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Monday, May 17, 2010

For Eye Related Diseases

It is customary to pray to Lord Surya, when one is afflicted with eye diseases.
The following is a very rare & powerful shloka called " Nethropanishad".

Om s(h)ree ganaes(h)aaya namah

Athaathas(h) chaakshusheem patitha siddha vidyaam chakshurogaharaam

vyaakhyaasyaamo yayaa chakshu rogaah sarvatho nas(h)yanthi chakshusho
deepthir bhavathi

Asyaas(h)chaakshusha vidhyaayaa ahirbhudhnya r(u)shih gaayathree chandah savithaa daevathaah chakshu roga nivr(u)ththayae japae viniyogah

Om chakshus(h) chakshus(h) chakshus thaejah sthiro bhava maam paahi tvaritham chakshurogaan s(h)amaya s(h)amaya mama jaatha roopam thaejo dars(h)aya thaejo

dars(h)aya yathhaaha mandho na syaam thathaa kr(u)payaa kalyaanam kuru kuru mama yaani yaani 

poorva janmopaarjithaani chakshuh prathirogaka dushkr(u)thaani thaani sarvaani nirmoolaya nirmoolaya 

Om namah chakshus thaejo daathrae divya bhaaskaraaya

Om namah karunaakaraaya amr(u)thaaya

Om namo bhagavathae sooryaaya ak****haejasae namah khaecharaaya namah

mahathae namah rajasae namah thamasae namah

asatho maa sadgamaya thamaso maa jyothirgamaya mr(u)thyormaa(a)mr(u)tham gamaya ushno

bhagavaan s(h)uchi roopah hamso bhagavaan s(h)uchira prathi roopah ya immam chakshushmatheem vidhyaam brahmano nithyamadheethae
na thathyaakshi rogo bhavathi na thasya kulaendho bhavathi ashtow braahmanaan
grrahayithvaa vidhyaa siddhir bhavathi
Om vis(h)va roopam gr(u)nitham jaatha vaedasam hiranmayam jyothiroopam thapantham sahasra ras(h)mibhih s(h)athadhaa varthamaanah
Purah prajaathaamudayathyaesha sooyam
Om namo bagavathaeaadithyaaya avvagvaadinae svaahaa………………

These namavalis are from Vishnu Sahasranaamam specially for eye problem corrections:

Sahasra moordhaa vis(h)vaathmaa
sahasraakshah sahasrapaath

This shloka is from Soundaryalahari specially for naethra rogam

Gathae karnaabhyarnam garutha iva pakshmaani dadhathee
Puraam bhaeththuh chiththapras(h)amarasa vidraavanaphalae
Imae naethrae gothraadharapathi kuloththam sakalikae
thava aakarnaakr(u)shta smaras(h)ara vilaasam kalayathah