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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Impact of Triamsa And female horoscopy

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Trimasa is the Chart related to misries and happiness, which are much concerned to ladies as Navamsha is considered for general public. It is holding key of getting knowledge about the female horoscope and without reading or knowing Trimasa chart it is not possible to understand the fate of a lady. The impact of Trimasa, which has been described by Sage of Vedic astrology, in brief the analysis is as under (we can not give the exact translation as Sage has used much clear words and same is not advised to say in open).If a lady is born:-When the Ascendant or the Moon (whichever is stronger) is in a sign of Aries or Scorpio and:-a. Trimsamsa is of either, Aries or Scorpio is there, then she use to have, very free life before marriage. b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra or the Zodiac in which Venus is placed in Rashi Chart then she enjoys much pleasure before marriage.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo is rising, then she will be full of cunning and adept in enchantment.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces is rising then she will be worthy and virtuous.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius is rising then, she will be modest or restricted.When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Gemini or Virgo and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio, she will be very moderate and a hard worker.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra is rising then she must be having good qualities.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be very cold in making love but found of talking.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be owner of pure soul.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be a very much hiding lady.When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Taurus or Libra and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio is rising then, she would have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra then she is very nice and possesses excellent qualities.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, then she will be skilled in all the arts.d. Trimasa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.e. Trimasa of Capricorn or Aquarius gives chances of more then one marriage.When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Cancer and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Scorpio then she will be self-willed and uncontrolled.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus then she will be self-skilled in arts and handwork.c. Trimsamsa of Virgo, she will be gifted with all excellent technical work,d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter, she will be owner of a saint qualities.e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she may get separation or more then one marriage.When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Leo, and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries then she will be very talkative,b. Trimsamsa of Gemini then she will be virtuous features c. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be pure and virtuous d. Trimsamsa of Saturn then she must have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.When the Ascendant or Moon is in Sagittarius or in Pisces and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio then will be endowed with many good qualities.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra, she will be holy.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be well versed in many sciences.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be very cold or will be highly free.When the Ascendant or Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Mars then she will be a working lady but will be very proud. b. Trimsamsa of Venus then she will be learned but fruitless.c. Trimsamsa of Mercury then she will be cruel and immoral. d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be devoted to her husband.e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she will be very free and will have relations with servants. 

Unsound Health

Weak health indicators
1. Weak afflicted Lagna / Lagna Lord
2. Adverse yogas fro Lagna
3. Lagna Lord placed adversely in divisions also.
Both favourable and unfavourable factors must be judiciously balanced in order to
determine the actual state of health.
Lagna Lord in 8th is usually good for health. However, if afflicted in the eighth house
promotes ill – health and may lead to unending incurable suffering.
If there are no benefic in Kendras and only malefics occupy Kendras and trikona
particularly when Lagna Lord and Lagna are afflicted, native suffers prolonged or
repeated illness.
Placement of eighth Lord in Lagna generally indicates a sickly body.
A strong and inflicted Lagna and Lagna Lord are important for good health.
It is better to have no planets in kendras than to home a malefic there.
Adverse dasa, afflicting lagna and Lagna Lord tends to produce more intense illness.
It is important to understand that extent of affliction to a planet is important in order to
understand severity of illness. A single affliction is not a serious matter generally. A
double affliction indicates serious disease and triple or multiple affliction leader to
incurable disease.
Important of Karkas
Karkas assume a lot of important in medical astrology. There will being is important for
good health.
Significations of planets
Sun: Heart, stomach, gut, bile, bones Right Eye, Injuries , burns falls disturbances
of blood circulation, father.
Moon: Fluids in body, mind, blood Left eye, breast, psychiatric problems, emotions,
menstrual cycle, mother
Mars: Sound physical health, head, bone-marrow, bile, musculature, endometrium,
accidents, burns, injury, surgical procedures, high BP, miscarriage, diseases above neck,
Mercury : Discrimination, through, nose, ears, lungs, speech, importance, nightmares,
uncle, younger coborns.
Jupiter : Liver, gallbladder, fat, diabetes, chronic disease, ear trouble, elder brother.
Venus : Genitor-urinary system, viral disease, eyesight, seminal fluid, sexual perversions,
intestine, appendix, diabetes urinary stones, wife or sex-partner.
Saturn : Legs, feet nerves, legmphaties, Paralysis, amputation, chronicity, incurability,
melancholy, exhaustism, fatigue, longevity.
Rahu : Bones, positioning, snack bite, chronic or incurable diseases, phobias, maternal
grand father.
Ketu : Viral, infection diseases, epidermis, defective speech, surgical operations,
diagnostic confusion, Paternal grand father.
Since each planet is signification for many body organs or disease, one has to carefully
study the house, signs and dasha Lords, along with Karkas to reach a Medical diagnosis.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bhagya Vs Freewill.

Although many examples can be cited, taking a look at the life of two eminent personalities of India would suffice our contention. The first of the two is Verghese Kurien, the father of white revolution in India, while the second is Prof. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,who is tipped to become the next President of the country.

When Kurien applied for the Government of India scholarship to pursue higher education (he was a mechanical engineer) in the U.S., he was told that there was no scholarship left in his field and he could avail one in dairy technology. Finding no other alternative he opted for it but when he reached U.S., he was told that he could pursue education in the field of his choice. This came as a pleasant surprise to him and provided the much needed respite. When he came back to India, he was asked to go to Gujarat where the Amul Cooperative was being set up. One had to serve the government for a stipulated period as it was the government which had sponsored the trip. All his arguments and pleadings that he be given an assignment in his field fell on deaf ears. With heavy heart he went there, with the intention of leaving once the bond period was over. But destiny had something else in store for him. He worked there for whole life, and the rest is history. A mechanical engineer finally ended up working all his life among cows and cattle. It was probably in his destiny to be in such a profession. Although it did not happen at the first instance when Kurien went abroad, but got manifested when he returned.
The case of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is also similar. He wanted to become a fighter pilot. But he failed to make it, which left him dejected and drew him towards spiritualism. But an ardent `Karmayogi' that he was, Kalam did not lose hope and instead decided to make planes, even as he could not fly one. The journey in which he forayed, made him the most eminent defence scientist of the country.

Had he become a fighter pilot, India would have probably lost a great scientist. Contrarily, had he stopped performing `Karma' after failing to become a fighter pilot (which was his primary objective) he probably would have been lost in the oblivion. But as it was in his destiny to become powerful and eminent, which was supplemented by continuous `Karma' (action) in right direction. He became A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the father of Indian missile system.

What is clear from these two cases is that one has to perform `Nishkama Karma' (Karma without desire). Gita says "Karmanye vadika raste ma phaleshu kadachana", which means that one should go on performing action without thinking about the result. One has to remember that success is not in his hands. He will get the desired result if God has stored it in his destiny.

My conclusion- Its very important to make efforts but the outcome is not entirely in your hands there is this force bhagya or destiny that plays the role.

Fame , fortune and astrology

Fame and fortune Factors
Panch maha pursh yogas
Raj yogas
Yoga karaks
Vipreet raj yoga
Yogas like Gaj kesri yoga and neech bhang raj yoga.

Raja yoga - meaning of--

The results of the yoga or Raja yoga formed owing to a lord of a kendra (quadrant) (the 1st, 4th, 7th or the 10th house) and a lord of a trikona (trine) (the 1st, 5th or the 9th house) establishing mutual relationship become more pronounced if the lord of another trikona joins them or if their dispositor, preferably the lord of the Ascendant, finds its exaltation in a kendra or a trikona.[6] For any yoga or Raja yoga to produce more effective results the yoga-causing planets possessing requisite six kinds of strength must form an immediate relationship with the lagna (Ascendant) which is possible by any one of them occupying or aspecting the lagna or by associating with the lord of the lagna but without any one of them being afflicted by natural or functional malefics or by a lord of a trikasthana (the 6th, 8th or the 12th house). The results of powerless planets are enjoyed in dreams and thoughts only. Moreover, if any planet occupying a particular sign as part of a yoga formation happens to be aspected by the lord of that sign and both occupy auspicious houses then alone a Raja yoga is formed. If the lord of the 9th or the lord of the 10th respectively own the 8th and the 11th their association will not give rise to an effective yoga or Raja yoga[7] in case they do not conjoin either in the 9th or 10th house.The term Raja yoga is not defined by the texts dealing with Hindu Predictive astrology. But, as per practice, all such planetary situations/combinations that indicate good fortune, wealth, comforts, exercise of ruling power and political influence gained either by way of inheritance or acquired through self-effort, are termed as Raja yogas.[2] There are several varieties of Raja yogas but their formation generally involves the 9th, 10th, 2nd, 11th houses and the lagna (Ascendant), their house-lords and their exaltation, which house-lords giving rise to Raja yogas invariably tend to enhance the affairs of the house they occupy and rule,[3] and they combine the influence of two types of houses, those governing personal initiatives and those that show good fortune. Raja yogas are generally found in the horoscopes of leaders and famous people [4] and reveal their birth to be out of the ordinary.[5]
Raja yogas based on placement of planets                                                    
Certain unique placement of planets/house-lords give rise to excellent and exceptional Raja yogas. The strength and placement of the lord of the Ascendant is of paramount importance, in case it is weak in strength, ill-placed and afflicted, auspicious results of good yogas are not experienced. The lord of the Ascendant vested with requisite strength situated in a kendra or the 9th house is in Vargottama navamsa and also the lord of the 9th is exalted or in its own sign attaining vargottama, a powerful ruler is born; this yoga is also known as theLakshmi Yoga.[8] Another example that can be cited is of the Adhi yoga which arises if benefic planets are situated in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th from the Moon and of the Mahabhagya yoga which is caused if for a male-born during day-time the Sun, the Moon and the Lagna are in odd signs or for a female night-born thewy are in even signs.[9]
Raja yogas based on conjunction/combination of planets
Sreenatha yoga is caused when at the time of birth the lord of the 7th house is exalted and the lord of the 10th is with the lord of the 9th house. This is an important Raja yoga.[10] If at birth Mercury and the Sun conjoin in the 10th house and Mars is with Rahu in the 6th house the person born is chief among men, and if Venus is with Mars in the 2nd house, Jupiter is in Pisces and both Saturn and the Moon are in their respective signs of debilitation a Raja yoga is caused but the person will not be wealthy.[11] The most powerful raja yoga is produced when the lords of the 9th and the 10th or the lords of the 4th and the 5th conjoin.[12]
Raja yogas based on mutual association of planets
In most Raja yoga formations planets are seen to associate with each other i.e. they form a mutual relationship. Parashara states that a Raja yoga is certainly caused if the lords of the lagna, the 5th and the 9th combine or associate with the lords of the 4th and the 10th house or if the Moon and Venus aspect each other, or if Jupiter situated in its own sign in the 9th is conjoins Venus and is aspected by the Sun as the lord of the 5th house which yoga is possible for an Aries-born only.[13] A person becomes a leader, gains great political power and mass following if Mercury situated in a kendra or a trikona happens to be aspected by the lord of the 9th house, and the person born with Saturn situated in an Aquarius has four planets occupying their exaltation sign becomes a powerful ruler. If the lord of the 4th house is in the 10th and the lord of the 10th is in the 4th house then a powerful but rare Raja yoga is caused.[14] A very powerful Raja yoga is caused if the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are in the 10th, 11th and 1st respectively, Mercury and Mars in the 2nd and Venus joins the Sun situated in the 4th house in which event the Full Moon in the 10th will be aspected by Mars and be in mutual aspectual relationship with Venus and the Sun.[15]
Special or Rare Raja yogas
Raja yogas are numerous but among those thousands are some that are special and some rare in occurrence, such as:-
Panch Mahapurusha yoga
This yoga arises when any one of the five Tara-grahas viz; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn; is in its exaltation, own or moolatrikona rasi in a kendra from the lagna; thus the Panch Mahapurusha yoga that can be formed are five in number called Bhadra yoga, Malvaya yoga, Ruchuka yoga, Hamsa yoga and Sasa yoga, of which the Malvaya yoga and the Hamsa yoga are Raja yogas.(Source: Saravali)
Kahala yoga:
This yoga arises if the lord of the sign occupied by the lord of the lagna is in a kendra or a trikona in its exaltation or own sign. (Source:Phaladeepika)
Chamara yoga:
This yoga arises if the lagna is aspected or occupied by benefics and the lord of the lagna situated in an auspicious house is in its exaltation or own sign. (Source: Phaladeepika)
Akhand Samrajya yoga:
This yoga arises only if Jupiter owns either the 5th or the 11th house and the lords of the 2nd, the 9th and the 11th from the Moon are strongly placed in the kendras or if Jupiter, not weak or debilitated, is in the 2nd, the 5th or the 11th and the lords of the 2nd, the 9th and the 11th are in a kendra from the Moon. (Source: Jataka Parijata)
Viparita Raja yoga:
This yoga involves the conjunction of the lords of the evil houses i.e. 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th, in an evil house or their interchanging of signs with these lords remaining weak in strength.(Source: Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra)
Neechbhanga Raja yoga:
This yoga arises if an exalted planet conjoins with a planet in its sign of debilitation, or if a planet in its sign of debilitation attains its exaltation navamsa, or if the lord of the sign occupied by the planet which is debilitated occupies its own exaltation sign, or if the lord of the sign of the planet in debilitation is in a kendra from the Moon, or if the lord of the sign occupied by the planet in debilitation and the lord of its exaltation sign are both in mutual kendras, or if the debilitated planet is aspected by the exalted lord of the sign it occupies. (Source: Phaladeepika)
Rajayogabhanga or nullification of Raja yogas
There are certain planetary situations or yogas that can cause Rajayogabhanga or nullification of Raja yogas, they are:-Besides the occurrence of any Raja yoga formation if there be a) simultaneous presence of planets in debilitation signs or debilitation navamsas, or b) planets defeated in planetary war, planets occupying inimical signs or in bhava-sandhi, planets that are weak, combust or retrograde, or c) planets in conjunction with Rahu or with the lord of the 6th,the 8th or the 12th, or with the lord of a kendra, a functional malefic. These planetary situations can cause Raja yoga Bhanga.(Source: Uttara Kalamrita) Also, if the Ascendant is neither in vargottama nor aspected by a benefic, and if Trishanku Nakshatra is rising and Saturn is in Lagna then too Raja yogas get nullified.(Source: Saravali)

After careful study and analysis of various charts came to the following conclusions:
1.    The best indicator of fame is Moon. To determine the odds for fame, popularity and public appeal, an analysis of the Lunar aspects are extremely revealing. As the second most important feature in the horoscope, the Moon reveals our basic personality traits. The amount of popularity we enjoy and the general response others have to us is shown in the condition of the natal Moon, therefore it is an ideal indicator of potential fame. If the Moon in your natal chart is in a prominent position – in a Kendra or trikona – exalted or own house or by several aspects to other planets, you could be on your way. These show a natural potential for appealing to the masses.
2.    Not everyone with a prominent Moon becomes famous, but it definitely is a major factor in that direction. Some are famous without a prominent Moon, but they usually have some very heavy emphasis in a particular area of their chart, such as a stellium of planets in an angle.
3.    Without a prominent Moon, and without such a stellium, you can still achieve fame, but it involves lot more work to accomplish this. With Mars conjunct Jupiter, though, you definitely have the potential energy to work hard to achieve fame, if that is what you desire.
4.    The tenth house, the 9th house as well as the 5th house also represents fame. The nature of the sign, lord of the sign, planets posited therein as also the aspects the sign is receiving are all important factors before deciding on whether the native will attain fame or not. It is noteworthy to mention that an afflicted 12th house or 4th house may make one shy away from fame.
5.    Above all we should not forget the 1st house as it represents fame also. Hence Lagna and placement of Lagna lord are also to be considered.
6.    Ashtakavarga System also throws some light on attaining fame through the bindus or dots gained by a planet due to his placement.
Maharishi Parasara has the following to say in regard to combinations for fame: One will be endowed with fame, if Moon is in 10th House, while 10th Lord is in a trine from 10th House and Lagna Lord is in Lagnas angle. Similar effects will come to pass, if 11th Lord is in 10th House, while 10th Lord is strong and gives Aspect to Jupiter. Fame will come to the native, if 10th Lord is in 9th House, as Lagna Lord is in 10th House and Moon is in 5th House.
Now it is time to frame some rules to find out the answers to at least some of the questions raised above. These are the ten commandments for getting fame.
1.    Lagna lord and 10th lord strongly placed without malefic interventions.
2.    Karaka for public is Moon – Hence Moon should be strong in the chart.
3.    Jupiter or Venus should have some connection with Moon-conjunction, aspect or placement in Kendra or trikona to Moon..
4.    Fame is related to image. Hence Arudha Lagna and planets in Kendra/Kona to Arudha Lagna are vital.
5.    Connection between 5th and 10th house as also between 5th and 9th house.
6.    Position of lord of 10th from Moon and his associations.
7.    Since the 10th house plays a major role in establishing fame, let us call it as the HOUSE OF FAME. If the lord of House Of Fame occupies a Kendra or Kona from the house of fame, fame is likely to come. But he cannot determine fame, he can only support by his placement. That is to say that the position of lord of House of Fame in a Kendra or Kona definitely ensures support for the native in achieving fame.
8.    The next person who assists in getting fame is the planets placed in Kendra or Kona to the lord of House of Fame.
9.    When Jupiter or Saturn conjoins or aspects the lord of house of fame or placed in an angular position fame results.
10. For Diurnal births, it is observed that Jupiter plays an important role where as for nocturnal births Saturn takes the place in determining the fame. Placement in a Kendra or Kona from Lagna or Arudha Lagna or House of Fame is vital for this rule.
These are not the end of it, it is only the major influences which make a person famous. Various innumerable combinations do bring popularity which should not be forgotten

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alcohol addiction and Astrology.

Alcohol intoxication (also known as drunkenness or inebriation) refers to the physiological state induced by the consumption of alcohol, when it builds up in the bloodstream faster than it can be metabolised by the liver. Some effects of alcohol intoxication are central to alcohol's desirability as a beverage and its history as the world's most widespread recreational drug. Common effects are euphoria and lowered social inhibitions. Other effects are unpleasant or dangerous because alcohol affects many different areas of the body at once and may cause progressive, long-term harm when consumed in excess.
Common symptoms of alcohol intoxication include slurred speech, euphoria, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination (ataxia), flushed face, dehydration, vomiting, reddened eyes, reduced inhibitions, and erratic behaviour  Sufficiently high levels of blood-borne alcohol will cause coma and death from the depressive effects of alcohol upon the central nervous system. "Acute alcohol poisoning" is a related medical term used to indicate a dangerously high concentration of alcohol in the blood, high enough to induce coma or respiratory depression. It is considered a medical emergency. The term is mostly used by health care providers. Toxicologists use the term “alcohol intoxication” to discriminate between alcohol and other toxins.
There are other forms of intoxication.(     
with drinking alcohol, this intoxication is a matter of choice – lots of small choices.  We choose to let subjective thoughts turn into bitterness or jealousy.  Then, instead of abstaining, we swallow foul thought after foul thought, and in no time we are intoxicated with hatred, anger and revenge.  Similarly we become drunk with pride, lust, arrogance and power.  Then, as with all drunks, it will not be long before we are making fools of ourselves and hurting those we love.   
The truth is, from time to time, we all have these thoughts (the Bible says we are liars if we say we don’t).  So at the first sign of intoxication, the wise person abstains by admitting those thoughts to God (1 John 1:9.) and starts afresh with a sober mind.

A western astrology perspective- points at Neptune Uranus link--- A dependence on a drug can lead a person into all sorts of immoral behaviour  they may lose their sense of self-respect and duty (Saturn), and will do almost anything to obtain their habit. There are all types of addiction from drug and alcohol abuse,sex, gambling, work, internet use, compulsive eating. Most of us have experienced some kind of addiction in our life, and everybody seems to be seeking some form of Neptune. Sometimes the reality of our life becomes unbearable and we have nowhere else to turn. We shut the world out and follow blindly that which we think we need, but we can be lead down a path of self-destruction
An Encyclopaedia of Astrology. Carter associated alcoholism and drug addiction with a number of different factors. In the birth chart of an alcoholic, according to Carter, the Sun and Moon are almost always weak by sign and house position, or else they are badly afflicted, especially in or from fire and water, or both. Additionally, the fifth house (pleasure and entertainment) is nearly always afflicted by Neptune or by planets in watery signs, and Mars is frequently afflicted by Neptune, in or from Pisces.action.

Dr BV raman----- "How to predict whether one will be addicted to drinking?

Scorpio Rashi governs intoxicants. Neechcha (debilitated) Venus or Saturn alsogovern same.
When Scorpio happens to be the 8th house or the 3rd house, and Venus or Saturn occupies an afflicted position, the native will be addicted to intoxicants."
If you have strong Scorpio in your chart you will be driven to be obsessive and it is imperative you find a positive form to channel this obsessive energy. Scorpio is about control, and you can fool yourself that you have control over the alcohol or drug of choice. Yet it is your destiny to understand that you are not all controlling and that there are factors in your life you do not have control over; such as when you become the addict, the drug has more control over you than you over it.


Drinking habit ( alchohol)--------Shanis Karakatwa

lAGNA------------------------------indicates ones Jeevana, way of life.

Chandra---------------------------Indicates the fluctuating mind , imbalance Karaka

Kuja--------------------------------Forces the native to act or go for it.

Therefore if Shani is in Lagna or
Shani is with Lagnadipathi or
Shani rasyadipathi in Lagna or
Shani aspects lagna

this type of habit can be seen in ones nature

Here, one should note that if Shani is in Swakshetra or in his own nakshatra ( pushya, anuradha, uttarbhadra) the drinking habit may be less or limited
If Shani is in Shatru rashi, the habit of drinking alchohol may become too much and the native may spoil his whole life.

If Shani is in Guru, Shukra nakshatra, the habit of drinking may not be there. But may drink occassionally

If Shani is in Ravi, Chandra, Budha nakshatra the native may drink very often

If Shani is in Kuja s nakshatra, the habit may go LIMITLESS
if Shani is lagnadipathi:-

In this case,Shani should not be either in Swa-kshetra or in his own nakshatra and he should not be efflicted by Papa grahas, only then he fails to limits himself for drinking . Otherwise not.

That means , if Shani in his own nakshatra or swa -kshetra or not efflicted by papa grahas, Shani wont do any harm to the native

So we can safely conclude that Scorpio sign,Mars,Saturn ,moon and debilitated Venus and watery signs are the most evident factors contributing to alcohol addiction western astrology perspective see Neptune Uranus and sign Scorpio plus the twelweth house which many western astrologers define as zodiacs dustbin for the signs and hints.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

.Astrological Remedies

.Astrological Remedies 

Astrological remedies are the solutions provided to overcome complicated situations. In Indian Astrology the main remedies include - Mantra, Tantra, and Yantra. However there are other common remedies like using gem stones and metals to control the unfavorable phase. There are various astrological remedies available in Vedic astrology such as mantras, tantras, astrological yantra, gems, rudrakshas, fasts etc. I suggest the relevant Vedic astrological remedies as per your stars in the horoscope and provide Vedic astrology yantra and gems duly purified with the auspicious mantras. They enhance the positive aura and dispel the evil obstructions in the lives. 

 Mantra is chanted to execute a certain purpose. It is believed that in each mantra, the energy of a particular deity remains latent, but it becomes active the moment the mantra is pronounced accurately in the manner prescribed by the sastras. According to Vedic beliefs, if a mantra is pronounced correctly, the deity to whom it is addressed has no choice but to respond to the invoker automatically and help him.

Stotra or Stotram स्तोत्र (stotra) is a Sanskrit word, for a hymn addressed to Divinity. It can be a prayer, a description, or a conversation. [1] These hymns praise aspects of the divine, such as Devi, Siva, or Vishnu. Relating to word "stuti", coming from the same verb, stu (to praise), and basically both mean "praise". Notable stotra are Shiva Tandava Stotram in praise of Shiva and Ram Raksha Stotra a prayer for protection to Lord Rama.
Stotras are a type of popular devotional literature and are not bound by the strict rules as some other ancient Indian scriptures, such as the Vedas.
One type of stotra is based on chanting a litany of names for a deity. A category of stotra of that type is the Sahasranama, which is a litany of a thousand names for a particular deity.Sahasranama means "1000 names"; Sahasra means 1000 and nama means names. For example, Vishnu Sahasranama means 1000 names of Vishnu.[2] According to Hinduism, the names of God are valuable tools for devotion.
yajna (Sanskrit यज्ञ wikt:yajnayagam (Tamil யாகம்) ;also Anglicized asYajnaYadna) is a ritual of sacrifice (also "worship, prayer, praise, offering and oblation, sacrifice" according to Monier-Williams) derived from the practice in Vedic times. Yajna is a ritual of sacrificing and sublimating the havana sámagri (herbal preparations) in the fire accompanied by the chanting of the Vedic mantras. The sublime meaning of the word yajna is derived from the Sanskrit verb yaj, which has a three-fold meaning of worship of deities (devapujana), unity (saògatikaraña) and charity (dána).[1] An essential element is the sacrificial fire - the divine Agni - into which oblations are poured, as everything that is offered into the fire is believed to reach God. 

Yantra-The Yantra is a special geometric design, which is the visible form, the energy body, of the mantra, and the planet to which it corresponds. Yantras supplement the power of mantras and are as strong as the mantras themselves. If a mantra is the invisible driving force, the yantra is the visible means to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets, bring you luck in love & life, enhance your capabilities - and bless you with almost any material comfort or spiritual benefit you desire.

Offerings- Giving away articles related to planets in charity or as an offering to various planetry dieties.

Rudraksha meaning—the eye of Rudra [Shiva] is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often believed to symbolize the link between the earth and the heaven. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. The Rudraksha tree is botanically known as ELAEOCARPUS GANITRUS ROXB. Its English name is UTRASUM BEAD TREE.
There are clefts called Mukhi on the surface of the beads. The number of Mukhi on the surface of a Rudraksha beads helps in determining its quality. According to the number of Mukhi the Rudraksha bead ranges from single face to a several faced bead. Asians have used Rudraksha beads traditionally. Asian Yogis and Monks found that merely wearing the Rudraksha beads gave them astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind.

Gem stones--A precious or semiprecious stone, esp. one cut, polished, and used in a piece of jewelry.

However the best remedies are that you can do yourself.And as per me Mantras and stotras are by far the best remedies to propitiate planets and dieties. 


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Vipreet Raj Yog

Sage Kalidas in Classic Uttarkalmitra -Kanda 4 sloka 22 has mentioned that  “if the lords of the houses 6, 8 and 12 occupy either jointly or individually the houses 6, 8 and 12 or if they are in any manner connected with the houses 6 or 8 or 12 if they mutually interchange their places, provided these planets do not have any connection with other planets not owning 6 or 8 or 12, then the person will be a king and he will command much wealth. He will establish a good name and enjoy his life.” 

The term vipareeta imply reversal of something. Hence, these rajayogas are formed due to downfall of someone, based on which the native's fortune is reversed. The downfall can be of an enemy or a someone near to the native, however the combinations are somewhat different for both circumstances.
This is akin to a boomrang coming back  at you if not caught in time it can either hit you or fall down harmlessly ,

Vipreet Raj Yoga is created. For instance, if the lord of the eighth house is in twelfth house or sixth house, and lord of the sixth house is in eighth house, lord of the twelfth house is in sixth or eighth house, and the lord of the trine houses are in conjunction or have a aspect on each other, then the person will be very rich and happy. According to the Vedic Astrology scriptures, if a planet which gives malefic results is placed in a malefic house, then its malefic influence is cancelled.

 :-- If the two or more lords of malefic houses (Dusthanas), namely, 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses stay in conjunction in 6th, 8th or 12th houses or have exchange yoga (stay in each other’s house), the person enjoys royal comforts and affluence in life during the main-periods of those planets.. No malefics should be related to these planets, which ruin the raja-yogam. Also other planets should not conjunct with these 2 or 3 planets; then the yogam is ruined. So It implies the collection of power or gains coming together due to another's ( or ones own) down fall or death of another. 

1. The direct benefit from the loss or misfortune of another. Many call out the down-fall of an enemy due the malefic house (dusthanana) influence, yet this is not always the case and therefore; 
2. The rise or benefit to the native based upon the downfall of a friend or ally. 
Generally a key role is played by Saturn, as Sani is the natural karaka (significator) of malefic houses (dusthanas).

 Saturn . It is evident from the above that the giver of Vipareeta Rajyoga is Saturn, more so since he is the natural significator of the Dusthana. Thus, VRY can also be caused if Saturn becomes a Yogakaraka (for Taurus & Libra Lagna) and is placed in a Dusthana in debility/weak. However, it is important that other planets should not conjoin this, else their significations could be destroyed.

However, there is a general rule that every planet be he even a malefic would produce good effects if he is placed in a House owned by him even if the House happens to be an evil one ( 6th, 8th or the 12th).
There is another Astrological rule that when the lord of an evil House occupies another evil House, he becomes so weak that he loses his evil character and assumes the role of a strong benefic capable of producing excellent favorable results. This means that an evil planet is capable of producing powerful favorable results in reversed (`Viparita’) circumstances.
According to the ancient Indian sage Uttarakalamrit, a person under the influence of Viparita Rajayoga is quick to grab opportunities advantageous to him that come in his way and make the maximum of benefit of such opportunities. The native is blessed with a majestic appearance and a personality and he possesses extraordinary skills and capabilities.
Viparita Rajayoga arises when the 8th lord is placed in the 6th or the 8th House, or the 6th lord is placed in the 8th or the 12th House or the 12th lord is placed in the 6th or the 8th House.
Viparita Rajayogas are classified under three main categories: Harsha Yoga, Wimala Yoga and Sarala Yoga.
Harsha Yoga
The 12th lord in the 6th House causes Harsha Yoga.
Wimala Yoga
The 6th lord in the 12th causes Wimala Yoga.
Sarala Yoga
The 8th lord posited in the 8th House itself causes Sarala Yoga. Sarala Yoga is also formed when the 8th House is occupied or aspected by a malefic or when its lord is weak due to being placed, in debilitation, in an inimical sign or in a dushsthanas, an evil House.
A person fortified with Harsha Yoga at birth is very fortunate, happy, invincible, physically strong and sturdy, wealthy, famous, and he is afraid of vices and sins.
The above favorable effects are applicable to the Wimala Yoga as well.
A person born fortified with Sarala Yoga would be long lived, steadfast in his principles, fearless and famous. He would possess wealth and would accomplish all tasks undertaken by him. He would vanquish his enemies. 

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Sex astrology

Sex and astrology

No marriage can be happy and successful without satisfactory sex life. A spouse who is having loving partner and able to satisfy the sexual urge of his/her partner, is lucky and thereby is also more creative, more responsible and a good citizen. The negative side of sexual displeasure is not only unfavourable for the individual but it effects in totality.

The natal chart can also reveal the impotent man and frigid female and thus one can be cautioned before going into the relations.

There are some combinations of planets, which make one highly sexual at mental level, but they are not good in reality. Problem like nymphomania, hysteria, homosexuality, sex curve and other unnatural traits of sex can be diagonised by the help of astrological charts.

Sex behavior and Sun Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are Oversexed.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are sober in sex behavior.
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius have secret liking for sex but never exhibit their sexual feelings.
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are not very sexoriented but show highly passionate feelings.

The following is derived from Anang ranga

Of the Four Orders of Women.

First, let it be understood, that women must be divided into four classes of temperament. These are:--

1. Padmini

2. Chatrini;
3. Shankhini; and
4. Hastini.
The same correspond with the four different phases of Moksha, or Release from further Transmigration. The first is Sayujyata, or absorption into the essence of the Deity; the second is Samipyata, nearness to the Deity, the being born in the Divine Presence; the third is Sarupata, or resemblance to the Deity in limbs and material body; the fourth and last is Salokata, or residence in the heaven of some especial god.
For the name of woman is Nari, which, being interpreted, means "No A'ri", or foe; and such is Moksha, or absorption, because all love it and it loves all mankind.
Padmini, then, means Sayujyata, also called Khadgini-Moksha (Sword-release), the absorption of man into the Narayan (godhead), who lives in the Khshirabdi, or Milk-sea, one of the Seven Oceans, and from whose naval sprang the Padma, or Lotus-flower.
Chitrini is Samipyata-Moksha, like those who, having been incarnated as gods, perform manifold and wonderful works. Shankhini is Sarupata-Moksha, even as the man who takes the form of Vishnu, bears upon his body the Shankha (conch shell), the Chakra or discus, and other emblems of that god. The Hastini is Salokata-Moksha, for she is what residence in Vishnu's heaven is to those of the fourth class who have attributes and properties, shape and form, hands and feet.

Personal Peculiarities of the Four Classes.

And now learn ye by these words to distinguish from one another the four orders of woman-kind.
She in whom the following signs and symptoms appear, is called Padmini, or Lotus-woman. 1 Her face is pleasing as the full moon; her body, well clothed with flesh., is soft as the Shiras 2 or mustard-flower; her skin
is fine, tender and fair as the yellow lotus, never dark-coloured, though resembling, in the effervescence and purple light of her youth, the cloud about to burst. Her eyes are bright and beautiful as the orbs of the fawn, well-cut, and with reddish corners. Her bosom is hard, full and high; her neck is goodly shaped as the conch-shell, so delicate that the saliva can be seen through it; her nose is straight and lovely, and three folds of wrinkles cross her middle, about the umbilical region. Her Yoni 3resembles the open lotus-bud, and her Love-seed (Kama-salila, the water of life) 4 is perfumed like the lily which has newly burst. She walks with swanlike gait, and her voice is low and musical as the note of the Kokila-bird 5; she delights in white raiment, in fine jewels, and in rich dresses. She cats little, sleeps lightly and, being as respectable and religious as she is clever and courteous she is ever anxious to worship the gods, and to enjoy the conversation of Brahmans. Such, then, is the Padmini, or Lotus-woman.
The Chitrini, or Art-woman 6, is of the middle size, neither short nor tall, with bee-black hair, thin, round, shell-like neck; tender body; waist lean-girthed as the lion's; hard, full breasts; well-turned thighs and heavily made hips. The hair is thin about the Yoni, the Mons Veneris being soft, raised and round. The Kama-salila
(love seed) is hot, and has the perfume of honey, producing from its abundance a sound during the venereal rite. Her eyes roll, and her walk is coquettish, like the swing of an elephant, whilst her voice is that of the peacock 7. She is fond of pleasure and variety; she delights in singing and in every kind of accomplishment, especially the arts manual; her carnal desires, are not strong, and she loves her "pets", parrots, Mainas and other birds. Such is the Chitrini, or Art-woman.
The Shankhini 8, or Conch-woman, is of bilious tempermament, her skin being always hot and tawny, or dark yellow-brown; her body is large, or waist thick, and her breasts small; her head, hands, and feet are thin and long, and she looks out of the corners of her eyes. Her Yoni is ever moist with Kama-salila, which is distinctly salt, and the cleft is covered with thick hair. Her voice is hoarse and harsh, of the bass or contralto type; her gait is precipitate; she eats with moderation and she delights in clothes, flowers and ornaments of red colour. She is subject to fits of amorous passion, which make her head hot and her brain confused 9, and at the moment of enjoyment, she thrusts her nails into her husband's flesh. She is of choleric constitution, hard-hearted, insolent and vicious; irascible, rude and ever addicted to finding fault. Such is the Shankhini, or Conch-woman.
The Hastini is short of stature; she has a stout, coarse body, and her skin, if fair, is of a dead white; her hair is tawny, her lips are large; her voice is harsh, choked, and throaty (voix de gorge) and her neck is bent. Her gait is slow, and she walks in a slouching manner; often the toes of one foot are crooked. Her Kama-salila has the savour of the juice which flows in the spring from the elephant's temples. She is tardy in the Art of Love, and can be satisfied only by prolonged congress, in fact, the longer the better, but it will never suffice her. She is gluttonous, shameless, and irascible. Such is the Hastini, or elephant-woman. 

The days of greatest enjoyment for the Four Classes

As per lunar tithis( See the impact of luna or moon and tithis)
Having thus laid down the four classes of womankind, Kalyana Malla, the arch-poet, proceeds to give a table of the time in which each order derives the greatest amount of pleasure from the venereal rite. These periods must be learnt by heart, and students will remember that on the other days not specified, no amount of congress will satisfy passions. Read, then, and master the elements.
Table 11
1st day
2nd day
4th day
5th day
Satisfy the Padmini
6th day
8th day
10th day
12th day
Satisfy the Chatrini
3rd day
7th day
11th day
13th day
Satisfy the Shankhini
9th day
14th day
Full Moon
New Moon
Satisfy the Hastini

The Moon denotes antahkarana, Mercury stands for intelligence, Judgement, an open and amusing nature, the Sun denotes soul and character and Jupiter denotes Samyak Gyana. Under such an affliction the Moon may give a perverted outlook and evil habits. Mercury agonize under similar conditions indicate selfish and mean motive, a peevish nature. Similarly, Jupiter afflicted by Mars-Saturn-Rahu indicates shrewd intelligence, ignorance, overindulgence and complacence. Afflicted saturn denotes mean and leading character and inclination towards illegal acts in a personal secret way. Afflicted Mars is adamant, ill-tempered, murderous, furious and stubborn. Afflicted Rahu is vindictive, ferocious, violent, jealous, a smuggler, lustful and reckless in mood. The nature of afflicted Ketu is to causing harm without reason,find fault with others and always wanting to go ahead with secret plans of an obnoxious kind. When the first, the fourth, the fifth, the ninth and the tenth houses are involved under such malefic afflictions and the karaka planets are evilly disposed without any neutralizing effect, the person may turn into a liar, cheat, criminal, ill-tempered, sensual, a thief, hypocrite and an out and out imposter and murderer. Afflictions on the Seventh, the Eighth or the twelfth house may cause a corrupt sex life.

Sexual Immorality & Perversion

Sexual perversion is outcome of affliction on various planets governing various factors.   A person  (ascendant) will be perverted if his emotional aspect (Moon 5H/L) is under affliction to create excessive lust for lascivious pleasures (Venus, 7H/L, 8H/L, 12H/L) secretly (12 H/L). He / she will have extra courage (Mars, 3L, 3H) also to break the socially accepted norms (Rahu, affliction on 5H/L and involvement of 8H/L) for sexual act (7H/L) in multiplicity (11H/L).  Besides, there would be noticeable degradation in character of such person (affliction on Sun and influence on Saturn on above factors).  These factors form various combinations that may show sexual immorality of native.