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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mula( The root)

  • irmly fixed", a root (of any plant or tree ; but also fig. the foot or lowest part or bottom of anything)
  • to take or strike root
  • a radish or the root of various other plants (esp. of Arum Campanulatum , of long pepper , and of Costus Speciosus or Arabicus)
  • the edge (of the horizon); immediate neighborhood
  • basis, foundation, cause, origin, commencement, beginning;  rooted in, based upon, derived from
  • from the beginning;  right through from beginning
  • from the bottom, thoroughly
  • a chief or principal city
  • capital (as opp. to "interest")
  •  a king's original or proper territory 
  • a temporary (as opp. to the rightful) owner
  • an old or hereditary servant
  • a native inhabitant
  • the square root
  • a partic. position of the fingers (mUta-bandha)
  • a copse, thicket
  • name. of the 17th (or 19th) lunar mansion
  • herbs for horses, food
  •  Asparagus Racemosus
  •  a species of small house-lizard
  • original, first 
  • own, proper, peculiar

    • "Opposite" or "reverse" of movement; forbidding movement or forbidding repayment; finite, limited, sticks to its base; does not exceed a narrow, pre-set range.
    • The native is charismatic yet insincere. Externally capable; internally unhappy.
    • Binding or restraint, root-bound; chained, bound or arrested.
    • Esoterically, Mula is considered the center of Earth's galaxy, the celestial "root" of our greater galactic civilization ( of which Earthly civilization is only one component)
    • Traditionally it is forbidden to make loans during the Moon's transit through Mula nakshatra.  The repayment of such loans would be difficult-to-impossible, as they are cursed by Mula's energy of bound-ness or movement without progress.

      Detachment from Ketu + Expansion from Guru = Reckless yet religious; self-destructive yet self-regenerating
      Mula = self-destructive, but not deadly. The Mula native seemingly destroys oneself  "down to the root" -- but no farther. 
      The root itself is not destroyed. 
      In fact, the root almost always regenerates.
      The subject matter of Mula's secretly self-destructive agenda will be found in the karaka portfolio of the affected graha, the bhava containing the Mula graha, and incoming drishti to the bhava. 
      As always, Chandra is most intensely characterized by the qualities of His nakshatra. Chandra in Mula: yields more vividly self-destructive results than any other graha in Mula.

      Accidents and life-threatening injuries
      Mula is especially associated with dangerous burns. Also drowning, choking, violent accidents, broken bones, and dangerous sexual behaviors. 
      Mula behavior is characteristically negligent and oblivious to precaution. Yet, the Mula native generally will not die from even the most catastrophic accident. Indeed, Mula tends to be long-lived 
      Sex and drug addictions
      Mula = related to alcoholism and sex or drug addictions. Yet the addictions will not kill the native. Addictive cycles begin with sudden and destructive power. Just as suddenly, the addiction is finished. In recovery, one may fill a priestly role in service to the addicted. 
      "Reckless disregard for consequences". 
      The Mula-Soma native may engage in unsupportable or "senseless" risk. Mula can also be cruel, due to the reckless detachment under rules of no-boundaries Ketu, which can blunt or even eradicate humane empathy. 
      Chandra in Mula is especially reckless with matters of emotional health and well-being. 
      "An accident waiting to happen."
      Life seems to produce one "accident" after the next. Yet the native recovers from each and every crisis, no matter how apparently deadly. 
      After each recovery, the native begins a new cycle self-destructive choices which rather inevitably produce the next "accident". 
      Counseling the Mula Client
      When counseling the Mula client, it is important to appreciate that the Mula native rarely realizes that one is making systematically self-destructive choices
      Indeed, Mula's choices follow a reckless, apathetic, Ketu-driven pattern that is easy enough for an outsider to detect. However, the Mula native subjectively perceives oneself as an innocent victim of a series of "amazing accidents". 
      Emotional distancing
      Chandra in Ketu-ruled nakshatras (Ashwini, Magha, Kula) is generally characterized by an emotional distancing from others, even from one's own children. 
      Also Ketu imposes a certain blunting of the interpersonal awareness, so that one may be able to engage in intimate relationships only at the most primitive survival or sexual level. 
      Humble, religious nature
      Naturally, Mula's fundamental disengagement from the world of "natural consequences" leads to a host of physical, social, emotional, and mental problems. 
      However, Mula influence is surprisingly good for the religious life. The native feels an ever deepening sense of "shock and awe" at the intensity of life's "random" events.
      Mula is characteristically unable to comprehend the cause-and-effect ways in which one's own choices can attract the perfect conditions for a major life catastrophe. Based on a life narrative featuring crisis after crisis, the native may attribute great and glorious powers to a merciful God who seems to be wrathfully destructive --  and who yet offers salvation, time after time.
      Although Mula does lack true empathy (Ketu), one may have strongly spiritualized nature (Ketu) and provide surprisingly compassionate (Guru) support for others. The Mula native is usually honest, humble, and sincere.
      Note the self-destructive narrative in this "extreme Mula" nativity with Mula Chandra, Mula Guru, and Mula Shani in bandhu bhava, all receiving drishti of Rahu.