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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ma bagla yantra and Saadhana.

Baglamukhi - The Victory Giver
Brahmaastram Cha Pravakshyaami Sadayah Pratyay
Kaarannam. Yasya Smarann Maatrenn Pavanopi Sthiraayet
Expounding the great power of the Goddess Baglamukhi the text Mantra Maharnnav states -"The Mantra of the Goddess has the power of the divine weapon Brahmastra instilled in it and the Goddess simply strikes terror in and paralyses the enemies of her Sadhaks. Repetition of her Mantra is enough to stop even a tempest."
What more can be said about this invincible Mahavidya who along with her 16 Shaktis (divine weapons) can subdue the most formidable of foes. Her greatness has been proven time and again over the ages. And not just great Siddhs like Matsyendranath, even rulers like Vikramaditya, Chandragupt and Aurangzeb regularly propitiated the Goddess for victory in life. The great western Tantra scholar Summerfield has gone so far as to state that the combined forces of the whole world cannot face the fury of the Goddess, who removes poverty, enemies, tensions with a single swipe of her sword. And I have myself seen several Sadhaks and disciples of Gurudev regain their lost positions and emerge victorious in seemingly lost battles of life through the power of Baglamukhi Mantra.
It’s better to get Baglamukhi Diksha before starting this Sadhana. Complete celibacy should be observed during Sadhana days. One should wear yellow clothes and use yellow articles in the Sadhana. Offerings should include some sweet made from gram flour.
The ritual can be started any Tuesday. It must be done early in the morning. After taking a bath get into a yellow Dhoti/Saree. Spread a yellow cloth on a wooden seat. Fill a copper tumbler with water. On its mouth place a coconut. Place picture of the Guru on the seat and pray to the Guru. In a steel plate establish the Baglamukhi Yantra along with Peetaambraa Mala and Peetaambraa Gutika. Light a ghee lamp, take water in your right palm & chant.
Om Asya Shree Baglaamukhi Mantrasya Naarad Rishih Trishtup Chhandah Baglaamukhi Devataa. Hleem Beejam Swaha Shaktih. Mam Sharire Yajmaanasya Shareere Vaa Naanaa Grahopgrah Prayosh Grah Pravesh, Grah Prayog Sampoornna Rog Samooh Vaatik Peitik Shleishmik Dwandajaadi Naanaa Dusht Rog Janmaj Paatak Aadi Shaantyarthe Sarva Dusht Baadhaa Kaarak Grah Uchaatanaarthe Sheeghra Aarogya Laabhaarthe Evam Mam Anya Abheesht Kaarya Siddhyarthe Jape Viniyogah.
Take yellow flowers and Peetaambra Gutika in both hands and chant thus.
Om Namo Bhagwati, Om Namo Veer Pratap Vijay Bhagwati Baglaamukhi! Mam Sarvanindakaanaam Sarva Dushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Mudray Mudray, Buddhim Vinaashay Vinaashay Aparbuddhim Kuru Kuru, Atmavirodhinaam Shatroonnaam Shiro, Lalaatam,Mukham,Netra,Karnna, Naasikoru,Paad, Annu-Annu, Dantoshtth, Jihvaam, Taalu, Guhya, Gudaa, Katti, Jaanu, Sarvaangeshu Keshaadi Paadaantam Paadaadi Kesh Payantam Stambhay Stambhay, Khem Kheem Maaray Maaray, Parmantra, Paryantra, Partantraanni Chheday Chheday, Atma Mantratantraani Raksh Raksh, Graham Nivaaray Nivaaray Vyaadhim Vinaashay Vinaashay, Dukham Har Har, Daaridryam Nivaaray Nivaaray, Sarvamantra Svaroopinni, Dusht-grah, Bhoot-grah, Paashaann Sarvachaandaal-grah Yaksh Kinnar Kimpurush-grah Bhootpret Pishaachaanaam Shaakini Daakini Grahaannaam Poorvadisham Bandhay Bandhay Vaartaali! Maam Raksh Raksh, Dakshinndisham Bandhay Bandhay Swapna Vaartaali Maam Raksh Raksh, Pashchimdisham Bandhay Bandhay Ugrakaali Maam Raksh Raksh, Paataaldisham Bandhay Bandhay Baglaaparameshwari Maam Raksh Raksh, Sakal Rogaan Vinaashay Vinaashay, Shatru Palaayanam Panchyojanmadhye Raaj Janswapacham Kuru Kuru, Shatroon Dah Dah,Pach Pach,Stambhay Stambhay, Mohay Mohay. Aakarshay Aakarshay, Mam Shatroon Uchchaatay Uchchaatay Hleem Phat Swaha.
Offer the yellow flowers & the Gutika on the Yantra. Next chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra -
Om Hleem Baglaamukhi Sarva Dushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashay Hleem Om Phat.
Next light a holy fire with sandalwood or wood of mango tree or peepal tree. Prepare a mixture of honey, milk, ghee, rice and mustard seeds. Make 1000 offerings of this mixture in the fire. After the Sadhana throw the Sadhana articles in a river.