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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Practical Use Of The Tantra

Tantra is fundamental and total. It's real importance is that a tantrik can reach the heart of the problem. The tantra if practiced methodically and with full faith and respect so as to achieve success. Directions whenever specified should be followed and homa whenever indicated should be performed with correct material and appropriate mantras.The result is assured if tantras are performed properly.

To vanish worries - when a man/woman cries in happiness tears should be sucked by one who has worries and the worries will be vanished.

To have a child - The milk teeth of a child when it falls should be picked up before falling on the ground. If a lady childless ties it on her left hand in silver or copper talisman, she will be blessed with a child.

To get respect - If the teeth are kept by anybody with him or her and uses it in a silver talisman the person will be respected everywhere.

To cure epilepsy - Heeng (half a masha) should be mixed with a few drops of water. Put a drop in the nose on the side of nostril, than the side affected with epilepsy.

To have a daughter - If the root of lemon tree is taken by a lady with water who is blessed with sons and wants daughters, she will give birth or girls.

To stop stammering - Leaves of manduka parni should be dried in the shade and powdered. This powder should be taken with crystal sugar twice a day.

For diabetes 1. The root of Brahma dandi (T. Balarakkisa H. Shial Kanta) must be rubbed with water on a smooth stone and the paste taken. This is a reliable remedy. 2. Tender leaves of Hema Pushpi (T. Tangeti, H. - Tarwar country soma) must be dried and should be taken with pepper and sugar. 3. Ragi (broken or Powder) must be cooked in hot water and the Kanji should be taken with butter milk. It cures diabetes.

For night blindness :1. Tender leaves of Castor (4 or 5) taken every day cures night blindness. 2. Tender leaves of Jivanti should be fried in ghee and eaten.

For toothache 1. Two or three drops of Juice of sitaphal leaves, when placed in the crevices of the teeth, kills the worms and removes the pain. 2. Milk of arka when placed in the damaged tooth, kills the worm and pain is lessened. 3. Leaves of Vajradanti when put in the ear removes the pain. 4. Leaves of Jambu should be dried in the shade and powdered. Add Khadirasara (T. Kaviri - Catechu - and put between the teeth.

Herbal Plants In Tantra

Tantra deals with the medicinal and other uses of plants. This is called 'Kalpa Tantra'.Some of the important plants are
Vajara Danti : The plant is well known as its roots are used for cleaning the teeth. It is a herbal plant with a great medicinal and tantric value. If the root or skin is kept between teeth for 21 days, the teeth become strong. If milk of roots is taken in, it increases the semen. If drunk for 21 days, one is cured of all diseases. Flowers of sesame, with lotus flowers and juice of leaves of this plant, in equal quantities should be mixed and warmed in the sesame oil. The oil must be used for 7 days, the hair becomes thick and black.

Aam Tari : This plant is found around Dehra Dun and in the Lal Tiba area of Mussorie. It is barely four or five feet in height and has small leaves, which shine during the night. Its leaves dipped in water for three days and then ground to a paste, if applied on the face, hands and body all wrinkles will go and one will look young.

Black turmeric : It is known as Kali Haldi and is used in Tantrik Sadhana. This plant is found around the Narbada river in Madhya Pradesh, in Makwan Pur Dist of Nepal, and in the plains of Vastor.

Danwantri : The plant is available in Jammu-Kashmir area and being called as Dhanuri by the local people. The plant is about three feet in height and its growth is about two feet. This plant shines and twinkles like a fire during the night. Its leaves are pointed and some thorns are found with its roots. The trunk, leaves and its roots are very valuable and are used to cure many diseases. One does not feel hunger and thirst for 24 hours if one takes just one leaf.Fresh leaves made into a powder if taken with milk cures eye diseases. Its root if mixed in vegetables and cooked removes the blackish hues from the body and face.

The powder of its root processed through calcination, if applied as a paste removes the black colour of the body and a new good colour of body appears and one looks beautiful. One becomes lean if its roots are taken, weight is also reduced by this plant. Dry its leaves in the shade and make a powder. This powder when mixed with honey and taken for a week removes sexual incompatibility. For ladies, the plant acts like magic. The powder if taken by them for a month makes them beautiful and the body becomes lean and attractive. If its root is cooked with dal, and taken for 15 days, it clears the skin of blemishes and body becomes attractive. The powder of its root mixed with hair oil and if rubbed on the hair, removes white hair and leads to a luxuriant growth. The juice if applied on the face for three days removes all marks of small pox and the face becomes clear.

Dev Adali :The juice of this plant with an equal amount of amalaka juice and twice the amount of ghee is taken in an iron vessel and slightly heated with dried stems of amalaka. It may be taken twice a day. Milk or milk and rice should be taken. This cures epilepsy, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Rheumatic diseases. If a pinch of Devadali and mustard is taken with ghee and water from Oudumbar (wild Fig tree) diseases of liver and spleen, Fistula, Jaundice and anaemia are cured. If the powder is taken with the powder of aswagandha and ghee,it gives man a long life.