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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Secrets of Ascendants

Aries Ascendant

v When Jupiter Saturn has a relationship of any kind the person becomes
a failure, minimum 50 % of the horoscopes power is reduced. Ref Laghu
Parasari Shloka No 22 yogaadhyaya. Saturn is 10L (karmesh) and Jupiter
is 9L (Bhagyesh).

v Sun or Mars has any relation with Venus, even in signs of Venus –
their energies will not be focus oriented.

v Any relation of Ven with Jupiter does not give good results. E.g. Ven
in Pisces can give good materialistic success & beautiful wife but
quality of marriage life is so-so and not so great.

v If Moon is with paap graha it gives good results.

v Moon Rahu together in Trines (5,9 only) gives good results

v Moon Mars in Trines (5,9 only) gives good results

v Moon Saturn in Trines (5,9 only) at times gives good results but they
should have no relationship with Jupiter.

v Gajakeshari Yoga (jup moon in quadrant) if it has any relationship
with Saturn then it does not give results at all of the Gajakeshari

v Guru Venus yoga in those areas of life which have no dignity or depth
in it, this yoga will give glamour but at the same time gives bad name
(negative publicity).

v Guru Venus together in any house brings hani in bhagya i.e. spoils

v Ven Neptune together degreecal or even 2-3 deg aspect, native would
have problems of asthma, breathing problem, suffocation, circulation
problems in body, sometimes they pass through epilepsy or at times
giddiness– this is applicable to all Ascendants. If Ven is 2 deg
less than Neptune then the above symptoms will be more visible.

v Uranus & Ven being degreecal in Kendra to each other, then sex scandal
or gives bad name sometimes, but the result is extreme. Neptune Ven or
Uranus Venus relationship one would often find in charts of film stars.

v Uranus and Ven in Kendra (quadrant) to each other gives abnormal
sexual life for all Ascendants but affect more in Aries Ascendant.

v Neptune Venus relationship sometimes gives death in water or fire
which means due to non availability of air, basically gives different
kind of death at times.

Taurus Ascendant

v Saturn is the major planet in this horoscope, Saturn Mer or Saturn Ven
having any type of relationship then the native becomes a great success.

v Any relation of Jupiter with Venus or Jupiter with Saturn or Jupiter
with Mer, gives short time name fame (success) but they do not get
permanent fame (success). The negative results will be seen in
Jupiter's antardasa.

v Native should never cheat his siblings (co-borns), or even blood
relatives, if he cheats he will get destroyed in life and the result of
this Sin (papa) will be experienced in the 2nd generation.

v He should manage extreme distance from his wife's sister and from
widows, if not then full generation will get destroyed.

Gemini Ascendant

v Any type of relationship of Saturn (bhagyesh) and Guru (karmesh) the
native can be a failure in life as compared to his original potential.

v Native's wife takes lot of care of Mother in law but her mother in
law will not respect his wife.

v Relationship with father in law will be cordial and caring.

v If Jup in 2H then it gives unpredictable results, 80 % negative
results but astrologer should be extra cautious while predicting about
2H matters and even houses that Jupiter Lords. This Jupiter will behave
abnormally. It has been seen at times that this Jupiter gives extreme
problems of the 2H matters.

v If Jupiter is deposited in 5H then it is more powerful than Jupiter
exalted in Cancer.

v Native should always give respect to people who are elderly to him and
to people who have knowledge otherwise he would get destroyed.

v If a Gemini native ascendant is facing troubles in life then he should
go and help elderly or learned people and in 10 days he would get

v Native should never sexually exploit women who are younger to him;
this becomes the reason for his downfall.

Cancer Ascendant

v Gajakeshari (Jup quadrant with Moon) yoga (combination) is always
beneficial but Moon should be ahead of Jupiter in the 4th from Guru, 2nd
priority Jup Moon together, 3rd priority Jupiter is in 4th from Moon &
4th priority Jup Moon opposition. In trikona Mars Rahu together or Guru
Rahu together in Kendra then it is a great success and fame giving

v Sun in this Cancer Ascendant gives result of house where he sits and
not based on his lordship. If he is with some planet then based on that
planet he will give results. Basically Sun here does not give results
based on his lordship

v Native will be a workaholic and will not care about his personal

v His wife will get along well with his mother in law.

v In 5H or 9H if there is Moon with Rahu then it gives good results,
rahus dasa will be best and even rahu antardasas in mahadasas of other
planets will be good if other factors don't oppose.

v If Mars Rahu in Kendra or trikona it will give excellent results in
rahus dasa

v If Moon Saturn in trikona (5, 9 only) will give good results but the
intensity will be less in dasas antardasas.

v Moon Mars in Kendra or trikona makes the dasas of moon and mars good.
This is the specialty of Cancer Ascendant that Moon even with a papa
graha gives good results in the dasas but the intensity of success will
not be that great.