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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Combust or ( asta planets) in astrology..

Comust or Ast grah
Combustion in vedic astrology
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There are 12 Zodiacal signs and 27 constellations divided into four Quarters (Padas) each, seven planets and two shadowy planets so in all There are nine planets. The Sun, Venus and Mercury roughly move in Each sign for 30 days, Mars moves in 40 days, Moon moves in 21/4 days,Jupiter moves in 360 days, Rahu and Ketu in 540 days and Saturn in 900 days. The various divisions of the signs, the sources of strength and weakness among the planets.,For the correct delineations of the horoscope, one should first check the planetary strength and position, then aspects, then the good and evil results which accrue to planets from ownership and then association
and conjunctions.
In a conjunction of planets, we observe that in addition to the above points, there are two more important factors namely COMBUSTION and RETROGRESSION which needs to be checked and analyzed.

Combustion or in Hindi called Asta has a great significance or importance in the interpretation of horoscope. Planets become combust when they are within certain limits of the Sun. According to Surya Sidhanta
the following limits of combustion are indicated from the Sun on either side in Hindu Astrology. Combustion is one of the modes of conjunction. The limits are:-
Moon within 12 degrees of Sun.
Mars within 17 degrees of Sun.
Mercury within 14 degrees of Sun and 12 degrees when retrograde.
Jupiter within 11 degrees of Sun.
Venus within 10 degrees of Sun and 8 when retrograde.
Saturn within 15 degrees of Sun.
Rahu combusts Sun and Ketu eclipses the Moon.Western Astrology allows an orb go.30' either side of the Sun for planet becoming combust. An inherent contradiction is evident in thitheory as, a uniform orb for all celestial bodies of various sizes and distances,can not be conceived.
In Pbaldeepika Adhaya XX Sloka. 30. it is laid down, 'The good influence of a planet is at its maximum.. three quarter, a half quarter or nil as the planets are in the exaltation, Swakshetra, friendly sign, inimical sign or depression sign respectively. The proportions given above are with respect to benefics or lords of the benefic houses. In the case of malefics or lords of malefic houses. it will be reverse. When a planet is in combustion its effects will be similar to that in depression" i.e.debilitation or nil quantitatively.
Parasara says that planets are capable of optimum self expression occupying the 7th house from the Sun which however becomes nil when conjuncting with the Sun.
Parasara has also said that when 9th lord is debilitated or combust it makes the native resort to begging for alms. Should Saturn occupy 6th, 8th or 12th house, debilitation or combust troubles through poison,weapon. change of place or job, cause (or great fear, death of parent,ill health of wife and children, troubles through state. loss, confinementetc. are denoted.
Varahamihira says the planets that are debilitiated, vanquished in war, combust by the Sun, devoid of rasmis or dwarfed become like serpentimmobilized  by mantra or spell.
In Sarvartha Chintaman~ the author Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao has said in stanza 152 while suggesting that ~If the lord of any bhava is combust with 'the Sun (or occupies 8tb etc.) without the association or
aspect of beneficia1 planets, the Bhava's results become defunct.
In our classical works it is said that during the dasa of a planet in combustion, one will be drawn into unnecessary conflicts and quarrels,wife and children are afflicted and one meets with the death of serious accidents.
So from the above discussion we find that a planet is said to lose its power completely when it is within a certain distance from the Sun as detailed above. MERCURY BEING AN Exception. This is called Ravi-Budha-Yoga. In addition the planet is called combust when posited in the same degrees and minutes of longitude as the one
occupied by the Sun then it is said to be in "RAPT Conjunction"with the Sun and it is considered to be eclipsed and becomes utterly powerless. It is also provided by our sages that planets within a distance of 5 degrees from the Sun are in full combustion, if however they are 10 degrees apart from the Sun, the combustion is partial or ordinary.
When the planet is beyond 15 degrees. there is no combustion at all.
In other classical and various texts and also in Jatak Tatva it is stated that the dasa of a planet that is eclipsed (combust) will cause troubles and produce untoward results. In Jatak Parijat it is laid that the planet
may not prove auspicious when they are eclipsed by Sun’s rays, also a planet in a house cannot advance it if its lord is eclipsed.
Kalidasa in Uttrakalamrita bas stated that one's longevity is reduced if a planet other than Venus or Saturn is combust.
Ptolemy has said planets when they are rising or stationary produce intensification in the events but when setting, and under the rays of Sun (combust) or advancing at evening, they bring about abatement.
Alfred 1. Pearce, William Lily, C.E.O. Cartor has also agreed on combustion and say that planets under combustion become powerless.
Venus in the heart of Sun CAZIMI gives vast honors and dignities. Sun with Dragons Head (Rahu) is good.
According to Hindu Astrology, Rahu combuts or eclipses Sun while Ketu eclipses the Moon.


At combustion, planet loses its own rays due to close proximity to sun.
A) It means that the combust planet obscured by the rays of the Sun, is considered impotent (weak to act independently).
Combust planet express itself through Sun.

Important Note : Retrograde planet does not lose its rays at combustion.

B) Sun is the Karak for lagna, signifies self (EGO).
Due to closeness of combust planet SUN is also affected with the qualities of the combust planet

To say to someone that Mars is combust and therefore weak (impotent) will not ring true because the person KNOWS that the traits of Mars are strong in their nature (self). Similarly, although Mercury suffers combustion, the qualities of Mercury are also reflected through Sun... The native KNOWS he's not lacking intelligence.

However, ego and pride (boastfulness) would likely be quite prominent in regards to intellect (Mercury) and force of character (Mars)..

C) Sun is karak for Dharma and Agni which purifies the individual beings by cleaning them with Spiritual heat.
To say,
Combustion of Jupiter will make you pass through a phase of spiritual growth like gold passing theorugh fire to come clean and combustion of Saturn will burn the sins attributed to adharma you did in the past birth by forcing you to serve elders and father.

D) Also look for natural friendship and enimity of Sun with combust planet.
For example,
Combustion of Venus indicate delays in marriage ( perhaps Sun shows it's anger) and it also indicate Dharmic attitude of Venus at relationship, no extra marital affairs or love affairs...

E) The combination of combust planets is also an important consideration.
For instance, the combined influence of Mer/Mars (on Sun) would be different to the combined influence of Mer/Ven or Mer/Jup...

F) How results will be manifested can be seen through house and nakshatra lordship yogas.

//3) What could be the effect of a combust and retro Mercury ?//

Retro mercury will not lose it rays so combustion results will be not pronoused and Budh Aditya yoga will give its full effects.