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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleep - An Astrological Analysis-Dr Adawal

o all of us that human beirgs need rest after a days' work. Depending on the modern duties to be performed by certain sections of society—workers in the factories, railways, Airlines, etc., normally human beings sleep at night. Astrologically night is from Sun-set to Sunrise but with the modern conditions, persons have developed the habit of going late to bed specially in cities and towns. In villages, still the parsons retire to bed just after Sun-set or near thereto. Be that as it may, Sleep is must for all human beings whether some person sleep in the day time after giving his duty or sleep at night. Night sleep has been considered to be the best for all. Then we have pleasurable sleep, sound sleep, lack of sleep, sleepless nights resulting in mental imbalance and so many things including insomania. All these facts are governed by Astrology—The Soul of All.
3. With due respect to our sages, it is pointed that even with regard to Sleep, there has been difference of opinion among the sages. In P.S. Sastri's Uttarakalamrita, Sleep has been mentioned as one of the significators of First House (Lagna) and that is considered correct because all matters relating to Head are seen from the first house. So in the opinion of Shri S.S. Sareen in his Uttarakalamrita. But Saravartha Chintamani (translation by Shri J.N. Bhasin), Sleep has been attributed to the 12th house. In view of this, all lovers of astrology and Astrologers may send their views with regard to Sleep.
4. Sleep, if equated with state of native after death, can be related to the Xllth house but this cannot be done so though sound sleep may not enable the native to know the events happening when in sound slumber.

5. The following principles cf Sleep have been laid down in Saravarth Chintamani:
(i) the pleasure of sleep should be predicted when there is influence of benef cs on the twelth house and 12th Lord. The acquisition of planquin and bed is also indicated.
(ii) Sleeping on a fine type of 'charopy' (sophisticated with modern electric fittings double-beds) if the 12th Loid is in its sign of exaltation. Similar results are possible when the 12th Lord is in benefic vargas and is aspected by bcnefic planets.
(iii) Predict that the material of the bed is embeded with jewels and precious stones when 12th Lord is located on its highest'degree of exaltation (deep exaltation) and aspected by the lord of the 9th House.
(iv) Sleeplessness or laek of required sleep—one may have no sleep or means of sleep if the 12th house is influenced by malefics and the lord of the 12th house is located in a malefic Navamsha under aspect of malefics.
(v) Predict good sleep and sleeping furniture even if the 12th Lord is a mutual malefic but is located in the sign of its exaltation, in its f iend's sign or in its own sign and the lord of the sign occupied by the 12tb lord is in its own sign.
(vi) One has no comfort of sleep or of the sleeping furniture if the Lagna Lord is in its sign of debilitation in the J2th house and is aspected by the lord cf the 6th house and is associated with Saturn, Mandi or Rahu.

6. Since sleep is as important as the work, readers may mail their views about the Sleep with reference to Artrology —the soul of all.