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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vishnu Sahasranamam - 4

501KapindraHe who is Rama who is dear to all monkeys Or He who has taken the avatara of Varaha
502Bhoori DakshinaHe who conducts yagas and gives cash benefits (dakshina) to many
503SomapaHe who drinks Soma
504AmruthapaHe who drinks the nectar of the bliss of the soul (Athmananda)
505SomaHe who in the form of moon helps plants to grow
506Puru JitHe who has won over several
507Puru sattamaHe who is the best in several forms
508VinayaHe who punishes bad people
509JayaHe who wins every other being
510Sathya SandhaHe who never breaks his word (oath)
511DasarhaHe who gives all to his devotes Or He who was born among the Yadavas
512Sathvatham PathiHe who takes care of the authors of the sastra of Saathvatha
513JivaHe who in the form of soul makes all beings
514Vinayitha SakshiHe who is a witness to obedience by others to Him
515MukundaHe who gives immortal bliss (Moksha)
516Amitha VikramaHe who is immeasurable steps or He who has greatest Valor
517Ambho NidhiHe who is the ultimate sojourn to Devas, manushyas, Asuras and pithrs Or He who has kept himself in the ocean to carry the worlds
518Anantha AtmaHe who is immeasurable Or He who is the soul of Adi Sesha
519Maho Dadhi SayaHe who sleeps on the ocean
520AnthakaHe who brings about the end of everything
521AjhaHe who is the beginning and in the form of Manmadha (God of love)
522MaharhaHe who is fit to be worshipped
523SwaabhavyaHe who by nature is not different Or He who is usual
524JithamitraHe who has won the enemies inside and outside
525PramodhanaHe who is always happy or He who makes those devotees who meditate on Him happy
526AnandaHe who is the personification of happiness
527NandanaHe who makes his devotees happy
528NandaHe who is full of everything that is needed Or He who has crossed the ordinary pleasures
529SatyadharmaHe who is the truthful dharma
530TrivikramaHe who measured the worlds in three steps
531Maharshi KapilacharyaHe who is the sage Kapila
532KrithagnaHe who is the world and the soul which knows the world
533Medhini pathiHe who is the lord of the worlds
534TripadhaHe who has three steps Or He who is formed by three letters AA UU and Ma (that is OM)
535TridasadyakshaHe who directs (sees from above) the states of wakefulness, sleep and dream
536MahasringaHe who has the great horn (in which he tied the earth travelling in a boat during the deluge)
537Krithantha KritHe who destroys the world created by Himself
538MahavarahaHe who took the shape of Varaha (boar)
539GovindaHe who is attained by Vedic words
540SushenaHe who has a great army (the stanzas in the Upa Nishads are his army)
541Kankam GathiHe who has golden shoulders (Golden has been translated as refined by some)
542GuhyaHe who is known only by the secret Upanishads Or He who is in the cave of the mind
543GabhiraHe who appears majestic because of knowledge, wealth, strength and valour
544GahanaHe whose depth cannot be measured
545GupthaHe who is hidden from mind and the words
546Chakra GathadharaHe who keeps the holy Wheel (representing mind) and Holy Mace (Representing Philosophy) to save the world
547VedhasaHe who creates Or He who gives immeasurable happiness and wealth to his devotees
548SwangaHe who is the instrument reason and cause for existence
549AjithaHe who cannot be won
550KrishnaHe who is the colour of the black cloud Or He who is Krishna Dwaipayana the sage
551DhridaHe who has no change in character and ability
552Samkarshano AchyuthaHe who draws beings within Himself during the deluge
553VarunaHe who is purple sun who is about to set Or He who hides everything
554VaarunaHe who is Vasishta who is the son of Varuna
555VrikshaHe who is firm and stable like the tree
556PushkarakshaHe who has spread completely Or He who rained kindness from his eyes
557Maha ManaaHe who performs creation, upkeep and destruction by a thought in his great mind
558BhagawanHe who is the storehouse of wealth, Dharma, fame. .riches., renunciation and Moksha
559BhagagnaHe who destroys wealth during the deluge
560AnandiHe who is the personification of pleasure
561VanamaliHe who wears nature as a garland
562HalayudhaHe who has plough as his weapon
563AdhityaHe who was born as Vamana to Adhithi
564Jyotir AdithyaHe who shines in the zodiac
565SahishnuHe who tolerates everything
566GathisathamaHe who is the truth and He whom everyone attains
567SudhanvaHe who has the holy bow called Saranga which is personification of our senses
568Kkhanda ParasuHe who has axe as a weapon to kill enemies
569DharunaHe who is cruel to those who prevent the right path
570Dhravina PradhaHe who gives the wealth asked by devotees
571Dhiva SprikhHe who touches the sky Or He who shows his secret form by touch
572Sarva Drik VyasaHe who writes about all knowledge
573VachaspathirayonijaHe who was not born and is the Lord of knowledge
574ThrisamaHe who is worshipped by the three samas (Briht, Rathandara and Vamadeva branches of Sama Veda)
575SamagaHe who sings Sama Veda
576SamaHe who is the Sama Veda
577NirvanaHe who is beyond all sadness
578BeshajaHe who is the medicine
579BhisahkhHe who is the doctor
580Sanyasa KritHe who introduced Sanyasa (renunciation) as the method for salvation
581ChamaHe who controls everything
582ShanthaHe who is not attracted by bodily pleasures
583NishtaHe who is the place where everything ends
584ShanthiHe who is the cause of removing ignorance
585PaarayanaHe who is in the high pedestal and never returns to bodily pleasures
586ShubhangaHe who has beautiful limbs Or He who carries out the Ashtangas , the path to salvation
587ShanthidaHe who gives peace
588SrishtaHe who creates everything
589KumudaHe who is happy to be in the world
590KuvalesayaHe who sleeps on the ocean surrounding the world
591GohithaHe who does good to earthly beings Or He who puts limits to nature
592GopathiHe who is the lord of all beings in the world
593GopthaHe who takes care of the world
594VrishabhakshaHe whose merciful eyes showers whatever is prayed for
595Vrisha PriyaHe who loves Dharma
596AnivartheeHe who never returns from a war without victory
597NivrthathmaHe whose mind never attaches itself to pleasures
598SamkshepthaHe who shrinks the wide world during the deluge
599KshemakrithaHe who keeps those recognised by Him comfortable
600ShivaHe who removes sins as soon as His name is thought of
601Shrivatsa VakshasHe who has Shrivatsa on his chest
602ShrivasaHe in whom Goddess Lakshmi lives
603ShripathiHe who is the Lord of Goddess Lakshmi
604Shrimatam VaraHe who is greatest among gods
605ShridhaHe who gives wealth to his devotees
606ShrisaHe who is the God of Goddess Lakshmi
607ShrinivasaHe who lives in gentlemen (Shriman) Or He in whom Goddess Lakshmi lives
608Shri NidhiHe who is the treasure of all strengths
609ShrivibhavanaHe who gives to all beings wealth according to merits earned by them
610ShridharaHe who carries the Goddess Lakshmi on his chest
611ShrikaraHe who gives all wealth to his devotees
612ShreyaHe who is the personification of perennial happiness
613ShrimanHe who is a gentle man
614Loka TrayasrayaHe on whom the three worlds depend
615SwakshaHe who has lotus-like eyes
616SwangaHe who has beautiful limbs
617SsathanandaHe who has several types (hundred) happiness
618NandaHe who is personification of supreme happiness
619Jyothir ganeswaraHe who is the chief of lustrous bodies
620VijhitatmaHe who has conquered the mind
621AvidheyatmaHe who is not under the control of anybody
622SathkeerthiHe who has good fame
623Chinna samsayaHe who does not suspect Or He who sees everything clearly
624UudheernaHe who is greater than all beings
625Sarwata ChakshuHe who sees everything everywhere
626AaneesaHe who does not have any God above him
627Saswatha sthiraHe who is permanently stable
628BhoosaHe who slept on the ground (as Rama waiting for the sea God to respond) Or He who lives in idols on the ground
629BhooshanaHe who decorated the world (by several births)
630BhoothaHe who has existence
631VishokaHe who is never sad
632Shoka nasanaHe who destroys sadness of his devotees
633ArchishmaHe who gives light to astral bodies
634ArchithaHe who is worshipped in all the three worlds
635KhumbaHe who is the basis of everything Or He who is being worshipped in temples on the earth
636VishudhatmaHe who has supremely clean habits
637VishodhanaHe who removes sins of those who think of Him
638AniruddhaHe who can never be stopped by His enemies
639AprathiradhaHe who has no enemies
640PradhyumnaHe who has great wealth Or He who makes others sparkle
641Amitha vikramaHe who has immeasurable fame
642Kala neminihaHe who killed Kala Nemi
643VeeraHe who is valorous
644SowraHe who was born in the Sura dynasty (Sri Krishna)
645Shoora janeswaraHe who is God for heroes like Indra
646ThrilokathmaHe who is not different from the three worlds
647ThrilokesaHe who is the Lord of the three worlds
648KesavaHe who gave rays to lustrous bodies Or He in whom Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva reside
649KesihaHe who killed the Asura called Kesi
650HariHe who removes births and deaths with their cause Or He who is green
651Kama devaHe who is passionately loved by his devotees
652Kama palaHe who takes care of desires
653KaamiHe who fulfils desires
654KaanthaHe who has attraction
655KrithagamaHe who created holy rule books (agamas)
656Anirdesya vapuHe whose looks cannot be defined
657VishnuHe who has spread all over
658VeeraHe who goes, spreads, creates, throws and eats
659AnanthaHe who is endless
660DhananjayaHe who is Arjuna Or He who wins the attraction over money
661BrahmanyaHe who favours penance, (tapas) knowledge, Brahmanas and Vedas
662Brahma KritHe who made penance (tapas)
663BrahmaHe who is Brahma, the creator
664BrahmanaHe who is Brahmam
665Brahma vivardhanaHe who encourages the ways to Brhamam like tapas
666Brahma vidHe who knows Vedas properly
667BrahmanaHe who in the form of Brahmins teaches Vedas
668BrahmiHe who controls all that is denoted by Brahma
669BrahmangnaHe who knows Vedas as Himself
670Brahmana priyaHe who is liked by Brahmins
671Maha kramaHe who takes big steps
672Maha karmaHe who does the great works like creation, upkeep and destruction
673Maha tejaHe who gives light to stars Or He who is the great star
674MahoragaHe who has the form of the great serpent
675Maha krithuHe who is the great doer
676Mahar yajwaHe who shows the way by performing great sacrifices (yagna)
677Maha yagnaHe who is the greatest Yagna (sacrifice)
678Maha haviHe who is the greatest sacrificial offering in the  yagna
679StavyaHe who is being praised by everybody
680Sthava priyaHe who likes being praised
681StotraHe who is the song about Himself
682SthuthaHe who is the act of being sung about God
683SthothraHe who is the devotee who sings about him
684Rana priyaHe who likes war
685PoornaHe who is complete
686PoorayithaHe who completes the wishes of his devotees
687PushyaHe who removes sins as one thinks about Him
688Punya keerthiHe who is famous for removing sins
689AnamayaHe who never becomes ill
690ManojavaHe who is as fast as the mind
691Theertha karaHe who created methods for salvation of all beings in the world
692Vasu rethasHe who is the golden essence of Himself
693Vasu pradhaHe who gives wealth to his devotees
694VasupradhaHe who leads His devotees to salvation
695Vasu devaHe who was born as son of Vasudeva
696VasuHe in whom all others live
697Vasu manasHe who has a mind which lives in all others
698HaviHe who is the sacrificial offering in the yagas
699Sad GadhiHe who is attained by good people
700Sad krithiHe who does good action
701SaththaHe who is personification of non-differential knowledge
702Sad brithiHe who is Sat and Chit (truth and ultimate truth)
703Sad parayanaHe who is attained by those who know him
704Sura senaHe who lead an army of heroes
705Yadu sreshtaHe who is the greatest among Yadus (Krishna belonged to this family)
706SannivasaHe who is the ultimate place where scholars go.
707SuyamunaHe who is surrounded by residents of Yamuna
708BhootavasaHe who keeps all beings in his caring sight
709VasudevaHe who hides the world by illusion
710SarvasunilayaHe who is the form of Jivatma (the form of God within every being)
711AnalaHe who has unending strength
712DarpahaHe who destroys the pride of those who are against Dharma
713DarpadhaHe who gives self satisfaction to those who walk in the path of Dharma
714DrpthaHe who is supremely happy Or He who never gets proud of his strength
715DurdharaHe who can be brought to the mind with difficulty
716AparajithaHe who cannot be won
717Viswa MurthiHe who has the universe as his body
718Maha MurthiHe who has a big body
719DeepthamurthyHe who has a body which shines due to knowledge
720MurthymanHe whose body when he is born is not a result of Karma
721Aneka MurthyHe who is born several times
722AvyakthaHe who is not clear Or He who cannot be determined to be a certain thing by any body
723Satha MurthyHe who has several forms
724SathananaHe who has several faces
725EkaHe who is one
726NaikaHe who appears as in different forms by illusion
727SavaHe who is the personification of soma yaga
728KavaHe who shines even among those who are sinners Or He who is worshipped as ‘ka’ indicating pleasures
729KasmaiHe who can be investigated and known
730YasmaiHe who tries to help his devotees always Or He who is indicated by ‘yat’
731ThasmaiHe who is indicated by the word ‘THAT’
732PadamanuttamamHe who is in such a high position that the most knowledgeable want to attain him
733Loka BhanduHe who is a relation of all beings
734Loka NathaHe who rules over the world
735MadhavaHe who was born in the family of Madhu
736Bhaktha VatsalaHe who loves his devotees
737Suvarna varnaHe who is of a golden colour
738HemangaHe who has a golden body
739VarangaHe who has beautiful body
740Chandanam gathiHe who wears golden armlets to give happiness
741VeerahaHe who is a hero destroying sins
742VishamaHe who cannot be compared to anyone else
743SunyaHe who appears as if he is not there
744GrithasiHe who does not have desires
745AchalaHe who is supremely stable
746ChalaHe who moves in the form of wind for example
747AmaniHe who does not have pride and willing to be anything
748ManadaHe who by his illusion makes people love their body
749ManyaHe who is fit to be worshipped
750Loka swamiHe who is the lord of the universe