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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kaal sarp dosh and Views of Sh KN RAO.

By K N Rao
Journal of Astrology
Brahmins against KarmakandaMany people in India do not know that the revolt against Karkamanda and the dominance of Brahmins was also led by Brahmins many times. Some historically undisputed instances are:
Lingayata of KarnatakaIt was a reform movement started by Basavanna of 12th century and he was a Brahmin himself. Lingayats reject the Vedas and focussed on Agamas specifically on Hindu Agamas of Shavism.
Chaitanya movementMuch greater was the movement of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, himself a Brahmin who released a torrential flow of Bhakti making available the mantra of Kalisantaran Upanishad to all castes, all sexes and all religions.
Dayananda SaraswatiDayanand Saraswati, a Gujarati Brahmin made the Vedas and Gayatri available to all castes and even women and was the first great man who talked of the equality of women long before the west talked of it.
A friend in the Indian Police Service told me the other day about a story given in the Satyartha Prakash of Swami Dayananda Saraswati.
A karmakandi pandit told a Jat that his dead father was very unhappy in the"other" world and would be very happy if he gifted his cow to him and earned the punya (merit) of gifting his cow. The cow would be sent to his father in the other world. The Jat gifted the cow. Some weeks or months later, when the Jat happened to pass by the house of that Brahmin, he saw his cow in his courtyard. He asked how the cow was there and not in the
"other world" as he had promised. The Brahmin said that the subtle body (sookmsha deha) the cow had been despatched to the "other world". Not satisfied, the Jat got annoyed and took back his cow.
Downfall of BrahminsThe sense of discrimination Brahmins practised over a period of centuries has become a ghost which haunts them and they have been driven out of many places in south India where they are in a minority and out of power in northern India. There is a saying in UP Aath Kanaujia nou chulhe, meaning that eight Kanyakubja Brahmins will have nine kitchens, meaning that even among themselves they discriminate and believe in untouchability even among themselves.
But once dethroned they seem to have hit back by making up for the loss their karmakandi dominance by creating Kaal Sarpa Yoga which has no basis in astrological texts at all.
One episodeA woman came to Delhi and met after she had met a Brahmin astrologer. The astrologer who had arranged the shanti of KSY in his house which was going on saw her horoscope and asked to also to pay for KSY shanti. The surprised woman paid for it. When she came to me and asked me I told that KSY was a totally baseless yoga which these fraudulent astrologer made us of to earn money. Even according to their own definition of poorna or ardha KSY, how did she get trapped and cheated, as two planets in her horoscope were outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu ? Cheating in the name of KSY has reached such proportions already all over India is my information
If in the name of so called KSY you been cheated by a fraudulent astrologer will you be able to claim back the money you have paid to him ? Therefore keep proofs ready with you to sue such astrologers when necessary.
True karmakandiThe astrologer who is getting you trapped into his meshes of karmakanda is actually a cheat because first of all he does not possess the three proper qualifications of a true karmakandi. These qualifications are:
  1. He should not be be greedy,
  2. He should be a tapasvi and
  3. He should be a properly trained karmakandi for his karmakanda to be effective.
A Brahmin is one who has spiritually advanced enough to be in the promixity of Brahm.
These days you will not meet even one in five thousand karmakandi pandits who will answer this description. So by giving them money you are only falling into the nets of their fraud, in this case KSY net.
KSY rackets of India
Dr. M.M. Pandit a medical doctor of Poona now based in London is a trained Karmakandi and he wrote to me that he was asked by the peddlers of KSY in a famous pilgrimage of India to recommend to them people who had planets between Rahu and Ketu in their horoscopes on a commission basis which was minimum twenty percent. The minimum they charged in this pilgrimage for KSY graha shanti was twenty five thousand and went upto even two lakh rupees. So for each case recommended to these pandits he could have made from five thousand to fifty thousand rupees !!
In Delhi and other places, fraudulent astrologers similarly make their clients spend a huge amount on the so called shanti of KSY because it is a big source of money for them and these fellows are not afraid of the sin of cheating their clients.
My encounters with KSY panditsI told him that by mistake a similar attempt was made on me also and I asked the man who had met me personally what did he do for such shanti. He said that it was Narayan Nag Bali pooja. He did not know that I had known what this pooja was and had seen it in Tryambakeshwar, the famous pilgrimage. I call these so called astrologers not astrologers but KSY pandits !!
  1. I told the pandit that it was done for the ancestors and not for the so called KSY. In the Narayan Nag Bali stotra there is no mention of Rahu or Ketu or snake killing at all !! Was it not a fraud he was spreading ?
  2. I challenged the pandit and other fraudulent astrologers talking of KSY to show me where this yoga was mentioned in the classics of astrology.
  3. It is not mentioned in Bhrigu readings of people I have known.
  4. A friend tells me that it is not even mentioned in the nadi granthas of south India but I learn that in some obscure corners of south India someone invented it to frighten people and linked it to Narayan Nag Bali Pooja where there is no mention of it. So you must know that KSY is a manufactured fraud and the biggest source of income of the fraudulent astrologers of India
Snake population of the world
  1. Then I told him that on an average out of six hundred crore people in the world, nearly one hundred and twenty crores will have, in their horoscopes, planets between Rahu and Ketu and some more crores will also have it partially with one planet falling outside it.
  2. If their theory of KSY that those who killed snakes in their previous lives was correct, does it not amount to saying that one hundred and twenty crore snakes are being killed all over the world at least once every ten years?
  3. Then are all those like the Chinese who kill and eat snakes are born with the so-called KSY in their next birth?.
  4. What then is the population of snakes in the world ?
  5. There should be no snakes left in the world then.
  6. Rats will be without their enemy number one, the snake, and can destroy standing agricultural crops easily without fear as snakes, the best friends of farmers, save our agricultural crop by eating rats.
The pandit, like most karmakandis who are dull witted, if not brainless, looked at me confused, stupified and never came to meet me again after that !

Writing against KSYI wrote a book against this fraud called KSY. I also wrote in the Hindi newspaper, the Hindustan in which there was also an article of the astrology scholar Bhaskaranand Lohani of Lucknow where he raised the same question which I raised---SHOW ME WHERE IN WHICH ASTROLOGICAL CLASSIC IS KSY MENTIONED ? IT IS A SUPERSTITION OF SOUTH INDIA, PERHAPS TAMILNADU WHICH TRAVELLED TO NORTH. IT IS WHY YOU WILL MOSTLY SEE SOUTH INDIAN ASTROLOGERS TALK OF KAAL SARPA YOGA AND RAHU KALAM.
I raised this question in my television programme in AAJ TAK and challenged astrologers
to show me a book where KSY was mentioned. It is more than one year now (since 13 September 2005) and no astrologer has had the courage or honesty to come forward with any proof .
After my television challenge,the Rajasthan Patrika , a Hindi newspaper of Jaipur, raised a similar question and no astrologer interviewed could show any such proof. One of the astrologers referred to the Astrological Magazine. "Some years ago, the Astrological Magazine had invited writers to write on KSY and most of them were south Indians. Not one of them could give any reference from any book including Nadi granthas. It was concluded by Dr. B.V.Raman that there was no yoga called KSY."
An astrological conference was organised in Nasik with this as the subject IS THERE REALLY ANY PROOF OF KSY? and no astrologer could forward with any proof.
Simhastha BrihaspatiA similar instance is that of Simhastha Brihaspati.
There have been occasions when these pandits were asked how and why marriages were forbidden during Simhastha Brihaspati or when Jupiter was in Simha duing its transit. They said that it was because all gods remained in south India and moved out of north India !! I asked a pandit was the Indian airlines or the Indian railways making special arrangement to take gods to south India !
But India is a peculiar country. These fraudulent pandits will keep frightening Hindu mothers to keep their rackets alive.
We produced a statistical research to prove it to be a fraudulent belief.
Why is the theory of Simhastha Brihaspati applicable only to north Indians and also to those who are born between the rivers the Godavari and the Ganga? Is a muhurta area specific ?
KSY will be kept aliveBut remember, fraudulent astrologers overwhelmingly outnumber honest astrologers and so KSY will be kept alive till some legal punishment is given to such astrologers through the judgement of a court of law. Some proof should be kept and these astrologers should be dragged to courts of law for cheating under Section 420.

(Written on 29 September 2006)
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