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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conjuction of sun with other planets.

Conjuction of sun with other planets.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Venus Only the conjunction, semi=sextile and semi-square aspects are astronomically possible between the Sun and Venus, as the maximum distance between these planets is 48 degrees.

This conjunction conveys an optimistic and cheerful spirit, where you will greatly enjoy social company and the pleasures of life, so that easthetic and hedonistic activities are indulged to stimulate your sensual nature. Love and social relationships are highlighted, and you will be attracted to participate in the social whirl, circulating around your collection of friends, family and acquaintances.

You feel it important to be liked by others, and this need may make you act in certain ways which gain the approval of people, so care may be required to ensure that you do not overly compromise your own feelings and thoughts in order to remain socially acceptable. There can be a dramatic quality to your style of self-presentation, perhaps emerging out of an artistic and creative sensitivity, and this will be employed to gain the attention of people; you prefer to leave your mark and need to feel recognised.

While some may see you in a superficial light, this is not how you desire to be socially acknowledged. The recognition you are looking for is of your whole personality, your talents and qualities, and as you grow older you will prefer to enjoy the company of those who can appreciate you more fully. This may be through mutual interests in art, culture or the beauty of nature, because lying beneath any socialite veneer is your real appreciation of the harmony of life and nature which evokes that romantic and poetic spirit that inspires your perception of life and infuses a hidden desire for inner peace and integration. You enjoy quality in life, and will try to create a pleasing home environment which allows relaxation into domestic comforts and pleasures.

You will attract others to your potent magnetic personality, and you are likely to experience a variety of relationships as a consequence of your romantic attitudes. You open easily to demonstrations of love and affection, and your heart can quickly melt. As a lover of life, a certain intensity will be present, as will the tides of love's joys and pains, but never attempt to turn off your developed love nature, or you may find that life rapidly loses its lustre and becomes grey, mundane and lifeless. Part of your role is to spread life-appreciation, enlivening others so that they too can become sincere lovers of life, and isn't that a task well worth pursuing?

Some may find you 'too alive' or narcissistic, so you may need to be aware of others' reactions, and if they are correct in their evaluation of your self-centredness then some modification may be advised, so that you equally acknowledge their natures, qualities and personalities too. In conversations, the art of listening is as important as the art of communication, and your enthusiasms may require occasional toning down.

You can bring positive benefits to those who become intimately close, through sharing your vitality, love and affections, and even if your relationships do not persist, you hope that those involved with you do not regret the time that has been shared. Changes will come through the expression of your heart and life enjoyment, and these may reshape your conscious identiy and self-image over time, so that more depth and insight begins to be unfolded. Others may turn to you for support and advice, wanting your flame to relight their own. Your pather of solar development is though the unifying love energies of Venus, so let these radiate ourwards into the world, touching and igniting the hearts of others.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Mercury Only the conjunction and semi-sextile aspects are astronomically possible between the Sun and Mercury, as the maximum distance between them is 28 degrees.

Your self-image and identity will be closely connected to your mental expression and activity, and it is likely that you will be an effective and articulate communicator, enjoying impressing others by your intelligence and verbal acuity. Yet there may be 'blind spots' in your relationships, or in your ability for self-reflection, and becoming aware of such tendencies may prove to be beneficial.

Being so closely identified with your thoughts, beliefs. attitude, values and opinions, you often fail to listen properly to differing views or treat them with due respect and consideration. This is because any challenge to your perceptions is equated with a challenge to yourself, and as you assume a more egocentric stance this is rarely welcomed. While you enjoyu vigorously expressing your thoughts, you also feel it necessary to be dominant in company and through sheer force of communication may attempt to pressurise others into agreeing with you. Some may react against your style, especially if you are obvioulsy disregarding alternative points of view. Your tendency to be overly preoccupied with your thoughts and personal concerns can restrict real communication, and others may gain the impression that their concerns are too easily dismissed or that your apparent interest in them is not genuine.

Due to mental agility and verbal skills, you should be able to project yourself well within company or employment situations, and may rise to senior positions. You enjoy such roles as they enhance your self-image, supporting your belief in the correctness of your thoughts, which then adds extra force to them in expression. But, like everyone else, you are not right all of the time, and your instructions may be challenged. You find it hard to admit mistakes, as this is felt as a 'loss of face', and you may attempt to impose ideas and decisions by applying the power of your position or will, overriding any objections. Time will tell whether this is a wise course of action.

You have a quickness of thought which may not always work to your advantage, as you prefer to be active as soon as possible, and in some case you may be failing to evaluate relevant information or options sufficiently to make sensible decisions. Allowing that charged nervous energy to dominate will also increase your tendency for making unwise choiices, and you may need to modify that compulsive activity from sending you along futile paths.

The actual quality of your thought processes may be variable too, depending on the distance Mercury is away from the Sun. If the conjunction orb is a maximum of 7 degrees, the most favourable is an exact conjunction where Mercury and Sun are aligned and in vibrational harmony, as this will improve the flow of mental communication and intellectual perception. If the orb is between 4 and 8 degrees, then the vibrational harmony may become periodically disjointed, erratic and prone to overloaded mental activity and nervous activity, which can result in distorted self-perception and illusions. Another tendency of this conjunction is the close fusion of the world view of the Sun sign and mental attitudes of Mercury; so great is the similarity that a filter is formed over life experiences and understanding, conveying similar messages which might exclude alternative ways of perceiving life. This creates a lack of sympathetic understanding and comprehension, and it could be more beneficial for Sun and Mercury to be in different signs, so that a greater breadth of vision is possible.

Once you ensure that you note the reactions of others to your style of expression, modifying this accordingly, or realise that you lack objectivity concerning your nature and then attempt to gain a clearer self-perception, you should be able to make more positive use of the abilities implied by this conjunction. These include the talent of generating 'ideas', which can be used by others more adept at developing and anchoring them in their tight placing. You are excited by ideas, and can communicate this enthusiasm to others, stimulating their minds to wake to the possibilities that you are suggesting. Your ideas can be creative and inspired, and you may be able to use this talent in the field of education, perhaps as a lecturer or writer, although your verbal skills may be more developed.

In business, you may be valued for your contributions to 'brainstorming' sessions and new company directions, for sparking off new thoughts in others and sowing seeds that colleagues will take away for planting. Sometimes, though, you may meet resistance from those who believe that your ideas have not been thought through fully, or whose personal feelings have been dismissed by you in the past. The dimension of human relations is one that you should never ignore.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Mars This indicates the presence of an energy that is 'masculine' in essence, being highly vitalised, vigorous, forceful and assertive. The application and exploitation of your powerful will becomes a major impulse that demands expression, often resulting in a more self-centred level of preoccupation, focused on satisfying your desires and ambitions.

You may have an aggressive, combative temperament, which can respond quickly to any hint of a threat or potentially competitive situations, seeing these as an opportunity to display your force and innate abilities and talents. You will feel a need to prove yourself to the world through achieving, or at least rise to a higher social profile than the majority. You may tend to assume attitudes of superiority, which is often derived from a sense of self-confidence, and inwardly you hold a self0image as a leader in some capacity. An urge to battle lies near the surface of your personality, and you can approach life as if it is a challenge, almost provoking encounters by 'throwing down the gauntlet' as a testing of your strength and power.

To some, you may sem overly assertive, and your presence may threaten them by its forceful vibration. You may acquire several adversaries in the course of your journey through life, especially as you are liable to be insensitive to others' feelings. This may occur particularly within your employment or business life, where you are likely to contact other powerful individuals. You intensely enjoy applying your will-power, and may need to pay extra attention to your relationship manner and style of expression, as this could become a source of contention and downfall if it is misapplied. A liability to anger quickly may need some control too, or words spoken in haste may ruin relationships or friendships.

You react against limitations and restrictions, and find adherence to the status quo or repetitive routines anathema to your volatile spirit. You love action, and the adrenaline rush of physical or dangerous sports and activities is highly appealing. Your enthusiasms can be spontaneous and imulsive, and you prefer to leave space in your lifestyle for sudden decisions and changes of direction which can renew vitality and add a touch of freshness when life becomes jaded and familiar. You may be attracted to share this love of life and excess energy with others, stimulating them to break free of their self-imposed ruts and shake off their apathy. Some may not appreciate your endeavours though, and you may need to recognise when your efforts will fall on stony ground.

There is an opinionated streak in your character that can take offence if anyone challenges your attitudes, values, thoughts or beliefs, and you take this as a personal attack, rather than a sharing of differing points of view. You can adopt an attitude of 'I'm right, and you're wrong' in such encounters, and refuse to consider alternative perceptions; this can be a restriction of your openness to life's many wonders and infinite variety of perceptions.

In relationships, you do not easily compromise, as you tend to be self-centred and concerned about reaching for your desires; this could become a problem unless it is carefully modified, or you have an extremely passive and supportive partner. A strong sexual drive and inflamed passions are likely factors in your relationships, and you may be especially attracted to sudden love affairs, particularly if that theme of 'conquest' is paramount in your nature.

While you are likely to possess considerable creative abilities, you may have difficulties in focusing these constructively and consistently, and despite your high level of activity you may waste energy that could be more positively applied. Part of this is due to an impulsiveness that prefers action to forethought and planning, and this tendency may need tempering by better managements of your resources and less haste in charging towards your objectives. Listen to the advice of others, or take professional suggestions; you may not always know best.

Your focus is power through action, and the main areas that this can be released through are the conjunction house, and the houses ruled by both Sun and Mars in your chart. Look at these, as they may offer additional opportunities for a successful use of your talents and energies, especially when you begin to handle them with greater self-understanding.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Jupiter You will be naturally optimistic, enthusiastic and eager to explore the potential of life, looking to exploit your solar power and Jupiterian expansive tendency to enable you to taste life as deeply as possible. An image that fits this aspect is that of the seeker, beclieving that you are following a secret path towards a future destiny, reacting against and resisting any restrictive limitations that may occur as obstacles to your progress.

This can, however, be an ambivalent tendency. You may be correct in your intuition, discerning the signposts of your path; yet equally, this could become a path of evasion if you believe that it offers a justification for self-centred choices, or if you assert personal fredom to the point where you wander through life with no sense of a clear direction.

One of your main assets is an innate self-confidence which generates a powerful faith in your ability to attain aims successfully. Through positive thinking you can attract 'good fortune' into your life, naturally expecting that all will work to your benefit. Usually, your positive attitudes will prove effective, yet there will be occasions when over-optimistic tendencies may stretch your actual capabilities too far, and you experience temporary setbacks to your plans. But even then, due to openness to new opportunities and directions, you'll succeed in discovering new roads to travel.

You may need to make more efficient use of your personal talents and resources, perhaps through greater self-discipline and focusing on your intentions. Forethought and planning may be skills which require additional development, and which can help to maximise future success. You will want to use your full potential, and searching for ways to do this may make you restless and unable to settle for very long. It is the expansionary quality of Jupiter that causes this agitation, and by recognising this activity you should ensure that routine work or lifestyles do not restrict or trap you, or else its intended positive contribution to your life could initially result in more disruptive effects.

Areas that may attract your interest include education, medicine, law, travel, philosophy, religion, social and humanitarian influence. You look for progress and scope for expansion wherever you become involved, especially when your contribution can be beneficial for others' welfare. There is the potential of merging your talents and interests with areas of social concern, so that your energy flows into the resolution of social issues, or you may become a spokesperson or representative of group ideals and social aims. Work involving the initial impulse for transformative social projects may particularly suit you, and offer ample scope for ongoing development. Linking your path with social needs could be an appropriate action and wise choice.

You enjoy expressing personal creativity and imagination, feeling that energy flowing into new forms and channels, sparking off new thoughts, directions and perceptions. Discovering a path which evokes self-motivation is very important, enabling that enthusiastic energy to be released. You like to be well-informed, and will be aware of most current social trends and world news. Ongoing learning is especially enjoyed, as it provides a source for the renewal of interest in life and opens up new areas of fascination and experience. It is a fullness of life that you seek, a real enjoyment of yourself and the world, and this can lead you to be attracted towards more hedonistic explorations. Yet underlying this is a need to create your own unique perception, philosophy and worldview, which is a reflection of a spiritual need to discover your own meaning and purpose of life.

Your spiritual interests do not really fit within orthodox teachings and religious organisations, and mainly derive from the sense of inner guidance and trust in the beneficience of life. You will adopt a position of tolerance and freedom, especially valuing the unity of all life and the concept of universal human fellowship, so civil-rights issues may interest you, or ecological concerns.

In relationships, you prefer partners who are fundamentally in tune with your perception of life, fellow enthusiasts amd positive thinkers who appreciate the subtler qualities of people and experiences, rather than being preoccupied with materialistic matters and the accumulation of money and social power. You will expect much from a partner, and can inadvertently place pressures on others to satisfy your needs, rather than ebing equally aware of their own feelings and desires. More awareness may be needed in intimate relationships. For example you may need to curb your tendency to over-indulge in pleasurable activities. Otherwise you may create imbalances in yourself that need adjustment through greater health care. Containing that restless spirit may also be necessary at times, and you may need to realise that if you always focus on the horizon then you can lose sight of what is around you, and so diminish your appreciation of what is currently present in your life.
Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Moon This shows that your temperament is unilateral, or almost unaffected by conflicts with the will of others. Your personality is basically integrated, but this does not mean you will have a trouble-free life. It merely indicates that you are reasonably satisfied with yourself and with the goals you hope to realise. You do not adapt to circumstances unless doing so will serve your best interests. Beacuse you are highly motivated to achieve your objectives, success is more than likely. You waste very little effort in activities unless they will benefit you in some way. You know how to co-ordinate your available resources with your life pursuits, and always have the skills required to carry out any special task you choose.

No-one is allowed to interfere in your affairs; nor do you concern yourself with the affairs of others. You establish a barrier between yourself and others and do not permit anyone to intrude. You allow yourself the privilege of going beyond that barrier, but you rarely do so. Generally, a person who wants to meet with you will have to make the first gesture. You would rather not have to extend yourself if it can be avoided. Because you prefer to be independent of close involvement with people, you have to rely on your own ingenuity when the going gets rough. In this way, you are self-sustaining and self-defeating at the same time.

You can becaome enormously successful in your own estimation, even if others can't judge your success. You don't measure your level of accomplishments by the same devices most people use when making comparisons. You can best succeed when you work alone or at least can determine for yourself how or when you do your work. You are qualified for positions of authority, although you may be resented by those under you because you are so sure of yourself. You have the power to help others become intergrated, although you may decide it isn't worth the effort.

In spite of your seeming self-assurance, you are not too successful in relating to people except at the social level. You are so afraid to have your emotions trampled that you keep personal contacts at arm's length. Your sensitive nature is your Achilles tendon, which you try to protect.

You depend heavily on small quiet moments to give you the spiritual nourishment that your outer life feeds on. Irritated by the constant distractions and the hustle and bustle of competitive society, you must periodically rejuvenate your forces privately, perhaps in meditation.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Saturn Your potential success is dependent on personal qualities of perseverance, self-discipline, oragnisation and your ability to maximise the effectiveness of all your available resources. Ambition is likely to be a powerful motivating force within your personality, and, once your aims have been clarified, careful planning and application can help you to achieve them. Persistence and hard work may be the keys to later success, and it is unlikely that progress will be swift or aims realised at an early age. As Saturn implies limitations and barriers, it is probable that even when following your solar path there will be obstacles and frustrations confronting you, and there may be periods when you begin to feel the inhibitions of your nature and path acutely.

You can lack sufficient confidence, adopting a self-deprecating attitude as justifying any lack of progress. Temperamentally, you are serious and reserved, often taciturn in expression, controlled and disciplined and viewing life with an uneasy attitude. To you, life demands effort and application, and nothing comes easy or free. So you believe that to become materially comfortable you may have to deny certain feelings or needs in order to concentrate and focus on your aims. Unfortunately, through self-denial and austere attitudes, you may repress self-expression, creating inner imbalances which have later negative side-effects. These could become more predominant if you enter a phase of frustrations, where disappointments generate tensions, stresses, angry thoughts and emotional attitudes. Disorders of the digestive system may be associated with this, and you may need to increase relaxation in your life, perhaps by consciously dismantling any fixity of lifestyle and daily habit patterns that may be unconsciously erected around yourself as a form of protective barrier.

The house position of the conjunction is a sphere of opportunity and of limitation for you, depending on the inner changes that you can consciously make. Success can result from applying your strengths, which are likely to be in areas of organisation, self-reliance, discipline, persistence and determined application. The theme of consolidation and building is associated with this aspect, where existing resources are used in ways which take greater advantage of their potential, expanding from a secure foundation but not overly risky or speculative. Careers in management, politics, law, scientific research, teaching, local government may be attractive, especially if you are able to use an ability to assume responsibility within your employment.

Your earlier childhood development will have been influenced by the relationship to your dather. Look at the attitudes towards life that your parents expressed, and see if these have become your dominating attitudes and values too. You may have received a highly ordered and strict parental discipline, encouraging conformity to parental desires and codes of conduct; moralistic or religious attitudes may have conditioned your worldview. There may have been a lack of parental approval or response to your unique childhood nature, perhaps a lack of emotioonal affinity (perceived or actual) which made you feel more isolated and independent; certainly you would have experienced an early inner maturation process. Have you become what your parents wanted you to be? And is this in accordance with your desires and dreams? You may need to break free from these earlier psychological programs that are still operating in you, so that you can move in new directions or transcend those restrictions in life that are acting as barriers to fulfilment and success.

You have much of value to share with the world, but this may need greater releasing. For instance, you may feel that everyone makes their own destiny (and certainly, to some degree this is correct), but this should not stop you being generous if you have financial abundance in your life; you could help others to help themselves. There may be a belief that there is a lesson or message within every life experience, but this should never stop feelings of love and friendliness flowing out naturally from you to others. Acknowledging others in a different way may be necessary, so that you are more aware of their needs and qualities, and this can divert you from your self-preoccupations. Certainly you will require a compatible intimate partner who recognises your need for achievement, and who is willing to support your endeavours; but equally, you should not forget that your partner also has their own life path to follow, and you should not forget their needs either. Mutual aid is the ideal approach. Loosen the chains of your self-imposed limitations, and you may be surprised by how your life can favourably change.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct North Node This conjunction indicates birth near the time of a solar or lunar eclipse. It also shows that this is a major event in the natural world, which causes major events and sets of circumstances in the natives' world and provides them greater scope for their self-expression as well as opportunities for expansion of their poqwe and leadership potential. The conjunction suggests an inherited karmic tendency toward good luck as a result of previous use of the life energies for the benefit of the individual's larger environment. When carried too far, however, this influence can dissipate the individual's energies, causing exhaustion and a depletion of the life force.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Uranus You are likely to experience ongoing clashes and discord with others and society. THis is due to your essential tendency to be hughly individualistic and no-conformist, and this will inevitably bring you into conflict with the social traditions and lifestyle patterns of your country, by your determination to follow your unique path through life. You will not have a passive nature, or acquiesce easily in what is required of you by parents, school, religion or the state-aproved ways of social living; but you will be a passionate rebellious spirit rejecting, questioning or opposing those pressures with which you disagree or which you believe are intending to hinder your freedom.

This 'passion', however, is not really emotionally rooted, but is your way of releasing a build-up of energy within your nature which has to find some means of release, similar to the boiling of water which transforms into steam to escape from a container. The slightest threat or fear of 'imprisonment' will cause you to begin looking for the escape route.

This need for freedom - in whichever and however many ways you define 'freedom' - will be a dominant factor influencing your life. The urgent need to express this tendency will create an unsettling impact upon your adult choices and life direction, and will probably interfere with focusing on your solar path. As a result of experiencing this inner pressure for change, you are likely to observe the elements of unpredictability flowing into your established life patterns. In some ways this could be beneficiial, but an energy acting in uncontrolled unconscious ways can severely disrupt a relatively harmonious lifestyle or family, because someone under its influence begins to act in a potentially destructive manner. Just 'throwing the energy away', attempting to reduce the inner pressure, is not constructive or sensible. This inner process indicates that change is needed, that this will usually be associated with a particaular sphere of life (indicated by this natal house conjunction or by planetary transits activating this aspect), and that a conscious attentive focus is required to tune into the messages being internally triggered so that the energy can be directed into suitable channels of expression.

You will have to acknowledge and confront the implications of any innate hatred of restrictions, as life will invariably impose them through family, wmployment, and type of social environment. You may struggle against restrictions all your life, wanting to be 'free', but free to do what? And free to live in what way, and where? Probably you'll lack real answers, but a search to find a satisfying direction is crucial for you, and will reflect your quest for your higher social path; otherwise in gaining your freedom you'll discover that through cutting the binding ties you have become lost or have destroyed those foundations that are now recognised as being important and meaningful for you.

In your intimate relationships, you will have to be aware of a tendency to invest your needs with supreme value and importance, where you insist upon individual rights and freedom to express your own nature without compromising, yet often fail to offer the same to your partner. You can have a problem of impatience tinged with intolerance, which can create friction, as can your attraction towards areas of experience that some may consider to be unorthodox or deviant from any socially acceptable norm. Not that such reactions unduly concern you; in fact you may feel tempted to flaunt any such preferences in the face of others.

Probably you will be attracted towards entering sudden, intense, exciting physical and emotional relationships, especially spontaneous ones that can occur without too much consideration of any future implications. You prefer 'newness', through exploring the unknown, and may often shy away from commitment and responsibility, partly based on fear and on your inability to often consider your partner's needs as highly as you do your own. The problem is how to balance your need for novelty and new experiences, your hatred of restictions, and your desire for individual freedom, with the demands of living with people in society.

You need to become more mature in relationships, to become more aware of the value of mutual sharing, to care as much for your partner as you do for yourself, and, by helping him / her to express his / her own totality and not subduing his / her personal development by the dominating insistence of your needs, to learn to walk side by side with your partner into freedom and fulfilment.

Recognising these tendencies is the first step to beginning taking conscious control to use innate energies, so that your life begins to work better, and becomes more meaningful and satisfying by gaining a greater social cohesion through integrating these planetary energies.

One direction that may help in this self-renewal and personal re-orientation lies in expressing your urge for exploration, to investigate new horizons and interests; try not to live this out in a purely self-centred way, but instead attempt to redirect any benefits towards the well-being of others too, especially through improving the quality of relationships.

Your mind may have an attunement to the Uranian 'higher mind' or 'Universal Mind'. This implies that there can be mental power, perhaps by your mind taking sudden logic leaps and making connections which can offer new insights or ways of looking at life. While sometimes this can be too erratic and undisciplined to be fully utilised, the natural direction that it moves towards is futuristic. This is both a reaction against the restrictions of predictable staid and static social traditions and also potentially a tool to be used in the visualisation and formation of possible future societies. Combining your natural tendencies to permissiveness and creative expression, you may develop in terms of progressive futurist philosophies and attitudes, associating with like-minded groups and individuals to help build the Aquarian New Humanity. Embodying new lifestyle patterns and more open attitudes can offer a new world for you to explore and one which can benefit others too. Here lies a freedom with less restriction, allowing you to express a rebellious nature against social limitations while helping to build a more understanding and free world for everyone to share. Taking such a direction can enable you to dissolve previous self-preoccupations into participation in group endeavours. This fusion of your Uranian tendencies with a projected heroic path can build a lighted way in your life, where the positive contributions of both Sun and Uranus can be released for individual and collective benefits.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Neptune Any Neptune aspect to the Sun is likely to have a distinct impact on the individual expression of personal power, identity and life direction, so it becomes important to create a positive approach to the Neptunian energy and especially so with the more influential aspects of the conjunction, square and opposition. The difficulty with an unintegrated or repressed Neptune is that its influence often appears to be negative, and with the conjunction aspect it is imperative to discover a way of joining this energy to the natural form of expression that the Sun sign indicates.

You will probably experience an ongoing challenge of self-confidence and of establishing a suitable and satisfying lifestyle and sense of purpose. The nebulous influence of Neptune's sea mists tends to confuse you, dissolving many of your intentions away, and making your sense of individual identity almost transparent at times as that personality centre seems to ebb and flow in tune with an inner tidal rhythm. Because of an inner experience associated with insubstantiality, you can lack the strength of a firm and fixed individuality, and this has the effect of diminishing confidence regarding your actual capabilities and will to achieve any objectives. You can find it hard to be consistent and to persevere through self-discipline and application for long periods of time. Your identity can appear to be periodically submerged by the powerful Neptune energy, dissolving plans and ambitions, and then leaving you washed ashore in another inner place wondering what to do next even before you have completed the last project.

That ethereal Neptunian music will invade your conscious mind, acting as a diverting distraction, and in some cases can influence the listener to becomes lost in the swirlings of his / her own hyperactive imagination, leading to self-delusions. Comfronting the stark realities of life is not always easy with a prominent Neptune. There is a tendency to build a private reality, one which excludes the dark sides of self and the world, establishing a veiled and limiting perspective of life which only generates activity by additional repression into the unconscious mind. Personal responsibility is avoided if possible, and all experiences are filtered through this restrictive veil, a state that if prolonger leads to inner and outer alientation.

Often these forms of self-delusion emanate from personal desires, emotions and sensitive feelings, as Neptune is associated with the plastic and pliable astral level. You may develop unusual needs and desires which are subtle, intangible yet peculiarly persistent, and you may feel inwardly driven to experience or actualise them in some way. For many, such hard-to-define feelings and yearnings create more confusion and self-deception, especially when attached to idealistic images of perfection and unrealistic expectations which can only bring disillusionment and disappointment in their wake. For the few, Neptune may bring genuine inspiration, although, even in such cases, this may become mixed with desires of self-elevation and ambitions, especailly in the sphere of the conjunction's house.

One of the hardest lessons for anyone with a close Neptune aspect is facing the realities of life. Neptune finds such confrontations almost inimical to its sensitivities, preferring to slide away instead of looking. You may have noticed such evasiveness in your life, manifesting in a variety of disguises through the years: the evasion of problems - the ostrich syndrome; the evasion of decision-making; the evasion of self-assertion; and the evasion of the effort to unfold your inner potential. It can then become difficult to ensure that your solar path is clear when the mists of Neptune descend, confusing directions and masking the signposts along the way.

The disguises of Neptune are legion, but their cumulative effect is considerable, gradually creating an unsatisfactory lifestyle and diminution of direction, meaning and purpose as the real self is lost under veils of escapism. We are all prone to this tendency, and it is this that keeps us spiritually asleep. 'Wake up' is the cry of the spirit, a waking up that gives us the experience of a direct, unfiltered confrontation with life; a connection to our solar centre, which is a light exposing all those shadowy corners. Facing the higher aspect of Neptune ie not a self-deluding experience either, but is a sobering one. An unintegrated Neptune may offer delusions and glamour, but integrating the Sun and Neptune is a path towards fusing the individual emotional level with the universal life, in a similar way as integrating Uranus-Sun fuses the mind through intuition with the universal mind.

Recognising the nagative expression of Neptune is the first step; the next is to choose to integrate this power into your life so that the positive dimension opens. There have undoubtedly been times when you have felt in full control, confident in yourself and your ability to achieve ambitions, only to pass into another phase when this confidence seeps away, dissolving as quickly as you try to hold on to it. This occurs when Neptune and the Sun are at odds with each other, where a fusion has not yet happened.

While this aspect can become a gateway to an inward turning, an entering of the inner worlds and mystical devotion, it is more useful to consider how an external expression of the energy can stimulate greater integration.

Neptune offers a variety of gifts that can be applied as creative expression, gifts which emanate from the inner seas and which are simultaneously a channel or path back into conscious contact with Neptune's realm and towards the higher social centre. These include art, music, poetry, drama, literature, pychism, mysticism. The potential is to reveal inspiration through such channels for the benefit of all who are capable of receiving the transmission. Unlocking inner doors so that creativity flows is extremely enriching, and shifts the level of consciousness; there can be dangers in unlocking the flood gates, as so many creative individuals have discovered, but in many ways it is a sacred task to reveal the numinosity of the light behind the material appearance.

Adding or developing a creative and artistic dimension to your life will be a means of integrating this Neptunian energy, as it will begin to flow into those particular channels that you have opened. Allied to this it will begin to display its positive face, as greater meaning, purpose and life direction have more cohesiveness and substance, and your solar path will be strengthened, offering a more permanent direction instead of periodically dissolving. Even if such creativity is purely for your own satisfaction, enjoyment and need for self-expression, over time you will become aware of the benefits that it can bring you. These talents may need deliberate training and development, but such time spent will be rewarding. Moving into this direction may require you to reconsider your whole lifestyle, as its influence will be profound, and understanding your individuality can be transformative.

Your type of employment may stand revealed as deeply unfulfilling and unsatisfactory, being restrictive rather than a positive factor; and this can pose the problem of an economic restructuring in your life. Finding a way of living that can satisfy those creative abilities may be difficult, but the alternative is even more damaging if you choose to turn your back on the seductive music of Neptune. Creativity or craftsmanship is the route that Neptune is indicating; or, alternatively, working with people in community service to be of social benefit. Perhaps through teaching, medicine, social work, you can contribute to others' welfare. This is a heart response to the music, equally significant, and satisfying that desire to be positive in the world.

Find a way which offers more freedom than traditional work strucutures, a way that encourages creativity or service to flow. In so doing, you unravel your Sun-path to travel along, and those times of confusion and indecision are relegated to memories. The potential of working with Neptune is considerable; Neptune can transform you if you are open to its promptings and messages. If you reject Neptune, then its waters will slowly erode away your dreams and desires, denuding you of power to achieve your aims, and leaving you with an unfulfilled life; it is wiser to acknowledge its inner promptings and try to change in accord with them. Neptune does not take kindly to being ignored, and makes its presence felt.

y aspects - Sun conjunct Pluto Your ambitions and desires will be highly influenced by your natal Sun sign, and these can be achieved by applying the Pluto energy to amplify your solar will power. Potentially, this conjunction aspect can be very valuable in enabling you to reach your objectives, but to maximise chances of eventual sucess you may need to adjust certain attitudes.

Pluto offers the potential of regeneration and rebirth, which is also reflected in the pattern of solar myths, so you should be able to transform yourself and also to some degree your immediate environment to match your purpose. Once your direction is determuined you will see what may require changing as a prerequisite to achievement, and then commence applying your will accordingly.

There can be attitudes of extremism, where your beliefs, ideas, and opinions are expressed with force and intensity. You will feel quite clear about your preferences in life, and often your attitudes could be polarised into 'black and white', with little space for 'grey' to be considered, or to be accepted as a viable alternative. Once your choices are made, it is as if you have written them on tablets of stone; even though you have the ability to change, you may not willingly do so, or you may alter fixed attitudes only when you feel there is no option. You find it difficult to be balanced, especially in tolerating and understanding the frailties of humanity. You can probably adopt a fairly hard-line philosophy, having the opinion that people can change their lives and be self-sufficient if they want to, instead of being weak and relying upon others, although you tend to resist change yourself.

You may tend to be assertive and attracted towards power; those who appear to possess influence over others will serve as a magnet, at least in the sense that you would like to be in such positions of authority. Such an inner desire is likely to influence your direction in life, work and career, or even in the struggles of family life. You may use manipulation and psychological pressure tactics as levers to guarantee winning in the midst of any power struggles with others; your one-pointed ruthlessness can bring apparent success, but may also bring an increasing number of 'enemies' in its wake. You will have to learn that you are not 'the centre of the universe', and that others have rights and purposes too, and that they should never be sacrificed or walked over just to achieve your desires. An adjustment to become more aware of others, by acknowledging that their feeligns and unique outlooks on life are as valid as yours, would create a much more harmonious energy in your life and the fulfilment of successful personal relationships. Being willing sometimes to accept inevitable failures would be a positive step for you, diffusing tension and breaking any compulsive search for 'success'; otherwise, you may become obsessed with achieving your goal and possibly be willing to damage people more, apart from allowing 'failure' to gnaw away by unhealthy brooding.

Much of your energy will carry a sexual potency, and, irrespective of your physical sex, will have a penetrative quality to it and an aggressive masculine nature. Your physical needs are strong, and there can be a single-minded directness about your desires, as you pursue your 'prey' without deviation once your choice is made. Elements of victory, success and manipulation will be present in your relationships, and you will take any rejection hard as it negatively affects your self-image. However, your relationships will be very intense, and you will give a wholehearted commitment to them while they last, becoming very emotionally involved.

Emotional understanding is likely to be a weak spot until certain transformations have occurred within you to break down self-preoccupation. You may experience feelings of almost dissolving into passionate relationships, becoming lost in absorption with your lover, or possible obsessions with the affair. Such experiences could be the key to your transformation, or could fill you with so much fear for your sanity and chosen purpose that you begin to reject such intensity for more superficial physical relationships and energy release without the emotional direction being evoked.

Almost paradoxically, you can also strongly react to social injustices, and may be attracted towards the alleviation of social problems. Movement in this direction is dependent upon the degree to which you become aware of the needs of others, and a corresponding diminution of your own need for power and success. The key issue is whether you are self-oriented or other-oriented; this will determine your responses to others, forming attitudes of either 'they can change and help themselves' or 'I will change and use my power to help others to help themselves'. Such a step would involve a realignment with a higher ideal and purpose, and would represent your initiation into being a repsonsive member of humanity. This is a progression towards embodying your solar path's spiritual dimension, where the inner light begins to unify life and you feel the inter-relationship with humanity and the world. Taking this approach can regenerate your life direction, and will lead you towards the experiences of the heroic quest, challenging your perseverance and application of focused will, and demanding considerable inner growth which can enable you to attain your objectives.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Ascendant Those with Sun conjunction Ascendant often find it impossible to be inconspicuous. In their immediate environment they tend to be always noticed, wherever they go, whatever they do.

Those with the Sun rising in their charts were born at dawn, at the beginning of a bright new day. Characteristically, Sun rising people like to be in at the beginning of projects and usually have very marked leadership potential. These people tend to be self-motivated and keen to pull the strings in their life, to be master of their destiny. This person is usually in no way a fatalist.

The birth moment is often marked out in some way. Perhaps there is an especial sense of occasion as if the arrival of the child has actually created the beginning of the new day. The emergence of the new arrival is properly recognised or honored. It might just be the dawn chorus. Just imagine all the birds starting to sign at the moment you are born.

There is often an early childhood history where the child felt constantly 'watched' and noticed. Aspects to the Sun will describe the reasons for this and whether it was a pleasant experience or not. Often the child was expected to shine, or sometimes to 'perform' to others. The parents, especially the father, were usually proud of the child. With luck this should make for a self-reliant and confident individual, but aspects to the sun need to be carefully studied for confirmation of this.

In any event, those with the Sun on the Ascendant or into the 1st house tend to watch themselves a good deal; they are 'self-conscious', seeming often to have an ability to step outside themselves and look at themselves, and watch other people looking at them.

The person with Ascendant and Sun in the same sign not only usually embodies very strongly the characteristics of that sign, but also often comes across with great presence, and with authenticity - there is no persona for the individual to hide behind; or one could say that the person identifies with his / her persona.

The father was often a strong influence in the child's life, and was frequently present at the birth, even when this was a less common occurrence than it is now. The person will tend to identify with the father, his outlook, attitudes, and sometimes how he is physically. This person can 'follow in Father's footsteps'.

Where the Sun is in the 12th house, and especially when it is scarcely in orb for conjuncting the Ascendant, the individual often feels overlooked as a child, not recognised as an individual in his or her own right, in the background or behind the scenes.

Astrology aspects - Sun conjunct Midheaven Even while you are young, personal success and achievement will be very important. You will want to shine among your friends and be someone to whom they can look up. You will measure your success in life not so much by your inner sense of values, but by the impact you make on other people. This aspect often means that you will be socially successful, but you must work for it; such success is not automatic.

You have a great need to be in control of your life. As you get older, you will try to work in a business in which you can be your own boss. You are very independent and do not like working under someone, which can create problems while you are young. Thinking that you know better than your elders, you may rebel against their power over you. If you establish a pattern of rebellion, personal success will be hard to come by. You need help from others to get anywhere. So you must avoid being arrogant, for that will alienate people.

However, if you are willing to learn from others while you are young and put all your energies into developing skills that will be useful later, you will probably achieve something important in your own terms. In that case, you will know what you want to do and how to guide others. You can enable others to fulfill their destiny as you fulfill yours.

During childhood, the influence of your father or of a similar guide figure is especially important to you.