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Monday, November 5, 2012

Parivartana Yogas- Some yogas over and above the normal.

Here are some Parivartana Yogas suggested by some other writers, culled out from various classical text books:
      (a) Exchange between 1st and 2nd lords suggests that the native will be getting wealth and his earnings by personal efforts and will be supporting many people.
      (b) Exchange between 1st and 3rd lords (involving a common sign) indicates that native’s some brother is one of twin.
      (c) Exchange of 1st and 4th houses will result in native enjoying his own conveyance, children and prosperity. This is Bhagya Vahana Yoga.
      (d) Exchange between 1st and 5th lords will cause sure birth of children and happiness.
      (e) Exchange between 1st and 7th lords indicates intense love between the native and his wife/husband and very early marriage.
      (f) Exchange of 1st lord with 10th lord is highly praised. The native becomes reputed, victorious and a king or his equal.
      (g) Exchange of houses between 1st and 11th lord will cause much wealth to the native by about 33rd year of his life, while if the saidParivartana is prevalent and Venus is placed in house 5/9, the na├»ve will be highly reputed and respected by kings.
      (h) Exchange between houses 1st and 12th with conjunction or aspect of 8th lord will cause much poverty. Whereas in the same Parivartana if Venus is found in 12th house, there will be heavy expenses on charitable works. In the said yoga, if malefic is placed in Ascendant, the native will pass sickly life. In the same yoga if there is aspect by or conjunction of 7th lord, it is Daridra Yoga (severe type of poverty).
      (i) Exchange between Ascendant lord and his enemy, provided Ascendant lord is in conjunction with or under aspect of maraka lord, the yoga will cause poverty to the native. Simple exchange also gives poverty as suggested by Maharishi Parasar.
      (j) Exchange between 2nd and 11th lords will cause good wealth and cattle. Signs thus exchanged should be friendly or in exaltation to above lords. Other opinion without any condition is that financial prosperity after early marriage will result.
      (k) Exchange between 2nd and 12th lords is bad and will cause loss of wealth and heavy expenses (in bad or good directions depending upon the nature of planets involved) provided 11th lord is in any dusthana. In an ordinary birth chart this exchange suggests that the native will suffer from poverty.
      (l) Exchange of 2nd and 9th lords will cause the to enjoy reputation, high class prosperity and kingly paraphernalia after 32nd year of life.
      (m) Exchange between 2nd and 6th lords will cause financial losses on large scale.
      (n) Exchange between 2nd and 5th houses indicates earning of much wealth by the native (this is a dhana yoga). Note: Some classical writers of the opinion that in the above parivartana, if Sun and Mars get involved, the native is bestowed with influential sons and keen perception of public good. In this exchange if Sun is related to 2nd lord the native becomes capable of public good. He gets wealth and education.
      (o) Exchange between 3rd and 11th lords may cause financial gains through brothers. His brothers will also prosper.
      (p) Exchange between 3rd and 9th houses (provided Mars is in the 3rd house) indicates gain of wealth from distant relatives.
      (q) Exchange of houses between 4th and 5th, 4th and 9th, 4th and 10th, 4th and 11th houses respectively (all Bhagya Vahana Yogas) will result in happiness, birth of children, conveyance and prosperity.
      (r) Exchange of 4th and 10th lords will result in having many houses and landed property depending on the strength of Mars.
      (s) Exchange of 5th and 8th lords if takes without benefic aspect, causes loss of children.
      (t) Exchange of 5th lord and Jupiter is good for issues. A son will be born during major period of 5th lord and sub-period of Jupiter.
      (u) Exchange between 6th and 12th lord indicates that the native will be incurring heavy debts, besides loss of honour and losses in gambling. The native will also suffer from rheumatic disorders, while in 3rd year of life there will be stomach disorders. Stupidity on the part of native is hinted.