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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Medical Astrology- by Asish Kumar Das

Surgery & Diagnosis: According to Indian astrology, days are differentiated into 2 groups, viz. Solar days & Lunar days respectively. Solar days have tremendous influence over the success of any sorts of surgery. Tuesday and Saturday are to be discarded for any surgical operations, as the doctors get easily misguided with the planetary effects; as a result, the patients suffer. If, we go for investigation of the failure case-study of surgery, will find that the 99% of the failure cases were done either on Tuesday or on Saturday. Wednesday and Friday are very auspicious for any surgical operation as well as for the diagnosis of diseases and even to start administration of new medicine.
IVF Treatment: In-Vitro-Fertilization or IVF is the mode of treatment which assists the childless couple or pair to get child. Astrology can assist to augment success rate of the process. Astrological study shows that pregnancy is primarily dependent on the age factor but the most important factor lies in the planetary phase that the native passes through. The planetary phase takes the leading role in activation of the sex cells. But the phase of activation may come early for some people and may arise late for others. This is the reason we find people having early as well as late pregnancy. Further more, for some negligible percentage of people activation of sex cells is “Never Possible”, if the planet responsible for sex cell activation is under malefic influence of other planet or planets. In this context, we need to know as described in Vedic astrology, there are nine planetary phases, which ranges from 6 to 20 years, and the entire human being is roaming about in a random way. Moreover, the complete age of a human being is considered 120 years, as a cumulative figure of those nine planetary phases. Therefore, people those who get the active phase during the later part of their life enjoy late pregnancy. As we know that sex cells are different in nature from the other or somatic cells of our body, so in case of late pregnancy when the sex cells got activated but due to increase of age, the body cells may get degenerated causes obstruction on the way to attain pregnancy in the later part of our life. To overcome this difficulty, In-Vitro-Fertilization or IVF mode of treatment is adopted to facilitate late pregnancy. Heat and intra-body conducive environment are the key factors to get more and more success in IVF. Thus, Astrology can guide us to augment success rate in IVF-Treatment by the following way:-
  • Firstly, from the horoscope of the female partner, prediction could be made whether IVF – Treatment will be successful for her or not.
  • Secondly, from the horoscope of the male partner, the phase of activation could be found out.
  • Thirdly, if the two above judgments are positive, Prediction could be made very easily for the most befitting time to undertake IVF treatment for the patient.
Congenital-Immaturity: This is my unique research in Indian astrology to assist medical  field. Indian astrological research shows that each and every human being rather all the mammals take birth with some immaturity in their body anatomy. Moreover research shows that everybody of the said category possesses at least 2 immature zones within their body anatomical configuration, which may even be 5 in numbers. More or less those immature zones keep us busy with various diseases & treatments all through the life, as it makes our body highly prone to cause diseases in those particular zones. But people having 2 immature zones maintain better health than the rests. Those congenitally immature parts of our body become the principal factors of our expiry in the long run. Congenital immaturity is such a natural phenomenon which can’t be resisted by any means. This proves once again that our lives are so dependent on the planetary influence or better to say, precarious.
Now the question is why congenital immaturity happens? This is an output of the sum of a solar as well as a lunar day with respect to the birth constellation. More precisely, this could be said that when the birth constellation gets saturated with respect to the quotient of the solar and the lunar day, causes congenital immaturity to the native taking birth during that time. Congenital immaturity is inevitable as because at least 50% constelltions remain always saturated out of 27. Although this is imaginary but is absolutely correct from the mathematical angle of view that human being would remain immortal if all the 27 constellations would remain always unsaturated naturally. This is the basic but polar difference between saturation and unsaturation of the constellations with respect to solar as well as lunar day.
This is only the horoscope of a person which can guide us to identify the congenitally immature zones in the body of a particular native. For example, from the horoscope of Mr. Bill Gates, I noticed that his thighs are congenitally immature. This is one of the finest branches of astrology, popularly known as medical astrology.