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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Nakshatra are the 27 constellations forming a belt, against backdrop of which the zodiacs are considered. Moon travels across the sky and around the earth through this pathway. Each constellation covers 13 degrees, 20 minutes.

The concept of Nakshatra is exclusive only to Vedic astrology, and is known to give much more accurate results. Nakshatras are the backbone of astrology and were taken into account even before Sign system was considered. Nakshatras are considered throughout the astrological analysis.

Nakshatras also defines characteristics and influence of the planets placed in them.

Janmanakshatra is the Nakshatra in which the moon is placed at the time of birth. It plays a major role in shaping our thinking patterns, inherent capabilities and destiny.
Because of being the pathway of Moon, Nakshtras are also known as Lunar mansions. Moon travels through one Nakshatra in a day.

According to Hindu mythology, Moon had married all the 27 daughters of king Dakshan, who are the star constellations (27 Nakshatras) in the sky. But he loved to spend time with only his beloved queen Rohini. Other wives complained the matter to their father. Inspite of king Dakshan`s repeated interference, Moon did not rectify his habit. Dakshan finally lost his mind and cursed moon, causing it to wane in size. Moon started diminishing in size, and feeling the ill consequences of it, all the gods intervened and requested the king to revoke the curse. King then assured that only if Moon visits all his wives, he would regain his strength for half a month. That is the reason why Moon visits the entire 27 constellations during the month, constantly waxing and waning in size.

Each Nakshatra is divided in four sections called Padas or charan. Consideration of Pada is also very important during chart analysis as each Pada of Nakshatra gives a different result. Each zodiac covers nine Padas in total. Hence any zodiac covers more than two Nakshatra. The calculation begin by Ashwini Nakshatra which covers from 0 degrees of Aries, and ends in 30 degrees of Pisces covered by last Nakshatra of Revati.
The table is as given:
No. Nakshatra Symbol Sign occupying Padas Presiding Planet
1. Ashwini – "The horse Tamer " Horse’s head Aries occupies all 4 Padas Ketu
2 Bharani – "The bearer of new life" Vagina Aries occupies all four Padas. Venus
3 Krittika – " The one who Cuts" Razor 1st Pada – Aries
2,3,4 Padas – Taurus
4 Rohini – " The red One" Chariot All 4 Padas occupied by Taurus Moon
5 Mrigashira – "Head of a deer" Deer’s Head 1st, 2nd Pada- Taurus
3rd, 4th Pada – Gemini
6 Ardra – " The moist one" Head All four Pada occupied by Gemini. Rahu
7 Punarvasu – "Return of the light" Bow First three occupied by Gemini. 4th – Cancer. Jupiter
8 Pushya – " To nourish" Flower All four Padas occupied by Cancer. Saturn
9 Ashlesha – "The embracer" Serpent All four Padas occupied by Cancer Mercury
10 Magha – " The great one" Palanquin All the four Padas occupied by Leo. Ketu
11 Purva Phalguni – "The Meritorious One" Front legs of cot All the four Padas occupied by Leo Venus
12 Uttara Phalguni – "The excellent one" Back legs of Cots 1st Pada occupied by Leo. 2nd, 3rd, 4th occupied by Virgo Sun
13 Hasta – "The hand" Palm All the four Padas occupied by Virgo Moon
14 Chitra – " the bright one" Pearl First two Padas occupied by Virgo. Last two Padas occupied by Libra. Mars
15 Swati – "The independent one" Sapphire All the four Padas occupied by Libra Rahu
16 Vishakha - " The forked Shape" Potter’s wheel First three Padas occupied by Libra. Last Pada occupied by Scorpio. Jupiter
17 Anuradha – " The disciple of Divine spark" Umbrella All the four Padas occupied by Scorpio Saturn
18 Jyestha – "The eldest" Umbrella All the four Padas occupied by Scorpio. Mercury
19 Mula – "The Basic" Crouching Tiger All the four Padas occupied by Sagittarius Ketu
20 Purva Ashadha- " The early victory" Front of Square All the four Padas occupied by Sagittarius. Venus
21 Uttara ashadha – "Latter victory" Back of Square 1st Pada in Sagittarius. Later three Padas in Capricorn Sun
22 Shravana – "the learned one" Arrow All the four Padas in Capricorn. Moon
23 Dhanishtha – "The richest One" Drum First two Padas in Capricorn. Later two Padas in Aquarius. Mars
24 Shatabhishak – " A hundred Healers" Flower Aquarius occupies all the four Padas. Rahu
25 Purva Bhadrapada - "The auspicious feet" Front legs of cots First Three Padas occupied by Aquarius. Last Pada occupied by Pisces. Jupiter

Uttara Bhadrapada – "The auspicious feet" Back legs of the Cots All the Padas occupied by Pisces. Saturn
27 Revati – "the wealthy" Fish Pisces occupies all the four Padas. Mercury