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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vishnu Sahasranamam - 2...

1ViswamHe who is the Universe itself
2VishnuHe who is spread everywhere
3VashatkaraHe who is personification of Vedic sacrifice (yagna)
4Bhootha Bhavya Bhavat PrabhuHe who is the master of past, present and future
5BhootakritHe who has created the beings in the universe
6BhootabritHe who takes care of all the beings in the universe
7BhavaHe who is everything that happens
8BhootaatmaHe who is the soul of every being in the Universe
9BhootabhavanaHe who nurtures every being in the universe
10PootatmaHe who is detached of every thing Or He who has a clean character
11ParamatmaHe who is in every being but beyond every being or the greatest soul .
12Mukthanam Parama GathiHe who is the ultimate salvation of every freed being
13AvyayaHe who does not have different forms Or He who is always the same.
14PurushaHe who is inside every body
15SakshiHe who is the witness of everything that happens
16KshetragnaHe who knows the body
17AksharaHe who does not have death
18YogaHe who can be attained by yoga (meditation?)
19Yoga Vitham NethaHe who is the leader of all those who know yoga
20Pradhana -PurusheswaraHe who is the lord of nature and beings
21Narasimha VapushaHe who is part human and part lion
22SrimanHe in whom Sri (Lakshmi or Goddess) resides
23KesavaHe who is served by Vishnu , Siva and Brahma
Or He who has beautiful hair
Or He who killed Kesi the Asura
24PurushottamaHe who is the greatest among Purushas (beings) Or
He who is greater than those who are bound, those who are free and those who are static.
25SarwaHe who is everything
26SsarvaHe who destroys everything when the deluge comes
27ShivaHe who is pure
28SthanuHe who is stable
29BhootaathaHe from whom all the beings evolved
30NidhiravyayaHe who is never destroyed (even at deluge)
31SambhavaHe who is all that happens
32BhavanaHe who is the giver of everything
33BharthaHe who is the basis supports all beings
34PrabhavaHe in whom all things were born
35PrabhuHe who is extremely clever
36EaswaraHe who controls and rules all beings Or He who is a natural ruler.
37SwayambhuHe who is born from himself
38ShambhuHe who gives all pleasures
39AdityaHe who throws light on everything Or He who is one but appears different.
40PushkarakshaHe who has lotus-like eyes
41MahaswanaHe who has a great voice
42AnadhinidhanaHe who has neither birth nor death
43DhathaHe who carries the world
44VidhathaHe who creates all actions and their results
45Dhatur-UttamaHe who is greater than the creator (Brahma)
46AprameyaHe who is beyond rules, regulations and definitions.
47HrishikesaHe who controls his five senses
48PadmanabhaHe who has a lotus (from which the world evolved) growing on his belly
49Amara -PrabhuHe who is the chief of deathless beings
50Viswa-KarmaHe who has made this universe
51ManuHe who thinks (worries) of every thing
52DwashtaHe who destroys everything
53SthavishtaHe who is extremely fat
54Sthaviro-DhruvaHe who is ancient and permanent
55AgrahyaHe who is not reachable by senses
56SaswathaHe who existed in the past, exists at present and will exist in future.
57KrishnaHe who is black
Or He who is personification of truth, happiness and that which is beyond us
58LohitakshaHe who has red eyes
59PrathardhanaHe who destroys everything in the end (deluge)
60PrabhoothaHe who is full of wealth and knowledge
61Thrika-KubhdhamaHe in whom resides the three worlds viz. Earth, Heaven and Hell
62PavithraHe who is pure Or He who makes others pure.
63Mangalam-ParamHe who does good to others
64EasanaHe who rules over (appoints) everything
65PranadhaHe who makes beings move
66PranaHe who is the soul
67JyeshtaHe who is elder to all others
68SreshtaHe who is better than all others
69PrajapathiHe who is the chief of all human beings
70HiranyagarbhaHe who resides as the soul (Brahmam) of this golden universe
71BhoogarbhaHe who carries the earth within himself
72MaadhavaHe who is the consort of Lakshmi
Or He who can be realised only by silence, meditation and yoga
73MadusudhanaHe who killed Madhu the Asura
74EaswaraHe who is supremely strong
75VikramiHe who has the ability to destroy all his enemies Or He who has valour.
76DhanviHe who is the supreme archer
77MedhaviHe who is the supreme intelligence
78VikramaHe who has measured the worlds Or He who rides on a bird (Garuda)
79KramaHe who has spread everywhere
80AnuthamaHe who does not have anybody better than him
81DuradharshaHe who cannot be cowed down by his enemies
82KridhagnaHe who knows good and bad of all beings Or He who gives salvation even by giving leaves and flowers.
83KrithiHe who is busy in his work Or He who is personification of work.   
84AthmavanHe who has only his strength as his basis
85SureshaHe who is the lord of all Gods (Devas)
86ssaranaHe who removes sadness from the unhappy
87ssharmaHe who is personification of total happiness
88VishwarethaHe who is the seed to this universe
89PrajhaBhavaHe who is the reason for existence of human beings
90AahaHe who is as bright as the day
91SamvatsaraHe who is personification of the year
92VyalaHe who cannot be caught like the great serpent
93PrathyayaHe who is personification of knowledge
94SarvadarshanaHe who sees (knows) everything
95AjhaHe who does not have birth
96SarveshwaraHe who is God for everything
97SiddhaHe who is always everywhere
98SiddhiHe who is the desirable effect of everything
99SarvadhiHe who is the primary reason for everything
100AchyuthaHe who does not slip
Or He who does not allow his devotees to slip
101VrashakapiHe who is the personification of Dharma and Varaha
102AmeyatmaHe whose stature cannot be measured
103Sarva Yoga VinisruthaHe who is devoid of all attachments
Or He who is known by all yogas
104VasuHe who lives in every being
105VasuManaHe who has a good heart
106SatyaHe who is truth personified
107SamathmaHe who looks on everybody as equal
108AsammithaHe who cannot be measured
109SamaHe who is without change at all times
110AmoghaHe who gives all to his devotees
111PundarikakshaHe who is lotus-eyed
Or He who is like eyes for those living in the heaven called Pundarika
112VrishakarmaHe whose actions are dictated by Dharma
113VrishakrithaHe who is born to uphold Dharma
114RudhraHe who drives away sadness and the reasons for it
115BahusirasHe who has many heads
116BhabruHe who carries the worlds
117ViswayoniHe from whom all beings are born
118SuchisravaHe who hears holy (clean) words of his devotees
119AmrithaHe who does not die
120SaswathaSthanuHe who is perennially stable
Or He who is permanent and unmovable
121VaroraohaHe who does not send back those who attain him
122MahathapaHe who is extremely knowledgeable
123SarvagaHe who goes (reaches) every where
124Sarvavid-bhanuHe who shines in the knowledge of every thing
125VishvaksenaHe who attacks the armies of Rakshasas from all directions. Or He who attacks bad things from everywhere
126JanardhanaHe who troubles bad people
Or He whom people pray for benefits
127VedaHe who is the Vedas
128VedavidhaHe who knows the meaning of Vedas
129AvyangaHe who is beyond the reach of five senses
130VedangaHe who has Vedas as parts of his body
131VedaVithHe who examines (interprets) Vedas
132KaviHe who sees (knows) everything
133LokadhyakshaHe who presides over the Universe
134SuradyakshaHe who directs the devas
135DharmadyakshaHe who presides over Dharma
136KrithaKrithaHe who is the means and result of every thing
137ChathurathmaHe who is Brahma during creation, Vishnu during the upkeep , Rudra during destruction and Janardhana during Pralaya (deluge) of the world
138Chathur VyuhaHe who is Aniruddha when we are awake, Pradhyumna when we are dreaming, Sangarshana when we are in Sushupthi and Vasudeva when we are in Thuriya
139Chathur DamshtraHe who has four protruding incisors (as in Narasimha avatara)
Or He who has four horns
140Chathur BhujaHe who has four hands
141BrajishnuHe who is in the form of light
Or He who is the light
142BhojanaHe who is in the form which can be enjoyed like food
Or He who consumes food offered to him by devotees
143BhokthaHe who is the consumer of nature
144SahishnuHe who can pardon
Or He who wins and converts
145JagataDhijaHe who was born before the world
146AnaghaHe whom no sin gets attached Or He who is sinless
147VijayaHe who is wins
148JethaHe who is always the victor
149ViswayoniHe who is the universe and its creator
150PunarvasuHe who is in every being as its controller
151UpendraHe who is Indra to Indra himself
152VamanaHe who was born as Vamana
Or He whom devotees can worship
153PramsuHe who grew big when measuring the world as Vamana
154AmoghaHe whose actions are never wasted
155SuchiHe who cleans the mind of those who pray to Him
156OOrjithaHe who is very powerful
157AthindraHe who is above Indra
158SangrihaHe who destroys during the deluge
159SargaHe who is the personification of creation
160DhritatmaHe who is birthless and stable
161NiyamaHe who appoints others
162YamaHe who controls others
163VedyaHe who can be known
164VaidyaHe who knows all knowledge
165Sada YogiHe who is lustrous always
166VeerahaHe who kills Asura heroes
167MadhavaHe who is the lord of knowledge (Vidya)
168MadhuHe who is like honey
169AthindriyaHe who is beyond human senses
170Maha mayaHe who is an illusion to those great illusionists
171MahotsahaHe who has great enthusiasm
172MahabalaHe who is very strong
173Maha BuddhiHe who has tremendous knowledge
174Maha VeeryaHe who even if there is reason to worry never gets worried
175Maha ShakthiHe who is very strong
176Maha DyuthiHe who has great lustre
177Anirdesya VapuHe of whom nobody can tell that he is thus
178ShreemanHe in whom godly wealth resides
179AmeyatmaHe who has immeasurable knowledge
180Mahadri DrikHe who lifted large mountains
181MaheshvasaHe who is a great archer
182Mahee BharthaHe who lifted the earth when he was born as Varaha
183SreenivasaHe in whose chest resides Shree Devi
184Sadam GathiHe who is the ultimate goal of good people
185AniruddhaHe who cannot be stopped by anybody
186SuranandaHe who makes Devas happy
187GovindaHe who lifted the earth (Go)
Or He who is the chief of cows
Or He who makes the word ‘Go’ attain him
188Govidam PathiHe who is the leader of those who know Vedas
189MareechiHe who is in the form of light
190DhamanaHe who punishes
191HamsaHe who removes fear of those who consider Him as themselves
192SuparnaHe who has beautiful wings
193BhujagottamaHe who is the shape of a good serpent
194Hiranya NabhaHe who has a belly like gold
195SuthapaHe who has done great penance
196PadmanabhaHe who shines in the belly of the lotus of our heart
197PrajapathiHe who is the chief of people
198AmruthyuHe who does not have death
199SarvadrikhHe who sees everything
200SimhaHe who troubles sinners
201SamdathaHe who adds devotees to himself
202SandhimanHe who adds all those who experience Him to himself
203SthiraHe who is permanent
204AjhaHe who is inside everything
205DhurmarshanaHe whom enemies cannot defeat or bear
206ShaarathaHe who orders and makes others obey
207VishrutathmaHe who is the soul of all the good one is told
208SurarihaHe who destroys the enemies of Devas
209GuruHe who is a teacher of all knowledge
210Guru-ThamaHe who is the teacher of teachers
211DhamaHe who is light
212SatyaHe who is truth
213SatyaparakramaHe who is truly a hero
214NimishaHe who closes his eyes (during Yoganidhra)
215AnimishaHe who sees everything without batting his eyelids
216SsraghviHe who wears a garland
217Vachaspathi UdharathiHe who is the supreme personification of knowledge
218AgraniHe who takes one to a higher life
219GrammaniHe who appoints (controls) Pancha Bhutas
220ShrimanHe who shines
221NyayaHe who is justice
222NethaHe who drives the world machine as its leader
223SameeranaHe who in the form of wind makes beings move
224Sahasra MoordhaHe who has countless heads (all heads of beings are his)
225ViswathmaHe who is the soul of every thing
226SahasrakshaHe who has thousand eyes (all eyes are his)
227SahasrapathHe who has thousand feet
228AvarthanaHe who rotates (the wheel of life)
229NivrithathmaHe who is not attached to life
230SamvrithaHe who is not visible due to net of illusion (Maya)
231SampramardhanaHe who destroys the world (in the form of Yama and Rudhra)
232Aha SamvarthakayaHe who makes day in the form of sun
233VahnniHe who is in the form of fire
234AnilaHe who is in the form of air
235DharanidharaHe who supports the earth (in the form of Adisesha)
236SuprasadhaHe who is mercy personified
237PrasannathmaHe who is forever clear-headed
238Viswa DrikHe who takes care of the world
239Viswa BhujaHe who eats up the world during deluge
240VibhuHe who has many forms
241SatkarthaHe who worships those who do good deeds
242SatkrithaHe who is worshipped by good people
243SadhuHe who walks in the righteous path
244JahnnuHe who prevents people without Bhakti from attaining him
245NarayanaHe who resides in all things that he creates
Or He in whom all souls reside
246NaraHe who shows the path
247AsangyeyaHe who is beyond counting Or He who is infinite
248AprameyatmanHe who is beyond knowledge
249VisishtaHe who is the greatest
250SishtaKrithHe who orders Or he who protects good people