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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sex and planets

Sex and planets

I want to add a little on Sexuality with respect to 7th & 8th house. These to are decider houses for Sex. If 4th and 5th Houses are about Love and Passion then 7th and 8th are Houses are next step of Love and Passion i.e. Sex and Sexual Satisfaction.


General Karakas of Sex are,

1. Mars - Physical Strength, Boldness, Courage
2. Venus - Beauty, Love, Material Desire

Other Planets are Special Effects in this matter (BUT ESSENTIAL)

General Readings about Sexuality through Signs, Houses and Planets.

1. If Planets like Mars/Sun/Jupiter in Union with Rahu/Saturn are in 7th House, then the Penis of of Native will be Bigger in Size (It will also increases Sexual Urge of the Native), So his Sexual Partner should be having similar Planet will be better. If Woman is having Moon in 7th House then the Size of Vagina will be Smaller causing Problem for Both. Again Monn in Kendra will create Emotional Problem for Native.

2. If Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are in 7th House) then Vagina of Native is always wet (In other words the AROUSAL is strong). This even happens, when Moon is in any Sign in 7th House.

3. If Mars is in 7th House (Especially Retrogade) or in direct sight of Urenus, then the Native's Partner may have Weird Sexual Fantasies. (Here Sexual Act may include Physical Harrasments by any means). These kind of Marriages are terrible in nature and mostly end in Divorce, neither of them speaks about Real Reason.

4. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) in 7th House brings Vaginal Dryness during Sexual Act causing Painfull Experience to Females. Same effect can be seen if Sun/Mars or both are there.

5. Debiliated Mars with Saturn (Union or 3,7 and 10 aspects of Saturn) makes Native Sexually weak. Here Native feels Sex as Shamefull Act. In some cases, Sexual Confidence is Zero if Retrogade Neptune looks in the Situation directly.

6. Mars and Jupiter both are Strong Planets in Nature, but if they are apart in 1st and 7th House the Native is a Gentleman in Society, but in Personal life, He/She is a Sex Maniac.

7. Saturn and Mercury in Union makes Native Sexually Impotent. If both (or any one) is Retrogade then it is a Disaster for the Partner as Native is Mentally Impotent (No Errection/Arousal as no attraction towards Sex)

8. Mars with Venus makes Native's Libido very Strong (In any House and In any Sign). This Union becomes more Strong in Cancer and Scorpio Signs. In these two Signs Mars is weaker. In Scorpio, Mars gives Great Sexual Stamina.

9. Venus in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio makes Native Sexually very active. Most of these people get Beautiful Bodies by default. There General Body Language can create Sexual Fire in Others.

10. Jupiter and Venus are Oppsite Planets in their Behaviour but in Union they show both effects. These people can show that they are Great follower of Spirituality with Equal Urge for Sex. A total 50-50 Situation. They can speak on both Subjects Equally.

11. Mars/Venus placed in 8th House increases Sexual Desire ina ild way.

12. 7th House tells about Sexual Intercourse while 8th House tells about Sexual Satisfaction.

13. If Mars/Saturn/Venus is placed in 8th House with Rahu in 2nd House or Saturn is looking 8th House through 3,7 or 10th Aspect makes Native Sexually Unsatisfied. The Native can attack Opposite Sex for Sex. This combination with Debiliated Mars and Venus wrongly Placed (6th, 8th or 12 th House) makes Native a RAPIST.

14. Jupiter in Exalted Sign or with Powerful Mars increases Fertility and Libido of Native.

15. Retrogade Mars/Saturn of Gochara is moving through 7th/8th House makes Native Sexually active suddenly causing illicit relations. Retrogade Venus shows same effects. It works till the time Planet is there. It can cause Defemation to Native.

16. If Jupiter is Strong in Horoscope (Exalted and well Placed) and in Gochara also the in abovesaid Situation (Point no. 16) the Native may become Pregnant or Gets the Same news from Partner causing Frustration/Defemation.

Genreal Rules

1. See Mars and Venus and their Signs and Houses.
2. Find Karaka of 7th and 8th House and its Place in Horoscope.
3. Find Moon and its Place as it is Karaka of Mind and Love.
4. Find Signs in 7th and 8th House, if no Planets in both the Houses. Here Venus and Mars are deciding Planets.
5. Find which Planet (Saturn/Rahu in particular) on 7th and 8th House.

I hope I have answered some Questions. I hope more participation on this Topic. Earlier someone has added some Good Points on this Subject.