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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aum and Chakras

Aum and Chakras

Let us first pay obeisance to the Guru in physical form or the One who resides within us in the form of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh:
GururBramha GururVishnu Gurudevo Maheshrava Gurusaakshaat Param Bramha Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah
A friend of mine, R. Salvi, asked me the following question :
Please tell me how the three sounds of AUM have an effect on us. I knew it but have forgotten it. For Example Ah  OO and M when chanted separately have separate effects on our body. Please explain.
Below is my reply and explanation :

The 'Ah' emanates from the first chakra, called the Muladhara i.e. the root or base chakra. It is associated with the earth element. People who are still at this level, may not feel the need to grow, yet like the root of the tree, the potentiality is there. The base chakra is the color red and is located at the base of the spine. One can visualize the red of this energy center. It could have a calming influence on whatever one is afraid of. It governs understanding of the physical dimension. Its sound could cure problems connected with the kidneys, spinal column, diseases of the blood... mentally challenged children would find the color 'red' beneficial to become more alert as it would improve blood circulation.  
Another view point: 
Muladhara Chakra is locked by: Fantasy and Imagination
and unlocked by: Accepting reality

Supporting Affirmation:
I have infinite strength and flexibility to overcome all obstacles.
"Ah' continues upwards to reach the second chakra called the Swadisthana. Its element is water. Its tendency is to flow downward.  It is the color orange and is located in the sexual organs (ovaries in women, and testes in men). It is the chakra that governs and cures attitudes in relationships, sex, reproduction and menopause. It helps in alleviating chronic asthma, rheumatism, bronchitis...  
Another view point: 
Swadisthana Chakra is blocked by: fear and fear strokes
and unlocked by: Accepting and facing fears.

Supporting Affirmation:
I am blessed with abundance of love and security.
The 'Ah' sound slowly turns to the 'U' sound. It travels up via the third chakra: The Manipura, also called the Solar Plexus. Its element is fire and is yellow in color. The fire's movement is upward. It governs the action of the spleen, liver, stomach, diabetes, eczema and gall-bladder. It clears emotional sensitivities. When one meditates on the yellow of the Solar Plexus, one may begin to relax and let go of the need to control. One will start to feel more confident, less critical and will break free from negative ego.
Another view point: 
It gets blocked by: extra worry
Gets unblocked by: clarity of thought and constant practice of positive thought.

Supporting Affirmation:
I accept the Divine Plan, people and circumstances as appropriate. I understand the mystery of life.
The 'U' sound reaches the fourth chakra, called the Anahata situated in the heart. Its element is air. Its movement is in all directions and hence the potential is unlimited. It is the center through which we feel love. When one meditates upon the color green, the love that flows has the power to heal the entire body. It governs the heart, blood, and circulatory system. Also influences the immune and endocrine systems.  
Another view point: 
It is blocked by: Need for attention
and unblocked by: Love (generating and giving out)

Supporting Affirmation:
I love and approve of all beings. My heart is full of love and light. I am always healing myself and others.
The 'M' comes out as a vibrating note through closed lips. The vibration of the 'M' sound goes through the fifth chakra, the Visuddha, (element: ether) continues through the sixth, arrives at the crown of the head, which is the seventh Chakra and and fountains out  and floods one with Physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The seven colours of the vibgyor, transform into a white brilliant light.
Incidentally, the fifth chakra is the throat chakra and is considered to be the colour blue. If you have problems with expression, communication and judgment, then visualise the colour blue and watch it dissolve all your blockages in that area. It governs lungs, vocal chords, bronchial apparatus and metabolism. 
Another view point: 
Locked by: jealousy and comparison
Unlocked by: Knowing that you are a unique being.

Supporting Affirmation:
I trust the Universe. I communicate with love. My thoughts, feelings and expression is pure.
The sixth chakra (Agnya)is is located in the center of the forehead. It is popularly known as the third eye. It is observed as the color indigo. The third eye location is popularly considered, as the the spiritual domain. It externalizes as the pituitary gland. It governs the nervous system, ears nose and the left eye.  
Another view point: 
Locked by: Seriousness, ego, being judgemental
Unlocked by: Simplicity, innocence

Supporting Affirmation
I am transcending darkness and ignorance.  
I am blessed with light, knowledge and wisdom. I am calm, relaxed and happy. 

The seventh or crown chakra (Sahasraara) is located at the top of the head. It is found where the pineal gland is, and it supervises the upper brain and right eye. It is through this chakra that one reaches Godhead. It is observed as the colour violet, or as a white light, which is the combination of all colours.  
Another view point: 
Locked by: Discontent and taking life for granted
Unlocked by: Gratitude