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Saturday, June 26, 2010

An interesting narrative about ketu in 4th house.

Trouble in the fourth house
Sadashiv Nene

I never believed in occult pursuits, except during my college days
when an interest in palmistry provided the odd chance of holding
lovely feminine hands. But when women who were nothing to write home
about forced me to hold their hands and unfold their future, my stint
with Cheiro and Co was over.

Years rolled by till Ramakant appeared, introduced by my colleague at
Air HQ, Kanad Rishi Bhatnagar, sometime in 1970. ``He is an
astrologer,'' my friend said, ``but no fees, of course.'' That put me
at ease. I drew my planet position diagram with date and time of
birth and presented it to Ramakant. He gazed at it, calculated on his
fingertips, mumbled something and after two or three routine
observations fired his first salvo.

``Sir, during your schooling, did you fail in the fourth or fifth
standard?'' I was shocked. I had always thought of myself as a
brilliant student and my teachers somehow agreed with me. So I
replied with some heat, ``I got a double promotion in the third
standard, and you suggest...'' ``That settles it,'' said Ramakant.
``Your Ketu in the fourth house indicated a gadbad in your schooling
around that year. And for an astrologer failure or double promotion
mean the same a gadbad!

Then followed an Allan Donald delivery. ``Do you have trouble with
your name, Sir? I mean is it often wrongly spelt or pronounced?'' I
was clean bowled. I always had problems with my name, but how could
Ramakant have known? Although I have the simplest possible surname
amongst the Tatyas, it was generally misspelt in Air Force routine
orders, circulars and notices as Nane, Nena, Neen and Naine. Even the
official Air Force List of 1964 printed it as Nane. My
representations brought forth no correction in the next edition.
Another effort resulted in a promise of correction. Yet, in the fresh
edition I saw that my name now read Neue! In my case, not only the
Air Force List, but even the parchment signed by Rashtrapatiji has my
middle name wrongly written in Devanagari as Shrudhar, instead of
Shreedhar .I narrated all this to Ramakant. He was delighted. ``Take
it easy, Sir. It will always be like this. It's your Ketu in the 4th
house that's doing mischief and you can do nothing about it.''

My wife, too, has had a taste of my Ketu's exploits. Once, while she
lay in her berth in a train, the conductor asked: ``Aap lete hain?''
She was puzzled. ``Jee, hum lete hain, yeh hamari berth hai.'' This
time, looking at his chart the conductor asked in English, ``Are you
Mrs Lete?'' The penny finally dropped, and Mrs Nene took it with good
grace. Showing her ticket, she said, ``Hum Mrs Nene hain, lekin abhi
hum lete hain.'' Everyone roared with laughter. Do planets have a
sense of humour? I must ask Ramakant.After I retired, I settled at
Nasik. I thought my woes were over. I was in my native state and
Marathi-speaking persons would have no problems with my simple
surname. But Ketu had different ideas and now he added phonetic
humour. Most of my country cousins pronounced `n' as in `Anna' and
with two `n's in Nene, three inflections resulted: toned-normal,
normal-toned and toned-toned. The original normal-normal inflection
is almost forgotten. With occasional nasal overtones, they really
made a sur-shringar of poor Nene.Last week, strolling in the evening,
my wife noted some activity in a neighbouring bungalow, which had
been long unoccupied. Curious, we approached the gate. An elderly
gentleman was coming out. Seeing us, he folded his hands and said,
``I am the new occupant here. My name is Keshav Tumsare. They call me
Ketu. Where do you live, Sir?'' I had almost fainted. Composing
myself, I gulped and replied, ``Just nearby. Yours is the fourth
house from mine.'' Ketu in the fourth house! In person! What's in
store for me now? Oh Ramakant, where are you?

nteresting narrative! I too have Ketu in the 4th
house and simmilar experiences.

Joined school but had to leave due to health problems.
Then after a few years was admitted to 4th standard

In all my certificates my name is spelt differently
(and wrongly!), which causes me lots of irritation at
times..explaining people that I am the same person.

Presently I am in London and to make things easier for
people here, I have shortened my name to Vishy (from
viswanadham) and guess what it gets twisted to ...

I do not really know anything about the cause of all
this. I am just a student of Astrology for the past
one and half years only.

Is there anyone who can throw some light on this point
of Ketu in 4th house?

Thanks & regards