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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aspects on moon and results Thereof.

1. If Moon is placed in ‘Mesha’, and Mars casts its 4th, 7th or 8th ‘Drusti’ on Moon: will be a leader of respect and recognition; by Mercury -7th ‘Drusti’: a Scholar; by Jupiter – 5th, 7th, or 9th ‘Drusti’: A leader to wield lot of command and control on others with authority;by Saturn- 3rd, 7th, or 10th ‘Drusti’: a thief, cheat or crook; by Sun – 7th ‘Drusti: a person without any assets or be poor.
2. If Moon is placed in ‘Rishabha’ and Mars casts ‘Drusti’ – Poor, all life;Mercury – Thief, badly motivated in society, a social offender; Jupiter –in service to do good results for all; Venus: holding position as ruler of the land; Saturn –will gain assets and properties; Sun –serving others in menial jobs as errand.
3. If Moon is placed in ‘Mithuna’ and Mars casts ‘Drusti’ –trading/ working in Iron and allied materials; Mercury – Holding high position of command with authority;Jupiter: Philosopher, learned scholar; Venus – brave and fearless person; Saturn – weaving yarn and work in related clothing trade; Sun – void of properties and assets.
4. If Moon is placed in ‘Kataka’ and Mars casts ‘Drusti’ – in the defense of country or relateddepartments;Mercury – being strong in health, constitution and physical abilities;Jupiter – a learned person;Venus – a leader  in society;Saturn : worker in iron related trades andcrafts;Sun – untalented worker.
5. If Moon is placed in ‘ Simha’ and Mars casts ‘Drusti’ – owner or dealer of Landed properties;Mercury – a great scholar  in Astronomy and Astrology;Jupiter – rich person in wealth andassets;Venus – Leader of land and masses;Saturn – trade and craft in human hair;Sun – a ruler with power.
6. If Moon is placed in ‘Kanni’ and Mars, Saturn or Sun casts ‘Drusti’ – will  involve withwomen (other sex) and flesh trade,Mercury – leader with dedication to masses,Jupiter – a leader in defense/ war units,Venus – a planner with ill-will.
7. If Moon is placed in ‘Thula’ and Mars, Saturn or Sun casts ‘Drusti’ – cheat, deceiver orcreator of social troubles;Mercury – leader of society;Jupiter – trader and worker in gold and allied metals; Venus: a trader.
8. If Moon is placed in ‘Vruchika’ and Mars casts ‘Drusti’ – own lands, Mercury – a parent oftwins,Jupiter – will be submissive and dedicated worker;Venus – Trader and worker in dieingcloths or washer man or in allied trade;Saturn – born with defect in one of his limbs or organ; Sun– poor in all aspects.
9. If Moon is placed I n ‘Dhanush’ and Mars, Saturn, or Sun casts ‘Drusti’ -  poses most desirable personin external acts and appearance, while evil in deeds and heart;Jupiter – will be friendly and helpful to all well placed persons in society, Mercury – deserted by near and dear persons; Venus – to provide many workers with jobs and aids.
10. If Moon is placed in ‘Makara’ and Mars casts ‘Drusti’ – will be a ‘king’ to rule others; Mercury– will make him of ‘king of kings’; Jupiter– will be adored as leader; Venus – will make him learned; Saturn – rich will abundant wealth and assets; Sun – an enemy to all.
11. If Moon is placed in ‘Kumba’ and Mars, Sun, or Saturn casts ‘Drusti’ – will desire to involve  in sex with other’s spouse/s; Mercury– a leader; Jupiter – holding power to serve others; Venus – involving opposite for sexual desires.
12. If moon is placed in ‘Meena’ and Mars, Sun, or Saturn casts ‘Drusti’ – acts against rules of society, a criminal; Mercury– maker of confusions, trouble of all kind; Jupiter– a leader; Venus – a poet.

These are the meaning for related Sloka, and they could be taken as ‘pointer’s while they are not taken as absolute results.