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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vishnu Sahasranamam - 5

Vishnu Sahasranamam - 5

751Thriloka drikHe who carries the three worlds
752SumedhaHe who is having good causing knowledge
753MedhajaHe who is created in yagas
754DhanyaHe who has all facilities
755Sathya medhaHe who has a knowledge which is unalloyed truth
756Dhara DharaHe who carried the mountain
757ThejovrishaHe who rains light
758Dhythi dharaHe who has shining limbs
759Sarva Sastra Bhritham VaraHe who is the greatest among those who are armed
760PragrahaHe who receives (the flowers .leaves, etc., offered by his devotees)
761NigrahaHe who keeps every thing within himself
762VyangaHe who does not have end
763Naika SringaHe who has several horns ( Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the horns)
764GadhagrajaHe who appears before by mantras Or He who appeared before Gatha
765Chatur murthyHe who has four forms
766Chathur BahuHe who has four arms
767Chatur VyoohaHe who has four Vyoohas ( Four gates)
768Chatur GathiHe who is the destination for four varnas (Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vysya and Shudra)
769Chatur AtmaHe who has four aspects of mind brain, thought and pride
770Chatur BhavaHe who is the reason for Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (right action, wealth, pleasure and salvation)
771Chatur Veda VidhaHe who knows properly the meaning of four Vedas
772Eka PathaHe who keeps all the worlds under one of his feet
773Sama VarthaHe who rotates the wheel of birth and death
774NivrittatmaHe who is always available everywhere
775Dur JayaHe who cannot be won
776DurathikramaHe whose orders can never be disobeyed
777Dur LabhaHe who cannot be attained except by devotion
778Dur GamaHe who is easily not known
779DurgaHe who is difficult to attain due to wayside road blocks
780Dura VasaHe who can be kept in the mind with great difficulty
781DurarihaHe who kills those adopting the wrong path
782ShubhangaHe who has a beautiful body
783Loka SarangaHe who understands the essence of the world
784SuthanthuHe who keeps with him the wide world
785Thanthu VardhanaHe who broadens the world
786Indra KarmaHe who has work like Indra
787Maha KarmaHe who created all great beings
788Kritha KarmaHe who does not have a need to do anything
789Kritha AgamaHe who created the Vedas
790UdbhavaHe who attains great births
791SundaraHe who is the epitome of beauty
792SundaHe who is wet (has mercy)
793Rathna NabhaHe who has a beautiful belly
794SulochanaHe who has beautiful eyes
795ArkaHe who is suitable to be worshipped by all great Gods
796Vaja sanaHe who gives anna (food)
797ShringaHe who was born as a fish with horn
798JayanthaHe who is the cause of victory
799Sarva VijjayiHe who knows all and wins over all
800Suvarna BinduHe who has limbs of the body like gold Or He who is the God of Pranava (Om)
801AkshobyaHe who should not be disturbed
802Sarva Vagesware swaraHe who is the chief among Gods who speak
803Maha HridaHe whose heart is full of the eternal water of happiness
804Maha GarthaHe who is the lord of illusion which is like a big hole Or He who is a great charioteer
805Maha BhoothaHe who is spread in all places always
806Maha NidhiHe in whom all wealth is saved
807KumudhaHe who makes the earth happy
808KundaraHe who recognises results of good deeds
809KundaHe who gave earth as dana to Kasyapa (as Parasurama)
810ParjanyaHe who is a cloud (which showers comfort to the sad people)
811PavanaHe who makes one pure by mere thought
812AnilaHe who does not have anyone to order him Or He who never sleeps
813AmruthasaHe who eats nectar which is the greatest happiness
814Amritha VapuHe who has a body which cannot be destroyed
815SarvagnaHe who knows everything
816Sarvatho MugaHe who has faces everywhere Or He who can be approached from anywhere
817SulabhaHe who can be easily attained
818SuvrithaHe who does great penance
819SiddhaHe for no reason is always Himself
820Sathuru JitaHe who wins over his enemies
821Sathru ThapanaHe who makes his enemies suffer
822NyagrodhaHe who is above all beings in the worlds below
823UdhumbaraHe who is above skies Or He who gives food to all the world
824AswathaHe who is like a banyan tree
825Chanurandra NishudhanaHe who killed Chanoora who belonged to Andhra
826SahasrarchiHe who has thousand rays
827Satha JihwaHe who is the fire God with seven tongues
828SapthaidaHe who has seven flames
829Saptha VahanaHe who is the Sun God with seven horses
830AmoorthiHe who does not have shape
831AnaghaHe who is not touched by sins
832AchintyaHe who cannot be known by thought process
833Bhaya KritHe who creates fear in bad people
834Bhaya NasanaHe who destroys fear in good people
835AnuHe who is small like an atom
836BrihatHe who is extremely big
837KrisaHe who is thin
838SthoolaHe who is stout
839Guna BrithaHe who has the nature to create, upkeep and destroy
840NirgunaHe who does not have any properties
841MahaanHe who is great
842AdhrithaHe who is not carried by anything
843SwadhrithaHe who carries Himself
844SwasyaHe who has a beautiful face Or He from whose face Vedas came out
845PragvamsaHe who belongs to the first dynasty
846Vamsa VardhanaHe who makes dynasties grow
847Bhara BritHe who carries heavy worlds
848KhadhithaHe who is called as ultimate truth by the Vedas
849YogiHe who can be attained by yoga Or He who sees his essence always
850YogisaHe who is the greatest among Yogis
851Sarva KamadaHe who fulfils all desires
852AsramaHe who is the place where beings can relax
853SravanaHe who gives sorrow to sinners
854KshamaHe who destroys during deluge
855SuparnaHe who is a tree of whose leaves are the Vedas
856Vayu VahanaHe who makes winds move
857Dhanur dharaHe who is a great archer (in the form of Rama)
858Dhanur vedaHe who knows the science of archery
859DhandaHe who is the weapon to those who punish and also is the punishment
860DhamayithaHe who controls and rules people
861DhamaHe who is also the patience when being ruled
862AparajithaHe who can never be won by His enemies
863Sarva sahaHe who is an expert in everything
864NiyanthaHe who makes people obey rules
865AniyamaHe who is not subject to any rules
866AyamaHe who does not have fear of death (caused by Yama)
867Sathva vanHe who is brave and valorous
868SaathvikaHe who is soft natured (of Sathva Guna)
869SatyaHe who is good to the good people Or He who is available to good people
870Satya dharma parayanaHe who holds truth and charity (dharma) as important
871AbhiprayaHe who is approached by seekers of salvation
872PriyarhaHe who is suitable for giving away of our most cherished things
873ArhaHe who is most appropriate for prayers
874Priya kritHe who fulfils desires (of devotees)
875Preethi vardhanaHe who increases devotion of his devotees
876Vihaya sagathaHe who lives in the sky
877JyothiHe who glitters himself
878SuruchiHe who shines beautifully
879Hartha bujhaHe who eats what has been offered to him through fire
880VibhaHe who is everywhere
881RaviHe who is the sun
882VirochanaHe who shines in several ways
883SuryaHe who makes everything
884SavithaHe who creates worlds
885Ravi lochanaHe who has the sun for his eyes
886AnanthaHe who is limitless
887Hutha bhujaHe who eats what is offered in fire sacrifice (homa)
888BhokthaHe who consumes nature
889SukhadaHe who gives his devotees the pleasure of salvation
890NaikajaHe who took several forms
891AgrajaHe who is in front of everything
892AnirvinnaHe who does not have any worries
893SadhamarshiHe who pardons mistakes (committed by his devotees)
894Loka adhishtanaHe who is the basis of the world
895AdbhutaHe who is the wonder
896SanaathHe who is from the very beginning
897Sanathana thamaHe who is older than the oldest
898KapilaHe who is of purple colour Or He who was sage Kapila
899KapiHe who is the sun
900AvyayaHe in whom all disappear during the deluge
901SwasthidaHe who gives all good things to his devotees
902Swasthi krithHe who does good
903SwasthiHe who is good Himself
904Swasthi bukhHe who enjoys goodness
905Swasthi dakshinaHe who has the nature of giving good
906AroudhraHe who is never cruel
907KundaliHe who is Adi Sesha Or He who wears shining ear globes
908ChakreeHe who wears Chakra (the holy wheel)
909VikrameeHe who walks beautifully
910Urjitha SasanaHe who gives firm orders
911SabdhathigaHe who cannot be reached by words
912SabdhasahaHe who can tolerate all sounds
913ShisiraHe who is cool like winter
914SsarvarikaraHe who creates darkness like night
915AkrooraHe who is not cruel
916PesalaHe who is extremely handsome
917DhakshaHe who is clever
918DhakshinaHe who goes everywhere Or He who kills his enemies
919Kshaminam varaHe who is the greatest among those who have patience
920VidhuthamaHe who is greatest among those who know
921Veetha bhayaHe who is not afraid
922Punya sravana keerthanaHe who increases boons to those who sing about him
923UthaaranaHe who makes you climb the shore from ocean of misery
924DushkrathihaHe who removes sins
925PunyaHe who gives rewards to good deeds
926Dhuswapna nasanaHe who destroys bad dreams
927VeerahaHe who gives the suffering people of the world salvation
928RakshanaHe who protects
929SanthaHe who is personification of good people
930JivanaHe who makes all beings live by being their soul
931ParyavasthithaHe who is spread everywhere
932Anantha roopaHe who has countless forms Or He who is Adisesha
933Anantha shreeHe whose strength cannot be estimated
934Jithar manyuHe who has won over anger
935BhayapahaHe who removes fear
936ChathurasraHe who is just
937GabeerathmaHe whose depth can never be found
938VidhisaHe who gives special favours
939VyaadhisaHe who gives different works to different gods
940DhisaHe who as Veda, points out the results of different actions
941AnadhiHe who does not have a cause
942Bhor bhuvaHe who is the basis of the earth and its goal
943LakshmiHe who is the luster of the earth Or He who is himself the wealth
944SuveeraHe who has been praised in several ways
945RuchirangadhaHe who has beautiful shoulders
946JananaHe who creates people
947Jana janmadiHe who is the existence of all people
948BheemaHe of whom all beings are afraid
949Bheema parakramaHe who creates fear in his adversaries
950Adhara NilayaHe who is the basis of the basis (five elements)
951AdhathaHe who drinks all beings at the time of deluge Or He who is the only one basis
952Pushpa hasaHe who opens like a flower at the time of primal creation
953Praja garaHe who is always awake
954UrdhwagaHe who is above everything
955SatpadacharaHe who adopts good deeds prescribed by him
956PranadaHe who gives life
957PranavaHe who is Om
958PanaHe who accepts all offerings to him and gives rewards
959PramanaHe who is the lustrous personification of knowledge
960Prana nilayaHe in whom all souls live
961Prana britHe who nurtures beings
962Prana jivanaHe who makes beings live
963ThathvamHe who is the real meaning
964Thathva vidheHe who knows his essence
965Eka athmaHe who is the one and only one soul
966Janma mrutyu jarathigaHe who is above birth, death and ageing
967Bhurbhuva Swastharu stharaHe who is spread as a tree to Bhuu Loka, Bhuvar Loka, and Suvar Loka
968TharaHe who makes us cross the sea of births and deaths
969SavithaHe who has created everything
970PrapithamahaHe who is the great grandfather (all human beings are grandchildren of Brahma, the son of Vishnu)
971YagnaHe who shows results to those who conduct yagna (fire sacrifice)
972Yagna pathiHe who protects yagna
973YajwaHe who conducts yagnas
974Yagna angaHe whose limbs are yagna
975Yagna vahanaHe who carries forward yagna
976Yagna britHe who accepts yagna
977Yagna kritHe who created yagna
978YagniHe who is the head of yagna
979Yagna bhujaHe who uses yagna
980Yagna sadhanaHe who indicates yagna as a method of attaining Him
981Yagna antha kritHe who increases the effect of yagna
982Yagna guhyaHe who is the secret of yagna
983AnnaHe who is food
984AnnadaHe who eats food
985Athma yoniHe who is the cause of all beings
986Swayam jathaHe who is the cause of His own birth
987VaikhkhanaHe who dug earth as a boar (Varaha)
988Sama gayanaHe who sings Sama Veda
989Deavaki nandanaHe who is the son of Devaki
990SrishtaHe who created the world
991KsitheesaHe who is the God to all worlds
992Papa nasanaHe who destroys sin
993Sankha britHe who has a conch (called Pancha Janya)
994NandakiHe who has the sword called Nandaka
995ChakriHe who has the wheel called Sudharsana
996Sarnga dhanwaHe who has the bow called Saranga
997Gadha dharaHe who has a mace called Gowmodaki
998Radanga paniHe who keeps the wheel in his hand ready to use
999AkshobyaHe who cannot be broken down by his enemies
1000Sarva praharanayudhaHe who uses everything as a weapon