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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kamadeva Mantra-(Vashikaran)

ccording to Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva married Parvati, the daughter of Daksha. The latter did not like his son-in-law for some reasons and did not invite him for the Yagna. Parvati being the daughter of the king seeks permission from her husband and attended the ceremony. As she reached the venue, Daksha passed on derogatory comments on her husband and Sati became very annoyed and sacrificed herself on the spot.
Overcome with grief at Sati’s death, Shiva started a grim penance. Shiva’s dance of death alarmed all the gods because it threatened to destroy the world. In order to stop Shiva, Vishnu, the preserver cut the body of sati into 50 pieces with his Shudarshan Chakra and spread it at different places which becomes sacred.
As Shiva continued to do penance, the other gods became afraid and decided to send Kama Deva, the God of Love, to make Lord Shiva fall in Love again, and thereby break his penance. Shiva was so enraged that Kama deva is burnt by his fiery glance.
Now, a short note on Jyotish: In vedic astrology, the 6th house is the house of enemies, both internally and externally.The Shastras speaks of 6 internal enemies, which is known as shadripus, which create hurdles in the spiritual upliftment of the individual. They are Kama – Attraction Krodha – Anger Lobha – Greed or Desire Moha – Delusion which occurs due to maya Mada – Arrogance Matsarya – Jealousy Kama means attraction between the male and the female. The God of Love is known as Kama Deva and represents the  sexual attraction between the opposite sex. However, Kama is not always bad because this attraction cause the Entire Creation to continue and without which, there is no progeny and continuation of lineage. But a at negative level, the same attraction takes the form of lust. It is good to know that the pattern, number of words and letters in a mantra has a high importance. They have been written with careful consideration Let’s see which house is activated with the Kama Deva Mantra
Om(1) Kaamadevaya(2) vidmahey(3)
Psushpabaranay(4) dhimahi(5) Tannounangaa(6) Prachoudayat(7)
No of Words = 7 Om Kaa ma de va ya vid ma hey Psush pa ba ra nay dhi ma hi Tan nou nan gaa Pra chou da yat No of Letters = 25 Letters which becomes 25-12-12 = 1
So the mantras has 7 Words and 1 Letter. It will take positive energies from the 7th house (of desires, marriage and relationships) to the 1st house of Self (You). So by correctly reciting it, it will fulfill your desires of getting into a relationship and marriage
Om tat sat