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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Black magic or Abhichara.

Aabhichaara - (©<Óæ) - employment of magical
spells for malevolent purposes; black magic done
on somebody to incapacitate, destroy or to prevail
upon him, secretive rite done with incantations to
harm the opponent. Aabhichaara is of two types -
Kshudraabhichaara and Mahaabhichaara. The
nature, cause and remedies of Aabhichaara are
ascertained by the Prasna, during the performance
of query relating to Aabhichaara. If the planet
indicating black-magic is a benefic planet it is
Mahaabhichaara; if malefic, it is Kshudra-
abhichaara.The purpose of Mahaabhichaara is to
kill the opponent by incantation of manthras. In
Kshudraabhichaara, some substances are buried
underground or kept in places, where the subject
usually moves so that he comes into contact with
these and get afflicted. The nature of the person,
usually an enemy,who performs the blackmagic,
Aabhichaara,his caste, his motive etc. can also be
gleaned from horary. 1.The caste and occupation
governed by the sixth house or the lord of sixth house
indicate the caste of the enemy who performed the
blackmagic. 2.The caste governed by the house of
harm, baadhaaraasi, or its lord is the caste of the
accomplice. Pisces, Taurus, Aries and Gemini and
their trines respectively signify Brahmin, Kshath-
riya, Vaisya and Sudra. 3.If the lord of house of
harm is in any way connected with the 6th house,
then the enemy’s caste is that of the sixth house. 4.If
the lord of the house of harm is in anyway connected
with the lord of sixth the enemy’s caste is that of the
lord of the 6th . 5.If the lord of the 6th is bound up with
the house of harm, then the accomplice belongs to
the caste governed by the house of harm. According
to Sree Varaahamihira, Jupiter and Venus are
Brahmins; Sun and Mars are Kshathriyas; Moon is
Vaisya; Mercury is Sudra; Saturn is mixed caste.
According to another view, the caste of the enemy
is signified by the lord of sixth and the lord of the 10th
signifies the caste of the accomplice. The motive
of Aabhichaara karmacorresponds with the nature
of the sign occupied by the lord of sixth house. The
motive for performing blackmagic can be inferred
from the significations of the lord of the sign
occupied by the 6th lord. 6.If the sign is Mars, the
motive is land; if Mercury, it is gold; if Jupiter, it is
cash and produce; if Venus, it is silver, cattle, clothes,
women; if Saturn, it is servants, low class people,
weapons, vessels, water, roots, fruits. 7.The motive
also can be gleaned from the nature of the house
occupied by the lord of sixth house, second house
for money, fourth for land and so on. 8. Whether the
motive behind the blackmagic is related to a metal,
plant or animal, can be ascertained by examining
the rising sign, planets in the rising sign, lord of the
sixth house, lord of the house of harm, the house
occupied by the lord of sixth, the sign occupied by
the lord of ascendant. 9.Whether the person per-
forming black magic belongs to the same family of
the querist or outside or is a relative or other-wise
can be ascertained from ascendant. If the ascendant
is a movable sign, the enemy is a close relative, if
in fixed sign he is a relative, if in common sign, the
enemy is an outsider. 10.If the ascendant is a fixed
sign, the enemy resides with the native, if common,
he is a neighbour, if movable, he belongs to a distant
place. 11.Accordingly as the sixth lord is occupied
by the lord of the 4th , 5th, 7th, 9th, the enemy will have
the relationship indicated by the house. 4th =friend
or maternal relation; 3rd =brother; 7th wife; 9th father etc.
12.The direction, caste of the enemy and
how far distant he is, should be ascertained from
the 6th house or its lord. 13.The direction and the
caste and the distance of the maanthrik are to be
ascertained from the house of harm or its lord. 14.If
ascendant is a movable sign, Mars in the 11th or a
fixed sign with Mars in 9th or in a common sign
with Mars in the 7th and aspected by the lord of sixth,
it is to be inferred that the disease under query is
caused by blackmagic. 15.If Mars is in the ascendant
or in a quadrant and the lord of sixth is in the rising
sign, the disease is caused by black magic. 16.If
lord of sixth is in the ascendant or 7th or 10th or
ascendant and Mars are in ascen-dant or aspecting
it, the disease is caused by black- magic. Places
where Aabhichaara substance is kept - To bring
about death, exile, dissension, madness, or ruin,
enemies prepare powders and other enchanted
things and conceal them under the earth or in some
hidden places. If in the query related to Aabhi-
chaara, Gulika is placed in a quadrant from
ascendant or aaroodtalagnaor Moon and is joined
or aspected by Saturn, then the incanted powder is
kept buried under the earth. 3.If Gulikais placed in
the 4th house or 4th navaamsa, then the substance is
placed in the house. 4.If the fourth house or
navaamsa where Gulika is placed is watery, then
the substance is kept in water. 5.If Maandi is in
Vargoathama, the substance is kept in two places at
house and in water. 6.If here Raahu joins Maandi
or Saturn, it is kept near anthills.7. If Sun is placed
in a quadrant from Maandior Saturn, the substance
is kept in trees; if Mars is placed there, it is kept in
open fields; if Jupiter is there, it is kept in the house
itself; if Venus is placed there, it is kept in the bed-
room. 8.If Saturn is placed in a quadrant from
Gulika, the substance is kept in latrine and urinals.
9.If Gulika is placed in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius,
the substance is kept in the skull of a tiger or cat;
if Gulika is placed in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn,
the substance is kept in a pot; if Gulika is placed in
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius it is kept in bamboo; if
Gulika is placed in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces it is
kept in a human skull. 10.If Gulika is placed in a
Samhaara-nakshathra, the substance is in the form
of a toy having human form. Destructive asterisms
are Kaarthika, Uttharaphaalguni, Uttharaasha-
adta, Aardra, Swaathi, Sathabhishak, Aaslaesha,
Jyaeshtta, Raevathy. 11.If Gulika is in Scorpio, it
is in the form of an amulet. 12.If Gulika is placed
in a quadruped navaamsa sign it is a bone. 13.The
number of blackmagic substances is to be ascer-
tained from the number of navaamsaas traversed
by Gulika in the sign he occupies. 14.If the lord of
harmful sign occupies an Oordhwamukha raasi,
the substance is placed on the top of trees, if in
adhoamukha sign under the earth and if in
thiryangmukha sign, it is kept inside stones and logs
of woods. 15.According to the nature of planets
being placed in the house of harm or being the lords
of houses of harm, the place where the blackmagic
subject is kept can be ascertained. Sun=near
temples; Moon=watery tracts or where springs
sprout; Mars=burial grounds; fiery places, battle
grounds; Mercury=places of learning or amuse-
ment; Jupiter= treasury or state boundaries; Venus=Aabhichaara
bedroom or village boundaries; Saturn= dirty or
deserted places; if Raahu, Kaethu or Gulika=
serpents’ abode or in its viscinity. Direction where
the black magic substance (kshudra) is kept -The
direction where the black magic substance is kept
can be ascertained from the sixth lord, lord of the
house of harm, lord of sign and navaamsa occu-
pied by the obstructing lord. Whether the black
magic substance (kshudra) could be removed or
not - If lord of harm is in a movable sign, the sub-
stance can be easily removed; if in a common sign
it can be removed with effort, if in a fixed sign it
cannot be removed at all. The methods of
remedying the kshudra - 1.Add together longi-
tudes of the ascendant lord and lord of sixth in the
query chart and find out the sign in which this
longitude falls. Also find which planet joins or
aspects this sign. If it is Sun Aghoarabali is the
remedy; if Moon Kapaalahoama is the remedy; if
Mars Bhoothamaaranabali or Khadgaraavana-
bali or Kritthikaabali is the remedy. If Mercury
Chakrahoama is the remedy; If Jupiter Prathee-
kaarabali is the remedy; if Venus Pratheekaarabali
or Bhootha maaranabali is the remedy; If Saturn
Pratheekaara bali should be performed. 2.It can
also be inferred from the planet occupying or
aspecting the tenth house or lord of tenth house from
aaroodta. 3.If the first letter in the sentence said by
the messenger is a long one, the disease is cured by
music; if it is short, it is cured by worship and feed-
ing; if a combined consonant it can be cured by
performing dance.Who should perform the
remedy - If the querist at the time of putting the
question, looks at rightside and upward direction,
the remedies should be performed by Brahmins; if
he looks down, by temple priests; if looks up on left
side, by the high class among the low class; if he
looks down to the left, the inferior amongst the low
born ones. Identification of the deity causing the
affliction-By closely observing the parts of the body
touched by the questioner at the time of putting the
question, the deity causing baadha can be ascer-
tained. 1.If the questioner touches his chest,
forehead, private parts and navel, then the man has
troubles from daevathaas (deities). If he touches
his sides, back, fingers, neck, serpents are causing
the trouble. If he touches his eye-brows, ears and
arm-pits Pisaachaas(ghosts) are troubling him. 2.If
the lord of the house of harm occupies the sign of
Mercury or navaamsa, the trouble is from deities
worshipped by high class people in their homes; if
it is Jupiter’s house or navaamsa, the trouble will
be from deities worshipped in temples; if it is Sat-
urn’s house or navaamsa,the trouble is from deities
worshipped by low class people; if it is his own sign
or navaamsa, the trouble is from deities having their
abode in solitary gardens. 3.If Mars owning the
house of harm, joins with Kaethu, the troubling
deity is Chaamundee. 4.If Mars joins with or occu-
pies the signs of Mercury it is Panchamee. 5.If Mars
occupies odd signs or navaamsaas, the deities are
Bhairava or Ghantaakarna. 6.If Mars is in even
signs or navaamsas, the deities are Rakthaeswari
or Rakthachaamundee. Position of planets in
different signs and their indications of deities caus-
ing harmful diseases. Sun - in Aries-Siva; in
Taurus-yakshee; in Gemini-Vishnu; in Cancer-
snakes and dharmadaiva;in Leo-deity worshipped
daily at home; in Virgo- Sreeraama, Sreekrishna;
in Libra- Bhadrakaali; in Scorpio-Swayambhoo
Siva; in Sagittarius- Gandharva and Yaksha; in
Capricorn-Kiraathamoorthi;in Aquarius- Saastha,
pisacha; in Pisces- Gandharva sthree, Yakshee;
Moon - in Aries- Goddess Chaamundeeworshipped
by high class people; in Taurus-yakshee; in Gemi-
ni- vimaanasundara; in Cancer- snakes (if weak)
Dharmadaiva(if strong);in Leo-Bhagavathy wor-
shipped by others; in Virgo- Vimaanasundari; in
Libra- Dharmadaiva (deity worshipped at home
for long time) -in Scorpio-Goddes Chamundee
worshipped by low class people; in Sagittarius-
aakaasagandharva(male);inCapricorn- praetha,
soola pisaacha; in Aquarius- praetha, soola pis-
aacha; in Pisces-Aakaasa gandharva (female).
Mars-in Aries-Bhootha raakshasa, Brahma raak-
shasa; in Taurus-Bhairava, yakshee; in Gemini-
Narasimha and Gandharva; in Cancer-Bhaga-
vathi, Krishna chaamundee;in Leo-Sivabhoothas,
Aghora vanadaevathas; in Virgo-Narasimha and
yakshee; in Libra-Bhairavayaksha; in Scorpio-
Bhootha raakshasa, Brahmaraakshasa, Narabhoa-
jinee, Baala prabhakshinee;in Sagit tarius-Kukshi
saasthaa; in Capricorn-Veerabhadra; in Aqua-
rius-Veerabhadra; in Pisces-Kukshisaasthaa;
Mercury- in Aries- deity of fever; inTaurus- Gan-
dharva; in Gemini - Gandharva and Kinnara; in
Cancer-jalapisaacha; in Leo-Naagakanyaa; in
Virgo- Gandharva and kinnara; in Libra-Gan-
dharva; in Scorpio-deity of fever; in Sagittarius-
chamundeegenerated by an angry Brahmin; in Cap-
ricorn-kavachee, soolapisaachee, Kaalapisaa-
chee; in Aquarius-kavachee, soola pisaachee,
Kaala pisaachee; in Pisces- chaamundee
instigated by a angry Brahmin. Jupiter - in Aries-
Siva bhootha formed by the aabhichaara of
Brahmins;in Taurus-Apasmaarayakshiand yaksha;
in Gemini- daevathaformed from the wrath of gods;
in Cancer - deity generated by Agnihoathra;in Leo-
deity created by the aabhichaaraof a king or a lady
against her husband; in Virgo - deity formed by
aabhichaara; in Libra-Apasmaarayakshi; in
Scorpio -Siva bhoothascreated by aabhichaaraby
Brahmins; in Sagittarius- Nil; in Capricorn-
Bhasmapisaacha, Jalapisaacha; in Aquarius-
Bhasmapisaacha, Jalapisaacha; in Pisces-Nil.
Venus - in Aries- Pisacha- bhoothas; in Taurus-
yaksha, yakshee; in Gemini-Aabhichaara daevatha
generated by co scholars; in Cancer-yaksha, yak-
shee; in Leo-temple yakshee;in Virgo-Aabhi chaara
daevatha created by co scholars; in Libra-yaksha,
yakshee; in Scorpio-Sivabhoothasoriginated from
aabhichaara; in Sagittarius-deity originated from
Brahmin curse; in Capricorn-Apasmaara; in
Aquarius-kaala pisaacha; in Pisces- Durgaa
bhagavathy. Saturn- in Aries-apasmaara daeva-
thaa(incurable); in Taurus-Apasmaara yaksha;in
Gemini-Vana daevathaa; in Cancer- deities
worshipped by low caste people; in Leo-Temple
Saastha; in Virgo-praethas of relatives; in Libra-
Kiraathamoorthi, Ayyappa; in Scorpio- Siva-
bhootha; in Sagittarius-Gandharva;in Capricorn-
Praetha and Pisaacha; in Aquarius-Praetha and
Pisaacha; in Pisces- Gandharva. (note: It will be
difficult to give a concrete meaning and shape to
these baadhas in English vocabulary)
Aabhichaarika - (©<Ó\扮) - one who performs
black magic on others. One of the four forms of
Lord Vishnu used in blackmagic. The face is of
gloomy, dark complexion with two or four hands.
Kings used to place this figure clad in black cloth
underneath the enemy’s kingdom to defeat him.
Aabhijaathya - (©< wo) - nobility of birth.
Aabhijitha - (©<<ÿ) - one born in Abhijith
Aabhimukhya - (©<‘Õo)- face to face, affinity.
Aabhyanthara bhaava - (©voNÿæÖ) - internal
aspect of a (bhaava)house. Bhaava means human
experiences, a house, in Indian astrology.The
bhaava or house is said to be of two types - internal
and external. It is said that when the lord of a house
occupies his own house, he signifies the internal
aspect of that house. Every house has these two

Continued ( will post more of It)