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Monday, January 2, 2017

Astro rules as per DR LR Chawdri

 Astrology  rules( Indian)

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Some  Rules of astrology – As per Dr L.R. CHAWDHRI ( book of conjunctions)

1. Kendras, Trikonas, Panaparas, and planetary combinations are
Generally to be taken from the Lagna (Ascendant) unless from the context
you are otherwise advised.
2. The ownership of the planets is a constant factors. It does not
3. Aspects are nearly as powerful as the planetary conjunctions.
4. Planets in conjunction or Parallel with Saturn is considered good.
5. It there are two or three debilitiated planets in the horoscope,
the person will have many misfortunes.
6. Good and Evil planets (by ownership) give their results mostly
in their periods and sub periods or Dasas and Bhuktis,
7. When lord of a Kendra and Kana or Trine combine in a house
or mutually aspect each other, both acquire great strength to do good.
8. Combinations from the Moon are as valuable as those from
Lagna and predictions may be safely ventured on such.
9. Conjunction of Evil planets, produce bad health, unless they are
aspected by benefics.
10. By the association or aspect of benefic planet with natural, the
Natural  planet gains strength to do good, while the benefic retains its
original power.
11. Lords of Kona (1st, 5th and 9th houses) give good, while lords
of 3rd 6th, and 11th houses produce evil results.
12. When benefics own kendras produce evil, but malefics own
kendras produce good. Good and Evil planets become more and more
powerful as they are lords of kendras (1st. 4th 7th and 10th) houses;
5th and 9th houses or 3ed. 6th and 11th houses respectively.
In this connection we will clarify that Sun, Saturn, Mars. weak Moon
and badly associated Mercury termed as natural are malefic planets.
Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury and Full Moon are natural
good planets Lord of 1st is weaker than lord of 4th, lord of 4th is less
powerful than that of 7th house, and lord of 7th is weaker than lord of
10th house. The same gradation applies to trines (Ist. 5th and 9th)
and 3rd, 6th. and 11th houses also. In the case of evil planets, they
gradually go stronger by being owners of the later quadrants or kendras
and get the highest power when they become lord of 10th. The reverse ,
holds good with good planets. Benefics owing first house arc not so
bad as those owing 4th and those who own 7th are worse than those
who rule the 4th and those who own the 10th are worst of the whole
lot. Remember difference between ownership and occupancy of the
13. The lords of 2nd and 12th houses give good or bad results a-accordingly
as they are in conjunction with lords of the other houses and
the nature of the house they occupy. These lords are not powerful by
virtue of their own merits by owing certain houses but are considerably
Influenced to give good or evil results by the association or conjunction
and position they occupy.
14. Lord of 8th house produces evil results for peace and happiness
as it is 12th from 9th house, a house of fortune generally but not in all
Cases. For Aries, Libra and Scorpio lord of 8th is also lord of 1st. and
behaves good. In such cases we have to add that if a planet lord of 8th
house happens to be the lord of 1st or combines with a benefic, becomes
(i) Jupiter and Venus owning kendras become very inauspicious.
When they occupy the 2nd and 7th houses with such ownership,
they become powerful in inflicting death on the native 2nd and
7th are the maraka or death houses. The effects will be shown
during their periods and sub periods.
(ii) Mercury is less malefic than Jupiter and Venus and MOON
Is less then MERCURY. SUN AND MOON DO not give
evil even when they own 8th house. The exception also has been
laid in favor of Mars and Venus when they happen to own first
or birth- sign as explained in rule 14 supra.
(iii) Mars does not become good when he owns only the 10th
house. He must own the 5th house also to become thoroughly
good, and can happen only for a man born in Cancer or Leo Lagna.

15. Rahu and Ketu give the same results as those given by the houses
they occupy and the plane ts they are in conjunction with, when they
are powerful.
The above rule we clear from the example of Leo birth. Rahu according
to Parasara is exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Varischak or Scorpio.
Now Rahu alone in 10th house aspected by Saturn and Ketu from
4th house and Rahu occupies Venus house. Therefore the results indicated
by Rahu are of Venus and Saturn. So we should carefully calculate
and balance the strength before making any predictions about
Rahu. Ketu is in the house of Mars with Saturn, so will give the results
of Mars and Saturn. But while calculating the results evil or benefic.
they must be powerful. In this case both arc in exalted signs and will
confer good results during their dasas and bhuktis or periods and sub
21. When friendly and unfriendly planets combine together they
Produce mixed and ordinary results. U the planets occupy quadrants,
Trines or places of exaltation in conjunction with friendly planet. They
produce better results.
22. A Natural malefic becomes benefic if he owns a Quadrant and
become very powerful benefic if be owns a trine house.
23. A planet owning benefic and malefic houses al tbe same time
becomes neutral.
24. Also a benefic by ownership if a planet occupies a malefic house
Becomes a neutral.
25. Planets owning a benefic house along with the ownership of 6th,
8th or 12th house becomes a neural. He will do considerable evils
during second half of their dasa and bhukti.
The student is now in full grip of the main rules required for the
Delineation of conjunction of the planets and are advised to apply them
calmly and with intelligence.