusControl and influence the body’s chemistry and metabolic processes. Hormone producingglands: pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, testes/ovaries.
RespiratoryMercuryLungs, bronchi (tubes to lungs), trachea(windpipe), mouth, larynx, nose, diaphragm.
Cardio- vascularSunHeart, arteries, veins, capillaries, blood.
Lymph-vascularMercuryStructures involving the circulation of lymphand the body’s defense against disease, including lymph nodes, lymph vessels, spleen, tonsils, adenoids, thymus.
DigestiveJupiterMouth, teeth, tongue, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, liver, gall-bladder, pancreas.
ExcretorySaturnOrgans and glands involved in the removal of waste matter from the body: sweat glands, large intestines, urinary system (kidneys,ureters, bladder, urethra).
ReproductiveVenusMale: testes, penis, prostate gland, seminal vesicles, urethra.Female: ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva.Male and female sex hormones relates to sexual growth and function (menstruation in females).

Chart 1
Lord of sixth saturn is placed in sixth and retrograde in opposition to mars lord of 3rd and 8th a doubly malefic  planet. Saturn as sixth lord aspects moon and venus on virtue of being  retrograde from previous sign and jupiter from sixth house placement ,mars also aspects jupiter .Jupiter in 3rd is in maran karak sthaan .Mars is placed in twelfth thus vitality and muscles suffer as placed in house of expenditure/loss/hospitals etc. First dasha was of Jupiter,followed by saturn when the disease was discovered.

Sixth lord in 8th ,aspected by sat/jup  due to being retrograde ,jupiter is in maran karka staan,mars is also in maran kaarka sthaan aspecting the lagna ,moon and sun rendered powerless.Mars and rahu aspects afflicted 3rd and 8th lord venus.
Sixth lord mars in 12th with ketu in opposition to rahu,Sixth lord aspects MD lord venus retrograde and combust  venus ,saturn aspects jupiter suffers from kendra adhipati yoga being the owner of two kendras a functional malefic and badhak. ,retrograde jupiter also aspects  venus. Mars is the lord of 11th and sixth .Mer as lagna lord is aspected by jup and sixth lord mars.Lagna in paap kartaari yoga,malefics in 2nd and 12 th to it.
Conclusion- Mars ,saturn aspects to benefics  , ill placed jupiter ( jeeva) and afflicted venus the other benefic  along with adverse sun and mercury placement is the common cause in all three charts and around seven others that i studied .Saturn predominant as the disease is linked to wastage of muscles  and loss of vigour and vitality Mars.