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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sixth lord and the different ascendent.

These yogas are judged based on the Ascendant.
Aries Ascendant- 6th lord will be mercury and also owns 3rd house. If the mercury is not weak (asth) and if Virgo is not with malefic or any aspect from malefic and if mercury is in Gemini or Virgo it will be Astra yoga. The scholars who judge 6th house for uncle, in their view mercury in 6th house is not good. Mercury placed in Gemini is considered good.
Taurus Ascendant -6th lord is Venus. Venus is also lagna lord. As lagna lord wherever Venus is, it gives auspicious results of that house. If in 6th house, it will give auspicious results of that 6th because 6th house is Libra, which is the moolatrikona of Venus. Parasara also said for Taurus and Scorpio ascendant 6th lord is not considered a flaw. 

Gemini Ascendant- 6th lord is Mars in moolatrikona and aspects ascendant, so gives auspicious results of 6th house.
Cancer Ascendant- 6th lord Jupiter is also 9th lord. Sagittarius is also moolatrikona, so even in 6th house it gives auspicious results. For cancer ascendant Jupiter is considered very auspicious.
Leo Ascendant- 6th lord Saturn is also 7th lord. In 6th house as 7th lord Saturn doesnt give good results of the 7th house completely. Because from 7th house Saturn is in 12th, Aquarius is the moolatrikona.
Virgo Ascendant- Saturn is also 5th lord. Being in 5th house it gives good results of 5th house and if in 6th house results of own house.
Libra Ascendant- Jupiter being 3rd and 6th lord is not auspicious. If in 6th house it gives good results.
Scorpio Ascendant- 6th lord is Mars being ascendant lord and in moolatrikona it gives good results as it aspects ascendant, which is good.
Sagittarius Ascendant-6th lord is Venus. Most scholars think Venus being in 6th is not good. (From karaka house it is in 12th). Being in own house it is good.
Capricorn Ascendant- 6th lord is Mercury. Being in own house it is good, but for uncle it is bad, because it is in the karaka house.
Aquarius Ascendant- 6th is moon, results are based on waxing or waning moon. Waning moon is not good while waxing moon is good.
Pisces Ascendant- 6th lord is sun and in 6th gives good results.

Results based on the planet in 6th house
Sun-king like, minister, judge, famous successful politician, brave, kills enemies, strong, desirous, wealthy. If has auspicious aspect will have excellent administrative qualities, successful in all works.
Moon-if waning moon – short life, soft witted, disease related to stomach. If waxing long life.
Mars- blazing digestion, respectful, famous, beautiful body, well known, defeats foes, successful executive, wealthy.
Mercury-lazy, savage like speech, kills foes, interested in debates, gets angry easily, interruption in education.

Jupiter- kills foes, bad digestion, liver diseases, clever, one who does mantras.
Venus- poor, without foes, unhappy, relationship with lot of women, invective, without strength.
Saturn- eats immodestly, wealthy, kills enemies, treacherous, cavalier, desirous.
Rahu- noble, enjoys comforts, long life, disease in anus, suffering related to hips, suffers due to enemies.
Ketu- generous, good character, famous, attains good position, defeats enemies, gets what he wants.