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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sri bagla mukhi mala mantra.

Baglamukhi Mala Mantra in English
om namo bhagavati om namo vira pratapa vijaya bhagavati
bagalamukhi mama sarva nindakana sarva du ana
vaca mukha pada stambhaya-stambhaya brahmi
mudraya-mudraya, buddhi vinasaya-vinasaya,
aparabuddhi kuru-kuru, atmavirodhina satru a sirolala
a-mukha-netra-kar a-nasikoru-pada-a uresudanto
ha-jihva -talu- guhya-guda-ka i-janu-sarva ge ukesadipadaparyanta
-padadikesaparyanta stambhaya
stambhaya, khe khi maraya maraya paramantra
parayantra paratantra i chedaya-chedaya, atmamantrayantra-
tantra i rak a-rak a, graha nivaraya-nivaraya,
vyadhi vinasaya-vinasaya, du kha hara-hara,
daridraya nivaraya-nivaraya, sarvamantra svarupi i,
sarvatantrasvarupi i, sarvasilpa prayoga svarupi i, sarva
tatva svarupi i, du a graha-bhutagraha-akasagrahapa
a agraha-sarvaca
ala graha-yak a kinnara kimpuru a
graha, bhuta preta pisacana sakini 
akini graha a
purvadisa bandhaya-bandhaya, vartali ma rak a-rak a,
dak i a disa bandhaya-bandhaya kiratavartali ma rak arak
a, pascima disa bandhaya-bandhaya svapna vartali
ma rak a-rak a, uttara disa bandhaya-bandhaya kali
ma rak a-rak a, urdhva disa bandhaya-bandhaya
ugrakali ma rak a-rak a, patala disa bandhayabandhaya
bagala paramesvari ma rak a-rak a, sakala
rogan vinasaya-vinasaya, sarvasatru palayanaya
pa cayojana madhye, raja-jana-stri-vasata kuru-kuru,
satrun daha-daha, paca-paca, stambhaya-stambhaya,
mohaya-mohaya, akar aya-akar aya, mama satrun
ucca aya-ucca aya hu pha svaha .