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Monday, May 17, 2010

The concept of Brihat Beeja in Jyotish

Brihat Beeja
(Great Seed)
The Jyotish classics by famous 14th century Andhrite Astologer Shree Venkatesh Sharma gives the following combinations as  Brihat Beeja in respect of a natal birth chart:

(A) Langa lord with Rahu , Mars and Saturn

(B) Lagna lord with Rahu, Saturn or Mandi and 8th lord

(C) lagna with Rahu and Mars in the 8th house and saturn or mandi in a trine from lagna

Generally this combination for greatness(Rahu), endurance and longevity(Saturn) and high potential energy (Mars) gives rise to greatness related to subject matter with which this combination is associated in a house in a natal chart

If associated with a watery sign along with lagna or lagna lord or 8th house it may lead to enlargement of testicles ( Andokosha Virdhhi) or the prostrate glands.

Associated with 6th lord and lagna lord in any house in a earthy sign it may give rise to elephantatitis or enlargement of the related organ.

As three malefics are associated this combination gives a lot of  sufferings and hardships to the native. The sufferings and hardships can be deciphered from the lordship of  the houses where these three malefic planets are placed. The houses and karakatwa owned by other associated planets also suffer. 

If either Saturn or Rahu or Mars becomes functional benefic or yogakaraka for a natal chart, then the person overcomes all the suffering getting unscathed of the disease, poverty, relationship problem and personal image and becomes highly famous for his (her) noteworthy contributions to humanity.

Although it is very difficult to find this exact combination in a good number of charts, using the rasi drishti as the strongest forms of association (influence) and the principle of Rasi Tulay Navamsa we can get a good number of charts having this yoga.

Let us see how this yoga influences matters of various houses.

Bhagwan Shree Krishna:

In the Birth Chart of Bhagwan Shree Krishna Mars and Rahu are placed in the 3rd house along with lagna lord venus and saturn placed in the 7th house of scorpio. The signs scorpio and cancer aspecting each other with rasi drishti.


As this combination is also aspecting moon in lagna mother of Lord Krishna had to suffer a lot till his birth in the hands of his uncle demon king Kamsha.

Rasi Drishti and association of malefic rahu upon venus is a strong combination for Balarishta he has to suffer from the beginning of Moon's Mahadasa till the end of Mars Mahadasa.

In the Rahu Mahadasa he left for Dwarka towards west from Mathura (his birth place) .The west direction signified by yogakara Saturn brought him lot of prosperity and fame.

The association of 3rd house(behaviour) and 7th house of (interpersonal relationships) are highly fortified by their lords being in kendra and getting cancellation of debilition and association with yogakaraka houses and planets.

The great seed :

The yogakaraka planet Saturn participating in Brihat Beeja Yoga shows the purpose of reincarnation of lord was to uphold the principle of dharma, spread the message of bhakti ang jnana

Augustus Caesar:

Sufferings :

Rahu and Mars are in his 8th house of death shows death through treachery.

8th house is sign Taurus showing his continuouse suffering from throat trouble.

5th lord saturn along with association of 7th lord mars with this combination shows dissatisfaction and dissappointment in relationship with spouse and children.

The great seed:

The 3rd lord and 6th lord Jupiter exalted in the 10th house of Karma indicates his fame for great control over the temptations of the senses and introduction of  much needed financial and administratives reforms into the contemporary Roman society for which he is remembered as a genius and great personality of history till today.

Shree Adi Shankaracharya:

The Navamsa Chart of  Shree Adi Shankara has this yoga in the 3rd, 8th and 11th houses.


As the houses of longevity 3rd and house suffered much. The Acharya has to leave his mortal coil in his thirties.

He has no younger or elder brother or kins and clan men supporting him.

4th and 7th lord jupiter's association with this yoga made him have no permanet place of stay (house) and permanent relationship(7th house matters). However it shows his stupendous attainments in learnings and unfathomable wisdom.

The involvement of 8th house/scorpio/mars gave very painful and prolonged suffering(8th house/saturn) due to piles.

The great seed:

Involvement of lord of navamsa lagna Mercury and 3rd house and 4th lord jupiter made his the greatest social and religious reformer of India after passing away of Lord Buddha.