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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tennyson has rightly said, "Marriages are made in heaven
Marriage is a union of iwo hearts and souls to the exclusion of the rest
of the world, or, a marriage is a lasting union between a male and a
female, governed by a mutual contract, open or secret. Legality or
otherwise of a union is of a secondary nature and important from
the astrology point of view. The native is fortunate if the marriage is
completely successful otherwise life becomes hell.
"A woman must be a genius to create a good husband." Yes, this
quotation of Bolzac is quite true. A woman should create an
atmosphere of amnesty and cooperation at home with her husband
and other family members. On the other hand T. Fuller has advised
all bachelors to "keep the eyes wide open before marriage and then
half shut afterwards," for a good and smooth conjugal life.
Ladies are made of an altogether peculiar physical fibre with
the characteristics of fair complexion, smiling and charming
demeanour, sparkling eyes, rosy nails, slim waist, nimble toes, coy
looks, melodious voice, pleasant and graceful manners, elegant
attire, natural bashfulness etc. No wonder that nature has chosen
them for the purpose of procreation, motherhood and rearing the
children with care and love. So in view of the above, their problems
are different than that of men. Our Maharishis have chosen to treat
them through "Stree Jatak or Female Horoscope". This book takes
care of their problems astrologically. For more details on ladies
readers should refer to author's world-famous book. Women and
Spouse means husband or wife and in this context, a major
role is played at home by the lady. Every male wants that his partner
should be beautiful, of amiable nature, educated and wise, so is
the case with ladies. We shall first indicate some astrological
rules dealing with the Problem.
Promised Marriage
The following few combinations out of many are provided:
1. Moon or Venus in fruitful signs and also in the 7th
2. Jupiter or Venus occupy 2nd, 7th or 1 llh house,
3. Jupiter or Venus is conjoined with Moon in 1st, 5th,
10th or 11th house.
4. Moon as well as Venus is not aspected by Saturn
and is stronger than Saturn.
5. Lagna and 7th house lords are in 3rd, 5lh, 1lth house
6. Benefics in 2nd, 7lh, 1lth houses from Lagna and Moon
and have favourable connections with benefics.
7. Mercury in 7lh house and Venus conjoined with 7th
house lord.
8. Lord of 7lh in 1 llh house and Venus in 2nd house.
9. Venus in Lagna, and Lord of Lagna in 7th. 11thhouse in
mutual exchange.
10. Benefics in 1st, 2nd or 7lh hhouse in mutual exhange.
11. 7lh house lord is not posited in 6th,8lhor 12th and is
aspected by benefics.
No Marriage
1. If any of the three planets Venus, Sun and Moon is
aspected by or conjoined with Saturn, or any one of the
trio, particularly if
Moon is associated with Saturn's Nakshatra, there
is no possibility of marriage.
2. When Sun, Moon and 5th lord are in conjunction
with or
aspected by Saturn.
3. If Venus is placed at a distance of 43°or more from
Sun and is aspected or conjoined with Saturn,
negotiations will
fall through at the time of the final stage.
4. If 7th house is vacant and Moon in case of female and
Sun in
case of man are aspected by Satum occupying Scorpio
marriage is not a certainty.
5. If 7th lord, Lagna and Venus fall in barren signs, viz
Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.
6. Malefics in 6th, 7th, 8th houses or malefics on both sides
of 7th
house are unfavourable for marriage.
7. If Saturn is in 7th aspected and conjoined also with
8. Venus and Moon are in opposition without any benefic
9. Venus conjunct Moon aspected by Mars and Saturn and 7th
house is not aspcctcd by Jupiter or malefics in 1st, 7th, 12th
10. Lord of 7th in 12th without any benefic aspect but receiving
malefic aspects of Saturn, Sun and Rahu (separative aspects).
Delayed Marriage
In case of a male, all information about his wife is to be obtained
from 7th house, its lord and Venus.
But in case of a female, 7th, 8th, its lords and Mars are to be
analyzed to clock about the husband of a lady.
Sometimes it happens that a promised marriage comes late in life.
Due to change in time and circumstances, nowadays marriages of
girls are solemnized between 25 and 30 years but in astrology it is
termed late marriage. Cases have come to the author where
promised marriages have been delayed up to 36 years or even
more. Main planets responsible for such delays are Saturn, Venus,
Moon, Jupiter and Rahu.
A few combinations in this respect are:
1. If Saturn is either in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th house from
Lagna or Moon sign and if Saturn does not own beneficial
2. A malefic in 7lh house, Saturn, or even Mars in own
sign delays marriage.
3. If Mars is in 8th or Rahu in 7th.
4. If Mars and Venus conjoin in 5th, 7th or 9th house both
receive evil aspect from Jupiter.
5. If 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.
6. Malefic in 6lh, Sth or 12th house.
7. If lagna Moon and Sun are under malefic aspect
8. When Rahu and Mars are related to 7th house or Venus.
9.When 7th lord is posited in 6th, 2nd, 12th from 7th
house, girls marriage is delayed. This is a powerful yoga for
delayed marriage and is further strengthened when a malefic
associates with 7th lord or in 7lh house.
10. Rahu and Venus in Lagna or in 7th house or Mars and Sun
in 7th house with other afflictions cause delay in marriage.
Time of Marriage
Predicting time of marriage is a ticklish question, which worries
the parents about their wards. In such cases the astrologer should
check yogas that confer marriage, planetary conditions at birth and
in transit, dasa, bhukti and antra dasa etc. He should give due
regard to the following points also: (We provide a few yogas
and rules in this context)
1. If Ascendant rasi of a Navamsa chart falls in 7th house of
chart, and 7th lord is in 12th from Ascendant, marriage
take place between 16 and 20 years of age.
2. If 2nd lord is posited in 1lth house and 11th lord in
marriage will be between 16 and 25 years of age.
3. When 2nd lord is in 11th and Lagna lord is in 10th
marriage may occur between 17 and 20 years of age.
4. When Venus is in Kendra (1,4,7,10) and 7th lord is
posited in
any house owned by Saturn, aspcclcd by a benefic,
age is 23 to 28 years.
5. When 2nd house is occupied by Venus and 7th lord is in 1
house, marriage is between 23 and 28 years of age.
6. When 7th house is occupied by Venus, Moon and Saturn,
marriage will not be possible before 30 years of age. It
may be
the 35th year also.
7. If Sun is in 7th, and 7th lord conjoins Venus in
marriage is possible within 23 to 25 years of age. If 7lh
lord or
Venus is afflicted in birth chart or Navamsa chart,
may occur between 30 and 33 years of age.
8. During Dasa period of 7th lord, marriage may take place.
9. 7th lord from Venus or Moon may hasten marriage during
dasa and antra dasa.
10. Add degrees of planets indicated by constellations
with Moon and 7th house lord. When Jupiter transits that
and amsa, marriage will lake place.
11. Find out rasi and amsa by additions of degrees of Lagna
Venus and 7th lord. When Jupiter transits over that rasi
amsa, marriage is possible.
Married Life
A happy married life is a boon to the native in the present
materialistic world. An unhappy married life has many reasons.
Broadly speaking,
aduliery, widowhood, separation, divorce, harsh temperament of
either partner, undutiful husband or wife. No issue, plural
marriage, abnormal sexualities, dowry demands and illbehaviour
of in-laws etc. are the causes for an unhappy married
life. These issues can be analysed astrologically through your
Happy MarriedLife
In order to check and analyse the married life, the following
yogas may be checked from the horoscopeof husband and wife.
1. Jupiter and Venus being 7th lord and significator or
2nd and 1lth houses.
2. If 7th house isoccupiajby its lord, receives aspect of a
bencfic planet and also 7th house lord from either Lagna
or Moon is favourably disposed.
rIn the above two cases ihemarricd life is expected to be
The natal houses of husband and wife are intersected, and
have to be Judged in conjunction will each other. From 1st and
7th houses of birth chart, you can judge the satus, family, health,
wealth, education etc, of husband You can judge too the life of
ihe husband and wife. If any of them is governed or aspectcd by
an evil planet, the disparities and afflictions should follow. Island
7th houses favourably governed and aspected will result in a
happy married life.
3. Moon receiving goodaspects from Satum, Venus and
Jupiter is auspicious. The couple will give expression to their
pleasant feelings and are playful during union. ,
4. Venus and Mars in good aspect are very advantageous
provided they are nolsignificators of 6lh, 8lh or 12th house.
5. If 7th house to Lagriaor Moon sign is occupied by or
aspected by benefics, by lordship, it will indicate a happy
married life.
6. In a famale chart a good Jupiter in 7th will give a good
husband and a happy married life.
7. If 7th or 8th house isoccupicd by a malefic but bencfic in
9th house it indicates thaiihe lady will enjoy a long lease of happy
married life.
8. Jupiter lord of 2nd and 5lh in 9lh house in exaltation
(Scorpio Lagna)and9lhlordeiallcd in Kendra(7th house)
confer good fortune and good and happy married life.
9. If 7th house lord is exalted and Lagna lord occupies Lagna.
10. When 7th lord is a benefic planet and free from affliction a,
happy married life is indicated.
Unhappy Married Life
A few yogas on this subject are detailed below:
1. A conjunction of Moon and Venus is not conducive to a
happy married life.
2. If 7th lord is in 12th house or in 6th or 8th and malefic
aspect on
3. If 7th house lord is afflicted, there may be quarrels
4. If Moon, Mars, Venus or the two luminaries (Sun and
are in 7th house, the woman will be associated with
man al the instance of her husband, leading to an
married life.
5. If there are malefics in 7th house and that planet is inimical
the 7th lord of ascendant, the marriage life will not be
and happy.
6. If Mars and Venus are in any way afflicted.
7. 4th house denotes family members. When 4th house
afflicted it indicates disturbed family members.
8. When Rahu is in 4th house in a female's chart, an
married life. If such Rahu is afflicted, she may have cowives
9. If 7th house is posited with malefic planet and 7th lord is
enemy, the woman will have constant quarrels with
10. When Saturn is in 7th house not being his own house or
of its exaltation, the woman will be disliked by her
11. When Saturn, Rahu etc. transit in 7th house. Moon, Venus
or aspect them, then during this transit , there wi ll
misunderstandings, quarrels and unhappy incidents in
Good and Honest Wife or Husband
In this materialistic world, it is rare to have a good and honest wife
or husband. However, if one has, he or she must be
congratulated. The following few yogas indicate such a wife or a
husband. Normally the temperament of husband and wife
must be judged from the characteristics of 7th lord and planets
posited therein.
1. 7th lord when aspected or conjoined by favourable planets
well disposed or placed between benefics.
2. When 10th lord is powerful and favourably disposed and
lord is in favourable Navamsa.
3. When 7lh lord is exalted, placed in its own sign or in
house and has good aspects and conjunction if any.
A. Venus, natural significator of 7th house if in favourable
Navamsa and 10th lord is strong.
5. When 7lh lord is strong, and aspected by Jupiter or
conjoined with it, the wife or husband of the native is pious
and religious.
ft, If Moon is posited in favourable rasi, Navamsa etc., and is
exalted or aspected by Jupiter, the wife will be faithful
: moral.
8. Saturn as 7lh lord, if strong, well disposed and is aspected
by or
conjoined with Jupiter or with any other planet, which is
benefic, the native becomes respectful to Brahmins and
and is religious.
Co-Wives or Plural Marriages
Prom 17th house of birth chart, the lords of 12th and 5th houses
would be respectively the lords of 5th and 7th houses from 7th.
Thus 12th house from the house of wife would receive three foreign
influences of 6th and 7th houses alongwith foreign influence of
Rahu. 6th house from Lagna being 12th from the house of wife
denotes the pleasures of beds of wife. Foreign influences thereon
would naturally make those pleasures foreign, which means that
pleasures of beds of wife would be shared by other women or men,
which tantamount to having many wives or co-wives at a time.
Keeping this principle in view, we provide the following yogas:
1. If in a male chart the lords of 12th and 5th houses and
have their influence on 6th house and its lord by
association or
aspect, and 7th lord is strongly placed in house of gain such
11th house, one may have many women as wives at a time or
lady will have co-wives.
2. 4th place rules co-wives. When this house is afflicted
particularly conjoined or aspected by Rahu it indicates
3. When Moon and Rahu join 4th house.
4. When malefics join Moon, Venus and Mercury.
5. If 7th lord and Venus are each posited in a dual rasi or amsa
the person will have a co-wife.
6. Moon or Venus in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces in 7th house
or applying to several planets and unafflicted by the malefics
indicate more than one wife.
7. Retrograde Jupiter in 7th with Mars and one of them in
debilitation will indicate two marriages.
8. Two marriages can be predicted either through death or
separation of first wife when:
(i) Venus, Saturn, Moon and Mars are in 7th house.
(ii) Venus in 4th or 8th posited in between Sun, Saturn
and Mars.
(iii) Pisces as Ascendant, 8th lord in Lagna associated
or aspectcd by Rahu.
(iv) Saturn in 2nd, Rahu in 9th, 7th lord and a malefic in
3rd house.
(v) Cancer as Ascendant, Satum in bth, Mars in 4th, Saturn in
7th from Venus or Venus in 2nd.
Separation or Divorce
Various reasons of separation or divorce between husband and
wife have been detailed already and now we have to deal with
the subject astrologically.
In judging the horoscope the basic rule of "Separative Influence" is to be analysed which gives a clear
view of its influences.
The rule says that, "Sun, Saturn Rahu and 12th house lord and lords of sign occupied by these
planets are Separative" in character, that is to say, these planets cause separation from or abandonment
of the traits of the house etc., which they influence by association or aspect.
For example, if two or more of the above-mentioned planets influence the 4th house and its lord,
one is forced to leave his home or country of birth. If they influence 7ih house and its lord, one is separated
from his wife or husband. If they influence 10th house and its lord and Sun, one has to be separated from
the benefits of the ruling powers, viz, resigning from service, termination of service, change in
profession etc.
So in view of these, we provide a few yogas:
I. Jupiter in 7th house generally, even lord of 7th does bestow very unsatisfactory results- He causes
great disappointments and dissatisfaction in married life. He causes undue delay in marriage.
2. Marital disorder may occur seeking separation when Venus is
found in Kritika, Moola, Aridra or Jycshtha nakshatras. Out of
these Kritika is most inauspicious and gives very bad results.
3. When 7lh lord is in 6th and afflicted by separative influence, there may be separation. Similarly,
when 7ih lord or significator joins the 6th lord and is afflicted by aspect or conjunction of malcfics,
similar results are likely. When strong Jupiter makes a link with the above combinations in any
form, the separation may be saved but the husband and wife will experience quarrels.
4. 6th house denotes legal disputes and connection of malefic 6th lord with 7lh house, 7lh lord or
significator may result in legal action and separation. Also when 7th lord or significator joins 6ili
house being afflicted by malefics.
5. When 7th house, 7th lord and significator all are afflicted, conjoined, associated or aspected by
malcfics, unhappiness in married life is indicated. Significator are Venus for males and Mars in
case of females.
6. When Rahu and Saium join Lagna, one is likely to face strife and separation in married life. When 7lh
lord is retrograde and is also afflicted, similar results arc experienced.
7. When in a female chart, Aries or Scorpio Lagna rise and 7th lord is weak, combust, retrograde and
is also afflicted, she will be abandoned by her husband.
8. . If combination of Sun and Mars in cither horoscope is in 2nd, 7th or 8th house, it holds out excellent
prospects for discarding, separation and disunion. It does not necessarily involve loss of partner.
9. To analyse marriage, affliction to Venus by situation,
association or aspects of malefics have an adverse effect on
morals. Venus represents the other partner of marriage.
10. When lords of 2nd and 7th houses arc in constellation of evil
lords, particularly in the constellation of 6ih lord and are
afflicted,there will be separation, divorce, litigation etc.
between the couple.
Planets in 7th House
General Tips
Having discussed various aspects of marriage in detail, we now provide our readers general tips to check
the married life.
A planet in a house of sign other than his own is like a man in another man's house, where he has
limited freedom of action. While he can normally express his views and nature he is fundamentally subject
to the rules of his host.
A planet in 7th house is a significator of marriage and marriage partner and indicates more
immediate, obvious and superficial results
The sign in which planet is posited is of great importance. For example, Jupiter in Capricorn in
7th is debilitated. If well aspected give favourable marriage conditions but with reservations. Bui if
Saturn, 7th house lord otherwise called dispositor, is afflicted, the marriage conditions will
generally gradually deteriorate and the marriage will have Saturnian effects. So the effects are to
be judged.
The following is the results of each planet in 7th house to be modified on the basis of the above
rules and lines. It applies to both sexes.
1. SUN: It is not a happy and desirable position. The partner will be of an independent view, proud,
ambitious, generous, honourable and of loyal nature only if Sun is not afflicted. If afflicted he or she
will be arrogant, dominating, selfish and extravagant. Marriage lo a person of high or good social status
is indicated. Business or social advancement may come through marriage.
Sun in 7lh usually xlclays marriage towards the middle life. In case of affliction of Sun, the partner can be
a social climber, vain, boastful and of ostentatious character and extravagant. The best way to deal with
such a situation is to submit to the other partner, and avoid domestic quarrels. The affliction to Sun also
indicates formidable opposition to the marriage from parents with financial authority and ambitions which
may cause wrecking of career or the woman may be abandoned by her husband causing unhappincss,
separation and divorce. She may suffer from diseases, irreligious and delayed marriage. Such a woman
will hate sex acts, which may also become a cause for separation. Aspect of Jupiter on Sun will reduce the
evil effects lo some extent.
2. MERCURY: A strong beneficand well aspected Mercury in 7th house
indicates a lucky marriage, a considerate and rich husband, but he will lack in sex, causing bickerings on
this account
The partner will be bright, changeable, shrewd, critical, and clever but somewhat unreliable. Native
may flirt.
An afflicted Mercury indicates bickerings, mental or physical cruelty, quarrels or nagging. May
also indicate afflicted health, stupid partner, partner may be impatient, mentally or physically afflicted.
Affliction by Saturn or Mars indicates sex perversion like sadism or masochism.
Marriage is influenced by relations and may come through travel,
correspondence or advertisement. Partner will be younger than native. Any affliction to Mercury
indicates worry through marriage, legal actions and difficulty in choosing partner.
3. JUPITER: Jupiter in 7th house in Capricorn or Aquarius causes
separation, bickerings and even divorce. In mutable signs causes more
than one marriage, though affliction produces irregular unions
Wedding dale in this case sometimes is postponed also when afflicted
by Saturn or Mercury.
Jupiter in Cancer, Taurus or Libra indicates conjugal happiness provided it is not afflicted.
Partner will be generous, optimistic, good natured, healthy
prosperous if not rich and conventional. A good Jupiter in 7th house Indicates prosperity through marriage
but not a happy union. Afflicted Jupiter indicates a boastful, bombastic and self-indulgent partner.
The position of Jupiter in 7 th house when not strong by sign, aspect etc, denotes marriage to widower, or
to a middle-aged person for money and social advancement.
When Jupiter is aspected by Mars, die couple will enjoy sex life to the maximum and be extravagant.
When afflicted by Mercury, he will be vain, conceited, hypocritical and possibly dishonest. If by Sun, vain
and overbearing. By Moon or Venus, prodigal, of wandering nature and affectionate and extravagant. By
Saturn it causes separation through divorce or death of husband. A good Jupiter in 7th house is an asset.
But badly afflicted will bring bad luck and even serious misfortune. In such a case the husband is noble but
will fail to understand his wife. One gets married between 22 and 25 years of age.
4. VENUS: Venus in 7th house has no guarantee for a successful and
happy marriage but indicates a good deal of affection. Much depends on aspects. Aspect of Mars or Saturn
makes one immoral. Connections of Venus with 12th house lord in any way denote immense pleasures of
beds with opposite sex. Jupiter's aspects give soothing effects. An unaspected Venus, on the other hand,
may considerably restrict the mutual affection, or at least prevent its proper expression.
Venus in 7th of a lady's chart indicates that she is sexy, fond of the opposite sex, expert in sex enjoyment.
She always longs for love, marries for love but fails. The husband will be kind, gentle and
affectionate. But when afflicted will be vain, hazy, self-indulgent, spends much money and time on
It is best when Venus is in Taurus, Cancer or Pisces in 7th house. Not favourable in Scorpio causing
early death of partner. Saturn in 4th or 5th indicates domestic coldness and isolation. Leo is most
favourable but in this case, interest in marriage is often apparently only to have children. The husband is
more or less is of a secondary consideration.
Venus in 7th house delays marriage quite apart from any affliction that may be present. In Libra sign,
shows Hide interest in opposite sex and no particular desire for marriage but for companionship and for a
life of case and luxury, viz. one is fond of amusements, but in a suitable environment, plenty of friends
and sufficient money.
Affliction from Mars brings impetuous and extravagant love affairs. Any type of affliction in
any house to Venus by Saturn is the strongest possible influence preventing marriage.
5. SATURN: Again a dangerous and dreaded position like Mars, as it indicates separation, restrictions,
avoids close associations with others.If Saturn is aspected by malefics, one will not be married or it
causes delay in marriage and often partner is much older. Such persons are pessimistic, of dogmatic
views and hardly adjustable to change in their life. If aspected by Mars, sex life will indicate malefic
results and partner will be much below the status of the native. If Mercury and Saturn are in 7th
house, the husband will be impotent.
Saturn in 7th house causes hindrances and misconceptions, not only in marriage but in all relations
with other people. Usually elements of disappointment are indicated. An afflicted Saturn indicates
that marriage will be a sorrowful and tragic experience. Partner will be cold, avaracious, resentful, mean,
selfish, cruel or may become a chronic. When afflictions are more violent, death of partner will be
through accident, operation or by separation.
6. RAHU: Delayed marriage may cause separation or an early
widowhood. Such persons or ladies are moody and difficult forfriendship, being too greedy and
selfish. May marry out of caste or some may get into a scandalous position. Moon conjoining Rahu
causes hysteria to lady. Aspect of Saturn or Mars indicates marriage with low caste. Unconventional
marriage, may bring dishonour to family and engender misery. Rahu in Aries or Scorpio indicates
7. KETU: Such persons or ladies are of loose morals, quarrelsome, and
treacherous. Connections with the opposite sex, unhappy married life.
Unconventional marriage between 20 and 24 years of age. When Saturn
or Mars aspects Ketu, partner will allow the other partner to go with the opposite sex for selfish gain or
one will keep prostitutes or a brothel.
Aspects of Jupiter to Ketu in Sagittarius or Pisces shows mitigation of the above effects.
Other Positions
1. If 7th house is posited with mixed set of planets, both benefic and malefic, married life will be
average, but if afflicted, remarriage.