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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sarp dosh.

From time immemorial, people and serpents were living in close proximity and had love and hate relationship. It is believed that hurt serpents are vengeful and curse the persons who have hurt them. The serpentine curse has devastating effect, and it is so intense that it continues to haunt even after death (in future births also) till it gets absolved. The adverse effects of Sarpa dosha appear at very important phases of human life, that is, marriage and progeny. Due to Sarpa dosha, marriages are delayed or ruined; Progeny may be denied; miscarriages, still births or defective children may also result.

Due to this belief, serpents are considered to be sacred. They are worshipped and revered. Usually images are carved out of stones and consecrated on neatly built platforms under Peepal or Neem trees, which are considered auspicious. Going around these idols are believed to eliminate the adverse effects caused due to the curse ofserpents.

In astrology, malefic planets Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the head and tail of a serpent. Adverse positioning of these planets in a chart is said to arise as a result of wrath and curse of serpents. All the planets hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu in a natal chart is termed as Kala-sarpa Yoga, which causes obstructions, sufferings and failures in the native’s early period of life.

The planets to indicate Sarpa dosha are the three malefics Rahu, Ketu and Gulika. While examining a Prasna chart, position of these planets from Aruda rasi, Ascendant, Chandra rasi and positioning of other planets from the above rasis indicate the details of the cause of the problem and remedy to be adopted for Sarpa dosha. (Aruda rasi is the sign rising at the time of the query).

Positions of planets causing Sarpa dosha
*** Rahu / Ketu in *Badaka sign or in 6th, 8th, 12th, 4th or 7th house.
***Gulika in unfavourable sign.
***Positioning of Jupiter (as Badaka lord) in 6th, 8th or 12th house from Aruda rasi and that sign also happens to be Kendra to Rahu. This causes sarpadosha of a superior type ofserpents.
***Jupiter (as Badaka lord) in 6th, 8th or 12th house from Aruda rasi and that sign is also Kendra to Gulika. This Sarpa dosha is caused by a inferior type ofserpents.
***Rahu positioned along with Gulika or in 5th, 7th or 9th house from Gulika.
***Mars and Saturn in Kendra to Rahu.
***Rahu positioned in Badaka sign and aspected or conjunct with Sun. (as shown in the example chart). This causes Sarpa dosha of a superior type ofserpents.
***Rahu in Badaka sign and aspected or conjunct with Moon (as in the example chart). This Sarpa dosha is due to inferior type ofserpents.
If Sun and Moon are placed as mentioned above, the cause of Sarpa dosha is due to both inferior and superior type of serpents. (as in the example chart). The serpents Anandhan, Vasuki and Thakshana are considered as superior type and the serpents like Karkotakan, Karinagam etc. are of inferior type.

The example chart is a chart of Prasna, conducted on 21st January 2000. In this chart, the cause of Sarpa dosha is due to superior as well as inferior types ofserpents. A couple approached with their problem. Since marriage , the lady had three miscarriages. She was under constant treatment by a qualified and experienced Gynecologist, yet menstrual disorder continued. As far as the husband is concerned, his semen test showed lack of sperms. The situation was not conducive for the couple to have progeny. Further for self-protection and good health, Maha Sudarsana Yantra was prescribed, and both of them were advised to visit Sri Kalahasti and perform remedies as prescribed. They followed the first advice immediately and the health condition of the wife improved. They visited the temple after a delay of a few months, which also yielded quick result. The girl conceived the same month they visited the temple and a healthy baby was born at an auspicious moment, fulfilling long cherished desire.

Refer to chart below

Finding the causes of Sarpa dosha from the positions of the planets.

Planetary Position Causes
Rahu in Chara rasi----due to destruction of eggs of the serpents

Rahu in Sthira rasi--due to cutting down of trees in thepremises of serpent shrines

Rahu in Ubhaya rasi---due to killing of young serpents.

Saturn and Gulika in Kendra to Rahu---- due to desecration of the place of worship of serpents.

Gulika alone in Kendra to Rahu--- due to desecration of serpent shrine.

Mars in Kendra to Rahu--- due to destruction of serpent mounds, snake pits and trees in the premises of serpent shrines and removal of idols ofserpents

Remedies for Sarpa Dosha
If the existence of Sarpa dosha is found in the Prasna chart, appropriate remedial measures need to be taken. Measures to get relief from Sarpa dosha are : Japa, Homa, charity, pilgrimage to shrines which is dedicated toserpents, and performing customary worship like conducting poojas 3 times a day in a temple milk abhisheka, offering of images of serpents and their eggs made of metal, conducting Homas like Sarpa-bali, Mruthunjaya, etc. For all types of Sarpa dosha, Sarpa-bali is prescribed. There are different types of rituals prescribed for different types of Sarpa dosha, which could be found out from the prasna chart as follows.

Planetary Position Remedies
Rahu in Badaka Sign or in the 6th or 10th house--- Sarpa-bali (a kind of homa) should be done.
Rahu in the 4th house---- Idol of serpents should be consecrated.
Rahu in the 12th house--- Sarpamthullal or special pooja should be performed.
Rahu in the ascendant or 7th house from Aruda rasi--- Milk abhisheka should be performed.
Ascendant in Chara rasi---- 11 images of serpents and eggs should be offered.
Ascendant in Sthira rasi ---- 9 images of serpents and eggs should be offered.
Ascendant in Ubhaya rasi--- 7 images of serpents and eggs should be offered.

Some of the rituals to absolve Sarpa dosha in serpent shrines situated in Kerala are : offering of “Nooru”, and “Palu”. Nooru is a mixture made from rice powder, sugar, tender coconut water, turmeric and flowers of coconut tree. Milk is offered separately. Another important ritual to appease serpents and remove Sarpa dosha is performing of “Sarpamthullal”, a form of traditional dance. There are a large number of shrines dedicated to serpents all over the country.

Notable shrines of serpent-worship
Serpent worship continues to play an important role in the religious life of Hindus. Naga Panchami, is observed as a very auspicious annual festival. Tirunageswaram, near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is an important center of pilgrimage, visited by alarge number of devotees to get relief from malefic Rahu and Sarpa dosha and performing milk abhisheka is considered as more auspicious on Sundays. Another shrine dedicated to Ketu is situated nearby in Darmakulam, which is also of great importance. In Andhrapradesh, Kalahasti is a renowned center of pilgrimage, where Sree Kalahasthiwaraswamy is worshiped to ward off malefic effects of Rahu, Ketu and Sarpa dosha.Large number of devotees visit this shrine to get relief from sufferings they undergo due to delay in marriage and begetting progeny. There are specific poojas to be performed in this shrine.