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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Assesment of chart by- justice Kapoor.


Stepwise consideration may prove helpful in general analytical assessment of any facet of life through birth chart
First Step : Choose Approptiate Dasha
An Astrologer or a serious student of astrology is supposed to predict: (a) nature of event and (b) time of likely event. Both the things depend to a great extent on proper application of Dasha. There are various systems of Dasha Periods. Amongst them, Vimshottari Dasha is generally applicable to all. Naturally, it occupies prima position. It is suggested that in addition to Vimshottari, for confirmation, one should use one specifically suited Dasha, in terms of conditions about applicability in individual cases. These Dasha have already been mentioned earlier in Directional Astrology: Dasha System, along with specified conditions.
Second Step : Work on Natural + Individual’s Zodiac
In books including classical astrological works results, which are mentioned, are generally based on natural zodiac - not individual zodiac in terms of birth chart and inter-relationship of the various planets. These common results are not found applicable. It raises a serious question of credibility of this great science when sometimes one finds just totally reverse results. How to predict specific, precise and accurate timed events is not very difficult, if one has the patience and time on one hand and in depth idea of the subject.
Third Step : Judge Nature of Results of Dasha Lord
Dasha lord gives favourable results in following conditions
1. When any planet is moving from its debilitation point to exaltation point (Arohi) - near exaltation point better it would be.
2. Planets nearer to Bhava Madhya are more efficient in their Dasha etc.
3. Planets having five or more than five Ashtak Varga Bindus in the rashi in which they are placed give good results - quality improves if the planet is placed in Bindu - Prastar and Dasha Lord etc. take colour of the planet giving Bindu Bala.
4. Planets placed in 10th and 11th from Lagna and/or Moon give good results.
5. Planets placed in their exaltation sign, own sign and in signs of their friends give good results.
6. Planets getting 'Shadbal' give good results according to the nature of 'Shadbal' gained.
o 'Shubhas' not suffering from Kendradhipatya Dosha placed in Kendra and Trikona from Lagna and/or the Moon give good results.
o 'Ashubhas' owning Kendra and/or Trikona placed in these Kendra and Trikona houses from Lagna and/or the Moon give good results.
NOTE: (i) Rule No.4 and 7 should be seen from two angles Lagna Chart and Moon Chart, while considering Dasha and from three angles when considering Antar from Lagna, the Moon and the Dasha Lord, while considering Pratyantar 4 Lagna, the Moon, the Dasha Lord and from the Antar Dasha Lord. Quality of these results increases and decreases with more favourable points.
8. Planets placed in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th Nakshatra from Janma Nakshatra.
9. Planets placed in the exaltation sign, Moola Trikona Sign or in friendly sign but neither placed in 6th, 8th, 12th, nor combust are known as 'Gocharastha' planets and give good result. Planets placed in 'Neecha' sign (without Neecha Bhanga) or combust or placed in 6th, 8th or 12th are called "Agocharastha' and they tend to cause agony, depending on other 'Shubha' and 'Ashubha' influences.
But Dasha lord does not give favourable results in following conditions:-
1. If Dasha Lord is lord of the sign where 'Mandi' or 'Gulika' is placed, it is supposed to give unfavourable results,
2. Planet placed with Mandi.
o Planets having less than four Bindus in its Asthaka Varga.
o Planet placed in enemies' sign, or in its debilitation sign.
o Planet combust.
o Planet placed in Bhava Sandhi or Rasi Sandhi.
Every planet has got some positive and negative sensitive points in all the 12 rashis, which give positive as well as negative results e.g. Pushkarnavamanch, Arishtanavamansh and Mrityu bhag. In case any planet is posited in any sensitive point, the concerned planet may give very pronounced results and sometimes with a bang in its in view of the individual dasha, antardasha and pratyantra dasha it may just cause a sound drawing one’s attention when it just transits that point or degree.
Fourth Step: Judge Promises & Possibilities in Birth Chart
• Lagna and Lagnesh / or Bhava or Bhavesh from Lagna.
• Moon / Chandra Rashis or Bhava or Bhavesh from Moon.
• Sun/Sun Rashis or Bhava or Bhavesh from Sun.
• Sthir Karkas of the concerned Bhavas.
One has to choose strongest out of the three lagnas – lagna, Chandra Lagna and Surya Lagna - to get the best possible result.
Specific directions for consideration:
• Father to be considered from the9th both from the Sun and lagan.
• 10th house from Lagna to be correlated along with the 10th from the Sun-for patrimony, paternal rites etc. and Career and profession
• 11th house from Lagna to be correlated along with the 11th from the Sun for gains and father’s prowess since the 11th is the 3rd from the 9th.
• The Lagna and the Moon Lagna relate to physical felicity of the native and general strength of the radix.
• The 4th from the ascendant and the Moon sign related to mother.
• The second from the ascendant and from the Moon be investigated about one’s sight, speech, learning, wealth etc.
• The 11th from ascendant and from Moon for gains, elder brothers, friends etc.
• The 9th from ascendant and from the Moon for general fortunes, religion, meritorious activities etc.