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Thursday, June 17, 2010


There could be no more wrongly maligned cosmic entity than the planet Saturn which has gained a negative image in the minds of the common folk due to imperfect knowledge of upstart astrologers and charlatans posing as priests. With his eyes set on the loaded pocket of the client it is not uncommon for a Panditji to forebode danger and losses, conveniently laying all blame on Shani Dev. This psychological trump card is most common in astrological circles, for even the most daring individual would not risk earning the wrath of Saturn by refusing to acquiesce in to the crafty priest's spiritual remedy, which aims more at lightening pockets than placating the planet. 
Accidents, pain, affliction, loss in business, quarrels in family, and sudden death have all been declared to be the domain of Saturn by priests who wish to strike terror in hearts of gullible masses and then encash the situation. The fact however is that Saturn is powerful enough to turn even a pauper into a king. To get a better and clear picture let's look at astrological houses ruled and dominated by Saturn.
Saturn is debilited in Aries and exalted in Libra. It rules over two signs - Capricorn and Aquarius. Wherever it is placed in a horoscope it fully aspects the seventh, third and tenth houses. Venus and Mercury are its friends, while Jupiter and rest are enemies. In business Saturn rules iron, glass, oil and its precious stone is Sapphire or Neelam. While studying the horoscope longevity, court cases, business losses, death, robberies, prison, state punishment, enmities can be analysed through the position and influence of Saturn. 
But it should not be inferred from this that the planet is a synonym of bad luck. It is generally believed that it brings sudden accidents, death, losses through fire, robberies, ailments, disrepute, hatred and jealousy. But this is only one half of the picture and this happens only when Saturn is ill placed in the horoscope or is a first rate malefic. And Saturn is not an exception in this regard, for even natural benefics like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus could produce adverse circumstances if they are malefic in the horoscope. 

Saturn has its good effects like any other planet and if well placed it could make one rich, powerful and famous. It gives instant success. It is the ruler of justice and makes an individual hard-working and truthful if well placed. It makes a human a perfect businessman - ambitious, confident, careful, clever and quick in making decisions. Saturn also instills feelings of kindness, abstinence, patriotism, welfare of masses and can make a person a successful leader. If suitably placed it could give stupendous success in spiritual spheres. However if it is unfavourable in the horoscope it gives opposite results making one dishonest, liar, jealous, lazy, selfish, egoistic, poor, lustful and full of discontentment and bitterness. 
Saturn remains in a sign for two and a half years and when it travels through the twelfth, first and second houses from the moon, the period is called Saade Saati or seven and a half years. During this period it could cause severe setbacks in life, mainly loss of wealth, position, ill-health etc. It is in fact due to this particularly malefic period in everyone's life that has earned Saturn so much disrepute. But few know that even when malefic Saturn could be easily appeased or its negative effect could be neutralised through Sadhana. Any person suffering from a malefic Saturn or undergoing Saade Saati or wishing for benefits from this planet could himself test the veracity of these words by trying the following Sadhana. 

Try this ritual on any Saturday. At night after 10 pm have a bath, wear yellow robes and sit on a yellow mat facing South. Spread a black cloth on a wooden seat. On it make seven mounds of rich grains dyed black. On each place a leaf of Peepal tree (holy fig).

Then in the centre of the cloth make another mound with a mixture of black sesame and pepper seeds. On this place a Shaneishchari Yantra. Make five marks with vermilion on the Yantra. Offer flowers, rice grains on the Yantra. Light seven lamps filled with mustard oil. With a Black Hakeek rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra. 

Om Praam Preem Proum Sah Shanaye Namah 

After Sadhana tie all articles in the black cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond. This sure helps nullify the negative effects of Saturn. If the problem you face is severe try the ritual for seven consecutive Saturdays with same set of articles.