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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Female Horoscopy

What are the basic principles of female horoscopy?

All the rules governing male horoscope apply to women too except where they do not suit them. For instance, there is this difference: the 8th house denotes mangalaya (freedom from widowhood); the 9th children; one looks at Lagna for her personality; her husband and sex-life from the 7th; her association and chastity from the 4th. Benefics owning and occupying them contribute to their well-being and malefics the opposite.

Some consider the 5th as the house of children. How?

The earlier writers did say so; but later writers have veered round to the view that it is the 9th. As a compromise, you can consider the 9th as the primary and the 5th as the secondary house of children for women.

What happens to those promises in a woman’s horoscope that does not fit her?

You may attribute them to her husband, as in employment for an uneducated girl.

Give me some overall features that ensure happiness and prosperity for a woman.

Lagna and the Moon should fall in even signs and they must be aspected by benefics. Or Lagna, the Moon and the 4th house should be connected with benefics and benefics should occupy trines.

You said that Lagna describes the personality of a woman; will you expand that statement? The Aries-born will be cruel, easily angered, suffer from sleshma (phlegm), have a harsh tongue, be not very much attached to relatives. The Taurus-born will be truthful, pleasant-mannered, humble, beloved of the husband, well-versed in fine arts; attached to relatives, friends and deities. The Gemini-born is harsh of tongue, lustful and lacks good qualities. The Cancer-born will be gentle, love relatives, be of good character, blessed with children and comfort. The Leo-born will be sharp, quarrel-some phlegmatic, a voracious eater, helpful to others and well-dressed. The Virgo-born is humble, enjoys married life, helps relatives; controls her instincts and is an adept in fine arts. The Libra-born lacks humility, is proud, avaricious and selfish. The Scorpio-born has a well-formed body, lovely eyes; of good qualities; devoted to the husband and truthful. The Sagittarius-born is manly, bent on fighting. Conversant with shastras, lacks conjugal happiness, is cruel and unfriendly. The Capricorn born enjoys good sex life; is truthful, loves pilgrim centres; destroys enemies; is chief in the family; famous; has good hair, endowed with good qualities, sons and character. The Aquarius-born is noble, loves her husband, is esteemed by relatives, clever and suffers from vrana (wound). The Pisces-born is noble, loves husband, is esteemed by relatives, has lovely eyes and hair, devoted to God and holy men, learned and the pet of preceptors.

When planets occupy Lagna, will it not make a different?

Slightly; there will be additional information such as the following: the Moon and Venus in Lagna make her a trifle jealous and love ease; Mercury and the Moon in it make her an artisan, Mercury and Venus skilful and beloved of the husband; Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Lagna will bless her with all kinds of happiness.

How would you make out a girl’s husband from her horoscope?

The 7th house and the house occupied by its lord in Navamsa give the lead. Benefics owning or occupying them will point to a healthy, wealthy and learned husband.

Can you expand that statement?

If the Sun be the planet indicated, the person will be indifferent to sex. If it is the Moon, he will be lustful; if Mars, he is irascible; if Mercury, he will be learned; if Jupiter, wise; if Venus, attractive and fortunate; if Saturn, aged and foolish; if Rahu/Ketu, modernistic thoughtful, or philosophical.

How would you scan his profession?

You may keep the above planets at the background and fish out the 4th lord (the 10th from the 7th). Between them, the powerful or prominent planets should supply the answer. A prominent Mars gives executives, MA’s. The prominent Sun and Mars combined supply the medico; Saturn the engineer or technician; Mercury the accounts man or the banker; Venus the tradesman or artiste and along with Rahu and Neptune the cine artiste. Jupiter would point to the lawyer, man of religion or teacher; Rahu the electronics man. These are rough guidelines.

What is likely to be his birth-sign?

It may be any one of these: the native’s Lagna, Navamsa or their trines; Rasi, Navamsa and their trines; the 7th Rasi or Amsa counted from the above; exaltation or debilitation lord of the Janma lord. Another method would be this: add the longitudes of Lagna and Venus; those of their dispositors. The rashis revealed by either should indicate it.

What is likely to be his Nakshatra?

One of these: that occupied by the 7th lord from Lagna or the Moon; that of the planet occupying the 7th; that of the planet aspecting the 7th.

What is the direction from which he may hail?

It will be one of these: that indicated by the Rasi of the planet occupying the 7th; that indicated by the sum of the longitudes of the 7th lord and Venus. The direction of these Rashis have already been taught earlier.

Will his town be far or near?

If the above indicator be a fixed sign, the place is very near; if a common sign, middling and if movable, far away.

Will the husband be from a flourishing family?

Yes; if the 7th house and its lord are strong. He can be measured up by the Rule of Three.

When is the marriage likely to take place?

It will take place during Dasha or Bhukti of any one of the following within the area of marriage; planet tenting the 7th house; aspecting it; owning the 7th from each of the above two; lord of Rasi or Amsa of latter; lord of Nakshatra occupied by Venus; lord of Navamsa occupied by Lagna lord; also when Venus, Lagna lord, lunar Lagna lord transit the 7th, the house occupied by the 7th lord, of the 7th from them; the 9th or the 5th; or when Jupiter is 7th in Rasi, navamsa or their trines.

What happens when the woman’s 7th house is untenanted?

If it is unoccupied and bereft of strength and benefic aspect, she will marry a worthless man.

Some husbands are always on the move; can we find it from her horoscope?

Yes; when the 7th house is a movable sign and its lord occupies a movable sign too, the chances are the hubby will be on wheels. Also Rahu-Ketu axis in 12/6 position which makes him go on tour often. If follows that fixed signs indicate a stationary husband.

What are the individual effects of malefics occupying the 7th?

The Sun there tends the wife to be cast away by the husband; Mars in it shortens the spouse’s life; occupied by malefic and aspected by Saturn delays or denies marriage; three malefics unrelieved by benefic aspects tend to widowhood; benefics and malefics together to confer Punarbhoo Yoga or remarriage. Neptune creates chaos.

How to find out if a girl would be married to an impotent man?

The 7th house occupied by Mercury and Saturn threatens such a possibility and the 8th occupied by Saturn barrenness.

How to find out if a girl to marry has a healthy reproductive system?

When the 7th house or Navamsa occupied by the 7th lord be owned by the Sun, Mars or Saturn without benefic aspects, her womb is likely to be defective.

What makes one always quarrel with the husband?

A debilitated malefic in the 7th in inimical house; the 6/8th house positions between the Moons-after marriage.

What cause mixed marriages?

According to Jaimini, when the Moon or Saturn occupies the 7th from karakamsa, it happens.

What leads to divorce?

Heavy affliction to the 7th and the 8th houses, lords of Lagna and the 7th at 6/8 or 2/12 indicate it. The 12/6th position of Rahu-Ketu sometimes does it.

When the horoscope indicates divorce, is it wise to persist in marriage? 

Unless you do so, the divorce which you see inbuilt cannot be brought off? Apart from this, the object of matching horoscopes, is to find out a boy with identical affliction and by locking them up in wedlock seek to de-fuse it. Or the sword of Damsels will always be dangling above her head ?

How to find out the moral character of a woman from the horoscope?

This is a dangerous question which should be tackled wisely. Malefics occupying the 4th; Lagna, the Moon and Venus connected with Mars or Saturn by Rasi or navamsa or sandwiched between them devoid of benefic aspects are suspect.

They say Thrimsamsa will give a more correct clue. Do you agree?

Theoretically may be; but in view of the unsatisfactory nature and inaccuracy of birth-times provided, Thrimsamsa may prove more harmful than otherwise. At all events, the safety clause mentioned above is the desideratum in this matter.

We find that some women are addicted to other men. How to find it our from horoscope?

Venus and Mars occupying mutual Navamsas; Mars or Rahu in the 8th unrelieved by benefic aspects.

Sometimes they philander with the knowledge of their husbands. How?

It happens when the Moon in the company of Mars and Venus occupies the 7th without any benefic aspect.

How to find out if a girl has luxuriant hair?

Benefics occupying or aspecting Lagna and at the same time occupying benefic vargas-Venus in particular-ensure it. Lord of rising deaconate associated with the waxing Moon and a benefic will also show it.

How to find out if a girl will be musically talented?

The 3rd house relates to voice; it should be well occupied and aspected for sweet voice and Venus the karaka for arts should be well disposed.

What about children?

Fairly unafflicted 5th and 9th houses and Jupiter ensure them.

What about natural limited progeny?

When Mars occupies the 5th identical with Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio the progeny will be limited.

What explains late childbirth?

Saturn occupying Nisheka Lagna or Navamsa.

What are the indications for sterility?

Among others, affliction to the 5th and the 9th houses; Saturn and Mars in the 7th aspected by malefics in natural or marriage horoscopes. Mercury and Saturn have to be propitiated.

Do you mean to say that the Muhurta of marriage and isheka has a say in the future of a girl?

Of course yet; it seeks to reduce her natal afflictions and set her on the road to prosperity-provided Muhurta is properly selected.

I have heard some people talking of Ritu Jaataka. What is it?

Yes; in the South there is a custom among certain sections of our people to erect a horoscope for the time of the first menses and seek to build her future upon it. She starts on a new life on that day. There is great truth in it.

When does a delivery become difficult and risky?

When malefics occupy the 5th, the 7th and the 9th it will be difficult. When the 1st, the 6th, the 7th and the 8th are occupied by malefics there is risk of life for both mother and child.

What explains lack of milk in the new mother?

Saturn in the 4th either in the natal or marriage horoscope. Saturn should be propitiated.

What explains Pradara (hemorrhage)?

It happens when Mars occupies the 8th house in the marriage of natal horoscope.

What are the indications for hysteria among women?

Too many planets herded into one or more houses give imbalance. Jupiter in Lagna and Mars in the 7th, etc.

What is Vishakamya Yoga?

It is caused in several ways. Here are some girls born in Aslesha, Saturday and Dwiteeya; Sunday, Satabhisha and Dwadasi; Tuesday; Visakha and Saptami; the Sun in the 5th, Mars in the 9th and Saturn in Lagna, etc. As the name implies, it makes one a dreaded wife.

Is there no antidote for it?

Yes, there is. When the 7th house is occupied by its lord or a benefic, the yoga in cancelled.

What ensures Soumangalya?

Benefics in the 8th do so.

What are the combinations for widowhood and its time?

Malefic in the 8th identical with a malefic sign. It should be expected during Dasha of the planet owning the house occupied by the 8th lord in Navamsa.

Is there any yoga by which husband and wife die simultaneously?

Yes; When the 8th carries both a malefic and a benefic and their strength be equal, then the death of the couple will be simultaneous.

Is there any yoga for the loss both of husband and son simultaneously?

Yes: when Cancer or Sagittarius be Lagna and Saturn occupies it the tragedy may overtake her.

What ensures a lady happiness on account of her husband, children and herself?

When the 7th, the 8th and the 9th are all occupied by benefics.

Is there a Sanyasini Yoga for women?

Yes; when a malefic occupies the 7th, and the 9th is tenanted too, it happens. In widowhood incidentally the 9th should not be occupied which please note. The denomination and the order will be dictated by the planet in the 9th.

What is Brahmavadini Yoga?

In a woman’s horoscope, Lagna should be an even sign; the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus should occupy it in strength. Some texts replace the Moon with Mars. Such a person will be a great scholar, bringing to our mind Maitreyi of Upanishadic times.