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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From embryo to human, a systematic approach through vedic astrology.

Dear all

Varaha Mihira in Brihat Jataka Ch 4 sloka 16 says:
In the first month of pregnancy , the embryo is formed,in 2nd- flesh, in3rd -limbs, in 4th bones, in 5th-skin, in 6th -hair, in 7th-intelligence is infused,in 8th -begins to eat,in 9th-
child is filled with cares , and in 10th -birth.
The lords of these months are Venus, Mars,Jupiter,Sun , Moon , Saturn, Mercury, Ascendant lord of the rising sign at the time of conception, Moon and Sun respectively.
According to Yavaneswara ,the lord of 1st month is Mars and 2nd-Venus.
Sanskrit names given to each month are very informative -'Kalala'-month of pregnancy
when male donates sperms to the ovum of female , 2.'Ghanan'-solidification of
foetus , 3.'Ankura'-sprouting or budding or growing, 4.'ASTHI'-5.'CHARMA'-skin
6. 'ANGAJA'-growth of body parts and growth of hairs, 7. 'Chetanata'-consciousness.
Varaha Mihara has not given the names of 8th,9th and 10th months.
His son ,PRITHUYASAS in Hora Sara-ch 4 has given these names -8th 'Bavan '- meaning house of the body - feels hunger, 9th-'Udvega'-feeling of desire and excitement , and 10th is called 'Prasava '- process of delivery.
According to general belief , these are Lunar Months.
The list of different types of months are given below for ready reference, their mean
periods are indicated below:
1.Synodic Lunar ( new moon to new moon)-29.630589d
2 Tropical(equinox to equinox)-27.321582d
3.Sidereal(fixed star to fixed star)-27.321662d
4Anomalistic(perigee to perigee-27.554550d
5Draconic(node to node)-27.212221d

Mean period of Solar Months:
Tropical (period of ingress of Sun in two successive signs)-30.436849d
Sidereal " -30.43803d