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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Desires - From the 11th house.

The house under discussion now is the 11th house which signifies
our hopes and dreams. All mortals look forward to a happy and
prosperous life, where they love and cherish, enjoy success and
appreciation and have a close family that they can call their very
own. A life just lived is the breeding ground for all sorts of
Vedic astrology relates to the concept of birth and rebirth, the
reason for this recurrence is that mortals can only become
detached and ready for enlightenment once all the desires are
satisfied. So it is most important that realization of hopes and
dreams occur as soon as possible. For some there are more
fulfillments than disappointment and for others just the opposite.
A close and keen analysis of the horoscope shows what sort of life
a person will have, will there be happiness, wealth, love and
parenthood? These are only some of the life aspects, Vedic
astrology can actually give a complete picture but astrologers are
timid artists who would not like to put a deep color to the figure on
the canvass. They only sketch and it is for you to put the required
amount of color and complete the painting to your desire.
The 11th house, also corresponds to the sign Aquarius which
corresponds to an air sign, is a Kama, or desire, house. Aquarius is
a sign belonging to Saturn, it is strange that when Saturn denotes
all kinds of detachment, our hopes and dreams are in his sign! So
obviously the great malefic also has a role to play in this realm and
everything about him is not about contraction. Perhaps it is the fact
that to have something, one has to give up on some other thing,
that everything can not be had at the same time.
Let us now see what the implications are when different planets are
located in the 11th house.
Sun – As a malefic in an “upachaya” house or a growing house, it
produces excellent results in terms of success and materialistic
benefits. There is no doubt that the person will be wealthy and fulfill
his/her goals and ambitions in life. It is most likely that the person
will also be highly principled, virtuous and of great integrity and
reaches a high position. Opportunities are in plenty, and
investments and speculations will be profitable. As the 11th is a
“growing” house, the person’s authority, confidence, and power
expands with age and time.
Moon – This is a fine signature and has a far reaching effect on the
person’s life. But the Moon should be without blemish, then the
person will have the most serious and far-reaching goals and
desires, which are likely to become a reality in lifetime. The person
will enjoy association of many powerful friends, especially females.
The bright Moon in the house of gains and profits is one of the best
placements for wealth. The person will never lose sight of his life-
long dreams, and his actions will be consistent with that purpose.
Mars – As a malefic the significations of Mars flourish in the 11th
house, so do most matters governed by this house. The person will
be doubtless, powerful, courageous, and highly ambitious.
Opportunities in life will be in plentiful and a wealthy life style is
assured. There will be a good social life and there will be powerful
and influential friends. Matters related to the 5th house may be
harmed and there may be abortions, miscarriages, difficulties with
children, disturbed love affairs and a rash or hot temperament.
Mercury – As a natural benefic this planet holds the key to great
successes in life provided it is without any malefic aspect. There
will be wealth, and success in financial undertakings. Mercury
governs trade and the person will readily fulfill his/her desires and
goals in this area. This is an excellent placement for intelligence
and the mind. The person will therefore be brilliant, knowledgeable
and learned. There will be beneficial association with intelligent and
refined friends. If Mercury is afflicted, it loses its benefic status
the results are reversed.
Jupiter – This is one of the finest placements of Jupiter. This is a
very beneficial signature as a planet of wealth in a house of wealth.
There is success in all undertakings. It is as if the person has the
capacity to turn anything to gold. Therefore, the person will fulfill
major desires as well as his everyday efforts. He/she will be
destined to be fortunate in the sphere of friends, groups, and social
activities. The persons in association will be knowledgeable,
spiritual or wealthy friends. He/she will mostly associate with people
above his social or financial status and intellectual level. This is a
fine placement for love and romance and successful progeny.
Venus – This is again a fine placement as Venus is a wealth lord
and the 11th house is a wealth house. The person is very fortunate
in fulfilling goals and ambitions. Luck favors always and there is
opportunity. Gain of wealth is often effortless and easy. Success in
any financial speculations is a high probability. He/she will have
many friends, especially females, and will enjoy a great social life.
Comforts of life will never be in wanting and life will be luxurious.
The person will also benefit from and enjoy a loving relationship
with his eldest sibling. By virtue of the beneficial aspect Venus
casts onto the 5th house, the person will be highly intelligent and
learned and contentment from love relationships is a high
Saturn – As a malefic Saturn is greatly enhanced by its placement
in the 11th house. Therefore the person is long-lived, mature, wise,
and powerful. Leadership qualities will generate a high status in life.
People will look up to and
will have many influential, powerful, or spiritual friends. The person
is likely to have rather far-reaching goals and ambitions, and also
has the luck and fortitude to realize these dreams. Speculative
deals may also give good result but with caution only but matters
related to elder sibling, children or love relations may suffer. Saturn
is not a planet of emotions so all areas in that realm may not get
sufficient leeway towards contentment, but wealth and power is
Rahu – As a malefic the node in the 11th house is an excellent
placement bestowing wealth, profits, and gains. There will be
respect from community members, and the person is fortunate to
have wealthy, powerful, and influential friends. There will be many
opportunities for financial gain. The person will have strong goals
and ambitions, and is likely to fulfill them. There may be difficulties
in the relationship with the eldest sibling. However the person will
have few children, or difficulties with them. This is because if Rahu
is in the 11th, while Ketu occupies the 5th.
Ketu – The person will be successful in his undertakings and
fortunate in gaining wealth. There will be strong acumen in
business matters and intuition will hold true mostly. However the
person should be careful of what company he/she keeps as the
possibility of unconventional or strange friends cannot be ruled out.
There may also be difficulties with them. This signature also
indicates that the person has many fine qualities and that he/she is
learned and wealthy.
The predictions given above are true generally but will vary
according to the planets rulerships, strengths and condition.
Debilitation of the same in the 11th will not give favorable result and
life may become besieged with obstacles, disappointments and
insatiable desires.
The judgments in regard to the 11th house must be made with care
and after considering all the aspects, both benefic and malefic. The
11th and 5th connection has great impact in the life of all mortals.
Astrology can be a very good guide to a better life provided you are
open to its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the
years, astrology has evolved in various ways through the opinion of
amateurs as well as learned persons. Astrology is part of the Vedas
and as such is an experience based on scientific calculations. It has
many dimensions and they are not confined to any particular plane.
The possible reasons for maladjustments between planets are so
many that it is a very subtle issue.
The ascendant lord is said to be strong, when the first house lord is
in the 11th house. This is a favorable signature, which enhances
positive traits in the personality of the native. The person is popular
with many friends. Good gains are indicated. He/she is more
concerned about the personal life.
The person with this signature is popular and meticulous. He or she
may have had indifferent health in childhood. Wealth may be
acquired through many-a-means by lending money as a banker,
usury or through elder brothers. If this house or house lord is
afflicted, there is the risk of losing money through these means.
The lady luck smiles on the person (bhagayudaya) after the
This individual will have good fortunes for his brother. Brother
especially elder one may start a new business or venture, which
proves to be profitable. The person himself achieves success in the
matters related to finance, in case the lord of the house is in fixed
An egoistic person by nature; but there may be a tendency for
depression. Happiness from elder co-borns is well indicated by this
signature. Health may be indifferent. A charitable bent of mind is
assured. One is articulate and virtuous. This is not a signature that
assures a successful businessman. Secret disease may trouble
The person lends a helping hand to others, happy disposition and
does not face misfortunes. One is a good achiever in academic life.
If the lord is posited in inimical sign, then the progeny may become
hostile. Otherwise, if there is the association with a benefic, then
the association with progeny will prove to be advantageous. This is
a fine connection if the planets are clean and clear.
This is the signature of a person who loves adventures. The
conduct is righteous. However, children may not be a really source
of joy. This is not a favorable signature and indicates obstacles in
fulfilling of dreams and ambitions.
The spouse is beautiful, good-natured as well as devoted. Marriage
may be gainful. The person is blessed with more daughters. There
is rise in luck after marriage. He/she has the signature of good
gains from women and foreign connection.
There are good indications of endowments of gains in life of the
individual. Ill health at early age may be a problem. This may mean
destruction of hopes and sorrow in some signatures. The person
may suffer on account of ear disease.
An individual of good conduct enjoys steady advancement in life, a
devoted person to the elders. This is overall a good signature.
He/she has the signature of high honors as well as financial profits.
Gains through father are well indicated. The person enjoys success
in the path of spiritualism too. However, for Gemini ascendant, this
signature is detrimental for prosperity.
The person with this signature is normally a happy and contented
person. The individual earns wealth and is respected by all. He is
committed to vocation. He/she enjoys a sound financial position
and is blessed with a son.
The significations of 11th house flourish and make the native
prosperous. The person benefits from all kind of endeavors. Growth
is continuous and he/she enjoys happy domestic life and a good
home. Friend circle is wide. He/she may have great affinity for
comforts and luxuries of life. The elder sibling is affluent and enjoys
good longevity.
This not a very favorable signature, so one may incur losses. The
individual with this signature may be brought up by others. Difficulty
in begetting a child is indicated. Friends are few, but opponents are
in abundance. A wealthy man but gets less happiness from
progeny. Extravagant brothers may create trouble.
A good connection between planets can mean a great life, even a
malefic Mars can connect with Moon and make one generous,
wealthy and enthusiastic. The reverse makes life miserable with
bad reputation, depressive mentality and accident prone. Such is
the subtlety of astrology information.