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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kaal sarp dosh- An easy way to find out.

kaal sarp dosh and remedies.
Now that we know the types and forms of Kal Sarpa Yoga, let us see few examples pf this yoga and a general understanding, how to deal with it.

Kala Sarpa Yoga/Kala Amrita Yoga(KSY/KAY) When all planets are enclosed between Rahu & Ketu, or Ketu & Rahu respectively.

E.g. of KSY

Nelson Mandela, Carl Sagan, Pope Jules II, Pope Gregory XIII, Benito Mussolini (Dictator of Italy from 1922-1943) etc,

E.g. of KAY

Singer Yesudas, Margaret Thatcher, G.W.Bush,

People with KSY or KAY like status but one or more planet outside.

Mahatma gandhi ji, Tony Blair, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Adolph hitler, Ronald reagan, Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra, Bill gates, and the list is endless.

Quote: B V Raman:

Rahu must occupy one of the first six houses from the lagna, i.e., bhava 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.
Kala-Sarpa yoga does not apply even if one planet is outside the Rahu -Ketu Axis.
If one planet is outside the axis results are good in the form of leadership or activism for social change.Though the person himself is in the trap of excessive desire, he is able to cut loose and help those who are helpless or not in a position to cut loose.

E.g. Mahatma Gandhi jee, Jupiter is outside, which made him world class compassionate leader. (This is true for Jupiter or Venus)

All The above leaders have KSY/KAY with one planet outside or planets occupying same rasi as Rahu or Ketu.

Literary Meaning: "Kal" means "earth-time" and "sarpa" means "serpent".

One view is, it is actually Sarpa energy which is again psychic energies of gods and goddesses of underworld, and it is believed that these sarpa are immense, ancient serpent-like deities who control the psychic shield around our planet Earth.Sarpa are entities, of a much higher vibration than human beings, and definitely not to be confused with the common reptile snakes! This energy can be controlled by psychic skill, that means one has to condition his or her mind in such a way that the negative thoughts emanating from deep within are neutralized and do not effect the psyche of the person, to pull yourself above mundane happenings.

History: Rahu and Ketu gained importance in the Jyotisha around 600-800 AD i.e. long after the classics. like BPHS, Saravali, etc.

Beliefs: Kala-Sarpa yoga is associated with dreadful experiences like suffering from delays, hardships, obsessive habits, excessive desires, poisons, catastrophes, sudden and disastrous changes in every aspect of life, homelessness, not suitable for marriage, employment etc.

(Cause for manipulation by few astrologers. )


Even if one planet is outside the Rahu -Ketu axis.
If other Raja yoga’s exist.
If other planets are strong and corresponding dasa is in effect.
If planets present in the same house with higher degrees than Rahu or Ketu.
If Lagna is outside.

Actual effect: During Rahu-Ketu dasa, and transits particularly if Rahu is in lagna. Roller coaster kind of life with great falls after great achievements.
People with KSY/KAY are very sensitive and to defend themselves they use means which are Anti to normal society. If they channel this energy in a proper way they can follow people likeDeepak Chopra.

During Rahu/Ketu periods, People with KSY/KAY can have severe identity crisis and should take precautions by monitoring their negative feelings particularly in case of criticism from others.

Strong planets: If other planets are strong, people with KSY/KAY live a normal life with normal career and families etc.

Worst effects: when Rahu in the lagna so Ketu is in 7, if married both spouses are affected and might take to anti-social life due to acute negativity.

Raman: "evil gets intensified if lagna is between Ketu & Rahu" whereas "evil is almost neutralized if lagna is between Rahu & Ketu".

If houses involved are - 1/7, 2/8, 4/10, 5/11, or 6/12 - have a significant KSY effects.
If it is 1/7 axis: inauspicious for marital happiness. As per Raman the Marital life becomes oppressive and marred by frequent classes and want of understanding. " and can be avoided through conscious understanding.
If it is 2/8: The native will go through many ups and downs financially - often great wealth, wiped out, and rebuilt several times.
If it is 4/10: Setbacks in career (If10th-rashi or 10-lord is not strong).
If it is 5/11: Difficulties with children. birth defects or accidental deaths for children.
If it is 6/12: betrayal by colleagues or family members. According to Raman in Three

Hundred Important Combinations, (p. 327) the 6/12 position "could indicate incarceration, or spiritual elevation, depending on the presence or absence of powerful Bandhana Yoga’s.

BV Raman: "Kala Sarpa Yoga has its bright shades. It makes one industrious, hardworking, and aware of one’s own ability- despite mental restlessness. It raises the natives to top positions in their respective fields provided of course other Raja Yoga’s are present.
Rahu-Ketu axis favors rise in mundane life while Ketu-Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters.

Suffering due to developments in life strengthens the mind and mellows down one’s outlook.
This is a blessing of Kala Sarpa Yoga.

No single yoga, including Kala Sarpa Yoga, is capable of marring or making a horoscope.
No single yoga could ever control an entire chart

KSY is a yoga and not a dosha or curse: Rahu's lord directs the life of the native and Rahu is known for breaking normal set rules in a normal society, so a person with this yoga might go through a period particularly during Rahu-Ketu transits and dasas, causing acute negativity causing frustrations even in mundane events of life, Rahu is know to give a person a fearless attitude to cut loose all those borders of social decency. so basically it is a negative thought process circulating in the mind, native should try to let this negativity move out of his head, in way it is management of psychic energies and sensitivities.

As Rahu enhances the phala of the lord of the house it is posited in.

Venus - All desires for beautiful things enhanced to extreme.
Mars- Too much focus.
Mercury- Communication- Too much talking for perfection
Moon- Too sensitive, too fickle minded
Sun- Too much concern about self image and leadership.
Jupiter- Obsession in learning or imparting knowledge to others.
Sani- Claim too much credit or try for impossible achievements.

In a way Rahu enhances the planetary lords traits and Ketu subdues them, so during Rahu periods the native is too focused and during Ketu periods native will have foggy focus.

Planets if outside Rahu-Ketu axis: If one of the following planets is outside the axis.

Sun: strong leadership dharma and moral philosophy
Moon: compassion for the masses, upliftment of suffering people.
Mars: gifted social leader, fight injustice upliftment for the downtrodden.
Mercury: calculating mind, detailed planning and upliftment of masses from ignorance.
Jupiter: extraordinary wisdom, criminal psychologist.
Venus: upliftment through arts and music.
Saturn: Risk taking to averse social injustice but in case no good planets are available, native might resort to injustice himself.

Remedies: Since it has to do with state of mind, take care of it by meditation, spirituality, positive thinking, developing positive habits, and avoiding negative thoughts.

List of remedies for Kal Sarpa yoga


1. Wear a Kalsarpa ring, which is snake shaped & made of silver. This ring can be obtained from any renowned astrologer. This should be worn on Wednesday, in the small finger. Donate dry coconut, mustard etc on that day and chant the mantra of Rahu & Ketu.

2. Worship Lord Ganesha and before sunrise offer a pair of snakes made of silver on a Shiva ling. This should be done through a renowned astrologer

3. Offer water daily on a Shiva ling after chanting the mantra "Om Nama.H Shivaya".

4. Give a silver brick of 20 gms to daughter at her marriage. This remedy is for a happy married life.

5. Donate fresh radish.

6. Drop coals equal to your weight in a flowing river on Wednesday.

7. Donate some black dal & some money to a beggar early in the morning.

8. Keep some grains under your pillow at night & feed them to birds early in the morning.

9. Put a silver swastik on the main entrance of the house.

10. Have your food in the kitchen.

11. Drop a coconut in the sea.

12. Donate gold, black grains, blue coloured clothes.

13. Wear gomed.

14. Drop a coconut & a coin in the flowing water daily for 43 days.

15. Observe fast on Nag Panchami and worship Kal Sarpa Yoga.

16. Keep a Kal Sarpa Tantra & worship it daily.

17. Keep peacock feathers in the house.

18. Float a pair of snakes in flowing river on your birthday every year, equal to your age.

19. Take the blessings of your parents daily.

20. Buy a pair of snakes on the 5th day of Shukalpaksh or Nag Panchami, feed them with milk and free them after worship.

21. Keep a pair of snakes made of silver in a bronze vessel full of milk on the 5th day of Shukalpaksh or Nag Panchami & float the vessel in flowing water.

These remedies might look rediculous and very meaningless but the person going through the effects of Kal Sarpa Yoga or Rahu -Ketu effects only knows the pain so no matter how rediculour they sound, it is not that difficult to do most of them, atleast none of them ask to climb mount Everest and wait for Lord Shiva, and regarding the benefits of the said remedies only a native going through the difficult phase would know if they worked or not and sometimes the benefit is so small that it is not visible and sometime it is immense and it is visible like a sun rise, but lot has to do with your mind and how you take things.

All the best, May Lord Shiva save us from difficult times.