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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Devi devta of grah's.

This is a little explanation so one can appreciate the depth of the following sutras. There are three main levels of devatta for each planet. The graha devatta, Adhi devatta, and Pratyadhi devatta. In this suktam, there are verses for each level of the graha, so multiple aspects of their reality are propitiated. This is my very limited understanding of the different levels of devattas:

The Adhi devatta will help you understand the nature of the graha, if we understand the Adhi devatta we will understand the basic nature of the planet. Agni is fire and light which is the Sun, It is giving but malefic like putting one's hand in the fire. If you understand jala (water) you will understand the Moon.

Sun Agni (Fire) Shiva
Moon Apas (Water) Gauri
Mars Prithvi (Earth) Ksetrapal
Mercury Visnu Narayana
Jupiter Indra Brahma
Venus Sachi Indra
Saturn Prajapati Yama
Rahu Pitris Durga
Ketu Brahma Chitragupta
Pratyadhi devatta reveals the function of the graha, how it functions, what it does. Shiva is the karaka of all the atmas (souls), self relization is Shivoham (realizing I am Shiva). Shiva shows we are all a spark coming from the Sun and will go back to Sun. Gauri shows the compassion of the mother. Mercury, karaka of the 10 th house, has Visnu as Pratyadhi devata. His function is working for food to sustain oneself, working skills. Chitragupta keeps accounts for Yama (mathmatics, akashic records) and people try to bribe him, but he keeps all past accounts.

Saturn's Adhi devatta level is Prajapati showing that he creates, (he creates us because of our sin, reincarnation). Saturn is the worker and the farmer, he makes things because it is his job. At the Pratyadhi devatta level Saturn is Yama, the lord of Dharma, his function is to keep dharma properly, so he rules both ancient tradition and punishment.

The Graha works on the material plain to help you make things better. The Adhi devatta is the level of asking god to help so that something good will happen by itself. The Pratyadhi devatta is for when one is in danger, when there are evils to be removed. Surya is worshiped if we want to live in a way that will improve our health and vitality, Agni is worshipped when we need divine help to awaken vitality within to have the grace of health and vitality, Shiva is worshiped with Mritanjaya when there is sickness or bondage.

If there are problem with having kids, one is not physically capable, then worship at the graha level (Jupiter). When there is no physical problem but there is no pregnancy then worship Indra (Adhi devatta) who gives the best children. When there is a need for the proper attitude toward children, Jupiter's Pratyadhi devatta will help as well as maintain things after birth.

If the lord of a dasa is strong the divisions pertaining to that planet will do well, if the planet is weak the divisions ruled by it will suffer. The different levels of the devatta are very important relative to divisional charts. There is one teaching that says to activate a planet in the Rasi use the Graha, to activate the planet in the navamsa use the Adi devatta, to activate a planet in the D-60 use the Pratyadi Devatta.