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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Type of Badhaka Sthana

Type of Badhaka Sthana

Prashna Maarga explicitly describe about Badhaka Sthana should b seen in Prashna, through it says Prashna charts can studied like natal chart but again it warned that it should b seen for particular problem the native consulting .Not for full life.
Chapter 15th in Prashna Maarga explains about Badhaka Houses and Badhaka House lords and its effect and remedies
The miseries of man can b due to wrath of Devas (deities), dharma-Devas (family deities; Kula devata), serpents, parents, preceptors, Brahmanic curses (curse of learned), Pitirs (sprits of forefathers from the same family or clan), Pretas (spirits of the dead), Bhootas (spirits with special powers) etc. They may be also due to evil eye, curses, the evil acts directed by enemies and other afflictions. Causes and remedies for such miseries are given in 15th chapter in Prashna Maarga for the benefit of qurrents and astrologers. Thus the causes or reason, `why men suffer?' may be due to -
1) Anger of gods
2) Wrath of dharma-devata or Kula devata (family deity)
3) Fury of serpent god
4) Dissatisfaction of manes and Pitirs (spirits of forefathers)
5) The curses of seniors and elders, preceptors
6) Curse of brahmins (acharyas or teachers or man of learning) -Not caste brahmins
7) Troubles caused by ghosts and also those resulting as a result of wounding words and expressions (Manasa-vaacha-karmana; due to sadness and problems caused to others by mind-words-actions)
8) Poisons and Aabhichara karmas (Aabhichara = Big bad deeds done through Black Magic)
Whether one's past karma is favorable or unfavorable and in what manner it expresses itself should be carefully defined. Many times own logic cannot reason with known factors for the suffering of a native. All this Prashna texts are developed long back and people with modern outlook need not agree it and no astrologer is against a person getting treatment if the case is psychological. In actual practice nowadays a person consults astrologers only when all methods fails. So please don't direct all accuses against astrologers for spreading superstition or exploiting the ignorant people etc.
Here I am presenting the various opinions prevalent in state Kerala and it is what explained in Prashna Maarga as different opinions.
1) If Arudha lagna is Chara lagna (Moving sign) then 11th house becomes Badhaka Sthana; If it is Sthira lagna (Fixed Sign) then the 9th becomes Badhaka Sthana; and if the lagna is Ubhaya (Mixed sign) then the 7th House becomes the Badhaka Sthana. This concept is known as Samanya Badha (`common houses of harm'; This is the most popular and authentic concept about the houses of harm)
2) The kendra position from this Badhaka signs can be taken as Badhaka place (sloka 111) as well says some. This is an extension of Samanya Badha concept, followed only by very few. (This approach is not accepted by most of the Kerala astrologers)
3) Aquarius is house of harm for all movable signs; Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius have Scorpio as house of harm; for Taurus it is Capricorn; for Aquarius it is Cancer; for Gemini and Pisces the house of harm is Sagittarius. (Sloka 112). This concept is known as Maha Badha (`Houses of great harm'; This also a well popular and approved concept)
Thus Prashna Maarga gives 3 different views prevalent during the time of compilation of the text (AD 15 th century). Out of these all accepts the 1st one and 3rd one. 2nd one no body seems to use it nor has approval from majority of astrologers of today in Kerala.
Types of Arudha
Arudha is the house in the zodiac imagined around the astrologer in Fixed Zodiac (Stira Chakra) in which the qurrent stands. This Arudha is also known by the name Sthityarudha. If this Arudha is not known, then the sign arrived at by the use of Cowries is considered as Arudha. There are several other types of Arudha as well. For example -
Tamboola Arudha (Betel Lagna): Arudha arrived at based on betel leaves presented to astrologer as a gift. [It is the practice in Kerala and most of south India . The qurrent might give betel leaves, areca nut (Supari), some money (gold coin in olden days), fruits, flowers and some vegetables even to the astrologer. Any of this can be used as a tool to arrive at or find an Arudha, which becomes a starting point for result derivation]
Spristanga lagna (Touch lagna): The body part first touched by qurrent at the time of Prashna. [Astrologer uses it when other methods are not easy and may be resting while travel or he is in a group]
Swarna Arudha (Gold Lagna): Gold coin deposited by the qurrent in a Rasi chart specially drawn for the occasion or in ready made wooden plank Rasi Chakra used by the astrologer.
Akshara Arudha: Arudha arrived at by considering the words and alphabets first spoken by the qurrent.
An astrologer who is well versed in Horas (ancient astrological texts), and has guruupadesa (proper learning and advice from astrological gurus), and blessing of his gurus, and does his daily upasana (worship of deities), and austerities (believer of god), and satwik in nature (one who does good deeds and wishes the good will and betterment of others) will never go wrong in Prashna and chart reading – says Prashna Maarga.
Type of `Agents of harm' (Badha)

Then the text describe about nature of the spirits causing this harm. This agents of harm could be - Amara (Devas), Asura, Naga etc. In total 18 agents are given as great spirits and 9 agents such as Apasmara, brahma rakshas etc as 2ndary spirits (light spirits). [Editor: All these points to ancient system of classification of Psychological problems, and the related treatment or remedial measures are suggested based on the same]
It is said that all this spirits has their origin from wrath of Rudra. This can be divided into 3 main categories based on their motive of attack, which points to the intensity of the psychological problem and solution.
As per Prashna Maarga the 3 categories in to which the agents of harm fall into are –
1) Hantu kama: `Death wishing'; the spirits who attack the native wishing to kill him, with an intention of total destruction.
2) Rantu kama (Rati kama): `Sex wishing'; the spirits who attack the native wishing to indulge in enjoyments especially sexual enjoyment.
3) Bhoktu kama ( Bali kama ): `Sacrifice Wishing'; the spirits who attack the native, wishing to get sacrifices and oblations.
[Editor: These categorization points to the underlying base reasons for psychological problems – viz, unfulfilled desires and sin feeling, sexual desires and death wish]
From the perspective of the ancient astrologer, this can be perceived as – Attack of some spirits to attack individual to murder him, to get sacrifices, or to enjoy with the victim.
The first one will not leave the victim without killing him, so treatments or remedies will not work usually. (Since the psychologically the native himself don't want to get cured and what to die). The 2nd one will leave those natives after getting their dues (after wish fulfillment), and the 3rd one also generally don't want to leave the natives but they can be pacified and controlled.
The ancient astrologers decipher the nature of the problem (psychological disease) from the Prashna chart itself, and by observing the symptoms indications provided by the native.
The signs, planets and the symptoms indicate the category of the agent of harm with which the individual is affected. This system should more learned from qualified gurus (who is efficient in mantra, Tantra and astrology).
Based on the following two the astrologer categorizes the Badha (Agent of harm) –
1) The symptoms shown by native (like crying, climbing tress or heights, bathing too much or even want to be naked etc)
2) The planetary positions at the time of Prashna. The astrologer can use friendship/enmity of planets between the lagna/lagna Lord and planets in houses of harm or related to houses of harm etc as well for arriving at proper conclusions.
If lagna lord has drishti of Badhakesh (lord of house of harm) then it is Ranthu kama (sex wishing); If Badhakesh (lord of house of harm) has aspect of 6/8 lords it is Hanthu kama (death wishing); Lagna or lagan lord (lagnesh) has (i.e. aspect-conjunct-placement) (drishti-yoga-sthiti) of 6/8 lords it is again Hantu kama (death wishing). If no planets in Badhaka sign and Badhakesh also has no drishti of other planets and lagna /lagna lord with some other planets (other than 6/8 lords) then it is Bali kama (sacrifice wishing).
See all indications (lakshanas) and see all those afflictions and see which one is more repeating and declare the result. (Dwi-Tri samvada bhaval; More than 2-3 symptoms indicate one and the same result; This is one of the base rules in astrology). If only 6th Lord has some connection with Badhakesh or place then it may be due to Abhichara (big evil acts directed by enemies, possibly with the help of black magic as well). If lord of Badhaka-Sthana (house of harm) aspects lagna or the lord of lagna then it is Drishti-Badha; If the lord of the 7th is in house of harm or aspected by both lords or joins them then also it should be inferred as Drishti Badha (`Drishti Badha' means that the native has seen some thing and out of that shock or fear, the mind became imbalanced and the sprit or psychological problem afflicted the native). See the following chart, to know a real life story -
29th march 1983, (birth time not given but the mother of the girl told me that she is born in sandhya (late evening) and they don't properly record it as their religion don't care about astrological charts or astrology) 18.45 PM (approx), kottayam, Kerala
See the alpayu combinations in the chart, indicating that less longevity. Now let us see the Prashna Chart -
Date: April 14, 2009
Time: 7:30:33 AM
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"
Delhi , India
Arudha lagna is Leo and Udaya lagna (Ascendant; rising sign) is Aries. Note that Sun the lord of Arudha lagna is weak being in Rasi Santhi (sankranthi dosha). This is a case of Drishti Badha and the category of Badha (agent of harm) turns out to be Hantu kama.
She has seen a dead body (suicide or killed) of an old person in a lonely place, that is at a hilltop near to her native place at a young age of around 12 yrs, and got psychologically affected. All modern treatments failed. Aries sign represents places where Goats wander and grace/Leo is again hills and mountains where 6th lord Saturn sits and aspected by Badhakesh Mars.
She completed her degree education with difficulty but now the sickness is acute. (It was growing graph) and now is showing even suicidal tendencies. This is a feedback given by parents when told her time is so bad and can show these tendencies according to Prashna. Further there is some pitru dosha in family too as indicated by Gulika in cancer sign - a mother sign. With Ketu and Lord moon is in Scorpio in debilitation again Moon is motherly person and 4th house denotes own home. Therefore we infer that, some body is related to mother and a lady died in water, become preta (wandering sprit, which is yet to go to the other world or attain moksha) and may be affecting the family as last rites not performed well.
A detailed analysis can be given in this direction, and the major point derived by the astrologer would be that, the native is one affected with Hantu Kama (a psychological patient with suicidal tendencies), and since his horoscope shows less longevity, the native due to her death wish (death desire) will die before the disease being cured itself in an early age. By the help of remedies and treatments things could be kept under control to an extend, but at the end neither the remedies nor the treatment is going to be completely beneficial; that is complete cure cannot be expected. Even though in this case, not much treatment or remedies can be suggested, there would be many cases in which the astrologer reaches the clear conclusion about the cause, remedies and even the possible treatment that will cure the patient.
This ancient branch of astrology directly connected with psychology and Ayurvedic treatment should be of interest not only to astrologers, but also to psychologists and Ayurvedic practitioners I belive.
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