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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beeja & Kshetra Sphuta-The Astrology of Sperm & Ovary

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The method has been detailed in Shri Bepin Behari's book "Astrology Simplified." The details under the heading "SPHUTA" are given below, from Page 187 SPHUTA [Sphuta = opening, blossoming]. Calculations relating to the possibility of having an offspring. Three important sphutas are considered in this regard: (i) Beeja (seed) sphuta, (ii) Kshetra (field) sphuta, and (iii) Putra tithi (opportune date for impregnation) sphuta. Beeja sphuta is obtained by adding the longitude of Sun, Venus and Jupiter in the husband's chart. The sum indicates a sign and its Navamsa. If both of these are in odd signs, virility is present and the chances of an offspring are good. If both are in even signs, virility and the chance of progeny are both absent. If one is odd and the other is even, the progeny may be delayed. Kshetra sphuta is worked out by adding the longitudes of Jupiter, Moon and Mars in the wife's natal chart. If the sign and Navamsa thus obtained are both in even signs, fertility and chances of progeny are assured. In case both are in odd signs, the progeny will be delayed or even denied. If one is odd and the other is even, there may be a delay but the progeny can be expected.
Putra tithe sphuta is decisive in progeny prediction. It is determined as follows: Multiply the longitudes of natal Moon and Sun separately by 5, subtract the result obtained from Sun from that of Moon, and convert the result into degrees, minutes, etc. Divide it by 12. The quotient plus 1 gives the tithe required. If this is less than 15, it is deemed to be in the dark half ,and if the remainder is less than 6, the tithe is in the first half. If it is more than 6, it would be in the second half.Impregnation during this period has greater chance of fertilization.

A Horoscope Vol.1 by Dr. B. V. Raman”

***** Page 221 mentions this as

Though the 5th house maybe strong and all indications for birth or children maybe present, there will be no issues if there is no strength or vitality for Beeja and Kshetra. Beeja is the seed of the male and Kshetra is the bed of the woman. In other words Beeja and Kshetra represent, not exactly the sperm and the ovum, but the element that really makes the male and female fluids fertile.------------ if the Beeja and Kshetra in their horoscopes are not strong, when judged according to astrological rules, they will not bring forth any issues.
When the Beeja (male) is weak and Kshetra (female) is strong, then children may be born late in the life after undertaking the necessary remedial measures. The strength to cause pregnancy is controlled by the Sun – lord of vitality – in general. Venus governs the seminal fluid. These two must have favorable positions in the horoscope particularly in odd signs. Similarly, in the case of a female, Mars governs the nature of blood and the Moon
controls the strength to bear children. These two planets should preferably occupy even signs. In case of a male, add together the longitude of Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Expunge
multiples of 360 degrees. The sign arrived at indicates what is called “Beeja Sphuta” or longitude of seed. Similarly in a female horoscope add together the longitude of Mars, Moon and Jupiter. Expunge multiples of 360 degrees. The sign arrived at represents the
longitude of the bed or “Kshetra Sphuta”

 For males, flow of seminal fluid is controlled by Venus and power to help in causing pregnancy is governed by the Sun who is the lord of vitality. These two planets must have good placements preferably in odd signs with benefic associations and aspects for males—for females, it will be worthwhile to mention that Moon gives strength to conceive and bear the children and also regulates and controls the flow and cycle of menstruation; whereas Mars, in case of females, plays very important role and is responsible for quality and superiority of blood. As such for females, the Moon and Mars should preferably find good placement in their horoscopes in even signs with benefic associations and aspects. Jupiter who is a natural significator for issues for both males and females should find good placement in horoscopes. Considering the above facts, Beeja Sphuta for males is worked out from the longitudes of Sun, Venus and Jupiter; and, in case of females, Kshetra Sphuta is worked out from the longitudes of Moon, Mars and Jupiter.
      Following table will be useful and enable the readers to work out Beeja Sphuta and Kshetra Sphuta for forecasting the results regarding issues:

In case ofAdd Longitude of natal planets      Resulting Sign/Navamsa  Results
males  Jupiter, Sun & Venusboth odd virility assured
   Expunging 12 signsodd/ even                                       mixed results
both evenvirility nil

  Jupiter, Moon & Marsboth evenfecundity assured
   Expunge 12 signseven & oddchildren after
odd/ evengreat efforts
both oddfecundity nil