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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

conjunctions of sun

Conjunctions of sun
Sun in conjunction with other planets.
Vedic astrology and conjunctions of Sun.

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Very favorable position. Brings success, position clarity, attainment of desires and wishes, it is assumed it also makes one sincere  and affectionate.
It occurs on Poornima's day.
SUN, MOON ASPECT: Brings obstruct ions and delays
When Sun and Moon arc in conjunction, the individual and personal sides of the native forms a harmonious blend and the result is decidedly good. 11 is also good if both are in signs governed by the same planets, or if the lord of the sign containing one is exalted in that containing the other e.g. in Aries or in Cancer. The general strength of character is increased; there is some amount of self reliance personal independence and stability. It promotes usefulness in the home and world, increases the activity and the will. It is good for all social, benevolent, and utilitarian movements, broadens the sympathies, gives humanitarian impulses and conduces to popularity and general success. When the conjunction is in lst house, the native will lead kingly life.
In 2nd house, respect and gain from ruler, officer and Government , provided you are not in contact with opposite sex, in that case one suffers defeat. In 3rd house, one will be lucky for himself but selfish for others., In 4th house it indicate that one will be very rich, .comforts of
life and conveyance etc. Provided 10Ih house is vacant.
In 5th house, a comfortable life, the parents will become lucky after the conception of such a native. In 6th house the results will be good provided there is no malefic aspect. In case 2nd house is found vacant.
the effect will be adverse for the parents in such position. Upaye( remedies) of
Mars will be beneficial which will mitigate the evil effects of Sun and will then be favorable and bless the native with long life. In 9th house, comforts and gain from mother, pilgrimage and benefic. In 10th house, danger from father and brother, in 12th house, the position is good for worldly affairs but second house is posited with Enemies of Sun and Moon, there will be destruction all-round, one's property can be confiscated and one may be punished by the Government.
In other houses not mentioned, the results will be of the house where it is Placed with due regards of aspects on it.

Sun-Mars:- One will be bold, of rash temperament, obstinate and not of sweet speech. He will boss over others and self conceited. Less progeny, vice ads and habits. Quarrelsome, liar and cheat. But when the conjunction is aspected  by Jupiter, the results will be opposite tothe above. With this conjunction, the will power and desire of the native are harmonious. The native will form an idea, strives towards it and usually realizes it. He has clear views of good opportunities and knows how to make the utmost use of them in order 10 attain his goal.
Makes the native self reliant, active and strengthens the health in a great measure. It will be well bear in mind that a sensible native does not allow himself to be ruled, as little as one wishes to rule others,every  where and always reasons should rule. For this conjuction Mrs.
Wachtmeister has said that in order to control the power of possession,one should not try to destroy il but to lead it into another and loftier Direction. One will be inclined to do sinful deeds.
Opposition of Sun and Mars is bad for health.
Sun Mercury:- One will be intelligent, clever, famous and happy.Endowed with wealth but less accumulation of money, fulfillment of hopes, of good stout and fair body, will be blessed with good rank.
In 4th or 8th house from the Ascendant, the person will possess all Kingly qualities and wealthy. In all other houses, the combination will make the native possessed of good qualities. This conjunction makes one subservient to the wishes of ladies.
Sun Jupiter ;- Such person will be cruel but interested in helpng others. In a Lagna, 9th, 10th or 11th house, one will command a good sect ion of people, may in the army, famous and live in a well fortified building.. difficult to be approached. Religious, good rank in life,
famous, intelligent and wealthy.
Sun Venus:- One will not have comforts from wife and limited family, intelligent, fond of fine arts, relations with women, free from diseases of belly. One will be like a king, famous and powerful if posited in 5th,8th,or 10th house. In other houses the effects will be medium.
One gets money by association with women.
Sun-Saturn;- The person will be clever, well versed in worldly affairs, intelligent, religious, good businessman, good friends, one will spend on an unwanted ventures, but deprived from comforts of children.  Strained relations with wife to the tune of bickering.
Combination involving or aspect to 10th house makes one Politician with heavy sufferings. struggles and one never enjoys the fruits of the same. One will be devoid of conjugal happiness. It brings material success self made man.
Sua-Kahu:- Generally this is not a good position for smooth life period. When Rahu's transit is malefic, but when Rahu is favorable, one will become lucky. 10 5th house the conjunction indicate a good rank. In case the conjunction is malefic., and posited in 9tb or 12Lb
house indicates malefic period. Such conjunction tends to make onimpulsive, erratic, rash, quick and perspective with an urge (or change. It tends to upset the health. and inclines one to accidents through conveyances, explosions etc. If posited in 10th house indicated disappointments and frustration.
Sun- KetuThis is not a happy conjunction in any house. The Sun will ad as a malefic planet and indicates loss in journey. Loss due to the consultations with others. Loss or down fall due to one's own Mistakes. The wife or son of the native will no doubt be healthy but
will be of harsh temperament, the son will waste his father’s money and may be the cause of his downfall.