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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Retro planets

Retrograde Planets
As all the planets are moving at different speeds, there will be times when a particular planet will appear from Earth that it is not moving at all, and at times that a planet is actually moving backwards when viewed against the backdrop of a fixed star. In such periods, the planet is said to be in retrograde motion.
In the ephemeris, planets which are in retrograde are denoted by a R after the degree and minute designation.A retrograde planet may denote delayed development of factors relating to that planet rather than any negative influence as was suggested in ancient Astrology. A capital S alongside the planetary degree in the ephemeris stands for the word stationary and will occur when the planet is slowing down and has virtually stopped moving. The capital letter D is soemtimes used indicating that the palnet is in direct motion and is written when a planet changes from a backward direction or retrograde to a forward direction or direct.Perhaps the greatest impact of retrograde planets can be felt when the outer planets turn retrograde while forming a transit aspect to one of the natal planets.
Retrograde planets are thought to be weak in their effect, which is true for the personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars but it is not so with the outer planets which stay Retrograde for up to six months.
Mars Retrograde- Mars retrograde in a persons birth chart causes the person to be very frigid or to go to the extremes. Some have sex aversions. Mars retrograde six to eight days, of course, that is sixty to eighty years in a horoscope progression. During its slow moving period, two weeks before and after retrogression it indicates its effects mainly in females.
Venus Retrograde- The effect of Venus retrograde is disastrous to a happy married life. As Venus slowly turns retrograde, the person gradually gets disinterested in sexual activities. Venus seems to work alike in all signs when retrograde. It affects men particularly.
Mercury Retrograde- When Mercury goes retrograde, many of our everyday affairs ruled by Mercury are disrupted. When Mercury is retrograde, mental mistakes abound. Travel plans are often messed up. Misunderstandings with those in the family or at work occur. Those who have belief in Astrology will refrain from making any sort of contract when Mercury is retrograde.
Jupiter Retrograde- Such persons often get success in other people's failures. They have the unique ability to succeed in projects that were abandoned by others. Such people revive sick companies and uncover hidden assets. In order to achieve their mental goal they prefer to bargain.
Saturn Retrograde- Persons with Saturn Retrograde in their birth charts do not like to be known in public, they find security in intellectuals or spirituals. They easily yield to external influences. They appear shy, uneasy, introvert, lacking in self assertion or attempt to cover their lapse with the pretext of arrogance. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their friends and are seldom understood and very reserved.

Retrograde Planets, Mercury Retrograde
An apparent backward motion of the planets is called a "retrograde" motion. It occurs in several stages. At first the planet seems to stand still, then it backs up through the signs, stands still again, and then resumes its forward motion. The amount of time that a planet spends in retrograde motion depends on the planet's orbit, varying from about twenty-two days for nearby Mercury to about 160 days for distant Pluto.
A popular misconception is that a retrograde planet signifies something unpleasant. A retrograde planet prolongs the influence of that planet in its sign and house of a horoscope. If that influence happens to be an unpleasant one, the prolonged unpleasantness will be blamed on that retrograde condition.
When Mercury is retrograde, it is considered to be a time of problems with interaction, travel and even the simple basic workings of things. It is also thought that the general averse aspects of a retrograde planetary motion carry over into the lives of the people born under them as a part of their lifetime astrological chart.
The Sun and Moon are never in retrograde motion.
Mercury Retrograde 2009
Mercury turns retrograde January 11 at 8º Aquarius
Mercury goes direct February 1 EST at 22º Aquarius
Mercury turns retrograde May 7 EDT at 2º Gemini
Mercury goes direct May 30 at 23º Taurus
Mercury turns retrograde September 7 EDT at 6º Libra
Mercury goes direct September 29 at 22º Virgo
Mercury turns retrograde December 26 at 22º Capricorn
Mercury goes direct January 15, 2010 at 5º Capricorn
Three or four times a year, never on the same dates, Mercury loops Earthward (to our eye) in a retrograde cycle back over zodiacal territory. During this passage 3 and a half week transit, our attention moves towards unfinished business. Since all backward movement symbolizes a return to source, we can use these times to attend to our inner perceptions, and reconnect with the spiritual source of our thoughts. This introversion can bring about a critical purification process that can help us gain new insights based on prior knowledge.
It's important to figure out how this transit affects the patterns in your life as they will repeat. I know some readers are not into retrograde, but it has its pitfalls whether you believe it nor not. With shifting reality, much doesn't work in general, but this transit can make things a bit more confusing, indecisive and difficult. To me Mercury Retrograde means Repetitions and Delays. Pay attention to details now, especially linked to transportation and communication. We also find mixed or missed messages. Plans change. Things are lost or forgotten. Decisions will be made and revisited. Don't forget that Mercury is the Trickster who brings messages and learning lessons in round-about ways that we attract by synchronicity
Mercury Retrograde Affects ...
Medical or Dental: Diagnosis made could be wrong, appointments cancelled.
Business: Problems with contracts, meetings, merges, paper work, etc.
Telecommunication: Phones, satellites, computer systems and related
Travel: Lost luggage, flight delays, vehicle problems, getting lost even with a GPS system
Decisions: Change or you feel indecisive
Relationships, friendships and partnerships: Changes made and reviewed

Written work will be redone due to errors or change of content.

Creative ideas won't flow!

If you start a diet, you'll quit when retrograde is over.

It will be hard to 'keep it together'.

You'll return whatever you bought.
It may be broken or you'll decide you don't like it!

Many things simply won't add up!

If you play a trick on someone
it will backfire on you.

Life may be a struggle, but don't give up!
Retrograde Planets Meanings

Mercury Rx|Venus Rx|Mars Rx|Jupiter Rx|Saturn Rx|Uranus Rx|Neptune Rx|Pluto Rx
A planet that is retrograde means that the planet was making an apparent backward motion at the time of birth. If a planet was retrograde at the time of birth, then that planet is notated in the natal horoscope with an Rx by the astrologer. Planets never move backwards, hence the term apparent. The Sun and Moon never retrograde. Many people watch the motion of current retrograde planets, especially Mercury.

From an earth view, a planet only appears to move backwards for a given length of time. Refer to the section on Planet Motion for approximate retrograde periods. In the Ephemeris, the day that a planet begins this apparent motion is designated by an R or an Rx In order to determine the length of time, run your finger down the planet information column until you find a D. On this day the planet resumes it's "direct" motion again. Some astrologers put more emphasis on retrograde planets in the birth chart than others. I have found that they add an important depth to the overall interpretation.

The energy of a retrograde planet is expressed more on an inner level Sometimes the individual has difficulty expressing the energy outwardly. Some part of that planets energy is held back. Retrograde planets often cause one to stop and reconsider the consequences, so that spontaneous expression is blocked in some way. At other times, the outward behavior becomes exaggerated in an attempt to reconcile the inner doubts. Here are some examples of how retrograde planets may manifest in a persons chart.
Viewed in karmic terms, retrograde planets in your natal chart can indicate internal struggle regarding an unachieved goal or an unfinished life lesson or lessons. Generally, natal planets in retrograde tend to internalize their influences, allowing you to work on your character. Your Sun and your Moon are never retrograde. The closest the Moon comes is when it is Void of Course. This is a time when it is best to refrain from beginning anything that you wish to see come to completion.
When your North and South Nodes are retrograde, you have a strong indication that these lessons have carried forward over several previous lifetimes.

Listing of Mercury and other planet retrogrades for the current year.

Below are some interpretations for retrograde planets found in the natal chart. With discernment, you may use these ideas as a basis for figuring out how the current retrogrades may "act" on the general public.
Mercury Retrograde
* reconsiders before speaking
* lots of inner conversation and thoughts
* expresses self better in writing
* feels misunderstood
Mercury involves mental processes and communication of all kinds. Exploring ideas, seeking knowledge, writing, public speaking, making contacts, even short trips and commerce fall into Mercury‘s domain. Mercury is retrograde at least three times each year, and is our most frequently retrograde planet. During this usually three week timeframe, misunderstandings increase, mail and email gets lost, messages are delayed or appear elsewhere, misdirection and frustration with miscommunications of all kinds tend to intensify. Odd ideas tend to occur as normal abilities and patterns of writing, learning, and speech become disrupted.
For a few, this retrograde actually has the opposite effect. New ideas, new speaking or writing abilities are often revealed in folks whose natal Mercury is retrograde. Are you normally hesitant or afraid to speak out? Do you find yourself very concerned with how others will take your words or what will happen if you speak your mind? You few, may tend to get a kind of vacation from or improvements in both your usual internal and external dialogue.
In Karmic terms, Mercury retrograde in your natal chart suggests that you may be dealing with old lessons about the negative consequences of uninhibited speech. Motives mean a lot to you. You could find yourself attracting more than your share of criticism or opposition to your ideas, but if you let that stop you from speaking your mind, you are essentially inhibiting yourself from communicating. You can learn to overcome your fears. Most other people are actually more concerned with how the world sees them than they are about what they think about you. Apply your curiosity, flexibility, and take an active interest in the welfare or interests of people around you. Half of your ability comes from listening! If speaking to groups of people makes you nervous, let your thoughts escape into the outside world by writing. Make small talk wherever possible about any topics of interest, while you boost your self confidence and begin to overcome your hesitance of expounding your personal views in public.
Venus Retrograde
* reconsiders before expressing love or affection
* relates awkwardly to others
* doubts the love others offer
* can become obsessed in relationships
* feels let down by the commitment level of others
Venus involves pleasure, love, romance, relaxation, aesthetics, peaceful feelings, harmony, money, and values. Venus tends to work by attraction. Approximately every eighteen months or so, Venus slips into retrograde for about six weeks. While Venus is retrograde, you are more likely to find your ability to attract what you want restricted or inhibited. You could find yourself much more concerned with achieving or maintaining external beauty, your flow of ready cash, questioning your ideas of pleasure, aesthetics, or even revaluating your feelings about romantic relationships.
Do you find yourself inhibited about seeking what you really want from your romantic partner? Does your ability to attract the money and attention you feel that you need seem to cause you problems? Is your natal Venus retrograde?
A natal Venus retrograde can cause you difficulty achieving fulfillment or finding your right romantic partner. You may be more in love with your ideas about love than you are with any real person you know. In karmic terms, you need to complete a life lesson about giving and receiving love and affection. You are here to determine what is truly of value to you and learn about creating a balance of give and take in your romantic life. Your romantic dialogue has a tendency to be far too internal at times, causing you to inhibit the flow of good things into your life. You will have to be willing to experience loving and being loved in order to attract what you desire into your life and create the feelings of security you need.
Mars Retrograde
* reconsiders before expressing anger
* finds competitive situations hard to handle
* tends to repress and so ....
* can become depressed
Mars represents direct energy, physical expression, individual action and assertiveness, as well as anger, desire, sexuality, competitiveness and motivation for self interest. Mars energies tend to burst forward exerted in short duration. Every two years Mars goes retrograde for two to two-and-a-half months. What often results are upsets and frustrations in daily life as emotions which should be externalized becoming internalized, a kind of chewing up one’s self. When you finally explode, it is likely as not that in doing so you will be acting out aggressively against your own self interest.
If you have Mars in retrograde in your natal chart, you may find that you are waging an internal battle causing you difficulty in asserting yourself because you are afraid of the consequences of releasing your anger. You may tend to over think before you act. You may find that you have a tendency to hold back. In karmic terms, you are likely to be attempting to make up for some vaguely recollected but deeply influential past misdeeds you now regret. Whatever the cause, you are holding yourself back instead of standing up directly for your own interests. This works directly against the life lesson that you are here to accomplish. Your are learning about yourself, defining who you are by what actions you take. You will need to let go of timidity or a lack of direction in order work out how you can initiate actions without creating a chaos of needless destruction. Here is a key indicated by your 7th House Sign and its natural ruler Venus.
Jupiter Retrograde
* has doubts about what they deserve and so ...
* finds it easy to settle for crumbs
* feels superior in some way inside
* abundance is felt on the inside
* looks inside for answers to religious questions
Jupiter represents the principles of expansion, gambling, speculation, luck, opportunities, optimism, abundance, travel, higher education, teaching, religion and philosophy. Approximately four months a year, this planet slips into retrograde. When it does, you are likely to see its influence roll through your life and society around you. Plans have a tendency to implode. Jupiter retrograde influences us internally to look within to seek new meanings. You may find you can best use these opportunities to revaluate your life and reach new levels of awareness and understanding.
If Jupiter is retrograde in your natal chart, you have a very rich internal life. You actually make your own luck. Abundance is felt within as you search the world looking to discover truth and develop a broader philosophy of life and living. At the same time, you may feel hesitant about involving yourself to deeply in others affairs or sharing your views out of a concern for being thought so different that you may be cast out by public opinion. Speculations may not bring you all the external rewards you seek, but each time you take a chance, your adventures allow you to gain from a wide variety of experiences. You must remain open and honest with yourself in order to expand your spirituality and allow your inner voice to guide you.
Saturn Retrograde
* feels they're never good enough inside
* indulgent outward behavior may mask inner feelings of inadequacy
* hides fears
Saturn deals with karma, limits, responsibility, tradition, conservatives, authorities, long term goals and accomplishments patiently created, taking responsibility, creating structure, and setting boundaries. Once a year the planet Saturn goes into retrograde for about four-and-a-half months. During this influence, you will probably find it unwise to attempt sudden changes or to rush through things. Take practical steps and accept limitations while you take serious steps toward your long term goals. Saturn retrograde can cause you to become your own hardest taskmaster, limit your actions or leave you feeling blocked and pessimistic. .
Saturn retrograde in your natal chart, indicates that you are likely to have been abused by those with power over you, perhaps having faced unfair situations at home. You may need to declare personal boundaries, to work out conflicts with authority on a karmic scale. You could feel that fate conspires against your desires but it’s really you putting the brakes on through feelings of persecution or inhibition in the house where it is placed until you work out how to face doing or confronting whoever or whatever it is that threatens you. Your lesson is one of patience and steady application of hard work as you overcome the impatient urge to cut corners. Everything you gain will be hard won but you will eventually succeed, win the respect of others and actually can shine where you faced difficulties before.
Uranus Retrograde
* reconsiders outward expressions of rebelliousness
* feels different inside
* outward conformist behavior masks inner feelings of non-conformity or ...
* goes out of their way to upset others apple carts
* has a difficult time finding their niche in society
Planet of change, independence and risk Uranus is retrograde for about five months out of every year. While it is, you can expect the unexpected. The situation is not secure. Things are subject to sudden fluctuation and you may be feeling a bit stubborn, rebellious, your emotions explosive and uncooperative toward anyone or anything that represents the status quo. Internally, you may feel like you are so ready to take a risk and just blow off conventional wisdom or prescribed ways of doing things.
If Uranus is retrograde in your natal chart, you fare more than ready to try something new and are very likely to experience wide fluxuations in circumstances in the areas of life represented by the house in which Uranus is placed even if your manner has a tendency to hide it. You really do have a tendency to push thing to extremes there. You are actually a catalyst for positive energies if you channel your rebelliousness into originality as you move toward independence and personal freedom. Karma indicates that you are here to learn about individuality, opening up to an attitude that change is very good and that personal experimentation with the cultural order is as great way to shake this up.
Neptune Retrograde
* feels guilty inside and so ....
* tends to blame themselves when things go wrong
* super sensitive inside and so .....
* puts on a tough skinned mask
Neptune goes into retrograde five months out of every year, a time when a lack of boundaries, imagination, creativity and a desire to experience the pleasures of the moment can get the best of you as logic is set aside replaced by feelings and intuition. There is a tremendous amount of creative potential for you to achieve your dreams if you rise above your ego and focus your activities and compassion outward as well as inward.
Neptune retrograde in your natal chart indicates that you could feel inhibited by the harsh realities of the physical world, choosing to spend a lot of time in your own imagination. Daydreams could replace active participation in life inhibiting your ability to realize your potentials in the areas of life represented by the house where Neptune is placed. Substance abuse can be triggered by a need to escape and you can fall prey to your own illusions if you don’t accept people as they are and use your sensitivity to let go of limitations as you stay connected to others.
Pluto Retrograde
* keeps their chin up during crisis because .....
* they want to keep inner upheavals private
* they get what they want by acting like they don't care
Pluto is the planet of complete transformation, upheaval, reversals, and bew beginnings, and spends on average, five months out of the year in retrograde. is also a time of destruction and rebuilding when intense situations and outside forces intervene. Be willing to go to extremes and prepared to cut away the useless in those areas of life represented by the house your Pluto is in, releasing what no longer serves you in order to regenerate your life.
Pluto retrograde in your natal chart indicates that you are here to learn karmic lessons about intensity, control, and struggles for dominance. While you are wrestling with you own inner conflicts, outside forces are likely to upset your life. You are likely to find public opinion can be fickle, giving you little outward reason for blind trust in others. The people who make up your world may revere you one moment and revile you the next. Part of your lesson is to refuse to get locked in a battle of egos. Penetrate to the essence of the situation uncovering hidden truth. Trust your instincts being completely honest with yourself. Forgive yourself and others, but do not forget the lessons as you learn that you are the final authority. You may not always be able to control what you face nor what is done, but you are in sole control of how you choose to respond or react
Current Retrograde Movements
Mercury usually turns retro three times a year.
Venus retro happens every eighteen months or so.
Mars turns retro only once every two years.

Retrograde Planetary Cycles
• Mercury
Retrograde 24 days
Stationary approx. 3 days
• Venus
Retrograde 42 days
Stationary approx. 11 days
• Mars
Retrograde 80 days
Stationary approx. 20 days
• Jupiter
Retrograde 120 days
Stationary approx. 10 days • Saturn
Retrograde 140 days
Stationary approx. 10 days
• Uranus
Retrograde 150 days
Stationary approx. 16 days
• Neptune
Retrograde 160 days
Stationary approx. 16 days
• Pluto
Retrograde 160 days
Stationary approx. 16 days