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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

White Coral Gem stones

White Coral Gem stone.

It is a precious gem of white colour, but comes in brighter shades too. Corals grow at the hollow of the seas. White coral is used with considerable success in problems, which are difficult to understand even by doctors. This gives a person capacity to speak with authority and its regular facial expression. It also helps in the strength to bear unpleasant happenings and understand the working of other people's minds. It helps to improve marital life. Abortion or miscarriage or other prenatal complications can be prevented, provided the gem is used under expert guidance after three months of pregnancy. At times, nightmares or threats from inferior spirits or witchcrafts can be warded off. It also protects the wearers from lightening and thunder and traffic accidents. Some use its powder for improving digestive system. Usually, those with birth number 9 would find instant results, as it would provide them with extra energies, financial stability, reduction of tensions, easing of litigation, vigor and issues, however entangled and complicated those my be. It will give strengthen and willingness to meet challenges and critical situations. Business & Profession: Police personal or defense officials would also be highly benefited and protected from untoward happenings and dangers. Diseases: Through the use of this gem, in gold several diseases can be warded off, particularly tropical fevers, chicken pox, jaundice, fistula, impotency and ailments pertaining to blood, particularly impure blood. Its use is also most effective in healing ailments like anemia general debility, weakness, lassitude, body pains, allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. Children suffering from malnutrition or inadequate/ slow development may also improve.