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Friday, April 2, 2010

Rahu, Ketu and the planets(GRAHAS)

Rahu, Ketu and the Grahas
When Rahu joins or aspects a Graha it distorts that planet�s expression in a way similar to the effects described above. The aspect / conjunction not only affects the planet on a soul level, it affect the planets as a house lord, as a planet�s primary worldly influence is as a house lord. Rahu will explode the outer form of the Graha as a house lord and Ketu will cause the energy to be withdrawn and criticized. A planetary conjunction is more powerful than an aspect as the conjunction joins the energy of the Node with the energy of the planet.
Rahu conjunctions with a Graha show psychological influences that are becoming developed. Planets conjoined Rahu will likely be expressed with immaturity, as is the nature of Rahu. Ketu conjunctions show energies that are already developed and where we have much skill, yet we are trying to finish. Planets conjoined Ketu will likely have maturity and refinement to their expression, yet the native will not feel satisfied with their level of development.
Behaviorally Rahu will be over expressive and magnify or exaggerate the qualities of the planets he is associating with, especially through conjunction. This quality of exaggeration is how Rahu brings their forces into our lives. They may be exaggerated externally or internally as psychological forces, or both. All of this is dependant on the houses involved and conditions. Ketu will withdraw and collapse around the planets he is associating with, especially through conjunction. He will tend to hide those things from our view and the view of others as he focuses on them internally. Ketu will try to extract the purest essence from these planets. As such, we will only notice what is missing where Ketu is concerned. In can be stated that the stage of Rahu with a Graha is where the native is in the developmental stage of its energy, and Ketu is where this energy is being completed.
Rahu / Sun - The Rahu / Sun association will show a native who projects the power of the Sun and thus may appear very confident and charismatic, yet there is usually stress and fear beneath the surface revolving around a lack of confidence. Much of their bravado and dramatic expression is an over compensation for this fear. The true nature of Self is being developed in this native, thus a large ego can be seen in less evolved types as well as a personality, which over estimates in own importance to others. Over time, a person with this placement becomes more realistic about their own importance and greater understanding of themselves beyond the level of personality.  
Ketu / Sun - The Ketu / Sun association shows very high levels of self-doubt and shows a native who is not likely to feel content with their worldly actions, they are be a perfectionist. No matter what they do in the world they will feel a sense of lack. The native is being freed from the ego and a need to feel confident and powerful as the skilled eye of Ketu watches every ego game and false expression of Self with disdain. The quality of surrendering their smaller Self to the highest Self is being developed. Many times this will show a Spiritual native. Usually this native has had a childhood where they felt isolated and were made to doubt themselves on a deep, core level.  
Rahu / Moon - The Rahu  / Moon native will have a sense mind and emotional core that are not fully anchored in the heart. Thus there will be an ungrounded quality and stress revolving around their basic feeling nature and expression as an embodied creature in a physical world. It is through the Moon that we take in our environment and either experience ourselves in a joyful or a stressful way. High levels of self-consciousness and feelings of separateness are seen here as the mind looks outside for what it inherently lacks within. Thus painful relationships of all sorts can result. Over time, and as external factors fail to bring peace, the native learns to trust their inner voice and high levels of intuition and even psychic ability can be seen.   
Ketu / Moon - The Ketu / Moon association shows a native who experiences deep levels of doubt and criticism of their own mind and mental outlook. This is one of the most difficult placements as it can make for a deeply discontented mind and extreme moodiness. Typical worldly experiences and pleasurable emotions can lead to painful episodes under Ketu�s probing and watchful eye. Many of the moods are from past life events that overtake the native, and then pass. Smaller disturbances trigger mental episodes that neither the native, nor anyone else can control. Yet generally they are good at controlling the emotions as this placement shows, yet control is not the same as having the detachment to enjoy without longing or regret.  .   
Rahu / Mars - The Rahu / Mars association leaves the native feeling stress revolving around the use of personal will and strength. This native will be engaged in power struggles of all sorts. Arguments, impulsiveness and a hostile nature will be likely. Through the dissatisfaction experienced in these arguments and confrontations, they are developing courage to look within for truth and the discipline to take positive, focused action in order to grow toward a true and lasting power. That power cannot be eclipsed by the opinions of another or their perceived superior strength.
Ketu / Mars - The Ketu / Mars association shows a native who is skilled in the use of where to exert their personal, will yet they will experience some frustration with how to express this more humbled approach. This native may find himself in situations where they are tempted to fight or do battle on principle. The scrutiny of Ketu / Mars will likely see the futility in such a battle, yet later they will doubt if that was the right thing to do. This behavior may lead to occasional explosiveness and destruction as the Ketu / Mars energy is also finishing the tendency to destroy and break things in frustration.  
Rahu / Mercury  - The Rahu / Mercury association shows an understanding of skills and information are being developed. This native will feel convinced that if they study, get as many facts as possible and develop their skills accordingly, there will be an ultimate answer. This leads to more and more frustration. as there is always another fact or skill to learn. What is being developed is the realization that the best use for our mind is as a tool that doubts all mental concepts as being ultimate. Rahu�s exhaustion of skills and information leads the mind to Jnana Yoga, recognizing each incorrect attachment to the thinking process. This allows us to separate truth from fiction. 
Ketu / Mercury - The Ketu / Mercury association is showing the mind at the point where all mental concepts are in doubt and the highest levels of discrimination are being developed. A very skilled person and one with a probing intellect will be observed. Yet Ketu�s presence will be keenly aware of the pieces of information they do not have, rather than the ones they do. This can create much worry and mental vacillation as they keep searching for more information to doubt. They are learning to act more on intuition and to use the mind for its highest purpose, to see through the mental traps that give us the illusion of understanding and give the false paradigm of security we base our lives on.