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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mars and Marriage: Various Combinations

It is believed that Mars plays havocs in the marital life, if adversely placed. It is not always so, until unless Mars occupies specific houses in particular signs and gets afflicted by malefic planets. There are certain dispositions of Mars when such affliction of Venus by Mars or Saturn may cause disbalance in sexual life and enhancement in passion which may result into immoral sex. All this should be carefully examined before reaching final conclusion. Certain guidelines regarding behaviour of Mars in reference to marriage and related matters are given below, just to have a preliminary overview of Mars and marital aspects.

Mars indicates energy, youth, vitality, crime, courage, independence, blood, fire, logic, killers, conspiracy, wounds, management, organizational and executive ability, leadership qualities, muscles, strength, vigour, violence and anger etc.
1. In case of female natives, everything about husband, marriage and marital life is to be judged by the 7th house, its lord and Mars, apart from the association and aspect on the 7th house. The 8th house does play a very important role in the judgement of the length of conjugal life, health of husband and conjugal bliss etc. The 8th house indicates widowhood, dowry, removal from the house of parents, and foreign links.

2. Mars governs the sex life of a woman; therefore position of Mars is to be examined carefully. Placement of Mars in a particular constellation, navamsa, sign and house will decide the sexual nature, sex life, loyalty or disloyalty and truthfulness of the woman. Mars, Scorpio sign, the 8th house and its lord are always adverse for normal sex behaviour. The affliction of any of these will cause problems in sex life.

3. A retrograde or combust Mars associated with Mercury, Venus or Moon, in a woman’s chart, may make her frigid unless aspected by or associated with benefics.

4. Venus is the Karaka of wife in the birth chart of a male whereas Mars is the significator of husband and sex behaviour in a woman’s chart. A strong Mars in a females chart will make her extremely passionate. The debilitated Mars as 7th lord and its conjunction with the Sun and aspect from Saturn will give adverse results to a female, regarding her sex life and passion. In addition to that, stronger affliction of the 7th house and Mars will create problems in married life.

5. Placement of Mars in the ascendant or conjunction with the lord of ascendant will make the girl bold to enjoy her sex life by taking some amount of risk.

6. Relationship between Mars and Saturn: Mars being into action the thoughts brought by Saturn. Action cannot be done without thinking or planning. This is the reason of exaltation of Mars in the sign of Saturn. When Saturn is placed in the sign of Mars (Aries), it is debilitated. This shows that any action or activity without thoughts or planning will be harmful or damaging, that is why Mars gets exalted in the sign of Saturn and Saturn gets debilitated in the sign of Mars. This point is to be properly understood by us that if Mars is under the influence of Saturn and Saturn is well placed, auspicious events will come in evidence. On the contrary, if Saturn is influenced by strong Mars, negative effects and damages will be there. A strong Mars and weak Saturn, and strong Saturn and weak Mars cause disasters. If Mars and Saturn are well placed in horoscope the native will be quite successful in his life.

7. When Mars is placed in a sensitive house and is aspected by Rahu in the case of a woman, her lust will be immensely enhanced. Aspect of benefic planets will however check it. The 8th house, its owner and Mars, in addition to Scorpio sign, represent desire of sex or intensity of passion. If the 8th house is afflicted by Mars, Venus or Saturn etc., the native will be lustful. Placement of benefics in the 8th house will restrict passion and immoral sex to a great extent. Any relation of the 6th lord with Scorpio sign or the 8th lord, increases the passion, specially in relation to moral values.

8. If Kuja dosha is present in a birth chart, Moon and Venus should be examined to verify conjugal happiness and life of the husband.

9. Dr. B.V. Raman writes in his famous book ‘How to judge a horoscope’, that when Venus, Mars and Jupiter are situated in one horoscope in a trine or 3/11 position in the other horoscope, it is a favourable position. (That is, if in the boy’s horoscope Venus is in Taurus and in the girl’s horoscope in Cancer or Virgo, it is good). When the Sun and the Moon have similar harmonious positions, except 2/12 (dwi-dwadasa), there is usually strong attachment. Here again if the husband’s Sun is in Cancer and the wife’s is in Virgo, the needed harmony exists. When the Sun and the Moon are disposed as suggested above but Mars in one case is in a sign, which happens to be the 12th from Venus in the other horoscope, attachment exists, but there cannot be normal happiness in their private lives. If Venus in one horoscope is in sign occupied by Saturn, a serious and industrious partner is indicated. Mars in the 7th, aspected by benefics, indicates frequent quarrels leading to mis-understandings. Saturn in the 7th confers stability in the marriage but the husband or wife manifest coldness and not warmth. A strong malefic in the 7th affects marital happiness unless neutralized by a benefic aspect. If the Janma Rasi (Moon sign) of the wife (or husband) happens to be the 7th from the position of the lord of 7th (in the other) the married life will be lasting and built on mutual understanding and affection.

10. In the horoscope of males, Venus is the significator of wife and if it is hemmed between malefics, more than two marriages are indicated-legitimate or illegitimate. If Venus is combust or afflicted or placed in inimical sign, adversities are bound to appear. If Venus falls in the sign of luminaries, happiness of conjugal life is curtailed and it is further worse if Venus occupies Cancer or Leo and it is hemmed between Moon and the Sun. In such a case if the influence of Saturn is also prominent over luminaries or the 7th house, the marriage may be completely denied.

11. If Venus and Moon are conjoined, either in the ascendant or 7th house, problems in the settlement of marriage will be there. If the combination is further afflicted by Mars, the marriage may be completely denied. In the horoscope of an Indian astrologer of worldwide fame, the conjunction of Moon, Venus and Mars in the ascendant, denied marriage to him completely. His ascendant was ruled by Venus and the 7th house was owned by Mars.

12. In the horoscope of women, Mars and Sun represent their husbands. Afflicted Mars will create unhappiness in the married life of females. Placement of Mars in the 7th house is extremely adverse in female natives. There is usually unhappy marriage and many times it ends into disaster, separation or loss of spouse. Such females are more inclined towards their sex life and affliction of such a Mars causes perversion of sex. We have found that such a Mars of 7th house is damaging, even if there is aspect of benefic planets. The life partner of such a female will be short-tempered, aggressive, handsome, rash, dynamic, dashing, courageous, bold, industrious, independent, forceful, assertive, strong, energetic and ambitious. Placement of Mars in the 7th house, in addition to 8th house, is worst in female nativity.

13. In the horoscope of males, if the Mars is placed in the 7th house, adversities will damage the bliss of conjugal life. The wife will be good looking and smart but she may not be obedient, loyal, truthful, faithful or dedicated to her husband. Mars in the 7th house will make the partner quite assertive and bold. Afflicted Mars in the 7th house indicates quarrels and unpleasantness in married life. Generally, such a Mars gives dissatisfaction and distrust to partner. In number of cases Mars in the 7th house, in the female nativity, results in the death of the life partner.

14. If Mars joins the 7th house, even if it is aspected by Jupiter and Moon, adversities cannot be ruled out. We have experienced that it is only the Sun, which can check the adversities of Mars. If the Mars is associated with the Sun or placed in the sign of Sun or aspected by Sun, anywhere in the horoscope, Mars will not give malefic results or its adversities will be largely curtailed. Many shlokas state that Kuja (Mangal) dosha gets cancelled by the aspect of Moon or Jupiter but that is misleading. We have found it incorrect. If Mars is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mercury one will be brutal, destructive, killer, cruel, rash, criminal and illogical.

15. The evil effects of Mars depend on the sign it is present in, and they vary according to the nature of signs. If posited in hot and fiery signs, the partner will surely be of rash temperament; if it is in watery sign, the partner will be inclined to drinks. But it does not give very bad effects in Aries and Scorpio though there may be chances of more than one marriage, if other combinations also confirm. If Mars is posited in Capricorn in the 7th, one will happily enjoy his or her marriage and his social status also gets enhanced. The native will have sexual unions and extra marital relations with the persons of high walks of life. But married life will not be unhappy. Mars, when present in earthy signs, or gets affliction from Saturn, indicates delay in marriage.

16. If Mars is placed in 7th, it will cause death by fever, fire, firearms, accident or operation. If Mars is placed in fixed signs i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, the spouse may die in any accident or mishap.

17. It is said that Mars does not give rise to Kuja dosha in Aquarius and Leo, anywhere, but this is not dependable.

18. If Mars is placed in the 7th house in Pisces, longevity of wife will be hampered, as Mars becomes 2nd and 8th lord. This is the statement of various scholars of astrology, but we do not agree with this.

19. In Capricorn ascendant, Mars gets debilitated in the 7th house. It has been written in texts that if Mars is placed in debilitation it does not cause Kuja (Mangal) dosha.

20. When the lord of the 7th house or Mars are under the influence of Rahu or Saturn it will result into the increased influence of opposite sex. The lady will be attractive towards that person whose Saturn or Rahu aspects the Mars of her birth chart.

21. When Venus of a male native falls in the same sign in which Mars of the female native is present; there will be a feeling of attraction and love at first sight. Greater attraction and deeper love may be expected if the degrees of Venus of the male and that of Mars of the female are closer to each other. Same results of and attraction should be expected if Venus of the male aspects the Mars of the female, i.e. if in the horoscope of a male native Venus falls in Aries and in the horoscope of a female native Mars joins Libra, both will love each other and will always remain attracted towards each other, if they come in contact by any chance.

22. If Ketu is posited in the 7th house in the sign of any malefic planet, there will be a secret marriage or Gandharva Vivah. If Mars and Ketu are conjoined in the 7th house in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Leo signs, there will be a secret marriage and the commitment will be stronger.

23. Ketu should be treated like Mars for the judgement of Kuja Dosha. This is especially so, if Ketu is placed in the 7th house, 8th house or ascendant.

24. If the lord of the 7th house or Mars occupies the 2nd house one will get married to a relative. If 2nd and 7th houses are related with each other in one or other way marriage will take place with distant relative of friend’s child.
25. If Mars and Rahu are conjoined in the 7th house the friendship with the person of another community will take place. If Mars and Rahu are conjoined or associated with 7th lord or Venus, inter-caste marriage is likely to take place. The 9th house indicates traditions and if the 9th house has any relation with the 7th house or its significator or its lord, in addition to malefics like Rahu, Saturn, Ketu etc., inter-caste marriage in lower class will take place. If benefics like Jupiter and Venus are there in 9th house, in combination of love marriage, the marriage will take place in a higher class. Saturn and Rahu, if they afflict the combination, may result into inter-religion marriage.

26. Death of the life partner may take place when the following combinations are under affliction:

a. If Sun is debilitated in the 7th house and is associated with Mars, Rahu and Saturn.

b. When Sun, Moon, Venus join the 7th house with nodes i.e. Rahu or Ketu.

c. If Rahu is placed in the 7th house under Papakartari Yoga formed by Mars and Saturn.

d. If Moon is placed in the 4th house in Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra and the 7th house is also afflicted, the native may loose his wife.

e. If the ascendant is a dual sign and the Sun occupies it, and Saturn falls in 7th provided 7th lord is weak or afflicted.

f. When Saturn, Mars and Rahu occupy 7th house in Cancer sign, the native may loose his wife.

g. When there is mutual exchange between 8th and 7th lords under the aspect of malefics, the spouse will expire soon after marriage.

h. If the 7th lord occupies the 6th house with 6th lord, there will be disaster. Loss of partner is likely to take place.

i. Placement of Rahu and Mars in the 8th house may cause untimely loss of the husband provided the 7th house is hemmed between malefics.

27. If the Sun and Moon are conjoined in the 7th house in a male nativity the married life will be spoiled. Same results will come into view in 8th house in a woman’s chart. The adversity will be further enhanced, if Venus also conjoins Sun and Moon in the concerning houses.

28. The position of Mars should be examined from Venus, the lord of 7th house and 7th house itself for the judgement of the nature of marital life.

29. Adverse results are bound to come in a female nativity if Mars comes under the influence of Saturn. Here one should not forget that Mars is the significator of husband. In male nativity the Karaka of wife is Venus and if Venus is afflicted by Saturn, in one or the other way, there will be no serious problem in married life, because Saturn is friend of Venus. However, if Venus is afflicted by Mars, Sun or Moon, the marital life will be problematic.

30. In a female nativity Mars, Sun and Saturn play a vital role in deciding the status of one’s marriage. Here Mars is the Karaka of husband and signifies the longevity, merits, courage, honour, profession, progress and prosperity of the husband. The Sun rules education, direction, strength, smartness, ability, and also the caring attitude and element of love of the husband towards the wife. Saturn rules miseries, obstacles, delay, denial, problems, separation, distress, despair, disharmony, dissatisfaction and disappointment etc. So, the affliction of Mars or Sun by Saturn is most undesirable in a female horoscope. If the 7th lord or Venus occupy 6th, 8th, 12th house or get debilitated and are retrograde from 26o to 1o, there will be failure in love affairs and inauspicious results will be evident. Murders, insults, harsh behaviour and other such activities may also be the outcome. This will be further aggravated if any of the malefic planets is conjoined with the 7th lord or Venus or the planets in the 7th house.

31. If Mars, Venus and Saturn occupy the 2nd or 12th place from the 7th lord there will be failure of love affair and the same will not transform into marriage.

32. In a female horoscope, exalted or debilitated Saturn, if adversely placed, does not cause death of the husband but results into ailments which come under the Karakatva of Saturn like neurological complaints, asthma, pain, windy complaints, spondylitis, lameness etc.