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Sunday, January 31, 2010

THE ASHTA PASHA-Some information on tantra.


As per Tantraa philosophy there are eight bondages/chains which bind soul to the Maya. These bondages are Ghrina (Hate), Lajjaa (Shame), Bhaya (Fear, shankaa(Doubt), Jugupsaa(censure/reproach), Kula (caste), Jaati(creed) and Sheela (Modesty). Any consciousness which is bound by these 8 bondages is called Jiva (Individual soul) and the consciousness who is free from all these chains is called Sadashiva (Universal consciousness - Free soul/God).
In Chapter 8 of Durga Saptshati, when Demons Chanda and Munda died, Shumbha the demon king becomes angry and ordered his army to start attacking. He cries ," O demons, I order all armies of Asuras alongwith 86 Udyudhas, 84 Kambus, 50 Kotiviryas, 100 Dhomras, Kalakas, Dauhrids, Mauryas and Kalkeya demons to march for war.
Here Durga Saptshati reveals a great secret of Tantraa and that of Universe and Maya. Demon shumbha which represents our EGO names 8 types of demons to win over Good. These 8 types of demons in fact, signify the Ashtapasha which bind a person to Maya.
These 8 bondages have been reflected as 8 demon types in Saptshati and when Jiva invokes Mother Shakti, SHE fights these demons in us and breaks the bondages created by these Asuras and makes us free …a Sadashiva !!
The Chief demon Shumbha (depicting our Ego) is dependent on 8 demons to win the war and he would cease to be powerful when his army is killed. similarly Ego will cease to be once these 8 bondages are removed. Now let us look into details what these chains are.

1- Hatered : Hate is depicted by demon Udayudha. when Shumbha says 86 Udayudhas be ready, it tells us about the 86 types of hatered which aid our Ego and keeps us away from divinity. Hatered is a double edged sword. It not only forces us not to love someone it also nourishes our Ego telling it that it is better than the subject being hated. Ego can hate in 86 ways thus there are 86 Udayudha demons. Ten organs and Four Antakarnas, these fourteen generate hate towards four types of living beings (trees, reptiles/insects, animals and humans). Thus ego has total 56 types of hatered in waking state. In dream state, organs are missing hence 4 antahkarnas generate this hate for 4 types of living beings….and in dreamless state ego hates ten organs and 4 anthakarans thus all total making 86 types of hatered. These demons keep the ego satisfied and powerful. Mother shakti when evoked, kills these 86 hates and frees our Ego from one bondage called Hatered.
2- Lajjaa (Shame) : This bondage has been depicted by Kambu demons. Kambu is also a word for Conch signifying the animal who hides behind the hard shell to protect himself from others. Here Shame or hiding oneself from one's weakness and keeping away from others to save one's self-respect. This is also a sort of bondage on the soul. Soul hides itself beind 6 bodies and ten organs and four antahkarnas, hence making its number as 84. Here durga saptashati very bravely declares that these demons too are manifestations of Mother only when it sings (in 5th chapter)
Yaa Devi sarva Bhuteshu Lajjaa rupen sansthhitaa
Namastasaye namastasaye namstasaye namoh namah
(The Mother who manifests in all jiva as Lajja please accept my respects)

But to liberate ourselves into universal consciousness, this bondage has to be removed.

3- Bhaya (Fear ) : This third bondage is depicted by demon Kautivirya. Fear of death, feal of losing respect or nears and dears keeps the ego busy in Maya and hinders its way towards greater awareness. Durga Saptashati says Kautivirya is numbered 50. Ten organs and 5 koshas of body (Pls see my post 5 bodies of the soul in Saadhnaa club) are the place where fear is generated thus making the number 50 of Kautivirya demons.

4 - Shankaa (Doubt) : this fourth bondage is shown as Dhaumra demon. all the doubts arise due to distorted or false knowledge. Our 10 organs and 10 mahabhutas (earth, water, air, fire, ether - 5 in gross and 5 in subtle plane) are their solace hence Shumbha calls for 100 dhaumra demons to win the war.
Doubt keeps the ego busy thus keeping it entangled in Maya.
5- Jugupsa (censure/reproach): When due to false knowledge we see others as different from us, we censure others to prove us right. This too is treated as fifth bondage of the Soul. they are also of 100 types as in above para.
6- kula (caste): Dauhadri demon denotes proud of being related to one's birth. Even after listening to Brahma Gyana many times, this bondage of birth pride does not leave us. Only Mother's kindness can kill this demon and free us from this chain. they are also of 100 types.
7 - Jaati (creed): Demon Kalkeya denotes it. Due to false knowledge, Jiva is proud of his body being special (e.g. human body, white or black) This bondage is very powerful and no theroetical knowledge of God can remove this. Human souls is re-born again and again mainly due to this bondage. They are also of 100 types
8- sheela (Modesty). This bondage is denoted by demon Maurya. The modesty means Nature of Jiva, an idea Jiva makes about himself and the universe during the course of his many births. This bondage is also called Rudra-Granthi. Even after attaining the higher stages of spirituality, one is not free from this bondage and only removal of this bondage one is established into Advaita (union with god). An example of shri Ramakrishna paramhansa will further explain this bondage. When Guru Totapuri met paramhansa to teach him about Advaita, and asked him to sit in samadhi, shri Paramhansa saw Mother Kali only. then guru Totapuri ordered paramhansa to take an imaginary sword and cut the throat of Mother Kali…Paramhansa was so fond of Mother kali that he could not do it many times and finally when he did that, he was lost into Nirvikalpa samadhi a state of highest consciousness. So removal of this bondage is not easy. Only god or a god-sent guru can remove this final Bondage from Jiva.
without removing these 8 bondages, Jiva can not know his real self. People may try to do many types of sadhna, but these sadhnas sometimes further strengthen the bondages. We have to remember one thing there that Moksha and bondages both are in fact imaginary. Getting out of bondages, one would find that there was nothing called Moksha or bondage and one was already free.
then what is the way out to get ourselves free from these pashas? It is not easy to get rid of these Pashas. In B.Geeta Bhagwan Krishna says :-
Vishaya vinivartantey nirahaarasya dehina (The abstemious embodied self, of course, keeps off sensible objects, but not necessarily the relish for them.)
Is it easy to remove these 8 chains (divided into 720 types) so easily? What is the way out then? YES there is one way. complete surrender to the Mother. If we, like Paramhansa present our whole being to the Mother, we will see that these demons come forward and present themselves to the Mother for sacrifice on the altar of our Yajna of Bhakti and liberate our soul towards greater truths.
To begin with, we have first to leave our cunningness, selfishness and our false pride and surrender unconditionally to the Mother and request her to break our chains. Mother will not listen to our request if we first not purify ourselves . Lord Rama says in Ramcharitmanas.
Nirmal guni jan so mohi pawa
Mohi kapat chhal chhidra na bhava
pious and purifed souls reach me
Because I do not like cunningness, selfishness and pride

So let us begin today on the eve of Durga Ashtami with no prejudice…with no pride and with complete surrender…
Aum Krin Kalikaye namah

Hari Aum

Siddha Mantras of Hanuman for power and siddhis:

Siddha Mantras of Hanuman for power and siddhis:
The Hanuman mantras are very effective for all Saturn related problems, for health, to avoid and overcome troubles caused from enemies and to avoid imprisonment.
1.Om Hanumate namah
2.Om namo bhagavate anjaneyaya mahabalaya svaha
3.Om Hum Hanumate rudratmakaya hoom phat
4.Om Pavana nandanaya svaha
5.Om Namo bhagavate anjaneyaya amukasyashrinkhala trotaya trotaya bandha moksham kuru kuru svaha
6.Purvakapimukhaya panchamukha haumate tam tam tam tam tam sakala shatru shanharanaya svaha
7.Om pashchimamukhaya garudananaya panchamukha hanumate mam mam mam mam sakala vishahara svaha

Simple tantric remedies.

we are sometimes astonished to see, that the tasks which are not accomplished even after the greatest efforts and with the help of money are consummated by the help of small ‘Totakaas’ (magical charms)- 1. For the accomplishment of a wish - Write your wish on a small paper. Put it in a pill of wet flour. Throw such 100 pills to the fishes on any Sunday, The wish will be fulfilled. 2. For curing illness - If the patient or any member of his family offers 1.25 Kgs of roasted grains, to the monkeys for three or four consecutive Tuesdays, the patient starts recovering astonishingly. 3. For acquiring Government favours - A person is sure to acquire Govt. favours, if he makes a single chapatti (bread) of 1.25 Kg. wheat flour, keeps ghee, honey and jaggery on it, and offers it in any Hanuman temple, for two or three consecutive Saturdays. 4. For the increase in sales - Scatter a fistful of pepper and black grams in your shop on Sunday. Sweep them yourself with a broom and bury them In a hole. Thus any ‘Tantrik Prayog’ on your shop becomes Ineffective, and the sales increase many times.5. For removing all obstacles and problems - Wearing an authentic & consecrated Black Hakeek Mala’ around your neck, is a successful ‘Totakaa’ (charm) for the removal of all kinds of obstacles and problems.

Query relating to Marriage

Query relating to Marriage
1. If the Moon is placed in the houses 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th or 11th from the ascendant aspected by the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury the querist is to be told that marriage is sure to take place. Similarly benefics placed in quadrants and trines cause marriage to occur.
2. Under these combinations, if a benefic is posited in the 7th house, he will get a good (beautiful) wife. If a malefic is in the 7th house, he will get a woman devoid of any beauty.
3. If Saturn is placed in the 7th house identical with an evn sign, the querist is sure to get a damsel for marriage. If it be in odd sign he will not get any girl. So say the masters on this subject.
4. If the Moon is placed in the 2nd, 7th or the Uphachaya houses aspected by Jupiter, he gets a young woman. If the same Moon is associated with a malefic planet or is aspected by malefic planets, he will not get any woman.
5. If at a query (relating to marriage), the Moon is placed in the 6th or 8th house, the person dies in the eighth year after marriage.
6. If a malefic is placed in the ascendant, and another malefic is placed in the 7th house therefrom, the person dies within seven years after marriage.
7. If the Moon is placed in the ascendant and Mars is placed in the 7th house, the person lives just for eight months after marriage.
8. If Venus or Mercury is placed in the ascendant or the 8th house, in a query relating to marriage, the girl will surely become a widow. If Mars is placed in the 7th house the girl dies before marriage

The location of a strong Mars in the 7th house of a female nativity where it is not exalted or in his own sign is dangerous for the longevity of the husband. This is quite understandable as Mars in the 7th house harms the house of the husband (7th) as well as the house of his longevity (8th from 7th) i.e. the second. We should therefore, examine both the 2nd and the 7th houses for this purpose.
9. If the Sun is placed in the 7th house, the children born to this girl will die. If the Sun is placed in the ascendant, he will make her immoral and unchaste. There is no doubt regarding this.
10. If Moon and Mercury placed in the 6th house are associated with malefics will make the girl ill-tempered and unlucky. If the Moon and Venus are placed in the eleventh or 7th house, the girl will become unchaste. If in these places, Mercury and Venus are associated with malefics the girl surely becomes a widow. In all the houses mentioned in the shloka if there exists association with malefics the girl becomes a prostitute.
11. If the Moon occupies any one of the house 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th or 11th counted from the ascendant aspected by Jupiter, Sun and Mercury and not by other, it indicates that marriage is to take place immediately. If it is aspected by malefics, it will cause obstacles in the arrangement of the marriage.
12. If strong Venus aspects Mercury or the Moon placed in the ascendant, he will get a girl without any delay. If it is aspected by malefics, he will not.
13. If the ascendant and the Moon fall in movable sings and if both are aspected by Venus with a malefic placed in an angular house, he will get a good girl as bride.

Some observations on astrology.

In a Male nativity, when he is passing through Venus Dasha ,irrespective of the Ascendant, ownership & sign of placement of Venus , when Tr Jupiter arrives at the sign opposite the sign in which Natal Venus is placed, that one year during which Jupiter moves in that Rasi , will cause physical setbacks and various traumatic issues to female members of natives family, especially his wife
Eg--Assume in a Male nativity with Libra rising , Venus in the Birth chart is placed in Taurus and
currently the native is passing through Venus Dasha. From the Day, Jupiter in Transit enters sign Scorpio(opposite to Natal Venus) , till it leaves Scorpio, natives wife and other family members of the fair sex , will be plagued by physical discomfort and various problems

If Sun-Venus-Saturn conjunction occurs in a sign in strength , devoid of Nodal company, , identical with Angle, Trine or 11H , Rags to Riches syndrome is observed in the life of the native

Notes--The combination to be effective , the Ascendant Lord should be in strength and well-placed

If 9L conjoins with 12L in a Benefic sign , then the subject will be charitably disposed

Those born with Cancer Ascendant generally had a unhappy married life. Interestingly ,no other Ascendant is repeatedly seen , causing strained relations as Cancer Ascendant,whilst examining cases of seperation or divorce

He (she) who is born with Aquarius Ascendant will always have secret enemies akin to shadow that follows the man. Interestingly these secret enemies will be at par with the native , I mean, they will be equals in every respect with the native

8th Rasi Lord ,reckoned from the Ascendant , in direct mode ,occupying sign Scorpio (The 8th sign of natural zodiac), gives interest in Astrology and allied occult disciplines

For Libra Ascendant, the dasha & subperiod of Ju/Ve & Ve/Ju are usually found to be loaded with adversities

For Gemini Ascendant, Moon joining Rahu in 6th in Scorpio devoid of Jupiter's aspect , will lead to abnormal or unnatural death of family members .At some stage of life , subject will be the victim of food poisoning .If Saturn aspects this combination, subject will be predisposed to animal or reptile . bite

Let me tell u abou the planets and their effects:

Sun or Surya is a royal planet and the king in astrology. He represents the soul, will power, father, paternal relations, the king or the high officials. Its hot and angry, colour is red, metal is gold and gem is ruby. Sun represents the eastern direction.
The sun stays in each rasi for one month and takes one year to complete the round of the zodiac. Its motion is quite fixed and a lot of Indian festivals are as per the suns entry into the various signs. For example on January 14 it enters Makara and this day is celebrated as Makara Sankranti, On April 13th/14th it enters Mesha and this day is celebrated as Baisakhi. The change in seasons is also linked to the suns entry into various signs and nakshatras. He is the Pitrukaraka or planet connected with father

Guru Chandaal Yoga

This yoga is formed when Jupiter is in conjunction with or is aspected by Rahu or Ketu

The native is prone to act immorally and perform many misdeeds. However the results are not as frightening as they are made out to be. Different results are obtained for the combination in different houses however if benefic planets are present with this combination or this combination is aspected by benefic planets the results are auspicious as the inauspiciousness decreases.

In different houses this combination gives different results as follows

1. If Rahu and Jupiter combine in 8th house, the native suffers from colic pains or he may suffer from the injuries near the naval. These injuries are likely to give life long scars.
2. If Rahu and Jupiter combine in 9th house and Saturn is in the 3rd house (with Ketu), the native may be an illegitimate child.
3. If Jupiter is in the 10th house, Rahu is in the 6th house and Venus is in the 2nd house, the native becomes very wealthy even after being born in an ordinary family.
4. If there is a benefic aspect on the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu (or Ketu), the native is inclined towards religion and respects religious people.
5. If Jupiter and Rahu are conjunct in the fourth house and there is a benefic aspect on them, the person is very religious wealthy and may be a lawyer.
6. if there is an auspicious sign in the ascendant (I think it means the sign of a naturally benefic planet) and the moon is also posited in an auspicious sign and the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu takes place in 5th or 9th house, the native is very learned, wealthy, progressive and respected person.
7. In Capricorn ascendant, if Jupiter and Rahu combine in the 9th house the native is a very rich person. He is much respected and has all the facilities at his disposal.
8. Jupiter Rahu combination in the 3rd house makes the person very courageous and if this combination is aspected by Mars, the courage knows no bounds.
9. Jupiter Rahu (or Ketu) combination in the 6th house and aspect of Mars on it, makes the person extremely critical of his own religion. In fact he criticizes the wrong in his religion.

On the whole this is not considered a good yoga. The person may have some sort of enmity towards his son. I have come across a number of charts with this combination; it is my personal observation that these people have a peculiar way of thinking. They have their own views about various things (in fact about almost everything under the sun), which may not be correct but the natives are very rigid about them. Simply put in Hindi the native hamesha ulta sochta hai.


अपराधक्षमापणस्तोत्रम् .

ॐ अपराधशतं कृत्वा जगदम्बेति चोच्चरेत् .
यां गतिं समवाप्नोति न तां ब्रह्मादयः सुराः .. १..
सापराधोऽस्मि शरणं प्राप्तस्त्वां जगदम्बिके .
इदानीमनुकम्प्योऽहं यथेच्छसि तथा कुरु .. २..
अज्ञानाद्विस्मृतेर्भ्रोन्त्या यन्न्यूनमधिकं कृतम् .
तत्सर्वं क्षम्यतां देवि प्रसीद परमेश्वरि .. ३..
कामेश्वरि जगन्मातः सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहे .
गृहाणार्चामिमां प्रीत्या प्रसीद परमेश्वरि .. ४..
सर्वरूपमयी देवी सर्वं देवीमयं जगत् .
अतोऽहं विश्वरूपां त्वां नमामि परमेश्वरीम् .. ५..
यदक्षरं परिभ्रष्टं मात्राहीनञ्च यद्भवेत् .
पूर्णं भवतु तत् सर्वं त्वत्प्रसादान्महेश्वरि .. ६..
यदत्र पाठे जगदम्बिके मया
विसर्गबिन्द्वक्षरहीनमीरितम् .
तदस्तु सम्पूर्णतमं प्रसादतः
सङ्कल्पसिद्धिश्व सदैव जायताम् .. ७..
भक्त्याभक्त्यानुपूर्वं प्रसभकृतिवशात् व्यक्त्तमव्यक्त्तमम्ब .
मोहादज्ञानतो वा पठितमपठितं साम्प्रतं ते स्तवेऽस्मिन्
तत् सर्वं साङ्गमास्तां भगवति वरदे त्वत्प्रसादात् प्रसीद .. ८..
प्रसीद भगवत्यम्ब प्रसीद भक्तवत्सले .
प्रसादं कुरु मे देवि दुर्गे देवि नमोऽस्तु ते .. ९..
.. इति अपराधक्षमापणस्तोत्रं समाप्तम्..

Indu lagna

According to ancient jyotish texts, the Indu lagna shows the
sources of wealth for an individual. The planets on the Indu lagna, 11th,
2nd, planets in kendras, or planets aspecting the Indu lagna, are
able to provide wealth to the person.

The Indu lagna is computed as follows:

1. Determine the lord of the 9th house from the lagna.
2. Determine the lord of the 9th house from the Moon.

3. Assign a value to the lords found above by using the following
scores: 30, 16, 6, 8, 10, 12, 1 (starting from the Sun to Saturn).

4. Add the values assigned to the lords of the 9th houses.

5. Divide the total by 12 and determine the remainder of the

6. Count the number of the remainder from the position of the

Thus, the Indu lagna is determined.

According to the interpretations made by Dr. KS Charak, author
of "Elements of Vedic Astrology", all of the planets are capable of
providing wealth to an individual provided that they are located at
the houses mentioned in the previous email. Accordingly, the planets
located on the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 12th from the Indu Lagna
cannot provide such wealth, unless they aspect the Indu Lagna.

In practical terms, the jyotishi needs to synthesize the information
from this perspective with the indicators provided from the rest of
the chart. As such, the jyotishi can have a fair evaluation of the
strengths and weaknesses inherent in the person's life.

What is Indu Lagna? How is it used in predictive astrology?
THE Tamizh authority, "Jataka Alankaram" gives rules for determining Indu Lagna. Kala values of planets are as follows: Sun:30; Moon:16; Mars:6; Mercury:8; Jupiter:10; Venus:12; Saturn:1. The Kala of the Ninth lord from Lagna, and that of the Ninth lord from the moon should be added and the total divided by 12. The remainder, counted from the moon's Rasi in the horoscope, leads us to Indu Lagna. For a Dhanu Lagna, Thula Rasi native, e.g., the 9th lord is the sun with Kala value 30; the lord of the Ninth from Thula is Mercury, whose Kala is 8. The total is 38. This is divided by 12. The remainder is 2. From Thula Rasi, the second Sign is Vrischika, which is the Indu Lagna for this horoscope.

Kaal sarp dosh- An easy way to find out.

kaal sarp dosh and remedies.
Now that we know the types and forms of Kal Sarpa Yoga, let us see few examples pf this yoga and a general understanding, how to deal with it.

Kala Sarpa Yoga/Kala Amrita Yoga(KSY/KAY) When all planets are enclosed between Rahu & Ketu, or Ketu & Rahu respectively.

E.g. of KSY

Nelson Mandela, Carl Sagan, Pope Jules II, Pope Gregory XIII, Benito Mussolini (Dictator of Italy from 1922-1943) etc,

E.g. of KAY

Singer Yesudas, Margaret Thatcher, G.W.Bush,

People with KSY or KAY like status but one or more planet outside.

Mahatma gandhi ji, Tony Blair, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Adolph hitler, Ronald reagan, Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra, Bill gates, and the list is endless.

Quote: B V Raman:

Rahu must occupy one of the first six houses from the lagna, i.e., bhava 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.
Kala-Sarpa yoga does not apply even if one planet is outside the Rahu -Ketu Axis.
If one planet is outside the axis results are good in the form of leadership or activism for social change.Though the person himself is in the trap of excessive desire, he is able to cut loose and help those who are helpless or not in a position to cut loose.

E.g. Mahatma Gandhi jee, Jupiter is outside, which made him world class compassionate leader. (This is true for Jupiter or Venus)

All The above leaders have KSY/KAY with one planet outside or planets occupying same rasi as Rahu or Ketu.

Literary Meaning: "Kal" means "earth-time" and "sarpa" means "serpent".

One view is, it is actually Sarpa energy which is again psychic energies of gods and goddesses of underworld, and it is believed that these sarpa are immense, ancient serpent-like deities who control the psychic shield around our planet Earth.Sarpa are entities, of a much higher vibration than human beings, and definitely not to be confused with the common reptile snakes! This energy can be controlled by psychic skill, that means one has to condition his or her mind in such a way that the negative thoughts emanating from deep within are neutralized and do not effect the psyche of the person, to pull yourself above mundane happenings.

History: Rahu and Ketu gained importance in the Jyotisha around 600-800 AD i.e. long after the classics. like BPHS, Saravali, etc.

Beliefs: Kala-Sarpa yoga is associated with dreadful experiences like suffering from delays, hardships, obsessive habits, excessive desires, poisons, catastrophes, sudden and disastrous changes in every aspect of life, homelessness, not suitable for marriage, employment etc.

(Cause for manipulation by few astrologers. )


Even if one planet is outside the Rahu -Ketu axis.
If other Raja yoga’s exist.
If other planets are strong and corresponding dasa is in effect.
If planets present in the same house with higher degrees than Rahu or Ketu.
If Lagna is outside.

Actual effect: During Rahu-Ketu dasa, and transits particularly if Rahu is in lagna. Roller coaster kind of life with great falls after great achievements.
People with KSY/KAY are very sensitive and to defend themselves they use means which are Anti to normal society. If they channel this energy in a proper way they can follow people likeDeepak Chopra.

During Rahu/Ketu periods, People with KSY/KAY can have severe identity crisis and should take precautions by monitoring their negative feelings particularly in case of criticism from others.

Strong planets: If other planets are strong, people with KSY/KAY live a normal life with normal career and families etc.

Worst effects: when Rahu in the lagna so Ketu is in 7, if married both spouses are affected and might take to anti-social life due to acute negativity.

Raman: "evil gets intensified if lagna is between Ketu & Rahu" whereas "evil is almost neutralized if lagna is between Rahu & Ketu".

If houses involved are - 1/7, 2/8, 4/10, 5/11, or 6/12 - have a significant KSY effects.
If it is 1/7 axis: inauspicious for marital happiness. As per Raman the Marital life becomes oppressive and marred by frequent classes and want of understanding. " and can be avoided through conscious understanding.
If it is 2/8: The native will go through many ups and downs financially - often great wealth, wiped out, and rebuilt several times.
If it is 4/10: Setbacks in career (If10th-rashi or 10-lord is not strong).
If it is 5/11: Difficulties with children. birth defects or accidental deaths for children.
If it is 6/12: betrayal by colleagues or family members. According to Raman in Three

Hundred Important Combinations, (p. 327) the 6/12 position "could indicate incarceration, or spiritual elevation, depending on the presence or absence of powerful Bandhana Yoga’s.

BV Raman: "Kala Sarpa Yoga has its bright shades. It makes one industrious, hardworking, and aware of one’s own ability- despite mental restlessness. It raises the natives to top positions in their respective fields provided of course other Raja Yoga’s are present.
Rahu-Ketu axis favors rise in mundane life while Ketu-Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters.

Suffering due to developments in life strengthens the mind and mellows down one’s outlook.
This is a blessing of Kala Sarpa Yoga.

No single yoga, including Kala Sarpa Yoga, is capable of marring or making a horoscope.
No single yoga could ever control an entire chart

KSY is a yoga and not a dosha or curse: Rahu's lord directs the life of the native and Rahu is known for breaking normal set rules in a normal society, so a person with this yoga might go through a period particularly during Rahu-Ketu transits and dasas, causing acute negativity causing frustrations even in mundane events of life, Rahu is know to give a person a fearless attitude to cut loose all those borders of social decency. so basically it is a negative thought process circulating in the mind, native should try to let this negativity move out of his head, in way it is management of psychic energies and sensitivities.

As Rahu enhances the phala of the lord of the house it is posited in.

Venus - All desires for beautiful things enhanced to extreme.
Mars- Too much focus.
Mercury- Communication- Too much talking for perfection
Moon- Too sensitive, too fickle minded
Sun- Too much concern about self image and leadership.
Jupiter- Obsession in learning or imparting knowledge to others.
Sani- Claim too much credit or try for impossible achievements.

In a way Rahu enhances the planetary lords traits and Ketu subdues them, so during Rahu periods the native is too focused and during Ketu periods native will have foggy focus.

Planets if outside Rahu-Ketu axis: If one of the following planets is outside the axis.

Sun: strong leadership dharma and moral philosophy
Moon: compassion for the masses, upliftment of suffering people.
Mars: gifted social leader, fight injustice upliftment for the downtrodden.
Mercury: calculating mind, detailed planning and upliftment of masses from ignorance.
Jupiter: extraordinary wisdom, criminal psychologist.
Venus: upliftment through arts and music.
Saturn: Risk taking to averse social injustice but in case no good planets are available, native might resort to injustice himself.

Remedies: Since it has to do with state of mind, take care of it by meditation, spirituality, positive thinking, developing positive habits, and avoiding negative thoughts.

List of remedies for Kal Sarpa yoga


1. Wear a Kalsarpa ring, which is snake shaped & made of silver. This ring can be obtained from any renowned astrologer. This should be worn on Wednesday, in the small finger. Donate dry coconut, mustard etc on that day and chant the mantra of Rahu & Ketu.

2. Worship Lord Ganesha and before sunrise offer a pair of snakes made of silver on a Shiva ling. This should be done through a renowned astrologer

3. Offer water daily on a Shiva ling after chanting the mantra "Om Nama.H Shivaya".

4. Give a silver brick of 20 gms to daughter at her marriage. This remedy is for a happy married life.

5. Donate fresh radish.

6. Drop coals equal to your weight in a flowing river on Wednesday.

7. Donate some black dal & some money to a beggar early in the morning.

8. Keep some grains under your pillow at night & feed them to birds early in the morning.

9. Put a silver swastik on the main entrance of the house.

10. Have your food in the kitchen.

11. Drop a coconut in the sea.

12. Donate gold, black grains, blue coloured clothes.

13. Wear gomed.

14. Drop a coconut & a coin in the flowing water daily for 43 days.

15. Observe fast on Nag Panchami and worship Kal Sarpa Yoga.

16. Keep a Kal Sarpa Tantra & worship it daily.

17. Keep peacock feathers in the house.

18. Float a pair of snakes in flowing river on your birthday every year, equal to your age.

19. Take the blessings of your parents daily.

20. Buy a pair of snakes on the 5th day of Shukalpaksh or Nag Panchami, feed them with milk and free them after worship.

21. Keep a pair of snakes made of silver in a bronze vessel full of milk on the 5th day of Shukalpaksh or Nag Panchami & float the vessel in flowing water.

These remedies might look rediculous and very meaningless but the person going through the effects of Kal Sarpa Yoga or Rahu -Ketu effects only knows the pain so no matter how rediculour they sound, it is not that difficult to do most of them, atleast none of them ask to climb mount Everest and wait for Lord Shiva, and regarding the benefits of the said remedies only a native going through the difficult phase would know if they worked or not and sometimes the benefit is so small that it is not visible and sometime it is immense and it is visible like a sun rise, but lot has to do with your mind and how you take things.

All the best, May Lord Shiva save us from difficult times.



What is Kaalsarp?

What is Kaalsarp?

When all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu i.e., the moon's north node and the moon's south node Kaalsarp Yoga is formed. Complete Kaalsarp yoga is formed only when half of the chart is unoccupied by planets. Even if one planet is outside the Rahu Ketu Axis there is no Kaalsarp Yoga.

Before you do any remedies for the Kaalsarp Yoga make sure that all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Even if there is one planet outside the Rahu Ketu axis the Kaalsarp Yoga does not exist. do not confuse Kaalsarp yoga with Nag/Naga Dosha or Karaka Dosha.
If all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. Therefore it is essential that such natives should arrange for remedy of Kaal Sarp Yog so that lucky planets of the horoscope could render favorable results.

Types of Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu is in the first House and Ketu in the seventh house and the rest of the planets are left to this axis the Yoga which arises is the Anant Kalsarp Yoga. This is also called as Vipareeta Kaalsarp Yoga opposite Kaalsarp yoga. Though this yoga has the power to give windfall gains to the native, it is bad for marital life. Generally natives with this yoga get married late in life .
Shankachood Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the ninth house and Ketu is in the 3rd house this yoga operates. Natives who have this yoga in the chart have many ups and down in life. They have a habit of speaking lies. They are also short tempered.
Ghatak Kaalsarp Yoga
This yoga arises when rahu is in tenth house and ketu in the fourth house.Litigation problems are common is this case. Punishment by law or the Government also possible. However if this yoga operates in a beneficial manner then it has the power to confer the highest form of political power ,special in Virgo and Leo ascendant.
Kulik Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the second house and Ketu the eighth house Kulik Kaalsarp Yoga arises. This combination is bad for health. The probability of losses and accidents is high with natives of this combination. This is bad for financial prosperity too. The native is worried on account of an insecure financial standing.
Vasuki Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the third house and Ketu the ninth house and the rest of the planets are located to the left of the Rahu Ketu axis this yoga is born. The native is burdened with problems relating to job and business.

Shankpal Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the 4th house and Ketu the 10th this yoga is Formed. The native gets trouble relating to work sphere and has to go through stress and anxiety. Sometimes the native has an illegitimate child or can be an illegitimate child. However this yoga also has the power of conferring high political success and windfall gains.
Padam Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the fifth house and Ketu the eleventh house this Yoga is formed. The native is worried on account of children. There is difficulty in getting a progeny. If the moon is also afflicted then there is the possibility of being troubled by spirits. In this case if a native falls ill the recovery time is slow. There are also chances of being let down by friends in this case.
Mahapadam Kaalsarp Yoga
This yoga is formed when rahu is in the 6th house and Ketu is in the twelfth house. The native has many enemies and has problems on account of diseases. However if this yoga acts beneficially it has the power to confer power and political success.
Takshak Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu is in the seventh house and Ketu in the first house this yoga is formed. The native has got speculative tendencies and can lose wealth by way of wine, women and gambling. There is marital discord in the life of the native.
Karkotak Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the eighth house and Ketu the second house this yoga is formed. The native is short tempered and has many enemies. Such a native has friendship with the anti social elements. The native does not get paternal wealth.
Vishdhar Kaalsarp Yoga
When rahu occupies the eleventh house and ketu the fifth house the yoga which arises is the Vishdhar Kaalsarp Yoga. The native travels frequently and is never fixed at on place. Problems also arise from children. However these natives get some peace in the latter half of their life.
Sheshnag Kaalsarp Yoga
When Rahu occupies the twelfth house and ketu the 6th house this yoga arises. The native has problems relating to litigation. There are may enemies and health problems.
The Kaalsarp Yoga is not always bad. It has the power to confer gains too.
All planets must be hemmed between rahu and ketu.
Even if one planet is outside the Rahu Ketu axis there is no Kaalsarp Yoga.
Rahu equals moon's north node. Ketu equals moon's south nod.
The Kaal Sarp Yog is of two types- Ascending and Descending. If all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu's mouth then it is Ascending Kaal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kaal Sarp Yog is formed.

If all houses situated between Rahu and Ketu have planets then Kaal Sarp Yog is fully effective. If Sun or Moon is present with Rahu or Ketu then this yoga is more lethal. If Rahu, Sun and Moon are all situated together then Grahan Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. This is 1000 times more powerful. For such a native it is essential to arrange for remedies and shanti of Kaal Sarp Yog.

If in horoscope all 7 planets are between Rahu and Ketu but partially few planets are outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu then Partial Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. If only one planet is outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu then also Partial Kaal Sarp Yog is formed.

The Effects of Kaal Sarp Yog:

The native having Kaal Sarp Yog suffers from mental unrest, hurdles in gain of wealth, barriers in having children and uninterrupted disputes in married life. Usually the native sees bad dreams and there is danger of sudden death. Different fears and worries persist. The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed. Sudden loss of money or prestige is an indication of this yoga. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine.

The prescribed remedies of Kaal Sarp Yog can give relief from these problems. According to horoscope whenever the mahadasha or antardasha of Rahu/Ketu comes then Kaal Sarp Yog is more effective. The transit of Rahu and Ketu through Rahu or Ketu or Moon of natal chart also makes this yoga more influential. At that time remedies or worship carried out with devotion are highly useful. You can also lit lamp of mustard oil for 43 days before Kaal Sarp Yog Yantra to get rid of troubles and to ensure all round development.

Due to Kaal Sarp Yog the native suffers from diseases such as heart, eyes and ears trouble many times that cause loss of money. The native remains mentally disturbed from time to time. The physique is not sound.

The native generally lives away from his native place and wanders from one place to another. The enemies of the native hatch conspiracies against him and try to cause harm but they are not successful usually. The native faces many problems in arguments, legal cases and conflicts; defeat is not ruled out. There may be some loss due to lawsuits. On many occasions there is fall of prestige or there is lack of esteem. The success is like a mirage. The native's way of working is peculiar. There are hurdles in life and native has to struggle for moving ahead.

The financial position remains little fragile. There could be debts but these are paid back though with some difficulty. Goals can be achieved but after delays. However the native also gets a miraculous time in life. The native gets renown at the fag end of his life or after his death.

Rahu and Ketu are two modes of Moon and they are regarded as full-fledged planets in Astrology. They are considered as most dreaded planets. Rahu is the Dragon’s head and Ketu as Dragon’s tail. Both of them form a malefic yoga, known as Kal-Sarp Yoga. In Astrology, this Yoga is supposed to have direct impact on the following events :

- It causes deterioration of health and reduces longevity.
- It causes imprisonment or serious accident.
- It causes separation, divorce and marital discord.
- It causes poverty and destruction of wealth.
- It causes destruction of business and loss of job.
- It causes destruction of kingdoms and rulers.
- It causes downfall of most powerful persons in politics.

Formation of Kalsarp Yoga :

- All the planets should be within the orbit of Rahu and Ketu.

- Rahu should be at the upper end and ketu at the lower end.

- There is no planet outside the arch.

- That there is no planet conjuncting with Rahu or Ketu.

- That all the seven planets should face Rahu,which is always retrograde.

Impact of Kal-Sarp Yoga :

- Rahu in first house and Ketu in 7th house: Downfall, loss of position and reputation, mishappening, marital discord, loss of wife and children.

- Rahu in second house and Ketu in 8th house : Reduction in wealth and health causes poverty, worries defects in body and lot of travelling.

- Rahu in 3rd house and Ketu in 9th house : Involved in criminal activities, unpopular, waste energy and wealth, selfish, accident prone and paralysis is possible.

- Rahu in 4th house and Ketu in 10th house : Loss of property, disappoint-ment, loss of job and business, unhappiness, sarpdosha unhappy and unsettled life.

- Rahu in 5th and Ketu in 11th house : Heavy losses in litigation, failure in love affair, loss of children and betrayal by friends.

- Rahu in 6th house and Ketu in 12th house : imprisonment, secret enemies, bad health and serious sickness and set backs in married life.

Note : The impact is more severe if Rahu has support of Sun and Saturn.

Duration of Kal-Sarp Yoga :

- Rahu in 1st house: upto 27 years of age.
- Rahu in 2nd house: upto 33 years of age.
- Rahu in 3rd house: upto 36 years of age.
- Rahu in 4th house: upto 42 years of age.
- Rahu in 5th house: upto 48 years of age.
- Rahu in 6th house: upto 54 years of age.

Notes :

- It causes malefic impact on houses occupied by Rahu and Ketu.

- It causes malefic impact on houses aspected by Rahu and ketu.

- It spoils the benefic planets joining with Rahu and Ketu.

- It causes severe hardship when related with Sun and Saturn or the lords of the houses occupied by Sun, Saturn,Rahu and Ketu.

- Its impact will be clearly noticed during periods and interperiods of Rahu and Ketu.

- Its impact is more severe when Rahu/Ketu are in 1,5 or 9th position from themselves or Sun, Mars and Saturn.

- Sometimes it pushes a man to great heights.

- Sometimes it gives benefic results, when Rahu/Ketu are aspected by benefic planets, specially Jupiter or Venus.

- Ketu is always 180 degrees from the longitude of Rahu

- In case Uranus, Neptune or Pluto are outside the arch of Rahu and Ketu, no Kal-Sarp Yoga is formed.

- Ketu’s aspect is less malefic than Rahu

- Raja Yogas in the chart are more effective than Kal-Sarp Yoga

- This Yoga causes great harm to th4e family, society and nation through the person who has Kal-Sarp Yoga

- This Yoga plays important role in Mundane Astrology

- Rahu joining ninth Mars in any chart create criminals or suicide or serious accident or murder

- Rahu and Saturn joining in any house destroy the 7th house, the house opposite them

- Rahu in transit creating relations with Jupiter or Venus gives benefic results

- Ketu moving over any planet is evil for the significations of the concerned house
- Rahu and Ketu generally behaves like lord of the sign occupied by them or the planet conjuncting with them.

- If Ascendant is outside the arch of Kal-Sarp Yoga, the malefic impact is reduced.

- The dispositors of Rahu and Ketu also play important role in determining the benefic or malefic impact.

- Rahu in 3rd or 6th house in Aries, Taurus or Cancer sign does not give malefic results. It is benefic and gives benefic results.

- Rahu in 10th house or aspecting 10th house and its lord along with Sun and Saturn destroy the native’s career. In case of 7th house separation and divorce id possible

- Rahu and Mars in 3rd house causes accident and damages to life.

- Rahu + Mars + Sat in ascendant: Dangerous personality.


If you are feeling above disturbances then arrange for following remedies; you will definitely get relief.

Establish Kaal Sarp Faults Removal Yantra in your home and worship it regularly.

Recite "Om Namah Shivay" daily.

Give coal to flowing water (such as a river) on three occasions during auspicious time.

Fix a swastik made of silver at an auspicious time on your main door and on its both sides fix snake figures made of metal.

Take meals by sitting in your kitchen.

Feed birds for 1¼ month by barley.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

Worship a snake made of silver on Nag Panchami; remember your ancestors (pitra) and give this snake to flowing water (such as a river) or sea with a devoted mind.

Make a snake of silver or eight metals and wear it in your finger.

Recite daily Rahu Kavach, Stotra

Boil pine, mustard and loban (benzoin) in water and take bath with this water (only once).

Alms for Rahu:

Donate agate, gold, lead, til (sesame) mustard, blue clothes etc.ers, sword, blankets, horse etc from time to time.

Remedies for Rahu and Ketu Use blue handkerchief, blue watchstrap, blue pen, and iron ring.

Recite Nav Nag stotra daily for one year.

Wear Nagpaash Yantra at an auspicious time after recitation of mantras.

On every Monday do abhishek (bathe the deity) of Lord Shankar by yogurt by chanting Har Har Mahadev.

Important: Kindly note that worship of Kaal Sarp Yog is done only by wooden sandal. Don’t use sindoor, roli(red lead) etc.

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Remedies for planets.--V K Choudhry Author & Astrologer www.YourNetAstrologer.com


" Serving one's father or helping old age needy persons. " Give wheat soaked in water with 20 grams of jaggery (Gur) to a cow on Sundays.
" Surya Namaskar at sunrise.
" Observe law of the land meticulously.

" Serving one's mother or old age women.
" Give dough to a cow on Mondays.
" Keep a fresh water pot for the birds.
" Offering boiled rice with sugar to the birds.

" Service to younger brother(s).
" Prayers/meditation every morning for at least 10 min.
" Being considerate to one's servant(s).
" Exercising patience.

" Helping poor students and needy children.
" Donating to orphanages, twice a year.
" Offering green fodder (about 2 Kg) to a cow.
" Donating green pulses.

" Offering service to one's preceptor/teacher.
" Prayers/meditation every morning.
" Offering banana in small pieces to the birds.
" Offering one bundi laddu (an Indian sweet) or any yellow sweet to the birds.

" Being considerate to one's wife or helping ladies in distress.
" Donating sugar, rice and cooking oil.
" Offering white sweets to the birds.
" Donating silken clothes of bright colors.

" Being considerate to servants.
" Offering simple salty food to the birds.
" Offering black pulses or salt or mustard oil on Saturdays.
" Donate to organizations that help poor people, twice a year.

" Serving one's parents.
" Give part of your breakfast or coarse grains to the birds.
" Donate for old age needy persons or lepers, twice a year.
" Giving away brown colored sweets to the birds.

" Offering some food to a stray dog.
" Donate for the old age homes, twice a year.
" Prayers to Lord Ganapathi.
" Serving/helping institutions or persons working for spiritualism.

These remedies are to be performed daily in the morning after bath and before breakfast. In case the native is unable to do so as in the case of sickness or out of town or in the case of children, these remedial measures can be performed by parents or spouse. If the offering is not accepted by a dog or cow, another dog/cow should be tried. The remedial measures should be performed regularly and the performance of any one of the suggested measures for a particular planet would suffice.


Do you wish for a happy married life?
Can life be full of pleasures?
Can delay in marriages be remedied?
The answer is yes!
Life is very strange. Every person be it a man or a Woman keeps trying to get more and more pleasures and comforts in life. First everyone wishes for material pleasures and then for spiritual fulfilment.
One important event in life is marriage. Marriage brings about a very special change in the life of a person. The direction of life can completely change after marriage. If one gets a wise, capable and understanding life partner then one feels like enjoying life and its pleasures to the full. Problems, obstacles and responsibilities are a part of life. But if one's life partner is understanding then the pain becomes much less.
In the Indian Society too marriage is given great significance. In the ancient times there used to be the ritual of Swayamvar in which the girls were given the freedom to choose their own husbands. Because the marriage used to be by choice hence life was more happy. Married life was not a problem or a burden for them.
But as times passed the social system changed and the ritual of marriage became some what distorted due to which there were many problems which the couples face to this day. Society became dominated by males and women came to play only a passive role in marriages. The fact is that a woman is as important a part of the society as a man. In married life both are equal. Both supplement each other. Without one the other cannot contemplate a whole life. The creation in nature cannot go on without cooperation of both.
Marriage in the present context
Today the institution of marriage has become very corrupted.There is more pain in married life than happiness. It has come to be believed that birth of a girl in a home means advent of problems and sorrows. The reason for this is that for the marriage of the girl the parents have to struggle a lot. The problem of dowry has further complicated matters. High life styles, ostentation and false values have only tended to make the problem of dowry more grave. Even after marriage of the girl problems for the parents or the girl do not end. Everyone understands that the prevalent system is wrong yet paradoxically it continues.
If by the time the girl is of marriageable age parents are not able to find a suitable match then it becomes a cause of worry and tension for them. The poor girl even if she understands what is going on is forced to keep mum.
Even in the present age love marriage is not easily possible in India. And not just girls even boys are forced into marriages. Today seventy out of hundred couples are not satisfied with their marriage. A man is not able to get the girl of his choice and same is the case for the girl. Still life goes on. But where there is no true joy it cannot be called life. It becomes more of a burden.
In the ancient times men used to do special Sadhanas to get a good wife. And similarly women used to perform rituals for getting a good husband. Having studied the ancient texts some special Sadhanas are being produced here for the readers of the magazine with the help of which they could make their married lives more happy and joyous. One should not hesitate in trying these Sadhanas that are meant for the success of married life. If desired things do not happen on their own then what is the harm in getting wishes fulfilled through Sadhanas?
Bhuvaneshwarj Vivaah Prayog
For early marriage
Among the ten Mahavidyas Bhuvaneshwari is the Mother Goddess who can bestow totality in married life and make it happy, prosperous and comfortable. This Sadhana can be tried by a girl of marriageable age herself or someone else can also try it on her behalf. Even a man can try it for getting a good wife.
Start this Sadhana from any Friday. Once the Sadhana has been commenced then trying it daily till the desired result is obtained. In other words chant the Mantra daily.
Early in the morning have a bath. Wear fresh clothes. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. On a mound of rice grains place a Bhuvaneshwari Yantra. With vermilion write Hreem on all four sides of the Yantra. Light a ghee lamp. First of all pray to your family deity. Then offer vermilion on the Yantra. Also offer red flowers. Pray for the fulfilment of your wish.
Then with a rock crystal rosary (Sfatik) chant one round of the following Mantra each time offering a red flower to the Goddess.
|| Om Kaamdevaay Vidmahe Pushpbaannaay Dheemahi Tanno-anang Prachodayaat ||

After the Mantra chanting collect all the flowers and tie them in a clean cloth. If the Yantra is in form of an amulet then a man should tie it on the right hand and a woman on the left.
Do this daily for 15 days. One surely gets the right match very soon.
Gandharvaraaj Chetaanaa Prayog
For quick marriage of girls
Gandharvaraaj is the deity of love, marriage and beauty. By offering prayers to him one can get married to the person of one's choice. This is a Sadhana only for girls. Women can try it for getting good husbands too.
Start this Sadhana from a Monday and end it on a full moon day. In this period one should chant the Mantra ten thousand times. If there is some problem in a love marriage then too this Sadhana can be tried. Once Gandharvaraaj is pleased through a Sadhana he appears in a subtle form to bless the Sadhak. This Sadhana must be tried by the girl in the night. Some other family member can also try it on the behalf of the prospective bride.
In the night of Monday have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth. In its centre place the amulet -Siddhi Gandharva Taabeej. Before it place a Siddhi Chakra. If one has a particular wish then write it on a paper and place it under the amulet. Light a ghee lamp and incense.
At ten in the night start the Sadhana. It is not necessary to perform this Sadhana in the place of worship rather one can also do it in the sleeping room or any other isolated spot. First of all offer seven flowers on the amulet and pray to Gandharvaraaj -O Gandharvaraaj! You are very kind. Air is your vehicle. Love is your form. Beauty is your ornament. Please help me fulfil my wish.
Next chant the following Mantra with Vishvaasu Manni rosary.
|| Om Kleem Vishvaasu Naam Gandharvah Kanyaah Naamaadhipatih Labhaami Dev-dattaam Kanyaam Suroopaam Salaankaaraam Tasmei Vishvaav-sarva Namah ||

Each day chant the Mantra with the same rosary. The number of chantings must be calculated according to the number of days from Monday to the full moon day.
In the night of full moon chant five extra rounds and tie the amulet around your waist. Place the Siddhi Chakra at home in the place of worship.
There are many more Sadhanas related to quick marriage that shall appear in the future issues of the magazine. What ever be the type of Sadhana if it is used for a good and pure cause then one surely attains to success.
Poornna Grihasth Sukh Prayog
For happy married life
Marriage means the coming together of a man and woman from two different backgrounds. Their thoughts might be different, their habits might be different but they have to live together and make the marriage a success. But many times there are quarrels and differences which result in bitterness.
If there is tension in the house one is not able to do things which one has planned. The ancient texts state - Very lucky is the person who gets a good and cooperative spouse in life.
Some times the tension due to the differences become so unbearable that married life seems to be a burden, progress in life stops and one becomes frustrated. Such a situation is not favourable for either life partner.
In such a situation Sadhana is the only means of attaining a balance and harmony in married life. Through it married life could be made more happy, successful and peaceful. When the thinking of two persons is in harmony then life surely is peaceful.
Try this Sadhana on a Monday. It is better to try this Sadhana in the months of Kaartik, Maargsheersh or Sharad. One can continue chanting one round of Mantra every Monday.
In the night of a Monday at ten start the Sadhana. If the Sadhana is accomplished at midnight then it proves even more rewarding. One needs 21 Maayaa Beejs, five Kaamya Prayog Siddh Siddhiphals and a rock crystal rosary for this Sadhana. Keep these articles ready before starting the Sadhana. Once you have started the Sadhana do not get up from the seat.
One also needs rice grains dyed yellow with turmeric, an oil lamp and red cloth. With vermilion draw a circle and in its centre write Kleem. All around it place the five Kaamya Siddhi Phals. Then in another circle place the 21 Maayaa Beejs. Meditate on the from of Kaamaakshi Devi and pray to her to give success in married life. Make a mark of vermilion on each Maayaa Beej. Then chant the following Mantra 21 times each time offering rice rains on one Maayaa Beej. Also with each chanting pickup the rice grains and Maayaa Beej and throw behind yourself over your shoulder.
Dhaam Dheem Dhoom Dhoorjateh Patnee Vaam Veem Voom Vaagdheeshwaree. Kraam Kreem Kroom Kaalikaa Devee, Shaam Sheem Shoom Me Shubham Kuru.

Offer saffron on each Siddhiphal and also offer rice grains and vermilion. Each time chant the Mantra. Then picking each Siddhiphal put it in a clean cloth chanting the Mantra. Tie the cloth and place it under your bed. This is a very, easy ritual. By chanting the Mantra regularly one can make life even more peaceful and happy.

Shiv pancakshar with meaning.

Om Vande Shambum umapathim sura gurum vande jagatkaranam,
Vande pannaga bhooshanam mrugadharam, vande pasoonaam pathim,
Vande surya sasanka vahni nayanam, vande mukunda priyam,
Vande bhaktha janasrayam cha varadam, Vande shivam sankaram. 3

I salute the great God Shambhu, Who is the consort of Uma, Who is the teacher of devas, I salute the cause of this universe, I salute who wears snake as ornament, Who caries a deer in his hand, I salute the Lord of all beings, I salute him who has sun, moon and fire as eyes, I salute him who is dear to Mukunda, I salute him who is the refuge of his devotees, Who is the one who gives them great status, And I salute Shiva and Shankara.

Nagendra Haaraaya Thrilochanaaya
Bhasmaanga Raagaaya Maheshvaraaya
Nityaaya Suddhaaya Digambaraaya
Tasmai Nakaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Mahesvara - who has a garland of serpents around the neck; who has three eyes; whose body is covered with ash (vibhuti); who is eternal; who is pure; who has the entire sky as His dress and who is embodies as the first letter Na.

Mandaakini Salila Chandana Chaarthitaaya
Nandeesvara Pramatha Naatha Mahesvaraaya
Mandaara Pushpa Vahu Pushpa Supoojitaaya
Tasmai Makaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I bow to Lord Mahesvara, who is embodied as Makaara (letter Ma), whose body is anointed with holy waters from the river Ganges and sandal paste, who is the sovereign king of the Pramatha Ganas and who is adorned with innumerable divine flowers such as Mandaara.

Shivaaya Gauri Vadana Aravinda
Sooryaaya Dakshaadhvara Naashakaaya
Sree Neelakantaaya Vrisha Dhvajaaya
Tasmai Shikaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I offer my salutations to Lord Shiva, who is the resplendent sun for mother Gauri`s lotus face, who is the destroyer of Daksha`s sacrificial ritual, who is the blue necked Lord (due to the Haalahala poison which He agreed to consume), whose banner bears the emblem of a bull and who is embodied as the letter Shi.

Vasishta Kumbhodbhava Gautamaaya
Muneendra Devaarchita Sekharaaya
Chandraarka Vaishvaanara Lochanaaya
Tasmai Vakaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I prostrate before the God of Gods, who is worshipped and prayed to by great sages such as Vashishta, Agastya and Gautama, whose eyes are sun, moon and the fire and who is embodied as Vakaara (letter Va).

Yajna Swaroopaaya Jataadharaaya
Pinaaka Hasthaaya Sanaatanaaya
Divyaaya Devaaya Digambaraaya
Tasmai Yakaraaya Namah Shivaaya

Prostrartions to the sacred Lord who is the Yaksa incarnate, whose hairs are long and matted, who holds Pinaaka (trident) in His hand, who has the entire sky as His attire and who is embodied as the letter Ya.

Panchaaksharam Idam Punyam
Yah Pateh Shiva Sannidhau
Shivaloka Mavaapnothee
Shivena Saha Modate

Whoever repeats this prayer composed with the five holy letters before Lord Shiva, attains that supreme abode of His and enjoys the eternal Bliss.

Shiv panch akshar stotara.

Om Namo Narayana,

Om Vande Shambum umapathim sura gurum vande jagatkaranam,
Vande pannaga bhooshanam mrugadharam, vande pasoonaam pathim,
Vande surya sasanka vahni nayanam, vande mukunda priyam,
Vande bhaktha janasrayam cha varadam, Vande shivam sankaram. 3

I salute the great God Shambhu, Who is the consort of Uma, (whose consort is Uma), Who is the teacher of devas, I salute the cause of this universe, I salute who wears snake as ornament, Who caries a deer in his hand, (who wears the hide of a deer) I salute the Lord of all beings, I salute him who has sun, moon and fire as eyes, I salute him who is dear to Mukunda, I salute him who is the refuge of his devotees, Who is the one who gives them great status, (boons) And I salute Shiva and Shankara.

Nagendra Haaraaya Thrilochanaaya
Bhasmaanga Raagaaya Maheshvaraaya
Nityaaya Suddhaaya Digambaraaya
Tasmai Nakaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I offer my humble salutations to Lord Mahesvara - who has a garland of serpents around the neck; who has three eyes; whose body is covered with ash (vibhuti); who is eternal; who is pure; who has the entire sky as His dress and who is embodies as the first letter Na.

Mandaakini Salila Chandana Chaarthitaaya
Nandeesvara Pramatha Naatha Mahesvaraaya
Mandaara Pushpa Vahu Pushpa Supoojitaaya
Tasmai Makaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I bow to Lord Mahesvara, who is embodied as Makaara (letter Ma), whose body is anointed with holy waters from the river Ganges and sandal paste, who is the sovereign king of the Pramatha (victor of Pramatha) Ganas and who is adorned with innumerable divine flowers such as Mandaara.

Shivaaya Gauri Vadana Aravinda
Sooryaaya Dakshaadhvara Naashakaaya
Sree Neelakantaaya Vrisha Dhvajaaya
Tasmai Shikaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I offer my salutations to Lord Shiva, who is the resplendent sun for mother Gauri`s lotus face, who is the destroyer of Daksha`s sacrificial ritual, who is the blue necked Lord (due to the Haalahala poison which He agreed to consume), whose banner bears the emblem of a bull (who rides a bull) and who is embodied as the letter Shi.

Vasishta Kumbhodbhava Gautamaaya
Muneendra Devaarchita Sekharaaya
Chandraarka Vaishvaanara Lochanaaya
Tasmai Vakaaraaya Namah Shivaaya

I prostrate before the God of Gods, who is worshipped and prayed to by great sages such as Vashishta, Agastya and Gautama, whose eyes are sun, moon and the fire and who is embodied as Vakaara (letter Va).

Yajna (Yaksha) Swaroopaaya Jataadharaaya
Pinaaka Hasthaaya Sanaatanaaya
Divyaaya Devaaya Digambaraaya
Tasmai Yakaraaya Namah Shivaaya

Prostrartions to the sacred Lord who is the Yaksa incarnate, whose hairs are long and matted, who holds Pinaaka (trident) in His hand, who has the entire sky as His attire and who is embodied as the letter Ya.

Panchaaksharam Idam Punyam
Yah Pateh Shiva Sannidhau
Shivaloka Mavaapnothee
Shivena Saha Modate

Whoever repeats this prayer composed with the five holy letters before Lord Shiva, attains that supreme abode of His and enjoys the eternal Bliss (in the company of the Lord Shiva).


Tennyson has rightly said, "Marriages are made in heaven
Marriage is a union of iwo hearts and souls to the exclusion of the rest
of the world, or, a marriage is a lasting union between a male and a
female, governed by a mutual contract, open or secret. Legality or
otherwise of a union is of a secondary nature and important from
the astrology point of view. The native is fortunate if the marriage is
completely successful otherwise life becomes hell.
"A woman must be a genius to create a good husband." Yes, this
quotation of Bolzac is quite true. A woman should create an
atmosphere of amnesty and cooperation at home with her husband
and other family members. On the other hand T. Fuller has advised
all bachelors to "keep the eyes wide open before marriage and then
half shut afterwards," for a good and smooth conjugal life.
Ladies are made of an altogether peculiar physical fibre with
the characteristics of fair complexion, smiling and charming
demeanour, sparkling eyes, rosy nails, slim waist, nimble toes, coy
looks, melodious voice, pleasant and graceful manners, elegant
attire, natural bashfulness etc. No wonder that nature has chosen
them for the purpose of procreation, motherhood and rearing the
children with care and love. So in view of the above, their problems
are different than that of men. Our Maharishis have chosen to treat
them through "Stree Jatak or Female Horoscope". This book takes
care of their problems astrologically. For more details on ladies
readers should refer to author's world-famous book. Women and
Spouse means husband or wife and in this context, a major
role is played at home by the lady. Every male wants that his partner
should be beautiful, of amiable nature, educated and wise, so is
the case with ladies. We shall first indicate some astrological
rules dealing with the Problem.
Promised Marriage
The following few combinations out of many are provided:
1. Moon or Venus in fruitful signs and also in the 7th
2. Jupiter or Venus occupy 2nd, 7th or 1 llh house,
3. Jupiter or Venus is conjoined with Moon in 1st, 5th,
10th or 11th house.
4. Moon as well as Venus is not aspected by Saturn
and is stronger than Saturn.
5. Lagna and 7th house lords are in 3rd, 5lh, 1lth house
6. Benefics in 2nd, 7lh, 1lth houses from Lagna and Moon
and have favourable connections with benefics.
7. Mercury in 7lh house and Venus conjoined with 7th
house lord.
8. Lord of 7lh in 1 llh house and Venus in 2nd house.
9. Venus in Lagna, and Lord of Lagna in 7th. 11thhouse in
mutual exchange.
10. Benefics in 1st, 2nd or 7lh hhouse in mutual exhange.
11. 7lh house lord is not posited in 6th,8lhor 12th and is
aspected by benefics.
No Marriage
1. If any of the three planets Venus, Sun and Moon is
aspected by or conjoined with Saturn, or any one of the
trio, particularly if
Moon is associated with Saturn's Nakshatra, there
is no possibility of marriage.
2. When Sun, Moon and 5th lord are in conjunction
with or
aspected by Saturn.
3. If Venus is placed at a distance of 43°or more from
Sun and is aspected or conjoined with Saturn,
negotiations will
fall through at the time of the final stage.
4. If 7th house is vacant and Moon in case of female and
Sun in
case of man are aspected by Satum occupying Scorpio
marriage is not a certainty.
5. If 7th lord, Lagna and Venus fall in barren signs, viz
Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.
6. Malefics in 6th, 7th, 8th houses or malefics on both sides
of 7th
house are unfavourable for marriage.
7. If Saturn is in 7th aspected and conjoined also with
8. Venus and Moon are in opposition without any benefic
9. Venus conjunct Moon aspected by Mars and Saturn and 7th
house is not aspcctcd by Jupiter or malefics in 1st, 7th, 12th
10. Lord of 7th in 12th without any benefic aspect but receiving
malefic aspects of Saturn, Sun and Rahu (separative aspects).
Delayed Marriage
In case of a male, all information about his wife is to be obtained
from 7th house, its lord and Venus.
But in case of a female, 7th, 8th, its lords and Mars are to be
analyzed to clock about the husband of a lady.
Sometimes it happens that a promised marriage comes late in life.
Due to change in time and circumstances, nowadays marriages of
girls are solemnized between 25 and 30 years but in astrology it is
termed late marriage. Cases have come to the author where
promised marriages have been delayed up to 36 years or even
more. Main planets responsible for such delays are Saturn, Venus,
Moon, Jupiter and Rahu.
A few combinations in this respect are:
1. If Saturn is either in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th house from
Lagna or Moon sign and if Saturn does not own beneficial
2. A malefic in 7lh house, Saturn, or even Mars in own
sign delays marriage.
3. If Mars is in 8th or Rahu in 7th.
4. If Mars and Venus conjoin in 5th, 7th or 9th house both
receive evil aspect from Jupiter.
5. If 7th house lord and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn.
6. Malefic in 6lh, Sth or 12th house.
7. If lagna Moon and Sun are under malefic aspect
8. When Rahu and Mars are related to 7th house or Venus.
9.When 7th lord is posited in 6th, 2nd, 12th from 7th
house, girls marriage is delayed. This is a powerful yoga for
delayed marriage and is further strengthened when a malefic
associates with 7th lord or in 7lh house.
10. Rahu and Venus in Lagna or in 7th house or Mars and Sun
in 7th house with other afflictions cause delay in marriage.
Time of Marriage
Predicting time of marriage is a ticklish question, which worries
the parents about their wards. In such cases the astrologer should
check yogas that confer marriage, planetary conditions at birth and
in transit, dasa, bhukti and antra dasa etc. He should give due
regard to the following points also: (We provide a few yogas
and rules in this context)
1. If Ascendant rasi of a Navamsa chart falls in 7th house of
chart, and 7th lord is in 12th from Ascendant, marriage
take place between 16 and 20 years of age.
2. If 2nd lord is posited in 1lth house and 11th lord in
marriage will be between 16 and 25 years of age.
3. When 2nd lord is in 11th and Lagna lord is in 10th
marriage may occur between 17 and 20 years of age.
4. When Venus is in Kendra (1,4,7,10) and 7th lord is
posited in
any house owned by Saturn, aspcclcd by a benefic,
age is 23 to 28 years.
5. When 2nd house is occupied by Venus and 7th lord is in 1
house, marriage is between 23 and 28 years of age.
6. When 7th house is occupied by Venus, Moon and Saturn,
marriage will not be possible before 30 years of age. It
may be
the 35th year also.
7. If Sun is in 7th, and 7th lord conjoins Venus in
marriage is possible within 23 to 25 years of age. If 7lh
lord or
Venus is afflicted in birth chart or Navamsa chart,
may occur between 30 and 33 years of age.
8. During Dasa period of 7th lord, marriage may take place.
9. 7th lord from Venus or Moon may hasten marriage during
dasa and antra dasa.
10. Add degrees of planets indicated by constellations
with Moon and 7th house lord. When Jupiter transits that
and amsa, marriage will lake place.
11. Find out rasi and amsa by additions of degrees of Lagna
Venus and 7th lord. When Jupiter transits over that rasi
amsa, marriage is possible.
Married Life
A happy married life is a boon to the native in the present
materialistic world. An unhappy married life has many reasons.
Broadly speaking,
aduliery, widowhood, separation, divorce, harsh temperament of
either partner, undutiful husband or wife. No issue, plural
marriage, abnormal sexualities, dowry demands and illbehaviour
of in-laws etc. are the causes for an unhappy married
life. These issues can be analysed astrologically through your
Happy MarriedLife
In order to check and analyse the married life, the following
yogas may be checked from the horoscopeof husband and wife.
1. Jupiter and Venus being 7th lord and significator or
2nd and 1lth houses.
2. If 7th house isoccupiajby its lord, receives aspect of a
bencfic planet and also 7th house lord from either Lagna
or Moon is favourably disposed.
rIn the above two cases ihemarricd life is expected to be
The natal houses of husband and wife are intersected, and
have to be Judged in conjunction will each other. From 1st and
7th houses of birth chart, you can judge the satus, family, health,
wealth, education etc, of husband You can judge too the life of
ihe husband and wife. If any of them is governed or aspectcd by
an evil planet, the disparities and afflictions should follow. Island
7th houses favourably governed and aspected will result in a
happy married life.
3. Moon receiving goodaspects from Satum, Venus and
Jupiter is auspicious. The couple will give expression to their
pleasant feelings and are playful during union. ,
4. Venus and Mars in good aspect are very advantageous
provided they are nolsignificators of 6lh, 8lh or 12th house.
5. If 7th house to Lagriaor Moon sign is occupied by or
aspected by benefics, by lordship, it will indicate a happy
married life.
6. In a famale chart a good Jupiter in 7th will give a good
husband and a happy married life.
7. If 7th or 8th house isoccupicd by a malefic but bencfic in
9th house it indicates thaiihe lady will enjoy a long lease of happy
married life.
8. Jupiter lord of 2nd and 5lh in 9lh house in exaltation
(Scorpio Lagna)and9lhlordeiallcd in Kendra(7th house)
confer good fortune and good and happy married life.
9. If 7th house lord is exalted and Lagna lord occupies Lagna.
10. When 7th lord is a benefic planet and free from affliction a,
happy married life is indicated.
Unhappy Married Life
A few yogas on this subject are detailed below:
1. A conjunction of Moon and Venus is not conducive to a
happy married life.
2. If 7th lord is in 12th house or in 6th or 8th and malefic
aspect on
3. If 7th house lord is afflicted, there may be quarrels
4. If Moon, Mars, Venus or the two luminaries (Sun and
are in 7th house, the woman will be associated with
man al the instance of her husband, leading to an
married life.
5. If there are malefics in 7th house and that planet is inimical
the 7th lord of ascendant, the marriage life will not be
and happy.
6. If Mars and Venus are in any way afflicted.
7. 4th house denotes family members. When 4th house
afflicted it indicates disturbed family members.
8. When Rahu is in 4th house in a female's chart, an
married life. If such Rahu is afflicted, she may have cowives
9. If 7th house is posited with malefic planet and 7th lord is
enemy, the woman will have constant quarrels with
10. When Saturn is in 7th house not being his own house or
of its exaltation, the woman will be disliked by her
11. When Saturn, Rahu etc. transit in 7th house. Moon, Venus
or aspect them, then during this transit , there wi ll
misunderstandings, quarrels and unhappy incidents in
Good and Honest Wife or Husband
In this materialistic world, it is rare to have a good and honest wife
or husband. However, if one has, he or she must be
congratulated. The following few yogas indicate such a wife or a
husband. Normally the temperament of husband and wife
must be judged from the characteristics of 7th lord and planets
posited therein.
1. 7th lord when aspected or conjoined by favourable planets
well disposed or placed between benefics.
2. When 10th lord is powerful and favourably disposed and
lord is in favourable Navamsa.
3. When 7lh lord is exalted, placed in its own sign or in
house and has good aspects and conjunction if any.
A. Venus, natural significator of 7th house if in favourable
Navamsa and 10th lord is strong.
5. When 7lh lord is strong, and aspected by Jupiter or
conjoined with it, the wife or husband of the native is pious
and religious.
ft, If Moon is posited in favourable rasi, Navamsa etc., and is
exalted or aspected by Jupiter, the wife will be faithful
: moral.
8. Saturn as 7lh lord, if strong, well disposed and is aspected
by or
conjoined with Jupiter or with any other planet, which is
benefic, the native becomes respectful to Brahmins and
and is religious.
Co-Wives or Plural Marriages
Prom 17th house of birth chart, the lords of 12th and 5th houses
would be respectively the lords of 5th and 7th houses from 7th.
Thus 12th house from the house of wife would receive three foreign
influences of 6th and 7th houses alongwith foreign influence of
Rahu. 6th house from Lagna being 12th from the house of wife
denotes the pleasures of beds of wife. Foreign influences thereon
would naturally make those pleasures foreign, which means that
pleasures of beds of wife would be shared by other women or men,
which tantamount to having many wives or co-wives at a time.
Keeping this principle in view, we provide the following yogas:
1. If in a male chart the lords of 12th and 5th houses and
have their influence on 6th house and its lord by
association or
aspect, and 7th lord is strongly placed in house of gain such
11th house, one may have many women as wives at a time or
lady will have co-wives.
2. 4th place rules co-wives. When this house is afflicted
particularly conjoined or aspected by Rahu it indicates
3. When Moon and Rahu join 4th house.
4. When malefics join Moon, Venus and Mercury.
5. If 7th lord and Venus are each posited in a dual rasi or amsa
the person will have a co-wife.
6. Moon or Venus in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces in 7th house
or applying to several planets and unafflicted by the malefics
indicate more than one wife.
7. Retrograde Jupiter in 7th with Mars and one of them in
debilitation will indicate two marriages.
8. Two marriages can be predicted either through death or
separation of first wife when:
(i) Venus, Saturn, Moon and Mars are in 7th house.
(ii) Venus in 4th or 8th posited in between Sun, Saturn
and Mars.
(iii) Pisces as Ascendant, 8th lord in Lagna associated
or aspectcd by Rahu.
(iv) Saturn in 2nd, Rahu in 9th, 7th lord and a malefic in
3rd house.
(v) Cancer as Ascendant, Satum in bth, Mars in 4th, Saturn in
7th from Venus or Venus in 2nd.
Separation or Divorce
Various reasons of separation or divorce between husband and
wife have been detailed already and now we have to deal with
the subject astrologically.
In judging the horoscope the basic rule of "Separative Influence" is to be analysed which gives a clear
view of its influences.
The rule says that, "Sun, Saturn Rahu and 12th house lord and lords of sign occupied by these
planets are Separative" in character, that is to say, these planets cause separation from or abandonment
of the traits of the house etc., which they influence by association or aspect.
For example, if two or more of the above-mentioned planets influence the 4th house and its lord,
one is forced to leave his home or country of birth. If they influence 7ih house and its lord, one is separated
from his wife or husband. If they influence 10th house and its lord and Sun, one has to be separated from
the benefits of the ruling powers, viz, resigning from service, termination of service, change in
profession etc.
So in view of these, we provide a few yogas:
I. Jupiter in 7th house generally, even lord of 7th does bestow very unsatisfactory results- He causes
great disappointments and dissatisfaction in married life. He causes undue delay in marriage.
2. Marital disorder may occur seeking separation when Venus is
found in Kritika, Moola, Aridra or Jycshtha nakshatras. Out of
these Kritika is most inauspicious and gives very bad results.
3. When 7lh lord is in 6th and afflicted by separative influence, there may be separation. Similarly,
when 7ih lord or significator joins the 6th lord and is afflicted by aspect or conjunction of malcfics,
similar results are likely. When strong Jupiter makes a link with the above combinations in any
form, the separation may be saved but the husband and wife will experience quarrels.
4. 6th house denotes legal disputes and connection of malefic 6th lord with 7lh house, 7lh lord or
significator may result in legal action and separation. Also when 7th lord or significator joins 6ili
house being afflicted by malefics.
5. When 7th house, 7th lord and significator all are afflicted, conjoined, associated or aspected by
malcfics, unhappiness in married life is indicated. Significator are Venus for males and Mars in
case of females.
6. When Rahu and Saium join Lagna, one is likely to face strife and separation in married life. When 7lh
lord is retrograde and is also afflicted, similar results arc experienced.
7. When in a female chart, Aries or Scorpio Lagna rise and 7th lord is weak, combust, retrograde and
is also afflicted, she will be abandoned by her husband.
8. . If combination of Sun and Mars in cither horoscope is in 2nd, 7th or 8th house, it holds out excellent
prospects for discarding, separation and disunion. It does not necessarily involve loss of partner.
9. To analyse marriage, affliction to Venus by situation,
association or aspects of malefics have an adverse effect on
morals. Venus represents the other partner of marriage.
10. When lords of 2nd and 7th houses arc in constellation of evil
lords, particularly in the constellation of 6ih lord and are
afflicted,there will be separation, divorce, litigation etc.
between the couple.
Planets in 7th House
General Tips
Having discussed various aspects of marriage in detail, we now provide our readers general tips to check
the married life.
A planet in a house of sign other than his own is like a man in another man's house, where he has
limited freedom of action. While he can normally express his views and nature he is fundamentally subject
to the rules of his host.
A planet in 7th house is a significator of marriage and marriage partner and indicates more
immediate, obvious and superficial results
The sign in which planet is posited is of great importance. For example, Jupiter in Capricorn in
7th is debilitated. If well aspected give favourable marriage conditions but with reservations. Bui if
Saturn, 7th house lord otherwise called dispositor, is afflicted, the marriage conditions will
generally gradually deteriorate and the marriage will have Saturnian effects. So the effects are to
be judged.
The following is the results of each planet in 7th house to be modified on the basis of the above
rules and lines. It applies to both sexes.
1. SUN: It is not a happy and desirable position. The partner will be of an independent view, proud,
ambitious, generous, honourable and of loyal nature only if Sun is not afflicted. If afflicted he or she
will be arrogant, dominating, selfish and extravagant. Marriage lo a person of high or good social status
is indicated. Business or social advancement may come through marriage.
Sun in 7lh usually xlclays marriage towards the middle life. In case of affliction of Sun, the partner can be
a social climber, vain, boastful and of ostentatious character and extravagant. The best way to deal with
such a situation is to submit to the other partner, and avoid domestic quarrels. The affliction to Sun also
indicates formidable opposition to the marriage from parents with financial authority and ambitions which
may cause wrecking of career or the woman may be abandoned by her husband causing unhappincss,
separation and divorce. She may suffer from diseases, irreligious and delayed marriage. Such a woman
will hate sex acts, which may also become a cause for separation. Aspect of Jupiter on Sun will reduce the
evil effects lo some extent.
2. MERCURY: A strong beneficand well aspected Mercury in 7th house
indicates a lucky marriage, a considerate and rich husband, but he will lack in sex, causing bickerings on
this account
The partner will be bright, changeable, shrewd, critical, and clever but somewhat unreliable. Native
may flirt.
An afflicted Mercury indicates bickerings, mental or physical cruelty, quarrels or nagging. May
also indicate afflicted health, stupid partner, partner may be impatient, mentally or physically afflicted.
Affliction by Saturn or Mars indicates sex perversion like sadism or masochism.
Marriage is influenced by relations and may come through travel,
correspondence or advertisement. Partner will be younger than native. Any affliction to Mercury
indicates worry through marriage, legal actions and difficulty in choosing partner.
3. JUPITER: Jupiter in 7th house in Capricorn or Aquarius causes
separation, bickerings and even divorce. In mutable signs causes more
than one marriage, though affliction produces irregular unions
Wedding dale in this case sometimes is postponed also when afflicted
by Saturn or Mercury.
Jupiter in Cancer, Taurus or Libra indicates conjugal happiness provided it is not afflicted.
Partner will be generous, optimistic, good natured, healthy
prosperous if not rich and conventional. A good Jupiter in 7th house Indicates prosperity through marriage
but not a happy union. Afflicted Jupiter indicates a boastful, bombastic and self-indulgent partner.
The position of Jupiter in 7 th house when not strong by sign, aspect etc, denotes marriage to widower, or
to a middle-aged person for money and social advancement.
When Jupiter is aspected by Mars, die couple will enjoy sex life to the maximum and be extravagant.
When afflicted by Mercury, he will be vain, conceited, hypocritical and possibly dishonest. If by Sun, vain
and overbearing. By Moon or Venus, prodigal, of wandering nature and affectionate and extravagant. By
Saturn it causes separation through divorce or death of husband. A good Jupiter in 7th house is an asset.
But badly afflicted will bring bad luck and even serious misfortune. In such a case the husband is noble but
will fail to understand his wife. One gets married between 22 and 25 years of age.
4. VENUS: Venus in 7th house has no guarantee for a successful and
happy marriage but indicates a good deal of affection. Much depends on aspects. Aspect of Mars or Saturn
makes one immoral. Connections of Venus with 12th house lord in any way denote immense pleasures of
beds with opposite sex. Jupiter's aspects give soothing effects. An unaspected Venus, on the other hand,
may considerably restrict the mutual affection, or at least prevent its proper expression.
Venus in 7th of a lady's chart indicates that she is sexy, fond of the opposite sex, expert in sex enjoyment.
She always longs for love, marries for love but fails. The husband will be kind, gentle and
affectionate. But when afflicted will be vain, hazy, self-indulgent, spends much money and time on
It is best when Venus is in Taurus, Cancer or Pisces in 7th house. Not favourable in Scorpio causing
early death of partner. Saturn in 4th or 5th indicates domestic coldness and isolation. Leo is most
favourable but in this case, interest in marriage is often apparently only to have children. The husband is
more or less is of a secondary consideration.
Venus in 7th house delays marriage quite apart from any affliction that may be present. In Libra sign,
shows Hide interest in opposite sex and no particular desire for marriage but for companionship and for a
life of case and luxury, viz. one is fond of amusements, but in a suitable environment, plenty of friends
and sufficient money.
Affliction from Mars brings impetuous and extravagant love affairs. Any type of affliction in
any house to Venus by Saturn is the strongest possible influence preventing marriage.
5. SATURN: Again a dangerous and dreaded position like Mars, as it indicates separation, restrictions,
avoids close associations with others.If Saturn is aspected by malefics, one will not be married or it
causes delay in marriage and often partner is much older. Such persons are pessimistic, of dogmatic
views and hardly adjustable to change in their life. If aspected by Mars, sex life will indicate malefic
results and partner will be much below the status of the native. If Mercury and Saturn are in 7th
house, the husband will be impotent.
Saturn in 7th house causes hindrances and misconceptions, not only in marriage but in all relations
with other people. Usually elements of disappointment are indicated. An afflicted Saturn indicates
that marriage will be a sorrowful and tragic experience. Partner will be cold, avaracious, resentful, mean,
selfish, cruel or may become a chronic. When afflictions are more violent, death of partner will be
through accident, operation or by separation.
6. RAHU: Delayed marriage may cause separation or an early
widowhood. Such persons or ladies are moody and difficult forfriendship, being too greedy and
selfish. May marry out of caste or some may get into a scandalous position. Moon conjoining Rahu
causes hysteria to lady. Aspect of Saturn or Mars indicates marriage with low caste. Unconventional
marriage, may bring dishonour to family and engender misery. Rahu in Aries or Scorpio indicates
7. KETU: Such persons or ladies are of loose morals, quarrelsome, and
treacherous. Connections with the opposite sex, unhappy married life.
Unconventional marriage between 20 and 24 years of age. When Saturn
or Mars aspects Ketu, partner will allow the other partner to go with the opposite sex for selfish gain or
one will keep prostitutes or a brothel.
Aspects of Jupiter to Ketu in Sagittarius or Pisces shows mitigation of the above effects.
Other Positions
1. If 7th house is posited with mixed set of planets, both benefic and malefic, married life will be
average, but if afflicted, remarriage.


What is "Retrograde Motion"?
Every so often, each planet (except the Sun and Moon) ceases its normal forward movement around the zodiac direct motion and appears to move backwards retrograde motion for a time. This occurs whenever the Earth passes up the other planet as they both orbit the Sun, similar to how a slower car appears to move backwards when you pass it at higher speed on the highway. After a time, the planet stops this reverse motion and resumes its normal, direct motion, again.
What are "Stations"?
As a planet slows down, preparing to go retrograde, at some point it is standing still against the zodiac before actually going into reverse gear. This "standing still" point is called a station in this case, the retrograde station because the planet is going retrograde). Because the planet is literally standing still at this position, sometimes for days, the energies of the planet are powerfully focused at this spot, practically burning a hole (so to speak) at that zodiacal position.
The direct station is similar, except that now the planet is changing from retrograde back to direct motion. This is also a powerful zodiacal position (in my opinion, even stronger than the retrograde station
What are Retrograde Zones and Cycles?
For a given instance of a planet undergoing retrograde motion, the region of the zodiac between the direct and retrograde stations is a retrograde zone The importance of this zone is that the planet passes over each position in this zone not one, but 3 times, spaced out over a time period that can last for months. This can spell the difference between an influence that passes quickly, and one that lingers forever and exerts an overwhelming impact on your life.
There are 4 points of interest in a planet's passage through this zone. The entrance is when the planet first crosses into the zone. The position of this entrance in the zodiac is the same as the position of the direct station which will occur later. (The direct station is before the retrograde station in the zodiac -- remember, the planet will be moving backwards!) The second point is the retrograde station itself, while the third is the direct station. The 4th and last point is the exit, when the planet moves forward past the retrograde station point and leaves the zone completely.
The planet crosses each position in the zone for the first time between the entrance and the retrograde station -- I call this period the first pass. It then backs (retrogrades) over each position again during the second pass. The third and final pass is from direct station to the exit.
A retrograde cycle is the process of the planet's passage through this zone and includes all 3 passes.
How are these Cycles and Zones Interpreted?
A retrograding planet is a sign from the universe to pay close attention to something. Instead of a planet passing quickly through your birth chart, it decides to linger awhile in one area so you "get the message" it has for you. Sometimes, this feels like it's marching in place on top of you with big, heavy army boots, but only if you're being very resistant to change. The sooner you make the shifts, the more painless the process.
During the second, retrograding pass, this situation that the deeper you has initiated begins to mature and unfold. If you need to let go of something in your life, events happen to cause it to break or to wrest it from you. If you need to wake up to some lesson, events repeatedly show you how painful it can be to walk through life half asleep. By the direct station, the situation is usually intolerable -- something must change! This is often seen as some kind of "crisis situation" in your life. Just remember that "crisis" comes from a Greek word meaning "to choose" -- this is a time to make some serious decisions and take conscious responsibility for yourself.
Assuming you come through the "crisis" in good shape, the final pass is a time to make the changes, create some new habits, start living at a new level. This is liberation at it's best, being set free not only from an intolerable situation, but also from the old you that's been holding you back from growth.
What if my Natal Planet falls in a Zone?
My first advice Listen up That natal planet means something in your horoscope (by sign, house and aspects) and this retrograde cycle is a time to discover this meaning at a deeper level. The kinds of experiences that will bring you this insight are described by the nature of the planet performing the retrograde (see the thumbnail sketches on the Retrograde Zone page) and the house of your birthchart that it occupies.
Also, be prepared for a long, drawn out process. Retrograde cycles have their own sense of timing and unfolding, and will not be rushed. Impatience like this only seems to distract us from learning our lessons, hence make the cycle more difficult to get through. Planets are very big, insistent critters -- they take their time and so should you.
Approach a coming retrograde cycle with your eyes wide open. The sooner you grasp this message from your unconscious, the less force it will need to get your attention. You can save yourself a lot of grief by simply being aware.
Finally, a retrograde zone is not only active in that one zodiac sign. Due to the way aspects work, those same degrees are active in all 12 signs, giving you 12 times the chance to experience this "growth opportunity" of a lifetime.